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9.7k · Mar 2013
I could almost forget
Mia Mar 2013
It's been almost a year
Since we parted ways.
You came to see me in the rain
I threw your flowers in your face
And pushed you away.
You stood there drenched
And watched the light on in my room.
And then turned and walked away.

It's been almost a year
And yet I still love you.
You who made me smile
the boy that drove me nuts.
I miss talking to you,
telling you I want to be with you.
I miss your laugh
when I tell you I need you.
I miss you.

A year and some days
Couldn't lessen the pain.
Of you telling me you loved me no more
but wanted one last night.
I can still feel the sting of my palm
From kissing your cheek with brute strength.
I can feel the rage that fueled selfworth.
I turned and walked away.

I hope you got a good look
Of the last time you will watch me
Walking away with ruthless intent.
When you are alone a year from now
Remember you lost a good thing
and how I loved you.

It's been almost a year
I thought I was done.
But if you rang the doorbell
I would fly into your arms
And forget the past.
Not the love we shared ;
Just the pain.
I still dream about you.
8.1k · Dec 2012
My icecream
Mia Dec 2012
I like to kiss your lips
As I eat my icecream
Feel it melting in your mouth
As you bring me closer for more
I could lie next to you forever
as I taste you and you taste me
I know It's going to be okay
As long as we love icecream.
4.3k · Mar 2013
Your silence kills me
Mia Mar 2013
It's been 10 days,23 hours, 59 minutes, 1 second
Since you last called.
Am tired of staring at the phone
hoping you're thinking of me
Tired of checking your last messages
Saying you love me
That it will be different this time
I try to restrain myself
So that I don't text you
Begging you to call me
To love me.
Questions rise like a smoke cloud
does he even love me?
Am losing myself in agony
I need you
To talk to me
To see me
To want to.
I miss having you here
To show me you care
Right now I don't even know
if I was right to let you in.
4.0k · Feb 2013
Feel like am not good enough
Mia Feb 2013
Sadness fills my bones
Like a crushing weight
Taking the life out of my body.
tears well up
As I sink to the ground.
I can't do this again,
the agony of losing you
Another you
I lost you once already
and now you're leaving again.
it seems you don't care
That am dying inside
Every breath aches
Burning its way down my chest.
My arms wont work
To Ward off the pain.
Slowly sinking to depression
cold inhumane feelings
of worthlessness.
I will never be enough
to make you stay.
If only I were nothing like me
You might love me some more.
I really hoped this was something
That would be everything.
Mia Apr 2014

One. If I could, I would nail these hands to the edges of sky. I would sacrifice this body to the earth, hoping to resurrect someone that doesnt have the heart to  care about you anymore.

Two. Staple me to a table. Pierce my side with your broken promises and I will bleed all the pathetic reasons why you deserve one more chance.

Three. Loving you was the last thing that I put my all into.

Four. You wanna know how I got so bitter? Well, I ripped every last piece of you in my heart and soul and all that remained was regrets that you didn't care.

Five, I whispered you into my dreams.

Six, I spoke you into my heart.

Seven, I dipped my hands in a future that didnt exist, I touched you until you were imprinted on my very soul, treated you as if you were the only molecule of oxygen I needed ; I was good to you.

Eight. You wanna know how I got these scars? Well, I cut out my pride and then it crawled it’s way out of my mouth and I begged you to make me happy.

Nine, I realized that I was never really your girlfriend, I was just your ******* convenient-temp.

Ten, I hope your next girlfriend gets stds.

Ten, Yes I said stds.

Ten, I really hate you.

ten, I never want to see you again.

ten, I still love you. Wish I didn't.

ten, it’s hard for me to keep count when I get emotional.

Ten I heard that over 90% of human interaction is not I guess the signs were right. You don't want me. You don't need me.

Ten, if I could, I would tie your arms to a wish and then auction you off to my best and worst memories. To the random girl who will start dating my ex boyfriend two days after we broke up (yes, I know you're going to move on real fast.)
When I realized that you were in a relationship with the one guy that I thought I would someday spend the rest of my life with, I broke into a million pieces. I said to myself, “Kevin Hart would say he wasn't man enough for you. Or you weren't good enough for him."
I swore I would never love again, it was all a joke to you. Some twisted game you won.

