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If a child cries

Your heart dies

You will be near

To a child's tear

If a child cries

You must realise

Treasure that child you hold

Through nights so cold

If a child cries

It is no surprise

You are always there

To show you care

copyright Chris Smith 2000
Does anyone know what it's like to burn
To have your flesh blister like a white hot sun
To feel your nerve endings popping
Skin ablaze with the fire not stopping

Your left leg on fire, wish you were dreaming
Your foot a ball of flame and you keep on screaming
But exactly what was your crime
Only being at the wrong place at the wrong time

So years on this is how the story goes
You got severe scarring and lost two toes
This story is true, it's for me to tell
It's left me slightly unhinged, I've been through hell

So life's a mess, getting women? I'm out of luck
If you don't like looking at me, I don't give a ****
It's okay for you, you can just walk away
For me, I have to live with it every day
The time has come to close the doors
To finally clean up the floors
To extinguish the stars, one by one
To put out the Sun, let it be gone

The time has come to shut all the books
To take your coat all from the hooks
To fill up all the opened holes
And boarder up all of the windows

The time has come to let the cat go out
To zip up the mouths so they no longer shout
To unravel and roll up the sky
And ask a question but never ask why

The time has come for memories to be laid to rest
To say a final goodbye and know you are blessed
For tears to flow, and wish you to a better place
Go to the stairs in the sky, for you will always go in grace

copyright Chris Smith 2009 (In memory of those I miss)
Hush momma, please do not cry
Hush momma, please do not die
Please stay from deaths' cold touch
Hush momma, please hush

Hush momma, I am here
Hush momma, do not fear
Into Heaven do not rush
Hush momma, please hush

Hush momma, you are cold
Hush momma, you I hold
My heart is going to crush
Hush momma, please hush
Down in the alley

The cats are swaying

The leader is O'malley

He's got a guitar he's playing

Ginger is on bass strumming

He's doing his thing

Tabby is there drumming

And they're ready to sing

She cats are sharpening their claws

Dancing with their tails in the air

See the cats licking their paws

All the cats are there

Join in if you're a cat

The party is out of sight

Down in the alley where it's at

Going on all through the night

copyright Chris Smith 1998
Every woman deserves a chance

Every woman needs some romance

Every woman has some love to give

Every woman wants a life to live

Every woman is living a secret wish

Every woman wants a slow kiss

Every woman can give so much

Every woman wants to feel a touch

Every woman has a dream to share

Every woman just wants to care

Every woman should not be alone

Every woman must have a heart to own

Every woman wants to be a mother

Every woman desires to be a lover

Every woman will give you her heart

Every woman waits for love to start

copyright Chris Smith 2004
I don't want to change the world
Even the dark places I am hurled
I don't want to justify my life
Of how the hardships cut like a knife

I may not be or ever be no great poet
But these feelings, I am not scared to show it
I respect the readers who always give me a look
Even though I may never appear in any book

I write because it helps heal my soul
To share with all, the blood that does flow
Because every poet bleeds to be read
Sharing their heart to be said

And I will never give up what is my fight
I will give you the words I want to write
Stories and poetry given to me as a gift
My fellow reader, you make my spirit lift

For sharing our words, you give us a reason to live
You bring us alive, with the poetry we will give
I would ony be nothing, if not for you
For a poet, a writer, needs a reader to make them true

copyright Chris Smith (revised 2010) Original version 1998
She believed he would make her a star.

Sixteen and believed his false lies.

He was fifty and only looking for fun.

Cast her aside when he had what he wanted.

Now she is too ashamed to go back home.

Plays tricks just to make money to live.

A victim of one of the dark city tales.

He wanted to part of the gang and belong.

Tried too many drugs and ******* up his head.

They gave him a knife and laughed behind his back.

Like an idiot he thought it was big to rob.

Eighteen years old and destroyed his young life.

A cop with a gun was forced to end it for him.

