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24.4k · Nov 2014
472: I Am (Dark)
I am the stranger outside
Watching you in the shower
The monster under your bed
When you're trying to sleep

I am the stalker in the shadows
When you're walking in the street
The fear on the dark corners
You know I'm waiting there

I am the nightmare at night
Those forbidden thoughts in your head
You try to make yourself resist
But you're a prisoner of my will

I am the coming *******
As you fall to your submission
The surrendering to completion
At last, you face exactly who I am
Copyright Chris Smith 2014
23.6k · Oct 2009
When The Darkness Comes
When the darkness comes.

I will be waiting for it.

With my eyes open wide.

With my soul still pure.

And with my soul still intact.

I will fight with pride.

With no going back.

I will try not to fall.

I will stand my ground.

Never bow down my head.

Let the darkness engulf me.

For my lady's light glows.

Her love gives me strength.

Against the impossible odds.

Showing me the way.
20.1k · Mar 2016
553: Imagination Of Domination
The silence of desire
Hidden in quiet moans
Of those secret passions
Going unheard tonight

Fingers delicately exploring
Places of invisible needs
Pretence of a silent stranger
Imagination of *******

Breathing growing faster
Anticipation of his touch
Releasing the waterfall
Inside her wanted dreams
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
17.7k · Apr 2016
558: The Fury
Don't think to control me
I dare you, think again
You want a gentle lover?
I'm sorry, I am the fury

Never attempt to tame me
Because my flames will burn
I'll strip away at your soul
Careful for what you yearn

I'm no gentleman from books
This beast will tear you apart
This lust can never be stopped
Because it will take you, hard

If you're looking for sweet love
I apologise, that's not what I give
For my punishment will be harsh
I'll give you a lesson, on how to live

Don't think to control me
I dare you, think again
You want a gentle lover?
I'm sorry, I am the fury
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
Amanda Fern was twenty years old, long blond hair with brown eyes and many called her beautiful.

She was desired by many men, a six foot beauty, of slim build with curves that drove them wild.

She always dressed to please, like tonight she wore a dress that left nothing to the imagination, it was pink and by the way it clung to her body it was obvious she wore nothing underneath.

She wore leather knee high boots and she was waiting for a client to pick her up for her job was an escort.

At eighteen a rich boyfriend had paid for her to have implants, 34DD, he had been sixty seven and she had dumped him after she got what she wanted.

She found richer and older men paid more to have her, and they never lasted long, if they had the money she would use them and she never lost her heart to any of them.

She had received three hundred dollars from someone by the name of Sam Haine, she had never met him and she was to wait for transport to pick her up to take her to the rural countryside.

She was hoping this Samuel Haine, whoever he was, would be her next sugar daddy.

Suddenly  a coach of horses arrived, with a coachman dressed in black, his face hidden by a black scarf who beckoned for her to get into the coach.

"Whatever" she said and entered and sat in the coach, it had leather seats and must have cost a fortune.

The journey was long, leaving the city and heading for the country, past fields which seemed dark and eerie in the night.

They arrived at a mansion, ivy covered the walls and  Amanda could see the large oak doors were open as inviting her to enter them.

The coachman opened the door of the coach, and never spoke but she got the message, she was to enter the mansion alone.

As she entered those oak doors, beautiful crystal chandeliers bathed her in candlelight, but there was no one to greet her, it was then she heard his voice for the first time.

"Come to the master bedroom, third floor at the top of the stairs, the door is open" he said from up above those stairs with dark green carpets.

It was a voice of someone younger than she expected, a voice that seemed so ancient but sounded so gentle.

Amanda walked up the stairs then came to her destination, through she could see a four poster bed with white silk sheets, covered with red rose petals and as she entered the room she saw him for the first time.

He looked to be thirtyish, he had long flowing brown hair, it flowed past his shoulders and he was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life.

His eyes seemed coal black, but they shined and he seemed so pale skinned, standing there in an old fashioned looking frilled white shirt and black trousers.

He must had been six foot four, she wasn't used to men taller than herself and that voice was like music to her when he spoke.

"You are a beauty indeed, come to me" he said, and she approached him for this was the first time she had ever wanted a man, had felt this way.

He lifted her dress and she felt it glide off over her head and his eyes seemed to glow as he studied her naked body and she knew she had to have him.

He lay her on the bed and she felt him kiss down her body and then his mouth and tongue found her thighs and he tasted her, and she shuddered with delight.