One: Everytime I see you with girls in a picture, I want to take my entire arm, shove it inside your phone and smack the happiness right off of your face.

Two, if I ever see you around me, I’m probably going to punch you in the throat. Or forget I ever knew you.

Three, I apologize in advance. And I know, I know that it makes no sense to have this much anger toward a man that I love with every bit of me,but my definition of love isnt being stabbed in the heart over and over as you watch me bleed out and hope that this time it won't hurt. There is nothing
logical about putting the most important parts of yourself inside hands that can't support you and shake, tremble, and drop you.

Four, there is nothing rational about love. Love freaking hurts. It lies. It leaves you wishing you had never met the person who makes you fall over and over and breaks you till you are a mess that can't be fixed.

Five, you're ******* irresponsible, and I’m tired of you using me for target practice.

Six, I was told that time heals all wounds. But what exactly should I do on days when it feels like my clock stopped cause you're gone?

Seven, you always said I loved you too much. My mistake.

Eight, I think I’ve seen you somewhere in her dreams. Like I’ve heard you talking to her and being happy together in her laughter. I’ve smelled your cologne on her thighs. Cause am sure you will be all over her like you can't be for me. I bet if we dusted your heart for fingerprints, we would only find hers. I wasnt the love of your life.Nine, you see I have this envelope in my head and’s full of all the butterflies I felt the first time you touched me, kissed me, admitted you loved me. It's full of memories for when I thought we had a future. Most of them are still alive. I can still feel their wings through the paper. Guess it's my hope. Here, am giving them back to you. I suppose they belong to you, too.
Mia Dec 2013
I was born on November 30th , I hear that makes me a Saggitarius.
I dunno what that means.
I  know how to swim, and I'm a sucker for a guy with a nice smile
And nice words.

I'm still learning how to whisper sweet nothings
I'm often loud at times when I should be quiet
I'm often quiet at times when I should be loud
I keep holding back or letting it all out at the wrong time.

I like sweet drinks... a lot.
I've been told that I give pretty bad hugs
People say that it feels like I'm trying to escape
Well I don't like letting people close.
Especially close enough to hear me breathe.

I have this odd fascination with things like time machines and technology,
I assume it's because I like to figure out how things work and fix them.
Am the same way with people, like to know what's coming before it does.
Love usually lasts a few moments,
That's also why I tend to fall in love with men
Who would never love me back
I know it sounds crazy, but it's actually much saner than it seems
And to be honest, I think it's safer that way
See relationships, they often remind me that I'm not afraid of letting go.
But I'm scared of what's gonna happen
The moment that my body hits the ground
I'm clumsy. I usually trip when am following my feelings.
I landed on my pride and it shattered like a mirror i check daily.
Now I can't even tell who's trying to give me a compliment
or just trying to get into my pants.

I've never been into martial arts but I have all these bruises,
I got from beating myself up over things I can't fix
I know it sounds weird but sometimes,
I wonder what the voices in my head say when am asleep.
I wonder what the doors would do if they found out
About all the things that I've done when they are closed.
I've got a trash can that's overflowing with really, really obnoxious mistakes
And a dump site in my closet with all the skeletons.
You'll trap me in a corner and insist I get help.

Hi, my name is Em,
I enjoy ice cream and yoghurt, people watching
And figuring out how to make them work.
I allow myself to cry more than I need to,
from letting all the wrong people in.
I have solar-powered energy, I have a battery-operated heart,
It flickers and dies from overuse.
My hobbies include rewriting my life story, hiding behind poems,
And trying to convince myself that I do matter to someone.
I don't know much, but I do know this
I know that if you don't have standards,
you won't be treated right and be happy.
I know God is still reworking my faults and flaws,
I'm a unique work in progress.
3.5k · Jul 2013
Mia Jul 2013
I come awake at 2 am each day,
My body yearning for yours.
But am always alone. So alone.
I check my messages hoping you are awake.
I long to read that you're thinking of me too.
Whatsapp has become a painful poke,
That you were up and not thinking of me.
I wonder if you think of some other girl, like I do of you.

I try to get back to sleep,
But all I dream are pictures of you.
Taking me away from pain.
Loving me the way I want you to.
Even my dreams don't go right.
My sub conscious senses it isn't you.