He became another victim in dark city tales.

She waits for him to come home drunk.

He lost his job and takes it out on her.

Very quick to use his fist to lash out.

Another black eye she tries to hide.

Says she walked into the door once again.

Neighbours shut their eyes not to be involved.

Both are more victims in dark city tales.

Young fourteen year old girl throws her baby away.

A drunkard night of unplanned emotions was the cost.

She never knew what her life would have in store.

Hid the baby as she felt it growing inside her.

An unwanted pregnacy she had to face all alone.

A new born baby left to die in some unknown dumpster.

Another twisted story of the dark city tales no one knows.

copyright Chris Smith 2009
She loves him relentless with her heart

She knows that she is always his

He shares his words with the World

He writes from deep in his very soul

She will keep him with her passion

She is in love with her poet

Sometimes his words are from his dark side

When he has to dwell within the shadows

She can feel him reaching out to her

When he needs her to be there the most

That is when she will always come to him

She is in love with her poet

He will never give in to the temptation

There can never be any others for him now

She makes sure she gives him everything

To this man she will always belong

Her desire will ignite his flame and never fade

She is in love with her poet
Pride before a fall
No one dares to hear the name
Nothing in ashes

Heroes always die
In battles fought in bloodlust
They are forgotten

Books now never read
Pages yellowed neglect
Never opening

Will you hear my cry
Of the times long gone away
Never again found

copyright Chris Smith 2010
A young girl out late one night
Walking home by the street light
She got snatched by three men
Dragged into an alley, taken again and again

Over and over they abused her
Over and over they used her
They just left her laying there
Left her naked, but they did not care

Now she is a little older
And her heart has grown colder
She is now involved with only thugs
She sells her body for drugs

Anything that you want to do
She will do it all for you
If the money is right, she don't mind
With her body she pays in kind

The news said a girl was found dead
Someone smashed a brick on her head
At her funeral nobody came
She was just a ******* the game

copyright Chris Smith 2008
He is waiting for her
He is needing her
He wants her to hold
But she is leaving him cold

He always gave the world to her
But she always wanted to go further
He would give her everything
But it is a chill she will bring

She is freezing, minus twenty
Her blood is made of ice
She will take him for plenty
Because she will entice

He never knows where she has been
But he loves her, she is his ice queen
He wants her, needs her, he is so sad
She uses him, hurts him, treats him bad

He tries to give up, but can not help how he feels
She always tempts him in those high heels
To her, his soul has long been sold
And she is so ****** very cold

She is freezing, minus twenty
Her blood is made of ice
She will take him for plenty
Because she will entice

copyright Chris Smith 2010
All the greatest heroes came out to fight

Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Hercules and all the rest

To face the greatest villains out that night

The ones that were the most evil at their best

The villains were going to take over the Universe and rule

But not one of them really wanted to share

The heroes were the ones honest and true

They were always ready to fight honest and fair

But both heroes and villains failed to see the greatest menace of all

For who wants to read what they can not see

So both heroes and villains, one by one would fall

Forgotten in books, because everyone now watches TV

copyright Chris Smith 2001
She comes to me with love

Keeps me safe in her arms

She shines for me so brightly

In my darkness she is my beautiful star

When I am with her she holds me

I am wrapped in the wings of an Angel

I never want to lose her now

I have found her and I am here to stay

To kiss her lips takes me to Heaven

To feel her touch is like magic

And when I feel her arms around me

I will be wrapped in the wings of an Angel

You came to me when I needed you most

Gave me love when I thought my heart was lost

You showed me a purpose in life again

You gave me hope to start to love

And when you are close to me

Then I am wrapped in the wings of an Angel
copyright Chris Smith 2009
Bar tender, pour me another drink
For within this dank pity I wallow
Fill the whiskey full to the brink
So I can drown away my sorrow

Once, I was a man able to keep my cool
Never one for the rage to over take me
But bad times came and made me a fool
I allowed anger to always leave me empty