He probed her masterfully with his tongue, tasting her deep inside and she exploded with an ****** that rocked her from within, for the first time she was in love.

He undressed, then joined her on the bed, his body was well formed with muscles and she needed him.

He kissed and gently nibbled her ******* making her wet again, then he was inside her moving with a slow and gentle rhythm, she wrapped her legs around him and screamed as he brought her to ****** time and time again.

He never made a sound and when he came inside her, she felt him flow deep into her and she felt alive, she never knew *** could ever feel like this.

She stayed there on the bed, and she watched him dress and she felt her heart sink, hoping he would ask her to stay and not send her back to the city.

"Please stand my sweet" he said and she obeyed, he came to her and she felt his right hand touch her left breast as her heart beat fast.

She never felt the pain, all she knew was he had something in his hand as he took it away from her chest and she looked down and saw her blood gushing from a hole below her left breast.

She saw the evil in his eyes as he watched her dying, as darkness came to her all she could think was "He stole my heart".
copyright Chris Smith 2010
13.8k · Jan 2016
539: The Lover
Let me take you
Use your body tonight
As I will ******
And hold you tight

Hands exploring each other
Finding your wet desire
Tonight, be my lover
Setting your soul on fire

Bite marks across your skin
Bite marks across your thighs
Surrender to this lust and sin
I want to hear your sighs

Feel me now as I enter
Having you in every way
Ravaging your moist centre
Inside you in savage play

You flow like a waterfall
As I ****** so very deep
Exploding, giving you my all
Holding you now, as we sleep
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
13.5k · Feb 2016
547: Undressed
Undress my lover, fair
Naked, standing there
Destiny of desire for you
Ready for what we will do
Every touch is ecstasy
Sensually setting free
****** need, explored tonight
Endless lust until day light
Darling, I love you undressed
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
11.4k · Oct 2009
30: Soul
Poetry comes from the soul

Reflects what is inside

It can only ever state

Can not defend what died

Words are what we will give

Who listens to what we say

We will always try to share

New meaning every day

This world is a big place

So many are in the mix

When it is already broken

No one is able to fix

So poets will all unite as one

With so many words to share

All of us will always glow

See our soul in there
11.0k · Mar 2010
Celtic Beauty
Sadness touches the lines on her face.
A face that was once smooth with grace.
Age came visiting and left the trace,
Now she is searching to find her place.

Beauty did once belong to her,
She believed it would last forever.
But time has marked her like the weather,
She is now lost amongst the wild heather.

Once they used to call her the Celtic Queen.
For many her beauty was always seen,
Now faded like an actress on the silent screen.
She is wondering why life seems like a scene.

She sometime wishes that she could die,
Because for her faded beauty she will cry.
If to be beautiful again she would try,
Beauty has left her and she ponders why.

But if she opened her eyes to see,
That in my eyes she is always beauty.
Time come to us as it has to be.
My Celtic Queen always is beautiful to me.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
10.2k · Oct 2015
531: You Don't Know Me
Hello, don't hang up
I know you don't know me
But I believe I know you
I know your dreams
I know your desires
Of the darkest seduction
From a strangers voice
Of how I would use you
But strict with kindness
Punish you with lusts
Lusts yet unknown to you
Lusts to ravish your body
To please you in many ways
All the ways you dream of
Would you dare to know me?
Would you dare return my call?
Don't be afraid of the dark
All you need do is step inside
All you need do is use the phone
Dial my number, I dare you
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
9.8k · Jun 2015
507: Obsession
Oh, give your body now to me
Blessing it with extreme ecstasy
Setting free what you hold inside
Each desire, each need you hide
****** craving to my hard touch
Sensual needing, wanting too much
Inner thoughts of a fetish like mind
Obsession of both, one of a kind
Now uncontrollable bodies together
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
9.7k · May 2014
447: Spanking
Sensual pain like no other
Practiced on a submissive lover
As the hand slaps fast
Naked flesh hit at last
***** agony belongs to you
In your mind, doing what you do
Naughty thoughts connect somehow
Good girl I will call you now
Copyright 2014
8.3k · Jan 2016
542: David Bowie
Did you see the stars
As they shone on you
Vivid like a thousand scars
Inside the darkest blue
Did you see the hero