I sink to the depths of sorrow.
I wallow in tears and self pity.
Is this love?
This pain when you hurt me,
that drives a knife through my chest?
This constant delusion that you didn't mean to.
The fixation on you alone.
Is it you or the idea of you that pleases me?
You break me into a million pieces,
And still I wait for you to fix me.
3.0k · May 2013
Mia May 2013
You said you would always love me,
Joke's on me
I believed in love,
and believed in you.

You promised to never leave my side.
Never is a long time.
I should have taken out insurance,
on loneliness and solitude.

You weaved your way into my web,
now we are all tangled up.
I can't live with you,
can't live without you.
Am a dripping mess of tears.

You took over my heart and filled it up,
with beautiful lies and silent promises.
I assumed too much when you said it was something,
I should never have listened to my soul,
when it whispered your name.
2.4k · Oct 2012
I feel you here
Mia Oct 2012
In the air

I breathed you in
a deep tantalising fragrance
arousing all my desires
awakening like a new moon
the wet dewdrops on the leafs
the earth after the rain
a seductive scent I find
only with you.

I taste you
in the rich sauce I ate for dinner
the spicy tang on my tongue
the engrossing strong aura
of taste you can feel.

I hear you
in every song I listen to
your voice in the wind
your unique persona in every word
in the paintings hung up
I feel your warmth,touch
your essence and life
you are here.
2.4k · Nov 2012
The honourable gentleman
Mia Nov 2012
He was the kind of man
You could trust your wife with
Honourable and trustworthy
The perfect gentleman.

Maybe they took him for granted
Or trusted him too much.
He couldn't believe his luck
Finally he got a shot.

When asked what changed
He said he loved too much
More than life itself
everything else was a distraction.

He said he would **** for her
And he eventually did
The over bearing husband
That wouldn't treat her right.
2.2k · Nov 2012
Star crossed lovers
Mia Nov 2012
It's cold outside
no one to walk down the road with
am all alone
a little girl that has lost her way
had everything taken away.
there is no hope for tomorrow
no sun for the morrow
only rain on the windowpanes
a rushed coupling
goodbye forever.

They are starcrossed lovers
together but apart.
ever yearning and praying
that the sun would give more
a few extra hours
to laugh and to cuddle.
sneaking around in the shadows
wishing on a star
that fate would switch them over
give them forever.
2.1k · Feb 2013
Dreaming of you and I
Mia Feb 2013
Haunted by memories
Of our first date
Our only date.
Where you held my hand
Ran across fields through the rain.
We got to your door drenched
Shivering with excitement.
You let me in hesitantly
Opened the buttons on my shirt
Kissed the goosebumps on my flesh
held me close and stole my heart.
I can't get you out of my head
How you looked into my eyes then kissed me
you talked about life with me
Made plans for us
Asked me what I felt,wanted
Then you held me as I slept.
in the morning it was like I dreamt of you and I.
1.8k · Jan 2013
So tired
Mia Jan 2013
Am tired of fighting
and all the lies.
You either love me or not.
If you thought about me;
You would call or text
Not be caught up with things
Are they more important than me?
If this isn't what you want
Let me go please
Breaking my heart
Is all you are doing now.
1.6k · Feb 2013
Mia Feb 2013
I can't put into words
What you do to me.
You enchant me
Teach me to waltz
Leading me each step of the way
Giving me space to grow
Holding my hand
holding me tight
I can't feel your heartbeat
When you lie with me
Maybe our hearts are beating together.
All I know is I feel alive
And special everytime .
You kiss me.
And I lie in your arms.
1.6k · Jun 2013
Make you mine
Mia Jun 2013
I want to write my memory all over your body.
With kisses born of love and longing,
Passion fostered from your embrace.
I want to fit my body to yours and hold you,
Breathe in as you breathe out.
Leave you with images of me content in your arms.
Wrap your arms around my name,
Write your love across my heart.
I am yours to hold through the night.
I want to imprint myself on you.
1.6k · Oct 2012
reverse fairytale
Mia Oct 2012
let me know if am wrong
to want a fairytale with you
it's never been easy
but shouldn't be this hard.

is it another life you need?
another girl? just tell me
set me free
cause am dying in this middle ground
neither having you
or not having you.