Come, I want you to fill my glass once again
I will be the one who decide when enough is enough
I want to swallow up when times were good, back then
Because now this life has become much too tough

Then fury visits me and his glass I hurl and smash
Unsteady on my feet I find my way out the door
People try to keep away, as at them I will lash
So now going home, I find myself crawling on the floor

Once inside, I will open another bottle to begin anew
They try to say I have a problem, and they are wrong
I can stop drinking, I can give up this Demon's brew
Because this man is able to stand and be strong

But in reality, I can not sleep for my spirit is weak
I say I need no one, because I fear my own shame
I want to stay drunk, because then I need not speak
I scream at the world when I know that I am to blame

copyright Chris Smith 1998
When time passes and leaves me behind
I find the words, which I come to share
As the world carries on, I feel I am blind
I have tried my best to always be fair

Suffering in silence, which I do the most
Never sharing the hurt that I feel
I keep these feelings locking, scared to boast
I just know that this pain is always real

I have prayed so many times, for it to go away
But it never does , this ****** hurt continues
Having to face it every second, every passing day
I still am always here, a victim of the Devil's dues

Who would have thought, trauma lasts this long
An assault for long ago, is haunting me still
I am alone in my making, hearing misery like a song
I have to always live in shadows, and I always will

copyright Chris Smith 26th December 2009
He fought for his country

Fought for all to be free

Now a forgotten son

Of a war long done

He saw so many friends die

In forgotten graves they lie

People do not seem to care

With the medals he has to wear

Each medal is a lost soul in battle

Where you heard the bullets rattle

Each medal belonged to a hero of war

For freedom they were fighting for

They gave us their blood and sweat

The enemy they always met

To give this land to be free

Soldiers for all of us to see

Black, white, American, British, Asian - one and all

Side by side, together they would fall

No matter where they came from, they fought to be true

They died to keep us safe, they died for me and you

copyright Chris Smith 2006
Like the clowns we laughed at life
We would joke about the day
But we forgot that just like a clown
The make up is removed by tears

In my life, I would brave the high wire
If I fell you would be my safety net
But now alone, I will walk the tightrope
Putting on a brave face, my net is gone

We were acrobats when we made our love
We flew through the air, catching each other
But now when I attempt to take that leap
I can see that that space you had is empty

I am the ringmaster now of my destiny
Sitting here all alone in this heartbreak circus
But this circus is closed now, it can never open
Now alone I will enter the cage, and face my lions

copyright Chris Smith 2010
When it begins to rain
Just let it pour down
And let yourself free

When that wind blows
Feel it in your hair
Now be as one

Let your sorrows go
Hold your head up and be strong
Feel it deep in your heart
And weather the storm my friend

Do not fear the lightening
Let it light up your life
Just open your eyes to see

Listen as the thunder roars
And shout out with it
Let your emotions be heard

Let yourself find escape
And release away your troubles
With nature, you will find your way
And weather the storm my friend

copyright Chris Smith 2010
I never thought I could believe
That there was love at first sight
Now I am waiting to receive
Your love that burns so bright

You came and took me by surprise
I never knew that you were there
Now you lift me up on to highs
I am waiting for that moment to share

You are my stowaway
Hiding in my heart
You are my stowaway
Waiting in my heart

Like a secret waiting to be found
You were ready for me to discover
You crept up on me without a sound
I am looking forward for my lover

You were hiding in some special place
For me to find you all this while
I look forward now to seeing your face
I look forward now to making you smile

You are my stowaway
Hiding in my heart
You are my stowaway
Hiding in my heart

copyright Chris Smith 2010
What do you really think

When you are sitting there

Sipping your cold drink

Your hand stroking your hair

I wonder do you think of me

Of the love that I feel

Do you see what I see

When my feelings are real

Do you think of me in the same way

The same way I think of you

Is it still like the first day

You met me out of the blue

So what ever thoughts are in your head

Remember my darling I love you more

I love you with every world I have said

I love you whatever life has in store

copyright Chris Smith 2006
Yo ** ** and a bottle of wine;
Your heart will be mine.
You will make me walk the plank;
Because on your love I can bank.