But that hero was you
Onward for people feel
When music becomes true
In the end you're never gone
Eternally remembered in a song
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
7.4k · Aug 2014
462: Submission
Sensually surrenders to me
Utter submission set free
Bonded to my will
Made to satisfy my thrill
In dominance I must live
Satisfaction she will give
Slave to my carnal desire
Innocent to my burning fire
Obey the punishment above
Naked for our darkest love
Copyright Chris Smith 2013
6.9k · Oct 2009
23: Would You
Would you tell me how you feel

Would you touch me and be real

Would you move your hand below

Would you move it nice and slow

Would you go down and lick

Would you let your tongue flick

Would you swallow it whole

Would you taste it flow

Would you want to be on top

Would you move and never stop

Would you feel me deep inside

Would you let me come and slide

Would you want us to overload

Would you allow me to explode

Would you let me stay in there

Would you, would you dare
6.4k · Sep 2010
294: Words Against Terrorism
We stand against you, no matter what religion we are
You will never divide us against each other
We will be strong because we fight against evil
You are the nemesis of the souls of humanity
We will rise up and we will stand together
You can not knock us down, we never will fall
We are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans....we are the World
You can NEVER win.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
5.2k · Dec 2010
350: South Korea
Seoul is a beautiful city
Often alive in ancient simplicity
Ulsan, Gangwon and other places
Take you to a land, nature traces
Hyeonchung-il, remembering that day

Kindred souls passed on their way
Over the sea is this special land
Reaching out to take you by the hand
Even though this ocean is far apart
All this land will greet you with its' heart
copyright Chris Smith 2010
5.1k · Feb 2011
380: The End Of A Circle
Going around and around

Will love finally be found?

Looking for life out there

Seeking for it somewhere

So on and on I will go

Back and forth, to and fro

Feet aching, never stopping

Always window shopping

I'm looking for the end of a circle

It keeps on being never ending

I'm looking for the end of a circle

I feel like things are transcending

Looking up, then I'm looking down

I'm the king who has lost his crown

Sometimes mad, maybe sometimes sane

Trying to make sense, trying to explain

If you look for which you seek

You never can find the words to speak

I am here and you are over there

Dreaming that we can be somewhere

I'm looking for the end of a circle

It keeps on being never ending

I'm looking for the end of a circle

I feel like things are transcending

copyright Chris Smith 2011
5.0k · Mar 2015
490: I'm Human
I think they laugh at me
Maybe because I'm strange
Could I be a somebody
Or is that a bit deranged

Can't they see I'm the same
I bleed just like they do
They treat me as if I'm lame
Ignoring me is their rule

So are you picking on the disabled
Thinking we're not fit to work
Because you wonder if I'm able
To be like everyone else who work

I never asked to be this way
I try to forget that horrid past
Not thinking of that terrible day
I wish that memory faded fast

I'm human, I am not someone lower
I'm human, stop knocking me down
I'm human, so I might be slower
I'm human, now put away that frown
Copyright © Chris Smith 2012
4.9k · Oct 2010
327: Sky Lantern
I'm going to light a sky lantern
And send it up in the night sky
And watch as it burns so bright
Floating above, just like a star
It will be my memory of you
A friend I have come to love
A man I respect completely
For now and forever, a brother
A comrade in words and poetry
My bright star in the night sky
4.8k · Nov 2009
43: Dark Desire
Give in to your dark desire

Tell me want you want

How does your body ache

Trembling at my touch

I want you to show me

Exactly want you want to do

I need just to know

You feel this way

The same as me

Give in to dark desire

copyright Chris Smith 2005
4.7k · May 2010
210: Never Ever
Never ever
Make her cry

Never ever
Ask her why

Never ever
Just fade away

Never ever
Try to stray

Never ever
Fail to miss

Never ever
Forget to kiss

Never ever
Hit her face

Never ever
A drunkard disgrace

Never ever
Stop loving her

Never ever
Stop being together

Never ever
Tell her lies

Never ever
Blind her eyes

Never ever
Do these things

For ever
Misery it brings
copyright Chris Smith 2010
4.5k · Apr 2014
435: Squirrel Dog
A squirrel dog in a tree
Looked down at me
"I'm half a Chihuahua"
"So how are ya"

I was too shocked to walk
I never knew dogs could talk
"I'm fine, thank you"
"What do you do?"

"Not much" the squirrel dog said
"Hang around here before bed"
"We dogs really have brains"
"Hiding in trees when it rains"

I wondered if I had gone mad
Was this some passing fad?
"How do I know you're real?"
"What's the real deal?"

