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LOVE; destroyer of all.
once your bound,
you're finished.

It will make you
forget your plans
abandon your dreams

two personalities
and one reaction
transformed indefinitely.

LOVE it all up
while your heart incinerates through your soul,
nothing else matters

love till you die.
I salute my sublimation.
tackle my monsters
with pen and paper,
Die in my art, you beasts.

all my characters are myself.
different shades
textures of my complexity
a palette of my entity

Im the protaganist
the underdog
idealistic dreamer
with a happy ending

I'm the antagonist
the enemy
cynical pessimist
with doom impending.

I scrape down on paper
these pages of me.

Sublimating aching
intermission from tragedy.
first poem in a while, really did feel the need to get some words out.
I really hope you guys like it :)
an empty room
I fill it
With my thoughts.
I get to thinking
About everything.

I stand among many
Receiving awards
Reciting speeches
I must win one every day
And the speeches change,
Like the wind.

There's never
any faces,
Not even
my own
Ain't that strange?

Just the
Splintered visions
Breaking through
With spears
Of emotion.

I guess that
The image
Isn't even important:
It's the feeling,
The sensations,
The prayers,
The mantras,
And endless dreams.

It's an idealistic bubble.
Which I could  
Live in forever,
But I'd never get anything done.

I get to looking
At my watch.
Only thirty minutes
has passed,
How can that
be possible?

I've already travelled
to the serene corners
of my desires.
I've dipped my
toes in lustful wants.
I've soared to
pinnacles of success,
In thirty minutes.

Then the perpetual
Smog of stagnant
English gloom
Returns to me
In my Utopic chamber,
Bursting my bubble.

I hone back
to the moment,
and then I
put my pen
Down to paper.
The skin
The body
The soul

She tasted
Like candy.
But she
Looked like

Fix me
She said
Those words,
As she come

She carved
A mask
Out of money,
Out of  misery.

She kicked
And screamed,
At youths door.
But it was gone.

Her face was still,
But her heart was broke.
She looked like plastic.
I don't want to die,
I wish my words immortal,
Through this I live on.

No one wants to die,
I'll breathe my life in pages.
Read me eternal.
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