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Sophie Nov 2019
Whisper the words in my ear
2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

Tell me your worse kinda fear
2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

You can cry if you want to
Make me your refuge
2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

I feel your heart beat on my skin
I feel the energy deep within
I know what you're hiding,
Let me in!!

It 2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

deep in the sheets of your bed.
I hope when we move in together, 2am will be our time...
Sophie Feb 2019
He doesn't belong to me
Because I am a mess
a weird human by nature
He has all these things he can hold on to,
I am like smoke
Broken by the disaster
That is my unsteady nature
A hurricane in search of love
I am
A rose with many torns
I am
A pearl in an oyster
I am
And so he belongs to them
They are better than me
I am the wild horse
That falls everybody off her back
But waits patiently to be tamed
Sophie Apr 2019
As i watched you leave
I wish you stayed
As i try to live without you
I feel the ache
In my heart
As if unconsciously
A piece of me has been taken
My heart it aches
And as i try to live this life of mine
I feel torn apart everyday

You took a piece of me when you left
And i want it back!!
I want my sanity back!
Give me my heart!!
Building walls to protect that which needs to be free
Sophie Mar 2019
I deserve Ice cream and cookies

I deserve attention and commitment

I deserve 'I miss you' 'I need you' 'You are beautiful'

I deserve happiness and a heart to rely on

I deserve hugs and the deepest kisses

I deserve laughter and a sound sleep

I deserve promises and a willingness to keep

I deserve openess and acceptance

I deserve dedication
I deserve them all

And when I find myself
Missing him
After everything he has put me through
I speak to my soul:
You deserve better, Soft one

You deserve Love
Remind yourself....
Sophie Feb 2019
I hate you Arnold shortman!
I hate how you make me feel
Alone without you
I hate that I think about you
Every minute
Every hour
Every passing day

I hate that I dream of you
I hate that I need you
I hate that I want you
Alone without you

I hate that you love me
It means I have to love you back
I wrote the poem down, thinking of whose name to use as my love interest and i remembered the Nickelodeon cartoon 'Hey Arnold'. Helga Partaki's obession with the short and witty Arnold shortman.. In my case Arnold did love Helga.
Sophie Aug 2018
Our past has done so much to us,
We are only left with memories.
What was,
What would have been,
What should have been.

Our past has done so much to us
Kept us on a leash
We are afraid to do anything
We are afraid to love again
We are afraid to trust again
Too scared to repeat again
Too scared to be again
Why should i Begin Again?
Sophie Jul 2019
We sat at the bottom of the sea
Waiting patiently for the Healer
To set us free
You moved closer to see my scars
I shifted away to hide my scars
You moved closer and showed yours
Your scars; deep, fresh, everywhere
On your back
On your hands
On your heart
Greater than mine
I moved closer to show you mine
You ran your hands through

We sat at the bottom of the sea
Waiting patiently for the Healer
To set us free
My healing began when you saw me.
Sophie Jun 2018
Today i discovered that there are some things bigger than us,
bigger than your hands holding mine,
bigger than your smile, they are divine,
bigger than the way you play with my hair,
bigger than the times we share,
Bigger than us.

bigger than your words - your promises,
bigger than our our eyes - we stare,
bigger than the future we once imagined,
Far bigger than us, i fear.

Bigger things awaits me,
Our love too soon
Has come and past.

I tried,
I tried to pick up the pieces, please forgive me....
But bigger things call me.
Goodbye my love,
Greatness is calling
Today our love didn't conquer all....
Sophie Nov 2018
I don't care if you don't  like me
Don't try me
Dice spicey
Chilling nicely
Red hot  chili peppers
Don't try me
I don't know if i might be
A little crazy
But try me
I'll cut the king off your kong
I know it best, when you are wrong
I love the chest, pandora's box.
Beg me i pray
Trust me you ain't
That fly
Fly fly the butterfly
And you ain't
That smooth
Smooth smooth
Nobody move!
It ain't a stick up!
But he think he fly
Moving around like some butterly
He think he smooth
True! True!
To that you win
But i don't care
So boo-hu to you too.
Sophie Jul 2018
I wish i could stop worrying about what people thought of me
Will they like my dress?
Will they like my posts?
Will they think i'm too needy?
Will they think i'm too proud?
Will they think i'm too blunt?
Will they think my skirt is too short?
Will they think my skirt is too long?
Will they like my new car?
Will they like my boyfriend?
Will they think i'm too slim?
Will they think i eat too much?
Will they think i make a lot of money?
Will they think i'm too poor?
Will they think i deserve this?
Will they like me now that i'm abroad?
I unconsciously ask myself these questions..
I unconsciously create a life that others will like
I lock myself away
Who cares what i think?
Let's live to please others shall we!
Sophie Mar 2019
They say it hurts like a sting
When your heart is broken
Into a million different pieces
But I don't feel a thing
Instead I feel nothing
Not emptiness
And not heaviness
Instead I feel free

