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With broken wings
She flew higher
Aiming for the blue sky
‪My favorite thing about the rain‬
‪Is the sound it makes‬
‪Dropping down to the earth ‬
‪Helping me sleep when I’m awake‬
‪The coziness and danger‬
‪Ever lie in wait nearby‬
‪Sitting by the fire ‬
‪Trying to stay dry‬
While looking out the window
Admiring the sky
‪And watching each and every droplet‬
‪Shimmer in the night‬
Walking in the morning
In this golden field of trees
Blanket of yellow to brown leaves
Inviting you to lay down in peace
Feel the weather changing
A soft cool breeze is here
See the quiet of the land
Beginning of the new season
Autumn is here.
Beautiful time of the year
Christmas is near.

Flames of joy, flaring

up from the hearth of our hearts --

are heating the house.
Collection "WoofWoof"
Living in a house full of old aunts and uncles,
She came into my life like rain,
Drenching me with her youth and beauty,
A breath of fresh air awakening my love buds.
Between the teeth of monster's
grinde the bone and flesh of
forgotten dreams.

As nightmares wake to shadow
and fear, my mind sail's the
oceans chasma deeply driven
by futures pull.

Reality forever leeps forward
into the depths of colliding
waves of experience.

Upon the rim I ride, I tip
slowly into the center of
lucid dreams like a dancer
dancing with its shadow.

These monsters that I create,
grimly I took a leep.

With a mouth full of inky grit
I spit my passion for expression
as poetry leeps onto the pages.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
Yet for now, become defeated
Seeing the game of life
Back in sight, surrounded in heart
Let's see all the time.

I am stunned, but do not stop
Across the turning points of life
Come in relief, float in consciousness
Glaze for a while.

It's late on the way, so find out
Traveler with the missing target
Looking at the scene, unfamiliar world
Perhaps the steps were not extend correctly.

In the earthly heat, in the drought
Somehow lost the direction
Return always at the same path, with stagnant mind
The darkness do not leave.
Flaky shape-poem
for your erudite perusal
As the sun slowly rises
between the greening hills
a silent stream meanders past
and an old abandoned mill

A farmer’s mare is straying
along a country lane
a noisy crow disturbs the peace
atop a weather vane

Behind the thinning morning mist
cows can safely graze
as I watch I reminisce
a life of simpler days
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