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 Jul 2019 Ellis Holden
i fantasize
 Jul 2019 Ellis Holden
I fantasize
about marching with my friends
down wellington
forcing the government
to look below,
and think
"maybe they're right."
but instead, they think
"shut it down."

i fantasize
about taking care of the wounded
doing my part
and truly feeling
that there is power in unity
forcing the government
to look below,
and think
"maybe we're wrong."
but instead, they think
"send more troops."

i fantasize
about singing "l'internationale"
with thousands of my comrades
as we fight for justice
arm in arm,
hand in hand
forcing the government
to look below,
and think
"maybe it's us."
but instead, they think
"casualties don't matter unless the goal is reached."
i feel like..
while we're busy searching for mysteries
we're missing out on the magic.
while we're running from theories,
we're wasting time and it's tragic.
A warrior can be an artist,
but can an artist go to war

Can the craftsman ever breathe the fire,
that tempered the blade he forged

The warrior-poet not the poet-warrior,
the difference in the score

All fury do his words inspire
—to bridge the liars fjord

(Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2016)
 Jun 2019 Ellis Holden
I stumbled to the bathroom
And as I stood there
The walls spoke
They told me
"You can change everything"
This poem is about so many stories. "Everything" has it's limitations, different for each individual's "everything"; Collectively, everything. .
 Jun 2019 Ellis Holden
 Jun 2019 Ellis Holden

                       wishing, for
                              your writes to be
                                noticed•simple sign
                             that they have not been
                          missed•with every view
                     and every like•your popu-
               larity does spike•somewhat
          places your art on the poetry
      map•between major players,     
  you close the gap•constantly      
checking to see  who's been              
reading•you're always deli-               
ghted to see the 'yellow                      
•a wish...                            
    for those who                             
     are writ-                    

secretly hope not only for your words to be
reaching far and wide, but also... trending
* the above does not apply to everyone here.
selective moods
outer space grooves
universal perspective
limitless dimensions
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