Me heartie, I be coming for you.
Brave a cutlass battle, through and through.
Secret isles we will go a-sailing.
Give me another kiss, never failing.

Land ahoy, here I am looking for your treasure.
A map of your heart is my only pleasure.
I will find ye, that will be my lot;
Because X marks the spot.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
She loved her special prince
Her soul belonged to Maelon
But her father would not allow it so
For she had been promised to wed another

She prayed to her God to forget her true love
And an Angel came down to visit her
Granting a sweet potion to erase his memory
So that she could forget him forever

But it also meant that Maelon would be trapped
To be encased within a block of ice
Then her God decided to grant Dwynwen three wishes
And she knew for what she had to do

She wished for Maelon to be thawed and saved
She wished for the hopes and the dreams
Be granted for all of the true lovers
But the third wish, she would never marry

She formed her convent on Llandwyn
This is where she stayed, until Death took her
The remains of her church can still be seen
She will always be our patron saint of lovers

5th Century saint ... copyright Chris Smith 2010
I can tell by your face
The world gets you down
You feel so out of place
In your tears you drown

You feel no one listens
Nobody hears your song
Alone your tears glisten
You fear you don't belong

Come on and rest with me
Close your tired eyes

Thoughts go on in your head
You wish you could go back then
Does anyone hear what you said
You repeat the words again and again

You don't let them see you crying
You always have to hide away
You just want to give up trying
Wondering if you should stay

Come on and rest with me
Close your tired eyes

I can hear the words of your soul
I will open up my ears
I will watch you find your goal
I will help you through your fears

Someone has to help you to be strong
Someone will open up your tired eyes to see
Someone is there so you can belong
And that someone is going to be me

Come and rest with me
Now open your tired eyes

copyright Chris Smith 2010
He always wanted to be somebody
He always did his best in school
But the boy became a man
And he started playing the fool

He started hanging with the wrong crowd
And they always would lead him astray
Too many girls, he would break their hearts
But he would never give his heart away

Until that day when he saw her standing there
And he fell head over heels for the beauty queen
They kept saying she was way out of his league
They kept saying he would never be her scene

Now he is going all out to mend his ways
He is going to change who he used to be
He is saying goodbye to what used to be his past
He is going to open up her eyes to see

This former bad boy wants to be with his blind girl
She can not see his face, but she can feel his heart
He never thought he would find the wood through the trees
He always makes her smile, to him it is a start

The years have flown by, they still remember their first kiss
He still wishes she could have seen their wedding day
And he still loves her as much as the first time he saw her
Their children have grown up, the grandchildren play

copyright Chris Smith 2010
I would have one night with you than an eternity in Heaven
One day with you than be alone for seven
With you the sky would always shine blue
The end of the would could only be with you

Love without you would have no devotion
*** without you would have no emotion
Time would just endlessly carry on
Without having you for me to rely upon

To always remember and never forget you
Something I could, and would, never do
You are my colour and not my black and white
You would never be wrong and only my right

Your light will shine always in my heart
Bring me home when ever we should be apart
My love for you I will always send
Stay with you until time should end
It's been a long time
The words still rhyme
Sometimes I change
Being a little strange
I have myself to blame
But the World is still the same

There are still wars being fought
Where peace should be taught
Still racism that is never right
All equal be us native Indian, black or white
Still children the victim of pain
Facing abuse time and time again

Still this world is left screaming
We ignore it and just go on dreaming
Once the air was pure and clean
Now polluted from man and machine
New problems we give Earth each day
We are throwing our future away

copyright Chris Smith 2008
Dance the moon
I fell too soon
You picked me up
Yes, you picked me up