does your heart beat fast
when you see me walking by
does your smile light up the room
when you hear my voice?
do your lips tremble when I kiss you?

am living a lie,a double life
pretending to be ok
when my emotions are shattered
tears fill my eyes
ecstacy eludes me
am under your spell
an enchantment spell
You know I want you
can't help but love you.
1.5k · Dec 2012
Am into you
Mia Dec 2012
You know I want you
It's useless to play hard to get
Cause you can see right through me
The coy indirect answers
Seem not to deter you
You hear what my heart says
And sweep me off my feet
Enchanting me beyond belief
Occupying my every thought
Possessing me beyond comprehension
Everything revolves around you
You amaze me constantly
am so into you.
1.5k · Mar 2013
Mia Mar 2013
I know am supposed to wake up
Go out and do something.
But i can't bring myself to leave bed
and face the pain over again.
The emptiness inside filling out
The hole you used to occupy.
It aches and incapacitates me
With numbing sharp blows
I can barely walk.
Doubled over awaiting relief.

I tried to get to know you
Met resistance at every turn
And now am faced with loving
A stranger i can't predict.
Do you love me or want me back?
I can't see past you anymore
You have broken my heart
In a million different ways.
I just want to smile again
But in this dark lonely tunnel
I can't even see a light.
1.5k · Jul 2013
Shell shocked
Mia Jul 2013
I don't have a lot of optimism left,
Had that trampled out a while ago.
With good for nothing people and crushed dreams.
Again and again stomped upon.
I don't have memories left,
Of good times i once had.
Write it off to disappointment and heartbreak.
I don't have much left,
Having had everything wrung out.
Look at me as a shell.
Holding a vacuum within.
1.5k · Sep 2013
Loving you isn't easy
Mia Sep 2013
Is this what it means to love?
The pain that goes through my chest when I can't see you.
The tears I choke back when you hurt me,
Cause somehow it hurts more when you watch
The pounding of my heart when you say my name.
The mixed feelings and confusion.
How come I can't smile without you?
And yet I cry night after night,
Cause you didn't love me the way i feel I deserve.
Somehow there is more pain with you than without.
And yet I can't see myself being here without you.
You complete me.
Jagged pieces of your imperfect character fit right where I need them to.
This must be love.
1.4k · May 2013
Can't sleep without you
Mia May 2013
It's back again,
sleeplessness that makes me howl.
I shut my eyes in vain,
Dreams and quiet evade me.
I sit on the floor and whimper
as i remember my aloneness.

You left just yesterday,
With my heart at your feet.
Crushed it as you rushed off.
I was paralyzed by pain,
when you didn't spare me a backward glance.

It's that time of the night,
Where i reach out for your body.
There is nothing but empty space
Where you used to lie.
I call your number and you don't answer.
I text you begging you to come back.
My phone remains silent and I throw it against the wall.
Please come back.
1.3k · Oct 2012
Under your spell
Mia Oct 2012
The enchantress has got me
under her soft illusionary spell
only her my eyes see
as angelic as the monalisa.
Me don't mind being a pet
My senses so aroused
tuned to her every need.
My heart beating in time
to her spirit's pulse
Me walks where she does
skipping along the path
she has lain with flowers
Me drinks from her essence
overflowing with power
pretty as the universe
me don't mind this spell.
1.3k · Apr 2021
Adieu Love
Mia Apr 2021
You are the violin & I am your bow.
You are the mountains & I am your snow.
I am the song sheet & you are my tune.
I am the night sky & you are my moon
I hold you in my heart, I have you on my mind.

You were the elusive dream, I tried to ensnare.
I was the light you couldn't bear.
You were the moth to my flame.
we both got burned.
As our story fades into a memory.
Adieu my heart.
Until the next life.

If only you could see what I saw when my eyes beheld you. Imperfect yet loyal, brave and wild.
Goodbye my lover M
Mia Nov 2012
Even in death she mocked them
They that turned up to watch
Her laid to rest.
These people she had loathed
in life everyday
whose help she scorned.
The one whose man was loose
A meaningless philanderer
Another that gossiped
Of the good, bad and ugly.
She wouldn't accept their help
They thought her a charity case.

She danced on her grave
was this what death was like?
to look down on your body
Peaceful like in sleep.
The years had not been kind
She looked ravaged by nature
wrinkled like a wilting flower
Ashen grey and crumbling
She danced because it was over
The hardship that was life.