"Well, I'm as real as can be"
"it's the squirrel in me"
"Now I have to run away"
"So I'll wish you a good day"
Copyright Chris Smith 2012
4.4k · Sep 2012
409: Will You Love Him
For no reason he starts screaming
Then begins to hit you
Shouting for no given purpose
He will begin to bite himself

It is then as nothing happened
He plays with an electronic game
Something then will disrupt him
So begins punching himself in the head

He will not wait his turn
Even when others are already speaking
So starts to bite himself once more
Shouting out threatening behaviour

You can never try to tell him off
It will only make him worse
He believes he is only allowed to shout
He will never understand what you say

The throwing of things will then commence
Showing you outrage and anger
Comes up and shouts in your face
Followed by slapping and hitting you

Then it will all suddenly stop
Begins talking nicely to you
Talking non-stop about his cars
He will then put them all in a line

Come and ask for a cuddle
Not even remember what just happened
For an hour or two he talks politely
You dare not try to change the subject

Never try to break his routine
For he will start swearing at you
Everything will start all over again
Because he will never understand change

He even hates his baby sister
Because he needs all the attention
He has no understanding of sharing
Or how to ever show fair play

He is locked away in his own world
Expects everyone to know what he is thinking
He can not even dress himself
But he has a perfect photographic memory

Others will never come to realise
They will only think the worst of him
They call him names behind his back
All because he is a little different

Autistic children may be a challenge
But remember, they are still children
All they need is understanding
So, will you love him?

copyright Chris Smith 2012
For children with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome
If only we could understand autism a bit more
4.4k · Jul 2010
247: Angela (Acrostic)
Angel, protect me my friend
Now with thy open wings you tend
Giving the grace of purity of heart
Ever there with truth never far apart
Let me thank thee, for all that you do
Angel that lights up this world, so true
copyright Chris smith 2010
4.3k · Sep 2010
305: Edgar Allan Poe
Evil comes, reaching and creeping
Darkness leaving you, shivering and weeping
Grey shadows fall, they bring doom
All around, trapping you in the room
Ready to claim you, as you scream

And you realise that this is no dream
Life almost deserts you, you're left alone
Lonely thoughts are chilling you to the bone
Almost as the nightmare starts becoming true
Now you feel the horror striking out at you

Panic begins stabbing inside your head
Out there come those you believed long dead
Endless laughter comes from a solitary raven
copyright Chris Smith 2010
4.1k · Apr 2016
560: Prince
In sign o' the times
Was when doves cried
As the purple rain fell
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
When passion comes calling

Your heart is felt, falling

You believe your actions are just

Is this love or is this lust?

Your desire trembles too much

You lose control, as such

Your passion you can not trust

Is this love or is this lust?

In the heat, your bodies collide

Together you feel them slide

You do what your bodies must

Is this love or is this lust?

Make love fast then do it slow

Together your desires flow

You feel those emotions bust

Is this love or is this lust?

She takes your want all night

These cravings you can not fight

Even taking the satisfaction in the dust

Is this love or is this lust?
4.1k · Jan 2010
107: Every Woman
Every woman deserves a chance

Every woman needs some romance

Every woman has some love to give

Every woman wants a life to live

Every woman is living a secret wish

Every woman wants a slow kiss

Every woman can give so much

Every woman wants to feel a touch

Every woman has a dream to share

Every woman just wants to care

Every woman should not be alone

Every woman must have a heart to own

Every woman wants to be a mother

Every woman desires to be a lover

Every woman will give you her heart

Every woman waits for love to start

copyright Chris Smith 2004
3.9k · Oct 2010
316: Devil On Your Shoulder
Those times you hear that doubt
That noise at the back of your mind
It's got you, you're ready to shout
You get that feeling you're left behind

People tell you, you don't know what you do
But you don't listen to what they say
You wonder if it's all going to come true
You know you shouldn't, but you do it anyway

Don't you listen to that Devil on your shoulder
He's going to do you wrong, wrong, wrong
Don't you listen to what that Devil told ya
You got to make yourself strong, strong, strong

Don't you listen to that Devil on your shoulder
He's going to do you wrong, wrong, wrong
Don't you listen to what that Devil told ya
You got to make yourself strong, strong, strong

You find yourself getting into a lot of trouble
It is only what you will make of it
What goes around always will come back double
Sometimes you need a break of it

