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Eli Nov 2019
wondering what
crosses your mind,
when your eyes
meet mine.
there are stars in his eyes.
Eli Sep 2019
just because you don't see
the salty tears running down
on my cheeks, doesn't mean
the sadness behind them
doesn't exist inside me.
why do I feel so much I can't put into words?
Eli Feb 2019
4 am, everyone asleep,
i am the only one awake.
not able to stop this train of thoughts,
about him and me,
me and him,

he has no idea what he can do.
being with him feels like,
magic running through my veins.
my name sounds like a poem,
when he says it out loud.
while hearing his name,
is making me smile like crazy.

he makes me feel so much,
although he doesn't have a clue.
i'd be his if he asked,
while knowing he never will.

the thoughts of him and me stay,
but there will never be an 'us'.
really felt the need to write, but can't find the right words.
Eli Jan 2019
i never thought love at first sight could be real. i thought, how can anyone fall in love with someone they don't know?

but when i turned around
and saw you,
you smiled at me.
when your eyes met mine,
i knew it immediately.
i felt it in all my bones.

you had me even before hello.
i've fallen for you and i kinda don't know what to do now.
Eli Dec 2017
My thoughts are taking over,
they take my heart, take my mind.
I slowly float away,
but my body is left behind.
People talk to me,
speak to me,
wait until i’m done.
I just don’t hear them anymore,
I’m somewhere else,
I’m gone.
I’ll come back, I promise.
When my thoughts leave me alone.
Where and how, I don’t know.
But I’ll be there,
for you,
Eli Dec 2017
Everytime you leave me,
I drown in thoughts and tears.
Everytime you touch me,
I smile, but I still fear.
'Cause what if you'll leave me,
you're doing it,
But what if you'll love me,
my flaws and who I am.
I am afraid that I'll choose wrong.
So I am standing,
in the middle, in between.
I am afraid that you'll leave me,
once you have seen it,

— The End —