Maybe my heart was never broken
Maybe you can't break a heart that is already broken.
It's a beautiful day outside
Sophie Jun 2018
I broke my leg the other day
It feels like everything in me is broken
I cannot stand
I cannot walk
I cannot do what everyone else does
Never felt so vulnerable
Never felt so weak
I cannot 'walk away' like everybody does
I cannot "stand up' for my rights like everybody does
I cannot 'run to safety' like everybody does
I cannot 'move on' like everybody does
Atleast no one will force me to 'walk  the blank' like everyone does
Why do i feel like my whole life is done for
I just broke a leg...
I will bless the day i begin to walk again..
Sophie Jun 2019
You are a little broken too
I see you pick all the shards
Tryna Fix 'em with glue
You see that I'm broken too
You help me up my shards
And you hand me some glue

Broken pieces
Hiding behind our smile
Broken pieces
Let me fix you as I watch you fix me too.
Song lyrics i just came up with, makes good poetry too.
Sophie Feb 2019
We met again
After all those years
We stayed in our usual spot
We did everything  we used to do
Laugh the way we used to
Stare into each other's eyes
The way we used to
I told you I missed you
I told you I wanted us back
You said you were busy with your life
Busy trying to be stable
Trying to figure out things
Things that seemed figured out already..
I smiled
All I heard from all of it?
'I don't want you back'
Sophie Apr 2019
I miss you
Everything in you
Everything with you
Come to me
Let me mould you in my love
Let me cradle you in me
Let me show you how much I need you
Let me show you how much I miss you
Tomorrow morning we can talk, tonight let's....
Sophie Mar 2019
I have come to be the jest
The rich and proud say I'm the best
I have come to give you rest
Prepare your hearts
A place to nest
I have come so take your shot
Aim and press
Inside I cry
Outside I smile
Isn't that what is expected from a clown?
Sophie Nov 2019
Did you hear of the girl
That ran away with her Lover?

Did you hear of the spark they caused
When it was all over?

Did you wish it was you?
Behind the curtains,
You watched as they lived out their perfect life..

I wished it was me
Hearts racing fast
Into the deep of the woods
Alone we are at last

Nothing can stop us
No mountain can block us
The rivers will steer us

I wish it was me
Me and my lover...
One minute i'll throw all care into the wind and the next i'm trying to get it back.
Sophie Mar 2019
I think I'm crazy
My friend held me close and whispered
"Not everything is your fault."
I blame myself for everything sometimes and I realised I that don't have that much power.
Sophie 11h
Dandelions sleep
The music as it plays, isn't that deep
Not even that deep

Watch me as I pray
Kneel beside my feet
The music as it plays, isn't that deep
Not even that deep

I beg you to see the wonder that I see
The beauty deeep within
The splendor, the grace
In taking things slow

The broken and the scared
Need a chance to take things slow

So watch the dandelions sleep
Listen, to the music as it plays
It's not that deep
It was never that deep.
Sophie Aug 2019
We often run into the arms of those
Who can justify our madness,
Those who make us feel better about the monsters we have become,
Because we don't want to be better,
We don't want to change,
That's too much of a task for us
We just want to be loved the way we our,
Our ***** selves...
They embrace you because you haven't asked them to change.
Sophie Nov 2019
I finally realised why i miss you,
You listened and you always wanted to be here with me...

You didn't care if it was stupid
Or if what I said was weird
You didn't care if I cried or if I laughed
the whole time
You were just happy to be here with me....

I must admit that you forced yourself into my life,
I was fine on my own.

But you made room for me in your scattered, messy and confused life and it was home...

You were deep
Like real deep
And I never doubted your love for me

You wanted me,
In your scatterd, messy and confused life.

Thank you for loving my with your whole being, and for kissing me on my forehead for no good reason.