You know you shouldn't have done what you did
It's way too late for you to have regrets
Lost in your box so you better close that lid
Because life has stopped taking anymore bets

Don't you listen to that Devil on your shoulder
He's going to do you wrong, wrong, wrong
Don't you listen to what that Devil told ya
You got to make yourself strong, strong, strong

Don't you listen to that Devil on your shoulder
He's going to do you wrong, wrong, wrong
Don't you listen to what that Devil told ya
You got to make yourself strong, strong, strong
Lyrics by Chris Smith 2010
3.9k · Apr 2014
441: Fade Away
Plastic wires inside my brain
Drastic thoughts still remain
Concrete jungle, no escape
Complete in dream scape

Workers doing endless jobs
Shirkers being called slobs
Scope is far out of range
Hope is someone strange

When time started to run out
Then phantoms silently shout
Never will they be heard
Whether it should be absurd

Playing the same old game
Praying nobody is to blame
Elastic fades away the grain
Plastic wires inside my brain
Copyright Chris Smith 2012
3.9k · Nov 2010
339: Devil Angel
You can pretend to be good
But I want you to be bad
When you pretend like you should
We make love so hard

Your body moves with me
Innocent no more, it's taken away
My hands explore your body
Because we know we want it this way

Devil Angel, I give it to you
Having you all through the night
So much pleasure in what you do
Devil Angel, you feel so right

Open your wings and let me in
I want you to grip me tight
Welcome to these moments of sin
I want to feel your bite

You scream and you sigh
I can feel the sensation as you flow
Inside your soul, I feel you fly
Having you now, because I need you so

Devil Angel, I give it to you
Having you all through the night
So much pleasure in what you do
Devil Angel, you feel so right
copyright Chris Smith 2009
3.7k · Jul 2010
234: I Am Batman
I patrol in my backyard
Cruising im my pedal car
I can see the Joker
Well, it's really a toy clown
Locked safely away in the toy shed

I am looking for Two Face
A teddybear that my dog ripped
So my Mum sewed up his face
But now he is out there, free
I must track him down

I search for him in the kitchen
There I spot the Scarecrow
It is a puppet, long and thin
I must stop in my search now
So I can tackle with my foe

I put the Scarecrow behind bars
My search continues, relentless
I see Two Face hiding in the lounge
I now creep up, slowly behind him
I pounce, the battle is long, but I win

That scarred teddybear is put away
Where he won't harm anymore toys
My Batcave awaits, up in my bedroom
I am sleepy, my eyes are feeling tired
I am Batman, even I must sleep
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Meeting in a hotel room
Both of us shy at first
Then the taste of your kiss
The sweetness of your lips
Then the dancing of our tongues

You move your hand slowly down
Stroking and teasing me through my jeans
My hands cupping your ******* now
Feeling them react through your top
We allow this passion to take us

We strip each other, unable to wait
Then you push me onto the bed
Straddling and teasing me with want
Rubbing me against your wet desire
Before taking me inside you

Riding on top, slowly at first
Before building up to release
Taking me faster, making me go deeper
And I cherish the fullness of your *******
Your ******* ripe for me to taste

Pulling you down to my aching body
Lifting my knees to fully enter you
Passionate kisses as I move inside
Feeling you push with each stroke
Screaming out for your need to flow

Then moving you onto your back
And like animals, we give in to this lust
Your legs wrapped around me, tight
Squeezing me  as you surrender
Your passion flooding as I pound faster

I can feel myself ready, prepared to erupt
And I ****** deeper still, filling you with me
My seed explodes inside your well of delight
Then we collapse into each others arms
Content to be with each other, until we begin again
copyright Chris Smith 2010
3.7k · Jan 2010
124: Saint Dwynwen
She loved her special prince
Her soul belonged to Maelon
But her father would not allow it so
For she had been promised to wed another

She prayed to her God to forget her true love
And an Angel came down to visit her
Granting a sweet potion to erase his memory
So that she could forget him forever

But it also meant that Maelon would be trapped
To be encased within a block of ice
Then her God decided to grant Dwynwen three wishes
And she knew for what she had to do

She wished for Maelon to be thawed and saved
She wished for the hopes and the dreams
Be granted for all of the true lovers
But the third wish, she would never marry

She formed her convent on Llandwyn
This is where she stayed, until Death took her
The remains of her church can still be seen
She will always be our patron saint of lovers