You gave me shelter
When life was a helter skelter
And baby, oh baby, I wish you knew
How much that I love you

Dance the moon
I fell too soon
You picked me up
Yes, you picked me up

I wish I could be there
To stroke your long red hair
You are so far away
I wish you could kiss my tears, today

Now I have danced the moon
And when I fell too soon
You picked me up
Yes, you picked me up

Run with me, my one love
Help me to soar high above
Kiss me within a heart beat
You make me be complete

Dance the moon
I will be with you soon
You pick me up
Yes, you pick me up

copyright Chris Smith February 1st 2010
Soaring through the sky, going higher
Roaring with a breath of fire
He is searching to rescue his mistress
He knows somewhere she is in distress

He looks so majestic high in the sky
Searches around the land with a lizard's eye
He would give his life to save her
He begins to seek so much further

Three knights have caught the maiden in a field
They will force her and they will make her yield
But the dragon comes roaring with a ball of flame
Putting and end to what would be their wicked game

She is so happy to see her brave loyal friend
On her dragon she knows she can always depend
Climbs on his back, and they ride through a cloud
He takes her back to the village, a dragon so proud
Give him a toy gun
He pretends to be daddy
Who far away is fighting
In some far and distant war
But then in a child's eyes
See the hidden tears
When you have to tell him
Daddy won't be coming home

Momma always keeps her safe
Showing her warmth and love
But she knows Poppa will be back
Smelling of whiskey and angry
And in that child's eyes
She will watch him rage
Punch Momma in the stomach
Because his dinner is wrong

All around this world
We never see the truth
Because the older we become
The blinder we seem to be
And in the children's eyes
Their innocence is seen
But they see better than us
A future that is not meant to be

copyright Chris Smith 2010
Everything turns to ashes and dust
Love always seems to just be lust
We always look for our deepest desire
But we live life as a funeral pyre

A dark Angel is now coming
It is my turn for the summoning
Will she be taking me to Heaven or Hell?
That is a truth I am not able to tell

Because within these shadows I still walk
Where darkness dwells to always stalk
Now midnight friends come out to stare
In this twilight hour they come to share
When I needed love, it was gone
I was alone and I was lost
Listening only to a sad song
I needed someone to be there

The song played and played
She came knocking on my door
She came in and then she stayed
She spent the night and we made love

But on the next day she had to go
So I watched her as she dressed
My body still wanted her so
I said nothing as she left

Now two days have gone past
The lady is at my door
Once again the night will last
As once again she is in my bed

So is this all just pretend
Will my lady ever really exist
Will my lonely solitude end
Will you be my lady at the door

copyright Chris Smith 2007
She is the dark feel of the night
She is the mystery with no light
She hides away in her own pain
She knows how to drive me insane

No one can be as she can be
My gothic lover can never be free
I can see it all deep in her eyes
No one has seen the tears she cries

I know what I feel is wrong
My will slips and is not strong
She is sending temptation my way
I feel my soul wanting to stray

She is taking me down dark places
Teasing me as my body feels her traces
Kissing me and biting me with her lust
Not waiting and wanting my body to ******

I am lost in her body this very night
Each sensation inside her takes away the light
She wants me badly and our bodies glisten
Our sweat mingles as creatures of the night listen

My passion is ready, deep inside her it fills
She takes it all with her lust and her skills
Her body is hot and I can feel her heat
She wants me more as my heart will beat

All this night, until the light of day
She never stops for this is her wicked way
I surrender knowing that she will always win
For I am a prisoner to her desire and sin

She now vanishes from where she came
I know I will be back to play her game
No one can match her, there can be no other
I will always come for my gothic lover

copyright Chris Smith 2008 (revised 2009)
Sometimes life is too hard
I guess that is why I write
Otherwise I would give up
And I would loose the fight

