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my words may always sound pretty
but sometimes i'm afraid they're only hollow
he had rock and roll thighs
and pecs to be prized
his sweet dewy skin could only lead to your demise
with savored sensuality that leaves breathless and mesmerized  
and **** why is it that men are never sexualized?
we're running through dreams
hiding amide humming street's glow
the whole world asleep
and we forgotten
have escaped its trap

we're laughing life away
smiling out all our obligation
we're flailing arms in disregard
you and me,
we're going to run forever

but dear we didn't see
we didn't see where we were running
what was meant as a right became a left
and oh dear we're lost

and the whole world is asleep
and we, we were forgotten
Ellis Holden Feb 13
Oh darling I'm in love
Oh darling I'm in love with you

Oh darling the way you smile
Oh darling your smile sets everything a glow

Oh darling my heart to you
Oh darling fully yours to crush

Oh darling you know nothing
Oh darling what I feel for her

But oh darling I do feel
Oh darling the love between us

But oh darling you don't know
Oh darling you just don't know what stands between

Oh darling I do hope
Oh darling I do hope you won't leave me

But oh darling you do hate
Oh darling you do hate those like me

Oh darling to you those girls are ****
Oh darling they are objects of desire

But oh darling they aren't people
And oh darling i'm just like them

And oh darling to you those boys are hazards
Oh darling those boys are wrenches in God's great machine

But oh darling those boys are my brothers
And oh darling I'm just like them

Oh my dear darling  we're going to have to let each other go
Oh darling I'm going to have to let you go
#lgbtqia #bi #lgbt #love #valentinesday #valentine #sad #darling
Ellis Holden Feb 12
my heart doesn't just burn for you
you set my world on fire
Ellis Holden Feb 12
You make the cold dark warm and bright
Ellis Holden Feb 12
Things I Know About You:
You play hockey.
You're undeniably funny.
You're going to be the best pilot ever.
You like hot chocolate but have enough self control not to eat all the mini marshmallows first.
You think the world of your friends.
You're easy to talk to.
You make me smile.
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