5th Century saint ... copyright Chris Smith 2010
3.7k · Dec 2009
91: Follow Your Rainbow
When life is beginning to go bad

And all your troubles seem to flow

All things happening make you sad

Follow your rainbow, follow your rainbow

When others are being so cruel

And you can not find someone to know

No one there to speak to you

Follow your rainbow, follow your rainbow

And when the times seem so tough

And you feel sad tears start to grow

Feel like you have had enough

Follow your rainbow, follow your rainbow

Follow your rainbow until you reach the end

Follow your rainbow and then you will see

Follow your rainbow to meet your friend

Follow your rainbow right to me

copyright Chris Smith 2008
3.7k · Feb 2010
143: Always An Angel To Me
She helped kiss away my tears

Comforted my pain with sympathy

She took away my fears

She is an angel to me

Over me, she looks down

I feel that she still does care

Watches me, no matter which town

I will always know she is there

She lives on in my heart

My wonderful, Scottish nan

Long ago to Heaven she did depart

She helped to shape this man

All the things she ever did

Was help open my eyes to see

I am always her little grand-kid

And she is always an angel to me


Dedi­cated to my grandmother (Violet Eason Smith) who died in 1992.
copyright Chris Smith 2000
3.6k · Jul 2015
515: The Friendly Troll
Once upon a time ago
He wanted to be friends
People saw him as a Troll
That's not where the story ends

For he was so beautiful inside
People only saw the outer skin
His love for life, he did hide
Hiding away from everything

One day, a little blind girl came his way
Became his friend, she told him stories
She visited the Troll every single day
Told of heroes and their victory glories

But the villagers came looking to ****
A friendly Troll who only loved life
Chased him far over the hill
With torches, clubs and a knife

But the little blind girl was in trouble
A wall of rocks began to slide
The Troll rescued her from the rubble
Gave his life for her and he died

Now as the friendly Troll, he is remembered
Never would he cause you any harm
Forever, as a hero, he will be remembered
The friendly Troll with beautiful charm
Copyright © Chris Smith 2008
3.5k · Nov 2009
55: Wheelchair Blues
Here I am, leg in plaster

Nurse with a needle, after me

Forgot the brake, can't go faster

Now all I get is woe and misery


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

Rushing to get that elevator again

Going quick and my hands are sore

I'm just too slow, because then

I end up crashing into the closed door


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

Showing off and think I'm clever

Should have taken my painkiller pill

You won't stop and wish I never

My fault for trying to go down hill


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

At last I can get out of the chair

But things will never be the same

Because now it just ain't fair

They've given me a Zimmer Frame


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

copyright Chris Smith
3.4k · Sep 2010
304: Sleepy Head
Come along sleepy head
It's now time for bed

You're yawning still
So up the wooden hill

You stayed up late
So dream land does await

Clean your teeth, comb your hair
Little one, your bed is there

So come along, sleepy head
Just now, in your bed
copyright Chris Smith 2010
3.3k · May 2010
202: Sensual
Darkest sensations
Melting with my lovers touch
Tasting sweeter still.
copyright Chris Smith
3.2k · Sep 2010
290: Pink Swan
He spotted the pink swan
Did the laughing hyena
As he giggled on the lawn
Because he had seen her
copyright Chris Smith 2010
3.1k · Oct 2010
328: Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
It hides, hoping not to be seen
Preys on the innocent life
No one can tell it has been
It cuts into you like a knife

Secrets are kept from you
What others fear to tell
You want to hear what is true
Because you have been to Hell

They make friends into enemies
Because no one likes to say
Finding out, the soul empties
The coldness never goes away

Why did they not tell you from the start
And keep what they knew to themselves
It would have stopped a knife to the heart
It would have released hidden jars from the shelves

The wolf would have been outted long ago
Then this shiver would not run down my spine
I feel like I was the last one to know
If only someone had given me the sign

So let us put an end to wars that never should be
Let that wolf in sheeps clothing be exposed
Join as we were before, a friend and ally
Let this knowledge you share be imposed

The truth needs to be heard, to be shared
Because the rest of us will listen, will hark
Let the ****** be seen, let it be scared
Shine light on that kept in the dark
copyright Chris Smith

The truth is out there, as a friend said.
3.0k · Oct 2014
470: Sweet Darkest Rose
Sweet darkest rose
A secret nobody knows
When night gives a glance
Be my moonlight dance

