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Dec 2020 · 201
Under the mistletoe
Sophie Dec 2020
I can't wait to meet you
To see you
To hold your hand..
I close my eyes and imagine it

I can't wait to be with you
To feel your skin next to mine
To take in your smile
I close my eyes and pray

I miss you
Babe, I don't know if it's because I just watched a romcom but I miss you so dearly. ❤️❤️❤️
Oct 2020 · 56
'hello babe!'
Sophie Oct 2020
Words fail me sometimes
I can't convey how it feels some days
I find myself wondering and wandering,
Asking and doubting,
Praying and crying,
Wishing and waiting,
But there you are lost in your bliss
Calm and collected
As if life is just a breeze and a thunderstorm,
Your arms stretch for my heart
And call me home to you

I want to learn from your stillness
From your quiet calm voice
Your 'hello', calms me
Making me want to lean into you
Oct 2020 · 57
Drop the Ice
Sophie Oct 2020
I just want to lay with you
Stay with you, play with you
Be your flavor...everyday with you
No music
No lyrics
Just me and you
Sep 2020 · 46
Certainly uncertain
Sophie Sep 2020
We want to sleep but don't want to sleep,
We want to hang up but we don't want to hang up,
I'm uncertain about these small matters
But what I am certain of?
We certainly want to fall asleep in each other's arms...
Aug 2020 · 49
Sophie Aug 2020
Baby come into the light
Let me feel your skin
Under the  sky blue sheets
Baby come into me now
Let this world begin
Something indepth, so real
You and Me with the skies
Love me so tender, so slowly
Take me and keep me
Your only
Love, friend
Fighters to the end

This is our story
So come closer to the Light.
For D. J
Aug 2020 · 390
Sophie Aug 2020
We haven't met yet
But I feel like I will enjoy making you smile..
Watch you laugh
And maybe pause the moment
Or let it play in repeat but in slo-mo

We haven't met yet
But I feel like our hugs will last
a longer while..
My small head resting on you safely
As you fight the urge to carry me

We haven't met yet
But I feel like we'll be in each other's space for a while.
Jul 2020 · 65
Dandelion watch
Sophie Jul 2020
Dandelions sleep
The music as it plays, isn't that deep
Not even that deep

Watch me as I pray
Kneel beside my feet
The music as it plays, isn't that deep
Not even that deep

I beg you to see the wonder that I see
The beauty deeep within
The splendor, the grace
In taking things slow

The broken and the scared
Need a chance to take things slow

So watch the dandelions sleep
Listen, to the music as it plays
It's not that deep
It was never that deep.
Jun 2020 · 64
You see me
Sophie Jun 2020
You came and all my smiles
Have left my cheeks so rosy
Have made me feel so lively

You came and understood my pain
You see me like I really am
You've made me feel so happy
And my heart that was gloomy
Is no more...

I know my words are short and undefined...
I know you want this to be more and

But with my short words I will tell you,
From my heart
Though it worries
Though it doubts
Though it wants to foolishly  know how all this will turn out...

You make me happy and I can't remember the last time I smiled as hard as I do when I'm talking with you.
May 2020 · 58
Sophie May 2020
I realized that I belong to no one
And so I owe loyalty to no one
I can be who I want with who I want, when I want.
That is the freedom I need.
Apr 2020 · 92
Sophie Apr 2020
We stayed up late last night
Beautiful whispers in the dark
I told you my fears
And asked you if you missed me...

The next morning, I woke up and I couldn't  move
I rolled over and you weren't there....

I wish you'd stay
I wish you'd call me every night
I wish you'd be there by my side
Beautiful whisper in the dark

I wish you could be here with me, fight these demons for me,
Dance to 'mirrors' with me
Be the hero
I wish more than anything
You'd be mine to have and keep
My hard-headed ******,
I wish you'd stay...
Feb 2020 · 300
I do
Sophie Feb 2020
I do want to hurt you
The same way you hurt me
Dec 2019 · 83
The Man called Hope
Sophie Dec 2019
Have you ever met the man called Hope?
He's tall and Chubby,
He has freckles under his eyes,
His smile is like a million puppies
His lips knows me

Hope pulls me close when I poke at his tummy,
He plays with my hair because he thinks it's funny,
Hope follows me everywhere
And never cares what anyone will say
He likes me too much to care anyway