Light as a feather she felt
She could be herself again
not have to conform to others
pretend to be what she wasn't
she was a free spirit
reign to wreck havoc
On the neighborhood folk
Them that were hypocrites
She would give them lessons
a haunting they wouldn't forget.
1.3k · May 2013
Mia May 2013
You took me in your arms,
Touched me so softly.
Sending a fever burning through my veins.
I wanted to look at your face,
But we had to keep up appearances for peering eyes.
My nerves tingled and hummed,
I ached to kiss you and touch you.
You teased me into submission,
And now am thinking of losing myself.
1.2k · Dec 2012
Crazy love
Mia Dec 2012
Bury me in love
That I may feel soft caresses
Even in my solitude.
Drown me in kisses
So that I may not want
For sweetness and telekinesis
Jump off a cliff with me
So that we soar together
bound by invisible bonds
Only we can feel.
Strong and connected always.
You know how love makes us do crazy things? Was trying to combine the feeling and the dangers, dunno if it succeeded
1.2k · Dec 2012
Losing you
Mia Dec 2012
I remember falling in love
you were passionate and kind
You were honourable in every way
Talked late to me on phone
Found me when I was lost
Held me when I couldn't stand
you were my crutch and I fell.

What I don't remember
Is falling out of love with you
Maybe it is when you stopped
Caring what I felt
Being there when I needed you
Became caught up in your life
pushed me out of the center.

I will always love you
But I will not give myself up
To please you
I will not be someone else
even for your sake
Will not smile as you hurt me
I will walk away even if I stumble
for I am not meant to stay.
1.2k · Nov 2012
Mia Nov 2012
some people are repetitive
hurt you and broke your heart
will stand you up tomorrow.
don't wait hoping for change
it's written in the threads
the view to the eye
will always be the same.

the abstract pattern is unique
precious as a rare gem
complicated  misunderstood
people see what they want
a different view to every eye.
he will make you laugh
and also drive you nuts.

some patterns are common
see it in everything around
simple, average, not the best
can be found with everyone
he gets along with all your friends
but they all want better for you.

everyone loves the pretty one
easy on the eye and appeals to all
charming with the ladies
and a gent to boot.
he always knows what to say
a ladies man,but yours.

what pattern would you be?
and which one do you want?
can people really change
or are they patterns
stuck as what they are
and who they have around.
1.2k · Dec 2013
Mia Dec 2013
I tried to make him right for me,
see I believe in fairy tales and happy endings.
Maybe my Prince just needed a little nudge.
So i got all the wrong things about him,
and tied them up with a neat bow.

I was busy searching for love,
instead of waiting for it to come find me.
That was probably cupid I passed on the street,
I rushed by too fast for his arrow.
I played matchmaker for my lonely heart,
Got it all torn up in pieces.

I deluded myself into thinking I couldn't breathe,
I counted the seconds waiting for my heart to stop.
But it pumped on and on so slow,
It hummed to the sound of your name on my lips.
The name, that would make my heart skip a beat.
But now it just filled me with resolve to leave.
See I wasn't gonna cry another day over you.
Wasn't gonna die cause I couldn't have you.
I was going to learn to live.

I could have been with Mr. Right,
Instead I lay in bed alone, crying to the night.
Where did I go wrong? I tried to change him.
But he didn't want to be saved, he knew what it was.
A good time that I coated with love,
A relationship where he felt trapped.
See he was a free spirit and I the hunter,
I trapped him and tried to make him mine.

