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  May 24 AMF Ardena
if they say a one-word poem,
i'll write your name...
AMF Ardena May 22
I had sunset on my eyes
And a clear salty ocean also lies
Being too shallow thats the cause with the unpredicted disappoin
  May 22 AMF Ardena
He was a sad man
rarely smiles
always frowning

but he is a man filled with wisdom

he sings to you literature
and paints you with his touch

he may seem like a dull man
but his soul is brighter than anything i've seen

this man
is the missing poet in my life
a work of art
i'm dying to write about
AMF Ardena May 22
I had sunset in my eyes
where a cold salty ocean also lies
for dismay was too shallow
raindrop pours down as no one saw
  May 19 AMF Ardena
I have sunsets on my cheeks.
Blushing roses
and pinks.
I have flowers in my hair.
growing with me.
I am a wanderer
around my life.
who I am
and who I want to be .
I wonder what
the seed of the maple knew
Before he was told
to be a tree.
  Aug 2019 AMF Ardena
Ikigai Poet
Whatever song you'll hum
while you drive is like a rhapsody
to my heart.
we'd have our fingers interlaced
and our hair
feeling the caress
of midnight breeze
as we speed at the highway
looking our way
to forever.
-Ikigai Poet
AMF Ardena Aug 2019
I'm having a bad heartburn
Is it because I ate to much?
Or is it because I love him that much?
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