Hope calls me and in my sleep I hear his voice
Hope reminds me that Love still exists
And I am  worthy of it...
I almost gave up until I met hope.
Dec 2019 · 106
Sophie Dec 2019
I hide in the dust
Pretending that it doesn't choke me
I lay down with the wolves
Hiding the fear
The howling night is never ending
I have searched for the spring
For the love that dwells in it
I have been all that I should
And it has left me broken
On the floor, with the dust
It has left me numb
On the floor, with the wolves
I don't know how to fight
And I don't know how to get up...
I spend my days lying down, listening to my heart beat. It is melody compared to the brokenness inside me.
Sophie Nov 2019
You said I was beautiful
But I didn't believe you
I didn't know you that much to believe you

You said my eyes, that you could get lost in my eyes,
I felt it was a cheesy line, it didn't even rhyme
I didn't believe you
Because I didn't know you that much to believe you

You said I was perfect, my skin milk and honey
My lips melted butter
you touched me like I was clay

You said I was your blue flame,
"Don't pretend to be wild for me, don't try to prove your worth to me.
Baby you are beautiful, can't you see? You are more than enough for me"
Trying to get this teddy bear to write poetry
Nov 2019 · 50
Rogue Nation
Sophie Nov 2019
We want to prove that we are hotter
than the sun,
We want to show that we are rougher
than everyone,
We want the world to kiss our butts
and let us be,
A form of rebellion!
A revolution that can not be tamed!

Excuse me!

While you're busy shedding skin
Breaking rules
and breaking hearts
Trekking further
and burning bridges

You should know that nobody really cares,
You should know that life is sweeter when you care.
Nov 2019 · 140
The same wavelength....
Sophie Nov 2019
Your name is inscribed in my heart
Your voice is second to my hearing
Your being belongs to me
As my being belongs to you
I don't so much believe is soulmates but I do believe that there are people you connect with and it's just a beautiful symphony....
Nov 2019 · 148
I can't wait anymore
Sophie Nov 2019
I don't know if I can wait..
For you to want me
I don't know if I can wait...
For you to see me
I don't know if I can wait...
For you to love me
    I don't know if I can wait

I've been waiting
And I've been praying

But this waiting is killing me
And this praying is breaking me

I don't want to wait
I'm tired of waiting!
               I want love NOW!!!
I'm tired...
Nov 2019 · 51
How to Love
Sophie Nov 2019
Love is a strong word
But it's more than words
It more than just saying it,
It's heavier than that

Love, is in what I do
What I choose to do
Because I can love someone without knowing it,
But I'm showing it.

Love, is in what I do
What I will do for you
Because when I love,
I will do things not just say things
It's easy to say things
But love is in the things I do

How to Love,
I love you when I am available, I don't have to but I want to.

I love you when I want to take care of you, I don't have to but I want to.

I love you when I accept you but still want you to be better, I love you that much to want you to grow.

I love you when I stay, I don't have to but I choose to.

Love is not entirely in the words that I speak: "i love you"
              "i love you"
               "i love you"

         A million times over

Love is in what I give, knowing that I don't have to but I want to.

It's deeper but that is love to me...
From my memories of love
Nov 2019 · 755
Sophie Nov 2019
Whisper the words in my ear
2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

Tell me your worse kinda fear
2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

You can cry if you want to
Make me your refuge
2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

I feel your heart beat on my skin
I feel the energy deep within
I know what you're hiding,
Let me in!!

It 2am and we won't sleep, too bad!

deep in the sheets of your bed.
I hope when we move in together, 2am will be our time...
Nov 2019 · 332
Courage to run
Sophie Nov 2019
Did you hear of the girl
That ran away with her Lover?

Did you hear of the spark they caused
When it was all over?

Did you wish it was you?
Behind the curtains,
You watched as they lived out their perfect life..

I wished it was me
Hearts racing fast
Into the deep of the woods
Alone we are at last

Nothing can stop us
No mountain can block us
The rivers will steer us

I wish it was me
Me and my lover...
One minute i'll throw all care into the wind and the next i'm trying to get it back.
Nov 2019 · 48
Sophie Nov 2019
I finally realised why i miss you,
You listened and you always wanted to be here with me...

You didn't care if it was stupid
Or if what I said was weird
You didn't care if I cried or if I laughed
the whole time
You were just happy to be here with me....

I must admit that you forced yourself into my life,
I was fine on my own.

But you made room for me in your scattered, messy and confused life and it was home...

You were deep
Like real deep
And I never doubted your love for me

You wanted me,
In your scatterd, messy and confused life.

Thank you for loving my with your whole being, and for kissing me on my forehead for no good reason.