I struggle with what I say
Trying to say the honest truth
But this man is not perfect
I hide things under my roof

I have done things wrong in the past
Done things that make me ashamed
I have suffered penance for my crimes
No innocence have I claimed

Sometimes I feel like "****, I hate myself"
I get fed up feeling the anger this way
I look in the mirror and hate my reflection
My emotions feel like nothing but clay

This job, it feels so terrible at times
Having to do the things I must do
Taking the deceased to the morgue
And wondering what life they went through

They end up as rows of five, in a fridge
Is that anyway to show them respect?
Laying there, waiting for the post mortum
Life can be a horrible time for suspect

But me, I wish I could hide from my nightmare
Forever burning, forever feeling that ******* pain
That is when I feel life is ******* down on me
I try, but I never seem to escape from the strain

And then I see the news, I see the terror in our world
An earth quake killing thousands, what did they do?
Can you imagine, one minute your life is safe
Then destiny shows you it can be so ****** cruel

Thank you for reading these words, and listening me rant
Sometimes I have to let the rage out, to release it
If not for you reading this, I would feel so alone
I have someone who loves me, and that helps me never to quit

copyright Chris Smith 2010
It was the day the Earth shook
And opened up like a hungry beast
Swallowing those who became victims
And buried them with a fury

They lost  those they treasured
A father, a mother, a brother, a sister
A daughter, a son, gone forever
Wondering why this happens now

The dead now litter the streets
So many souls are there in torment
And the living are waiting for help
Needing their fellow man at this time

Still more bodies are found in the rubble
Shed a tear for Haiti, the very young and the old
Criminals died with the police that watched them
Thank God that in Heaven they will find peace

copyright Chris Smith 2010
She had been sent to the tower
Refused a kings advances and power
To await for what would be her fate
For the executioner she would wait

But the executioner was secretly in love with her
He would fight for her if they could be together
But he knew he did not want her to die
To save her, he was willing to try

She told him no, this was not the way
She would have to die when came that day
She gave a kiss to the executioner's cheek
Said, in Heaven, his love she would seek

On her last night he took her as his lover
Because she would never take another
The executioner did not want her to go
She said he would always have her soul

On the day she came, at last, to her fate
For to save her, it was far too late
In his mask, he cried, no one could tell
For him she loved, then the axe fell
He had fallen in love when he had first seen her, her dark black hair and green eyes had been what had attracted him.

Yes he knew the danger but he had smuggled her out, taken her to his home and he had not told a soul what he had done.

She was nineteen and he was fourtythree, he did not see the age difference and only saw her beauty, if anyone found out he was hiding her then he knew they would be both killed.

She had lived with him for eight days, in that time he had never tried to ****** her or make any advance towards her, he clothed her and provided food and any comfort that she required.

On the eigth night she came to his room, she was naked when she slipped into his bed and they made love all the way until the dawn, it would be their last night together.

They came the next morning, he knew he had to shoot her, the Luger given to him by his father two years ago was the weapon he had to use.

She wept silent tears for she knew what must be done, he put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

He put the gun to his own head as he heard them break down the door, he knew they would have both been punished to death and this was the only way.

They were too late to stop him and he pulled the trigger with the gun at his head and his body fell to lay with the dead body of the woman he had loved.

It was not supposed to had happened, a German guard falling in love with a Jewish girl condemned to have been gassed to death at the camp.
copyright Chris Smith 2009

Even in war there is forbidden love
Will you end this suffering I feel?