So am back to the point where it all began.
Finding my heart and starting it again.
I want to be the girl that makes someone stop,
the one you've been waiting for all your life.
No more Mr. Almost right for me,
Or Mr. Close enough to right.
I'm gonna wait for you, I know you're looking for me.
1.2k · Jun 2013
The Illusionist
Mia Jun 2013
You tie me up in knots that are intricately woven,
lead me through the pool of tears,each step an anguished sob,
wracked from a bruised chest that is battered from pain.
Yet still I follow you to the ends of the earth, losing myself in you.
Waiting for a smile when you see it fit to really look at me,
when you notice the tired lines round my eyes from constantly watching you.
You suspend me on a string of suspense drawing me further from what I want.
I exist in an inanimate state where thoughts of you cloud all logic.
I reach for you in the dark and my fingers go right through you,
You are merely a ghost of what I need, disintegrating with each passing hour.
Am drowning my sorrows in a pool of illusions,
seeing only what I need to, feeling only what I can stand.
I lose track of what is a manipulation of my mind and what is real.
You are here with me and yet I can look right through you.
A master of deception and flattery, I am helpless to fight your charms.
I am lost in a reality full of dreams created by you.
1.2k · Jul 2013
Mia Jul 2013
I am craving a cuddle like a smoker needs their
My heart's racing, fingers twitching and thoughts scattering.
I want you, need you, can't have you.
My breath hitches in my chest,
Temperature rises and I break in a sweat.
I am suffocating, losing my calmness.
I draw on my inner strength, deep breaths.
Panic seizes my unrest.
I need something, anything to take my mind off the stress.
I need you.
Do be my fortress.
1.2k · Jan 2013
Jailer by default
Mia Jan 2013
The very walls I built
To keep the clutter out
Suffocate me daily
Shutting me in with my thoughts
Questioning my decisions
testing my patience.
Was I wrong? Or right?
Have I added to my mistakes?
Will I wake up tomorrow?
The burden overwhelms me
I fear that I will give in
To the heartwrenching fear
Of the unknown.
A weight settles on me
Bearing down on my chest
I heave breath after troubled breath
who knows if it's my last?
I prepare myself for death
Sink into nothingness below
For there are no worries
nothing but stillness.
No,I will not let the reaper close
But how to deal with my pain
That is anew everyday
I find fault with the sun and moon
No one to distract me
From these savage insecurities
hounding at my door
am I pretty enough? Strong?
can I do it? Will I succeed?
it seems I am doomed to doubt
Trapped by inequities
and someday I just hope
These walls will be solace
And not my jailer.
1.1k · Dec 2012
Our story
Mia Dec 2012
Forever for us
Started one normal day
I sent you a text and you replied
didn't know a simple fascination
would grow into a deep love.
We talked and texted everyday
flirting a little more
Testing the waters.
We got to the deep end
You wouldn't admit you wanted more.

I tried to leave with my heart
You reached out and held my hand
You couldn't bare to see me hurt
Told me you loved me too
Wanted to jump off a cliff after
were scared you couldn't love
But here we are growing in love
We fight and sulk
Kiss and make up
You say am cute when angry
I smile a little.

Maybe deep down I needed this
Someone to make me laugh at myself when am serious
I can never stay mad at you
you're a bundle of silliness
But only you makes me melt
Drives me to that point
where every nerve wants you
And am screaming your name.
we are bound in more ways than one, soulmate.
1.1k · Dec 2012
Your caveman
Mia Dec 2012
Let me meet your inner man
The cave man whose desire
Is to conquer, capture and plunder
The one who takes what he wants
and makes his own.

Don't rough me up
Just carry me to your den
Place me on your floor
and light a fire
In that special way you know how
Make me steak
Meet my basic needs.

You don't have to talk
just listen and understand.
Wipe my tears and pledge
your protection and love.
We won't have to argue
You want to please your maiden.

The caveman is the gentlest of spirits
For he is pure and without guile
He lives to dominate
But also to pleasure
with the simplest of needs
All he needs is a maiden to please.
1.1k · Dec 2012
Mia Dec 2012
You call my name
in the throes of passion
could it be you have learned
It's me you want?
You lay bare your soul
For me to see the emptiness
You want that bond
That only seems to exist round me
In the hour that you take
Your final and last breath
You call for me and I am gone.

Find me in the wilderness
As I walk around the earth
Haunt our favorite hangouts
You might find me sitting
Under our tree waiting
or in the middle of the bridge
watching life pass round me
And through me.
Life goes on.

