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 Nov 2014 Mia
If this was a bollywood movie
You'd wait for me
And my road would lead me to yours

If this was a bollywood movie
We would have made silent promises
It's either us
Or we are forever on our own

If this was a bollywood movie
My poems would not remain unread
If this was a bollywood movie
Our story would not end like that

If this was a bollywood movie
You would shift the world
Just to see me.
If this was a bollywood movie
You would lift me off my feet
And not simply ....
Go and beg another girl
To love you.

This is not a bollywood movie
Just a sad poem
That will never be finished
Cause the poet
Found a better
Subject to muse over.
You never loved me
 Aug 2014 Mia
Silent Thoughts
 Aug 2014 Mia
Silent Thoughts
I wish I could go back to before I had felt love
The deep insatiable longing
A hole that could only be filled by another person
The certainty of a better emotion

Now I know that finding love does not fill holes
Sometimes it makes more of them
And I feel emptier than I did before
Because I know that I have to fill them

But I’m not sure with what
 Aug 2014 Mia
I miss how we were the only ones alike.
We were the only two of that caliber, and you knew it.
Electricity flew between your lips and mine.
We were beautiful.
I miss how our voices pierced the heavy silence around us, and tangled up with one another.
I miss how we preformed for no more than one another.
I miss how your melodies kissed my face as they glided about our space.
I miss our shared breath.  
I miss my voice moving in perfect time with yours; curving up to meet your highs, and dipping down to brush against your lows.
I miss the way you would look at me when I took control and owned the song-- with that sly, crooked grin.
The accidental physical touch
The longing when our time ran out
The lingering of your voice, and that crystal gaze burning into my core
The teasing and the backhanded compliments
Never too sure of what's work and what's play
But I'm sure of this:
There is a certain intimacy that comes with throwing your heart and soul into the void, and hoping it doesn't fall flat.
There's an even deeper intimacy that follows when you meet another voice, and you move and reach and swell and growl and throw everything you have into that one note.
Because without passion, we are dead.

Breathe into me.
I pray for rain
So that I can place my head on yours
And together we can meditate upon the ambience of the soothing trickle against my window.

I beg for storms
So that we don't need an excuse to lie in bed for endless hours and stop time and the world, then lose our minds in each other.

Oh I hope it blizzards
Then we can snuggle under my blankets and get entangled amongst each other like glorious vines on a house.

I plead for thunder
Because then I could lay with you in the absolute darkness, and see the beautiful shards of light spark, and hear the thunderous roar as we lay excited clinging  on to the very bones of each other.

I dream of all this and more,
But for right now I just can't wait to see your face again.
For beautiful times, with a beautiful person.
 Aug 2014 Mia
Lora Cerdan
 Aug 2014 Mia
Lora Cerdan
I apologize for the both of us

you for forgetting so easily
and me for not letting things go

you for not listening to anything I don't say
and me for not saying anything

I'm sorry for trying to change you
and I'm sorry that I let you change me

I'm sorry for apologizing too much
I had my fingers crossed.
 Mar 2014 Mia
 Mar 2014 Mia
he interrupted me
in the middle of
an earth shatteringly
pointless story
to tell me i had
a cute laugh,
in a smoke-filled
garage infront of
all of our friends.
i said,
"alright dude

that night
i slept in the fetal
position with four blankets
and craved his skin so
bad i didn't even notice
that i bit my lip
until the pool of blood
collecting inside the deep ditch
of my gums, began to taste
of hot metal

today he texted me
while i was at work
and asked if he could
bring me a coffee
i looked at myself
in the bathroom mirror,
sighed and told him
we were busy
then i bought a
coffee for myself,
let the bitter sweet
warm liquid
linger on my tongue
and pretended
it was his lips

alone is a state of being
and i have never been alone,
lonely is a state of mind
and i have never been anything but
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