I love you for no good reason.
I know he'll never read this and it's okay.
Oct 2019 · 40
Sophie Oct 2019
I kept your sweater
And I will never return it

I think of you when I shouldn't
I forgive you quicker than I should
I want you when I shouldn't
I miss you more than I should

And so I hate myself everyday
For feeling this way
And so I blame myself
Believing that you'd stay

The angels say you'll come back...
I laugh every time I hear that
I'm laughing now

So I kept your sweater
Not to remind myself of you
But just because..
It's a nice sweater..
Oct 2019 · 149
I'm guilty
Sophie Oct 2019
I'm guilty!

I said it
I did it
I shouldn't have said it
I shouldn't have done it
I saw it
I believed it
I assumed it
I forgot it
I kept it
Didn't  forgive it
Didn't react to it

I'm guilty
I accept it

I'm guilty and I'm tired
Now let me be...
Zero energy to defend myself...
Oct 2019 · 92
Let me write!
Sophie Oct 2019
What do you want from me?
Let me write what I feel
Only paper listens to me...
This my way out
This is my only way in...

I beg you let me be
Ignore me if that's what will set you free...
Oct 2019 · 32
Past tense
Sophie Oct 2019
I loved you!
I always did, I felt I did...
I showed it in ways I know how to
With a little restriction, Yes
But I was only trying to protect my heart...
So blame me for not giving you my life
Blame me for not making you my reason for living,

The universe knows that I loved you
Even you know it.
It does matter what I do now...
I loved you.

So now...
Months later,
I don't have to prove anything to you,
I don't have to be there for you,
Show up for you,
Dress nice for you,

I proved my love for you long ago
I don't have to prove anything now!
I did all I could in the past, if you question my love...remember
Oct 2019 · 33
Sophie Oct 2019
I miss you
But I can't tell you
Because telling you means being vulnerable....again
And I don't want to fall
And have no one to catch me....again
Aug 2019 · 91
In this moment
Sophie Aug 2019
In this moment
I am happy
In this moment
I am satisfied
I stare at the sun rolling in green pasture
A sip from the still water I've been walking beside
I could ask for more
I will ask for more
In this moment
This quiet, carefree moment
This insignificant moment
I am happy
Joyful I believe
I could spend my whole day listing all the things I don't have; the list would be endless. But today I feel joyful for no reason. This is the moment I am free
Aug 2019 · 791
Sophie Aug 2019
Have you ever sat down and waited for a friendship to end?
Aug 2019 · 75
Dirty bodies
Sophie Aug 2019
We often run into the arms of those
Who can justify our madness,
Those who make us feel better about the monsters we have become,
Because we don't want to be better,
We don't want to change,
That's too much of a task for us
We just want to be loved the way we our,
Our ***** selves...
They embrace you because you haven't asked them to change.
Aug 2019 · 84
Sophie Aug 2019
....And even if I killed myself for you
You wouldn't even realise it
Because everyday with you
Was a slow death of me
You can't even imagine.
Jul 2019 · 130
Sophie Jul 2019
He said I was his slice of heaven
I sit here crying
Begging my soul to love him
As much as he loves me
But I can't
I can't make myself love you
And I'm sorry.
Jul 2019 · 353
Memories in the midnight
Sophie Jul 2019
The empty sky at night
Reminds me of you
That I may have rid myself of you
Empty like the sky this night
But it was when I had you
That my life was full and beautiful
Like the stars at night.
You are irreplaceable....
Jul 2019 · 68
Sophie Jul 2019
We sat at the bottom of the sea
Waiting patiently for the Healer
To set us free
You moved closer to see my scars
I shifted away to hide my scars
You moved closer and showed yours
Your scars; deep, fresh, everywhere
On your back
On your hands
On your heart
Greater than mine
I moved closer to show you mine
You ran your hands through

We sat at the bottom of the sea
Waiting patiently for the Healer
To set us free
My healing began when you saw me.
Jul 2019 · 61
Friday night 21:15
Sophie Jul 2019
This night I'm tired

I'm tired of trying

I'm tired of  trying to be who I was

I'm tired of doing what I used to do

I'm tired of trying to prove anything!

I'm sitting this one out!

Sophie with zero energy everybody!

Friday night, I'm just watching!
At some point you'll just be tired.
Jun 2019 · 133
Broken pieces
Sophie Jun 2019
You are a little broken too
I see you pick all the shards
Tryna Fix 'em with glue
You see that I'm broken too
You help me up my shards
And you hand me some glue

Broken pieces
Hiding behind our smile
Broken pieces
Let me fix you as I watch you fix me too.
Song lyrics i just came up with, makes good poetry too.
Jun 2019 · 39
See me
Sophie Jun 2019
I lie at your feet
Soaking you in every drop
Of my cold- warm tears
I beg you to see me,
See me for who I really am
See me for who you really know me to be....
Jun 2019 · 85
I want to be
Sophie Jun 2019
I want to be the one
Who'd always hold your hand
And tell you, life is not easy
So don't be mad

I want  to be the one
To hold you
Sleep at night
Rain may seem too heavy
Let me hold you tight...