Walk with me in the afterlife
like you never did alive
May death Lower your inhibition
once you conquer death
There is nothing more to fear
So love me more than you thought
and honor my memory.
1.0k · May 2013
Coming of age
Mia May 2013
My coming of age wasn't all that pretty. I was heartbroken and on a well worn path, trying to exhaust myself to shut off the pain. It worked at
first, as i slumped in the couch and passed out
every night. I couldn't hurt if all my nerves and thoughts shut off. I met a number of guys, each to
help drive me over the edge. I was fast and reckless with nothing left to use. I abused my body and violated my memories, they weren't sacred anymore. Even though I tried to be heartless, I sobbed myself to sleep. When that didn't work I started cutting. At first it was little scratches that were barely noticeable until I began to crave deeper pain. It reassured me that I was still alive since I could hurt. I bled out lines of loneliness and disappointment and it kept the pain contained within me.
1.0k · Jan 2013
Mia Jan 2013
I have liked you for so long
But you seemed aloof
out of my league.
And now by a random twist
You fall into my life again
like prearranged cards
Fitting in their place.
Suave and sure.
Today you called me beautiful
And I just want to run to you
With all I have.
Let you hold me tight
Kiss me as I fit my body close
And enjoy now with you.
There is this guy I had a crush on growing up.. we never seemed to be in the same groups and now he is back and likes grown up me.. I am enjoying this dance
1.0k · Mar 2013
The Outsider
Mia Mar 2013
She was alone
Oh so terribly alone .
She wondered who to call
If they would help or didn't care.
She was but a humble maiden
Had no delusions of grandeur.
She knew she had faults
Maybe more than the normal maidens.
She sat on her balcony
Watched the world go on.
She never went out.
Oh no she couldn't venture
Into the fold of humanity.
They were known to be picky
What if they didn't embrace her?
With her old fashioned mannerisms
And odd way of speaking.
She swung her bare feet.
Watching them move forward
And imagined she was marching
In a band somewhere.
Following music to a beat
Purposeful and deliberate.

She needed a friend
But how to go about collecting one
should she place an advert like she had seen in papers?
Or go to the fairs and wriggle her way into a group
What if they asked from whence she came?
And so she watched from afar.
admired a couple walking hand in hand
The boy pushing her hair out of her face
The girl looking up and smiling at something he said.
What she wouldn't give to feel normal.
Instead she kept house and world
Carrying the burdens of both.
For someone needed to protect humanity
From the cruelty of life.
She had a job to do
And so remained alone.
1.0k · Jun 2013
Shell shocked
Mia Jun 2013
She couldn't go back to the place she called home.
It was no longer her own when he brought her in.
The other woman he had said was just a friend.
They crossed her threshold with fingers entwined,  a mockery of her vows.
She felt the chills of someone walking over her grave.
She watched him sleep in their bed with someone else.
Watched him love someone else in the house their children grew up in.
She walked away when she couldn't take more.
He broke his promises when he loved again.
Her house was nothing but a shell.
1.0k · Jan 2013
Honeyed voices
Mia Jan 2013
We dont take no for an answer
We the sirens of the seven seas
We mark our territory
we claim who we want.
We were here first
in a land of magic.
Until the darkness came
It swallowed everything we knew
The water was our guard
It washed away the vicious dark
And what remained of the battle
Were pieces of land.
Soon people came to live
Close to the sea.
They had nice men
We were only female.
the men forged boats
To explore the water
We reeled them in
Imprisoned them in dungeons
they were under our spell
Honeyed voices wove.
They were willing slaves
We were seductive mistresses.
we had intense ******
Made more of our kind.
Their life force fostered our kind
As they died out.
The more we made babies,
the more men that died.
We needed more of them
We cast a spell.
That men will go from one to another
always searching for better
in the end only we
Their desires can satisfy.
1.0k · Jun 2013
Sadness Lingers
Mia Jun 2013
She has such a sad soul.
My arms reach out to her almost without me noticing.
She wears her pain like a veil:
Blocking out the world and keeping her cocooned in a shell.
I can still see the history of suffering,
The longing for less.
More invites pain like a beacon.
Keep her safe, I whisper to the angels.
1.0k · Nov 2012
The day you walked away
Mia Nov 2012
my turning point was the day
you walked into my life
and the day you walked away
I hoped you would stay
longer than a while
but all it took was a ****
and then you rushed away.

I thought you would hold me
when i was falling apart
couldn't wait for you to be
my hero and friend
you quit when i needed you
turned your back on me
walked a mile away
without a second glance.