I love you for no good reason.
I know he'll never read this and it's okay.
Sophie Apr 2019
I told him to go
And he left
And he didn't look back

I drove him away?
If he wanted to stay
He wouldn't have left
Sophie Feb 2019
As I sit besides the river,
I pray you throw me in
Throw me right in
I promise I'll float
Push me down
Tie a rock to my feet
I promise I'll float
Deep down
Deeper down
I promise I'll float
Losing breath
Losing stance
But I'll float
I promise
I will float

But if I don't float
I'll sit at the bottom
Staring at dirt
Anything better than up there
I'll open up all I have hidden
Nobody will judge me
Nobody will know

So throw me in the river
Do not hesitate
Do not think twice
I promise I'll float
Anywhere but here
Sophie May 10
I realized that I belong to no one
And so I owe loyalty to no one
I can be who I want with who I want, when I want.
That is the freedom I need.
Sophie Jul 2019
This night I'm tired

I'm tired of trying

I'm tired of  trying to be who I was

I'm tired of doing what I used to do

I'm tired of trying to prove anything!

I'm sitting this one out!

Sophie with zero energy everybody!

Friday night, I'm just watching!
At some point you'll just be tired.
Sophie Apr 2019
He said goodnight
But he didn't leave
He stayed
Sophie Jul 2019
He said I was his slice of heaven
I sit here crying
Begging my soul to love him
As much as he loves me
But I can't
I can't make myself love you
And I'm sorry.
Sophie May 2019
I'm happy sleeping alone
I'm happy in my company
I do want to be in love and melt in the beauty of it
But for now
I'm happy alone
Sophie May 2019
My eyes saw him
My heart foretold our future
You know the works
       " laughing in bed"
"Fun with doing nothing"
         "Holding hands under the table"

I told my heart to shut up!
You meet someone for the first time and you can already imagine spending forever....
Sophie Jan 2019
He belongs to the wind
Son of the wind,
He belongs to the birds of the sky
They sing for him,
He belongs to the beautiful swans,
They like his stride, his face, his smile
He belongs to the Lions
He speaks their language, he is wild that way,
He belongs to the flowers of the field
He picks them and keeps them,
He belongs to the sea
He caresses her so sweetly,
He belongs to the  universe and everything in it,
But he doesn't belong to me
And because of that I have lost him forever
Sophie Nov 2019
You said I was beautiful
But I didn't believe you
I didn't know you that much to believe you

You said my eyes, that you could get lost in my eyes,
I felt it was a cheesy line, it didn't even rhyme
I didn't believe you
Because I didn't know you that much to believe you

You said I was perfect, my skin milk and honey
My lips melted butter
you touched me like I was clay

You said I was your blue flame,
"Don't pretend to be wild for me, don't try to prove your worth to me.
Baby you are beautiful, can't you see? You are more than enough for me"
Trying to get this teddy bear to write poetry
Sophie May 2019
There is so much he feels
He hides it in his heart
Lost in his heart
He should write about it
He should let it out
I have learnt that there is so much to say, to let out...
Remove the burdens that you bear
Let me listen to your heart
Let me feel you through your words
He feels so much
He hides it with a smile
He hides it with loneliness
He should write about it
He should let it out.
Dedicated to a ****** that I know. He hides everything inside when he should set them free.
Sophie Feb 2019
They asked why I loved him
Why I stayed

He was here for me always
We are homebodies

We keep each other warm
I love you tomorrow
Sophie May 2019
I fight with the voices in my head
They keep throwing stones
They keep calling me weak
               "All your poems about love!"
And you are  still alone
            That I don't deserve love
" it's not for the weak!"
I know there are a thousand things to write poetry about but i'm drawn to love. I love to write about love. Does that make me weak?
Sophie Nov 2019
Love is a strong word
But it's more than words
It more than just saying it,
It's heavier than that

Love, is in what I do
What I choose to do
Because I can love someone without knowing it,
But I'm showing it.

Love, is in what I do
What I will do for you
Because when I love,
I will do things not just say things
It's easy to say things
But love is in the things I do

How to Love,
I love you when I am available, I don't have to but I want to.

I love you when I want to take care of you, I don't have to but I want to.

I love you when I accept you but still want you to be better, I love you that much to want you to grow.

I love you when I stay, I don't have to but I choose to.

Love is not entirely in the words that I speak: "i love you"
              "i love you"
               "i love you"

         A million times over

Love is in what I give, knowing that I don't have to but I want to.