I'm not strong enough to bear your rejection
But i want to be there for you
I'm not wild enough to run your race
But i want to try and keep up with you

Because I love you
I want to take good care of you

Because I love you
And I want to be the one for you

I want you to want me....
Loving you from afar
May 2019 · 1.2k
Happy alone
Sophie May 2019
I'm happy sleeping alone
I'm happy in my company
I do want to be in love and melt in the beauty of it
But for now
I'm happy alone
May 2019 · 165
Hopeless romantic #1
Sophie May 2019
I fight with the voices in my head
They keep throwing stones
They keep calling me weak
               "All your poems about love!"
And you are  still alone
            That I don't deserve love
" it's not for the weak!"
I know there are a thousand things to write poetry about but i'm drawn to love. I love to write about love. Does that make me weak?
May 2019 · 411
Heart acting up....
Sophie May 2019
My eyes saw him
My heart foretold our future
You know the works
       " laughing in bed"
"Fun with doing nothing"
         "Holding hands under the table"

I told my heart to shut up!
You meet someone for the first time and you can already imagine spending forever....
May 2019 · 119
His Story
Sophie May 2019
There is so much he feels
He hides it in his heart
Lost in his heart
He should write about it
He should let it out
I have learnt that there is so much to say, to let out...
Remove the burdens that you bear
Let me listen to your heart
Let me feel you through your words
He feels so much
He hides it with a smile
He hides it with loneliness
He should write about it
He should let it out.
Dedicated to a ****** that I know. He hides everything inside when he should set them free.
May 2019 · 1.2k
Sophie May 2019
And if i treat you unfairly
And if i don't reply you like i should
And if i play you like a fiddle
Making you suffer in bits of ways
It's because you deserve it
And i deserved better
May 2019 · 187
I met you
Sophie May 2019
And as I pushed myself below
To drown myself in my sorrow
I met you
You held me and brought me out
You held me soo close
Soo close you didn't let go
I met you
When everybody else was too afraid
You loved me
Every part of me I lost in loving others
You gave me double
You love me like I am a part of you
Love like I've never felt in a long while

As I pushed myself below
Hoping to drown myself in my sorrow
I met you
Thank you for loving me
The way no one else can
In love again
May 2019 · 90
Sophie May 2019
Memories of you haunt me
I see you everywhere
I remember the short time
And i wish they never were
The way I felt
The smile and laugh
The trust I had
The future I hoped with you
Second, third, forth chances
I wish everything was a dream
A nightmare that I am now
Waking up from
May 2019 · 247
Sophie May 2019
Hurt people hurt other people
You didn't hurt me
So I won't hurt you
We were hurt by other people
But we won't hurt other people
Apr 2019 · 239
Sophie Apr 2019
As i watched you leave
I wish you stayed
As i try to live without you
I feel the ache
In my heart
As if unconsciously
A piece of me has been taken
My heart it aches
And as i try to live this life of mine
I feel torn apart everyday

You took a piece of me when you left
And i want it back!!
I want my sanity back!
Give me my heart!!
Building walls to protect that which needs to be free
Apr 2019 · 213
Sophie Apr 2019
What is normal?
After you've left
Normal was rolling into your arms
Normal was talking till 2am
Normal was whispering and shouting
Normal was holding hands, running in the rain
They say things will go back to normal
Very soon, they promised
My normal
The only normal I'm used to
Was loving you
Apr 2019 · 37
Someone New
Sophie Apr 2019
Mama said
I should forget about you
Give it time my child
You will find someone new

Mama said
Don't waste your time
You are fine wine
And if he can't see that...
My child
You will find someone new

Mama said you ain't ready for us
For me
Too scared to give it a shot
Too scared to love till you drop
Let him go my child
You will find someone new

Mama said you didn't love me
That you didn't care
He has a lot of girls at his feet
He wants to take a sip from every river
I forbid you to think about him
You will find someone new

But mama doesn't know you like I do
She promised me that I'll find someone new
But all i want is you..
Wishful thinking
Apr 2019 · 84
Messages never sent
Sophie Apr 2019
Hi.... (delete)
    Heyyy (delete)
      I miss you (delete)
Throws phone on bed
And let the words die inside
I quench the fire
I **** the feelings
With the messages I never sent
Fighting a silent battle and pride is winning
Apr 2019 · 106
Sophie Apr 2019
I held your hands
In that moment I had a glimpse
Of what you could use your hands
To do
To me...
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