This damnation of a life I steal

Left to face a fate that I will seal

Before the Devil I make the deal

This is now my own private hell

With this pain, I fit in so well

I can not show the words I have to tell

A long way down from grace I fell

The ugliness in my soul rings true

Being left out with nothing I can do

Dragged into despair, all the way through

Blackened clouds cover my sky once blue

My fault for believing in a prince that always lies

No one feels my pity or hears my cries

I have just too many lows and not enough highs

No escape from all the time my soul always dies

In the light I knew I could never be able to stay

All I could ever do was watch it all fade away

On my grave the demons will now come to play

I never will face another hope filled day
copyright Chris Smith 2009
The battle was won

It was over and done

The victory is you

But I never knew

The tears were wept

Darkness came and crept

It dragged life through

But I never knew

No emotion in your eyes

Always showing hidden lies

It was always all just untrue

But I never knew

All could see the hurt shows

Did you know everybody knows?

It never came and hit me out of the blue

But I never knew

Tell me, was it worth going through?

Because I was the one who never knew
copyright Chris Smith 2009-
She helped kiss away my tears

Comforted my pain with sympathy

She took away my fears

She is an angel to me

Over me, she looks down

I feel that she still does care

Watches me, no matter which town

I will always know she is there

She lives on in my heart

My wonderful, Scottish nan

Long ago to Heaven she did depart

She helped to shape this man

All the things she ever did

Was help open my eyes to see

I am always her little grand-kid

And she is always an angel to me


Dedi­cated to my grandmother (Violet Eason Smith) who died in 1992.
copyright Chris Smith 2000
Last night I had the strangest dream
An Angel came and took my hand
She opened her wings and we flew
Forever high until we reached Heaven
She showed me to another world
Unlike the world far down below

Children played, black and white together
All races and creed walked side by side
The lion walked with a baby lamb
A little three year old girl giggled
As she rode on the back of a white wolf
Up above I could feel the sun shine down

I saw John Lennon and Bob Marley laughing
John Wayne in talks with Buddy Holly
A mouse and cat played gently together
This whole world was a marvel to see
No ocean but fish swam in the sky
Dolphins swimming next to the sharks

The Angel turned and she spoke to me
"Please do not judge our God", she said
"Those little children tormented to die"
"When down below in the world of yours"
"Will be reborn here and be at peace"
"For God can not stop the evil below"

I understood, for all the bad that we see
Of people who suffer and the things we do
God will never tresspass in our dormain
The souls will be reborn in this perfect place
To begin anew and to always be protected
Away from all the hate and bathed in love

I awoke and wished I could still dream
And I knew I would return there once again
When the right time came for me to go back
So until then, I will walk in this place of ours
Knowing that Heaven is now waiting up above
While down here we are all living in Hell
copyright Chris Smith 2007
He sits up from the unmade bed
Feels the chill of the night air
The sting of whisky in his head
The ten dollar ***** no longer there

Lives his life, selling from his car
Staying in one cheap motel each time
He used to think he would go far
But this job stripped him of his prime

He used to have a wife, so long ago
But he walked out on her, and his son
Thought he would be rich, he never wanted to know
Now he has only regrets for all he has done

No one has any money to buy anymore
The prices keep on getting higher
He coughs, then he spits on the floor
He wishes he could find just one buyer

As he ****** the whiskey inside of him
The ***** mirror reflects his sorry state
Wishes that he never took this job on the whim
But he can't go back, it is far too late

Packs the suitcase and it is time to go
Finding another poor town to drive to
Business might pick up, it's been too slow
If no one buys, he will drive on through

Until he stops for more cheap whiskey to drink
Until he picks up another ten dollar *****
Deeper into this life he will continue to sink
Hoping to still find the final big score
copyright Chris Smith 2009
Took a walk on the other side

The other side of sanity

Found that my problems collide

Taking away my vanity

Love just hits you hard

It comes and knocks you down

Love just drives you mad

In your sorrows you drown

Crazy thoughts and you can't smile

It just drives you all insane

Your mind just falls out of style

There is no way to try to explain

You want to love someone so much

You wonder if they really see you there

Your head just seems out of touch

All you want is a heart you can share

So you sit in the Asylum of your mind

Locked away form the realms of reality

No one knows what you will find

No one knows what you will see
copyright Chris Smith 2009
This world drags you down
You feel you can't take no more
It leaves you wearing a frown
You wonder why you are here for

