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Ellis Holden Feb 17
I wonder what it must feel like to be one of the greats
to be fully loved and validated
I doubt if anyone really knows
Ellis Holden Feb 17
Why do we lie I wonder
It sounds better sure
those sugarcoated fibs
But their aftertaste makes me wonder
tastes like oil and grout
     -maybe we do it Cause people Can't handle vulnerability
Makes em **** and and turns em sour
and leaves us out in the rain
bone chilled and curiosity gone
Ellis Holden Feb 17
The stampede hit today
tearing up the green
it'll be sad not to see them grow anymore
     -Goodbye You Wildflowers
Ellis Holden Feb 17
I hide half my soul under raps
lock it in my journals
and undisclosed writing sites
Perhaps it is because
in acknowledging  my other half
what already is in view must die
     -Why I'll Never Tell My Parents
Ellis Holden Feb 17
What must it be like to fully exist?
To take shelter fully under one roof
and not be left a page torn in two
One secured by love and hearth
the other too gristly printed
cast to rainy dew and soaked to bone
I should never know.
-I Am Only Half
Ellis Holden Feb 17
I shut my bedroom door
now engulfed by the bindings of paper and pen
and I roll my chair to grey desk
stacked high with Dickinson, Bronte's three, and Alvarez
I pull out my writing tools and begin to contemplate
ideas that dare not be discussed in the public of society
Why is it that God must be a man and
What make the human taught ideal of modesty such a binding force
flow through my brain and I breath again
without measure or discernment I am free
in my freedom i think
back to the conversation my mother and I held this morning
A girl had stood in our line of view her hemline resting mid-thigh
My mother had turned to me
"Ellis look at that girl! I can see her ******!" face aghast
I nodded
"It is disgusting that girls these days dress so provocatively!
Thank God I had a son!"
I nodded again
and I thanked God.
     -Modesty Is A Human Construct
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