Can't you see am crying
the tears you used to wipe
this time you just watch.
am losing all that I was
without you to hold my hand
guess deep down I miss my anchor
and my best frend.
1.0k · Dec 2012
Bitch -slap
Mia Dec 2012
Loved you once
Liked you twice
turned your back
Three four times
watched you laugh
Walk out on this
News flash love am over that.
998 · Feb 2013
Playing hard to get
Mia Feb 2013
What is it about the unattainable that makes us want it so much more?

On that rainy day in January,
I saw you standing in line,
Waiting to pay
For the book.
You know the one.
It's been whispering sweet promises
In my ear.
How it will be the best I ever have
It will imprint on me.

I tried to resist the allure
But it's elusiveness pulled me in
Like coiling tendrils
Of immeasurable strength.

I dreamt about that book
Waited for it to come to that store
And there you were
Buying the only available copy.
I knew then
That I wanted you both.
I followed you out
Having a witty dialogue in my head
You would be snared by my charisma
I would get my book.
You stopped at a black car
The passenger door opened.
Out stepped Delilah
the woman that kills dreams.
971 · Oct 2012
In the rain
Mia Oct 2012
In the rain i feel alone
forlorn and unloved
yearning for your embrace
your cold lips on my hand.
the warmth of your touch
on my sensitive skin.
the smooth caress of your
featherlight touch.
sleep eludes me
your face invades my mind
and I long for a walk in the rain
to clear my head of you
to feel your presence with me.
In the rain am alone with you.
947 · Mar 2013
sucky breakup
Mia Mar 2013
I feel really stupid
For loving you without reservations.
I feel duped somehow.
For believing you were the one.
Every girl dreams of meeting him,
I thought i was lucky.
I never expected to end up broken
Beating myself up over the years wasted.
Greys and pastels by your side
Making you happy.
There must be something messed up with me
Why couldn't i be content with bits and pieces?
Instead i wanted all of it
Unending forever together.
Joke's on me,
It really is over.
Mia Feb 2014
I went from being the girl that guys like to look at,
to the girl they take home to meet mom.
You know how it goes,
out with the summer skirts and into floor sweep dresses.
Learning to home make and wear a facade.
The patient smile even when your boiling crazy,
the platitudes when your mind is a ring with sarcasm.
Now I don't have to change my walk, thank God for that,
just who I walk with and where I walk.
What can I say, am growing older.
929 · Dec 2012
Beauty and the Ogre
Mia Dec 2012
Is it worth it to love someone that doesn't love you,
to let someone in that is only going to wreck u,
do u blame urself or just let go?
Should u let go if you love?
Love is complicated and hurts
makes you want to cry
Is the person that hurts you
Supposed to hold you?
Or just watch you break?
It's an enigma, a myth
Because how could fate be cruel
Send Cupid to play matchmaker
For beauty and the ogre.
Are we just destined to love
The people that won't love us back?
or is that a sick twist
The joker has in mind.
Trying to walk away
And ending up back at your door
Do I sink into the abyss
that is calling out my name
or do I fly away on broken wings, broken spirit that somehow you make whole.
Let me go if you can't love me
Don't let me go if you want to hurt me
You are my Achilles heel
And will be the death of me.
919 · Sep 2013
Mia Sep 2013
There are many firsts,
a first date.
A sloppy wet first kiss.
A first boyfriend or girlfriend.
Things you wish you could store up in a snowball.
To trap them in a place where time has no power.
Still. Frozen. Kept like figurines.

Time seems stretched out like a string,
Taut and endless, spiraling into knots and tangles.
We take what we can get.
It might be the last smile on our face.
Happy ever after,
Or the end of all we know.

So many lasts sprinkled like salt on salads,
The last time you ever saw a loved one's face.
Last time you loved.
It could be the last heartache,
But you would never know.

Time is but a lifeline to present and past.
It can be snatched right out of your hands.
Gone as fast as lightning,
Too powerful to contain in any vessel.
Time can be everything and also nothing.
918 · Feb 2013
Mia Feb 2013
Shame on you and your heart
If you have one.
Cause you are tearing us apart
Piece by piece with each day
A promise not kept
a moment not treasured
One more reason for me to give up
Everything I hold dear.
Can't you see you're changing me?
Turning me into a wreck
heartbroken and desolate.
You're turning me inside out
Wringing my emotions
Bleeding out my heart.
I hope you're sorry
For breaking my heart.
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