You are drowning in a sea of worry
You keep trying to live too fast
You must slow down, what's the hurry?
If only the good times could last

Carry on, you still need to try
There is always a little bit more
I know you can still fly
Like an eagle you will soar

When things are going hard
Just throw your troubles away
Shine like a crystal shard
Never let yourself be grey

Because you lift your soul up
You can always go higher still
Just when you have had enough
Allow yourself to face the thrill

Carry on, you still need to try
There is always a little bit more
I know you can still fly
Like an eagle you will soar
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Little baby polar bear, lost and alone

Mother vanished, he is on his own

Scared he is beginning to cry

Mothers gone, why oh why

He was following on the ice

Behind her it was so nice

But in the water she went

To go with her he was meant

But the water is too cold

Now wishes he did what he was told

Little polar bear is scared

When up pops a head

But now all is all right

It's mother, to his delight

He is so happy as can be

She has brought fish for tea
copyright Chris Smith 2007
Standing here, I look out now

Over a field covered in smoke

Littered with the bodies of the brave

Witnessing the death that we plow

Gagging on the blood that will choke

The dying of soldiers now gone to the grave

I am just the ghost of a hollow man

A bullet took this life from me not long ago

As I ran across this ****** battle-field

Oh how I wish it was not me who ran

I died alone, and I witnessed my own blood flow

There was nowhere to hide and there was no shield

Through the white mist I see a thousand more

Their bodies scattered and broken on the ground

We are the victims of madness and war games

While Generals hide away never entering the war

The victims like us, we all die without a sound

Buried and then long forgotten, in a battle-field no one blames
copyright Chris Smith 2009
Through the birth of a new dawn
The new dew on the lawn
The first birds song
And night is now gone
For the day begins as new
I am here thinking of you

As an early Summer rain falls
Somewhere a rooster calls
And as this morning begins
For whatever this day brings
The memory of you will stay
A memory never to fade away

I stand here naked in this new day
The rain washes the night away
The birth of a new dawn is born
Fading away stars that shone
This day is born in all its' grace
A beautiful day as beautiful as your face
copyright Chris Smith 2005
Let me take you by the hand

Somewhere to be free

Far away to a fantasy land

And live out the fantasy

Can you hear the fairy song

And watch the pixies fly

The beauty of the majestic unicorn

Multi coloured birds in the sky

Elves having a ball

Seeing beautiful flowers grow

Bathing within the waterfall

Chasing after the rainbow

But it is time to go away

From this World you want to be

And we can visit another day

In our dreams we see
copyright Chris Smith 1998
Come and hide from them tonight
They come for your blood, keep out of sight
They coming looking for victims, seeking a neck
They will find you and feed when they peck

The vampire pigeons are going coo coo coo
The vampire pigeons are coming after you

Oh no, be so quiet, because they are here
I can see them bobbing and I feel fear
Blood red feathers and they show their crest
They are here to feed then escape to the nest

The vampire pigeons are going coo coo coo
The vampire pigeons are coming after you

What can we do? there is no where to go
Can anything ever stop this evil foe
But at last we are safe, I never thought of that
They are fleeing, they are running from the cat

The vampire pigeons are going coo coo coo
The vampire pigeons are coming after you
copyright Chris Smith 2009
I saw a horrible spider crawl,

All down my bedroom wall.

Staring with eight beady eyes,

Giving me a terrible surprise.

With eight legs, hairy and black.

And three red dots upon his black.

He stayed there, looking at me,

I am sure he had a smile I could see.

So I shouted for my dad.

He took a look and went mad.

"I'm not touching that, It's all hairy",

"Take a look, it's too scary".

So we all packed and moved away.

I wonder if the spiders' still there today.

Because now in our new house,

I have just seen a mouse.
copyright Chris Smith 1999
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