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Giver of Breathing.
Would adam recognize You?
Filing up five lobes.
Sophie Nov 2018
I don't care if you don't  like me
Don't try me
Dice spicey
Chilling nicely
Red hot  chili peppers
Don't try me
I don't know if i might be
A little crazy
But try me
I'll cut the king off your kong
I know it best, when you are wrong
I love the chest, pandora's box.
Beg me i pray
Trust me you ain't
That fly
Fly fly the butterfly
And you ain't
That smooth
Smooth smooth
Nobody move!
It ain't a stick up!
But he think he fly
Moving around like some butterly
He think he smooth
True! True!
To that you win
But i don't care
So boo-hu to you too.

— The End —