Sweet darkest mystery
With hidden beauty I see
As twilight begins her embrace
Let moonlight touch your face

Sweet darkest sprite
Dancing for my delight
I watch you and I know
By dawn you must go
Copyright Chris Smith 2014
3.0k · Mar 2014
431: Mackenzie Boy
Little Mackenzie boy
Cuddling Teddy Night Nights
Being ever so good
At least he tries to

Playing his favourite game
On his X-Box console
Loving the racing he does
Always coming first on Cars 2

Reading all of his books
Knowing every single word
He can count up to a thousand
He loves having lots of attention

Little Mackenzie Frost
He has his good and bad days
Never lets autism get him down
The best four year old around

copyright Chris Smith 2012
2.9k · Dec 2009
Amid mushrooms the leprechaun creeps

At the end of rainbows he sleeps

He would hit you with a rock

If you try to steal his crock

A master of devilish trickery

He will play games with ye

Doth thou keep away from me gold

He will say so brash and bold

Catch him and hear him rant

Three wishes he will grant

But those wishes are like the mist

With each one comes a twist

Laughs at you, he is all dressed in green

Never generous, just twice as mean

For his hidden gold he will dig

Trick you and dance an Irish jig
2.8k · Jul 2010
242: Wishing For The Rain
I thought of those gone by
How we loved them so
Those tears we had to cry
Wishing we could let them know

Just one last time, to be able to say
"I love you, you have gone away"
"I wish you could stay, you could stay"
"Without you, it is so empty today"

So here I am now, wishing for the rain
Every drop that falls, it is an Angels tear
Up there with God, I know you remain
Watching over me, whenever I fear

I never thought that you would have to die
You were always there for me, always there
If only I had got the chance to say goodbye
It just isn't never fair, it's never really fair

Just one last time so I can say
"Nan, I miss you, if only you could stay"
"Grampy, you showed me strength in your way"
" I love you both, I still miss you every day"

So here I am now, wishing for the rain
Every drop that falls, it is an Angels tear
Up there with God, I know you remain
Watching over me, whenever I fear
Dedicated to those special people who made me the man I am.
Copyright Chris Smith 2010
Come to me, if you will
I need your body tonight
Grab you hard, you're my thrill
Use you bad, treat you right

This old man waited for you
Tell me, where have you been?
Exactly what did you do?
My punishment will be obscene

Your young body belongs to me
To order you how to play
You are my desire, my little mystery
I am the master, do what I say

Come to me, if you will
I need your body tonight
Grab you hard, you're my thrill
Use you bad, treat you right

Yes, those young men are your fun
But you're my fetish, when I call
You've returned, it had to be done
For you always need me, after all

Kneel now, await for my word
Trembling to feel my hard touch
Time for you, yes, time to be good
For both of us crave this too much

Come to me, if you will
I need your body tonight
Grab you hard, you're my thrill
Use you bad, treat you right
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
2.7k · Aug 2012
406: The Atheist
At eighteen he could not believe
No one could change his mind
At christianity, he rolled his eyes
Buddism never made he think
Refused to become Wiccan
Never picked up the Bible
Nor tempted by the Koran
For years he was never swayed

No embracing any religion
When they said he'd go to Hell
Well, he never believed anyway
Not wanting to know any God
Laughed at thoughts of a Devil
Lived his life with his family
Even though his children
Grew up to have faith

Now an elderly man in hospital
Alone in a room and dying
A night so dark without stars
When a light shone in the window
He felt tears on his cheeks
Put his hands together
Then he whispered
"Please forgive me".

copyright Chris Smith 2012
2.7k · Sep 2010
308: Stronger
I once was weak, dragged to the floor
Left in the dust, couldn't take anymore
I felt useless like a cracked rainbow
Desperation still seemed to grow

Nothing would ever seem to go right
I was in the dark without a light
I still kept taking those punches
One of the people life crunches

Then she came and she picked me up
I was in the shadows no longer
She rescued me when I'd had enough
She helped me to feel a little bit stronger

I was down, lower that I'd ever been
I was invisible, one of the unseen
Felt like I'd been dragged through the hedge
I was so close to being pushed off the edge

I had lost faith, I no longer believed in hope
I became near to the end of my rope
It looked like that nothing ever mattered
My mirror was all broken and shattered

Then she came and she picked me up
I was in the shadows no longer
She rescued me when I'd had enough
She helped me to feel a little bit stronger
copyright Chris Smith 2010
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