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escaping darkness
enveloped in dreams
alive in shadow
Was despite a stressful day at work,
My children came running to me with joy laughing and crying,
Scrambling on my lap,
Hugging and kissing me,
My heart throbbed with getting so much love.
Now they have a life of their own,
They come when they want me to baby sit for them,
Or help  them with their monetary problems.
I am happy,
At least I get to bond with my grandchildren.
Life is a comedy ,life is a tragedy,
Destiny rules .

@Mrunalini Nimbalkar
I love you,
that's why I like you.
Let me have a love for you.
Not only today or tomorrow.
But, to love you till eternity.
I am in love
By his side, the devout chant God's glory
in a life so brittle and fragile
yet not lacking in strength to navigate
on the river of chaotic turbulence.

Some are tearlessly silent,
a few are about to embrace a cry
and there is one whose wails
reverberate and pound the walls.

The ascent to the greater kingdom
is adorned with white lotus
and incense that smell of heaven.

Filled with the finality
there is no point denying,
the atheist sleeps on peacefully.
so many once here
have now disappeared
long gone into the white

rambled and veered
on to paths unclear
faded from all sight

their bark was their bite
but this dark toothless blight
has quickly 'come revered

so we write
that we might be a light tonight
in lieu of the disappeared
you know who you be
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