It's deeper but that is love to me...
From my memories of love
Sophie Mar 2019
I just want to know,
Do you miss me the way I miss you
and do you think of me....
The way I think of you...
Sophie Nov 2019
I don't know if I can wait..
For you to want me
I don't know if I can wait...
For you to see me
I don't know if I can wait...
For you to love me
    I don't know if I can wait

I've been waiting
And I've been praying

But this waiting is killing me
And this praying is breaking me

I don't want to wait
I'm tired of waiting!
               I want love NOW!!!
I'm tired...
Sophie Feb 21
I do want to hurt you
The same way you hurt me
Sophie May 2019
And as I pushed myself below
To drown myself in my sorrow
I met you
You held me and brought me out
You held me soo close
Soo close you didn't let go
I met you
When everybody else was too afraid
You loved me
Every part of me I lost in loving others
You gave me double
You love me like I am a part of you
Love like I've never felt in a long while

As I pushed myself below
Hoping to drown myself in my sorrow
I met you
Thank you for loving me
The way no one else can
In love again
Sophie Oct 2019
I'm guilty!

I said it
I did it
I shouldn't have said it
I shouldn't have done it
I saw it
I believed it
I assumed it
I forgot it
I kept it
Didn't  forgive it
Didn't react to it

I'm guilty
I accept it

I'm guilty and I'm tired
Now let me be...
Zero energy to defend myself...
Sophie Aug 2019
In this moment
I am happy
In this moment
I am satisfied
I stare at the sun rolling in green pasture
A sip from the still water I've been walking beside
I could ask for more
I will ask for more
In this moment
This quiet, carefree moment
This insignificant moment
I am happy
Joyful I believe
I could spend my whole day listing all the things I don't have; the list would be endless. But today I feel joyful for no reason. This is the moment I am free
Sophie Mar 2019
I think having feelings is one of the best gifts given to writers,
Because feelings are dynamic; ever changing. It is an opportunity to express freely.
So I write to release the feelings that hunt me....
Introducing ME..
Sophie Jan 2019
I feel you inside me
I know you will hide me
This difference will fight me
But the feeling is ripening
I know
I know, i know
It's true they say that you will never like me,
I know
The truth
So far the truth will never scare me
Because i feel you inside me
I believe that you will have me
And i know in you
The feeling is ripening.
Loves comes slowly
Sophie Jun 2019
I want to be the one
Who'd always hold your hand
And tell you, life is not easy
So don't be mad

I want  to be the one
To hold you
Sleep at night
Rain may seem too heavy
Let me hold you tight...

I'm not strong enough to bear your rejection
But i want to be there for you
I'm not wild enough to run your race
But i want to try and keep up with you

Because I love you
I want to take good care of you

Because I love you
And I want to be the one for you

I want you to want me....
Loving you from afar
Sophie Mar 2019
Why were we created with the need for another mortal?
Another mortal as foolish as we are...
To play the part of god and try to answer questions is to walk the trail that leads to madness...
Sophie Mar 2019
He said I gave up on him easily
That I left him too soon
I didn't give up
I just got tired of knocking
On the door of your heart
Hoping that you let me in
I was beaten by the rain
I was flogged by the wind
Laughed at because I looked desperate
Mistaken for a beggar
Mistaken for a con-artist
But never seen as a lover
I got tired of knocking
Because if you keep knocking
And there is no answer,
It means nobody is home
Or they don't want to let you in.

So maybe I did give up
Atleast I tried...
Sophie Oct 2019
What do you want from me?
Let me write what I feel
Only paper listens to me...
This my way out
This is my only way in...

I beg you let me be
Ignore me if that's what will set you free...
Sophie Jun 2018
Today is going to be a lovely day!
Coffee stain!
Rain no umbrella!!!!
Terrible boss!!
Forgot lunch!!!
Deadline not met!!
Disappointed boss!!
What's for dinner??!
No hot water!!!!!!!!!!
Today was actually a lovely day...
I'm alive ain't I?
Sophie Feb 2019
I want to love you like it's my job
I want to hold you tighter than I should
I want you to do the same for me...
Our weakness is that we love too hard our death is that we will never find one who will love us the same
Sophie Jul 2019
The empty sky at night
Reminds me of you
That I may have rid myself of you
Empty like the sky this night
But it was when I had you
That my life was full and beautiful
Like the stars at night.
You are irreplaceable....
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