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There is a bar high up in the sky
That only sells water and no rye
So come on in, and take a seat
This is where three kings come to meet

Then the stage will be made clear
They sing new songs for the Angels to hear
Finishing together with a song called Salvation
The Angels cheer and give a standing ovation

Holly then sings of ways that are true
A beautiful voice up in a sky of blue
And when he stops and must now part
I can feel it raining in my heart

So Presley takes his turn to sing
Telling us of fools rushing in
Music backed from a heavenly band
I wish they could hear it down in dixie land

Jackson is  last to take the stage then
Not one dry eye when he sings about Ben
Entertains everyone and they are dancing along
Then he ends with a beautiful earth song

If you listen carefully, you can hear them up there
Way up high, in a bar in the sky somewhere
So I know the music that Heaven brings
When together they sing, the three kings
copyright Chris Smith 2010
When this heart begins to break

And there is nothing at stake

All the tears have been cried

Just emptiness left inside

Let It Be

All our emotions are long gone

We keep playing the same old song

Trying to remember our good times past

But these feelings keep on fading fast

Let It Be

For you no longer come to desire me

We only keep giving each other misery

We seem to be always on the attack

Now there can be no turning back

Let It Be
A poem from 2009 I have refound. copyright Chris Smith 2009
One Two

Love you

Three Four

Need more

Five Six

Special tricks

Seven Eight

Never hate

Nine Ten

Love again
copyright Chris Smith 2006
My darling dream of me

For I always dream of you

In our dreams, anywhere to be

In our dreams, anything we do

Let your dreams always be sweet

From your lips, butterfly kisses

Our dreams together are elite

From your heart, secret wishes

So my darling, dream of me this night

In your dreams I will walk to you

Come to you through the star light

Someday your dream will come true
copyright Chris Smith 2008
This man hides emotions

Hides them like a disguise

Afraid to show them again

Hiding behind blue eyes

Maybe he can express them

Come to again realise

Someone can hold his heart

And I can no longer hide behind  blue eyes
copyright Chris Smith 2006
I am not the worlds' best poet

I only write the way I feel

If you judge my words for approval

Maybe need to critise them as well

I can not write up to expectations

When fighting back my own depression

I will not conform to how you wish

Not for a long time

I do not deserve to face any understanding

I write and write for my friends to share

Even the greatest poets were misunderstood

Over the years people became to cherish them

Read them and see the tortures souls in their words

I would never bring a friend or enemy down

Never turn my back or mock them for who they are

Not for a long time

Yes I have made my share of mistakes

And I have seen America come and make history

A first step in the fight against racism

I have seen them embrace a man for what he stands for

To see past the very colour of his own skin

And to see this happen makes me feel proud

Something I thought I would never live to see

Not for a long time
Only just rediscovered this, copyright Chris Smith 2009
Promises broken

Words spoken

So untrue

From you

Untold words

Just absurd

Thoughts stained

Minds strained

Your eyes

Telling lies

Cheating heart

Torn apart

Striking back

Sudden attack

All along

You're gone
A two word poem from 2008
I sit all alone at the bar
I am drowning my sorrows
My life has not moved far
I wonder about my tomorrows

Now all the seats people are taking
So many lonely souls are here
Too many hearts are breaking
They come for that music to hear

The blues man is singing
His sad songs are playing
The blues man is singing
We know those words he's saying

It is only days but seems like years
Because that blues man I follow
I will be here with my falling tears
I will still be sitting here come tomorrow

All those around me staying in their seats
Sitting in their loneliness and their fear
No one ever hears the stolen heart beats
All they ever notice is the music they hear

The blues man is singing
His sad songs are playing
The blues man is singing
We all cry with the words he's saying
copyright Chris Smith 2010
This migraine never leaves me,
it is there thumping.
I have tried blocking out this constant throbbing.
I have my hands in front of my eyes,
hiding from the light,
It never works because that ****** pain is still there.

My chest seems to be on fire, with all this coughing,
I am too stubborn for my own good to see a doctor.
I am wheezing and gasping for breath, I hate this.
Bringing up fluid and still fighting that headache.

Worst of all,
is the slight smell coming from my leg,
This ulceration keeps coming back to haunt me.
Why won't it ever heal?,
I don't need this in my life.
Maybe I should give up,
I seem to be falling apart.

Right now,
I would do anything to escape with a drink,
To forget all these curs'd troubles striking me down.
The problem with drinking alone is no one is there,
To share in these moments of desperate need.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Well hello to you, hello there,
You might think I'm a bad guy;
Just because I **** a few people,
But you don't see this Jokers' heart.

Okay, that guy who dresses as a rodent!
Everyone seems to take his side.
Come on! A man dressed as a flying rat?
Do you think that man is still sane?

I'm not the crazy one, oh no!, believe me.
Don't let this pasty white skin and ruby lips fool you.
I'm the innocent guy here, I never wanted to look like this.
That Bat freak!, he created me, It's all his fault!

Thank you for agreeing to my interview, my side of things.
I only want to make people laugh, let's shake hands to that.
Oh deary me, I'm wearing that killer of a joy buzzer,
I bet you just die with laughter, it is a hell of a shock.

Oh well boys, you better clear up the mess, alas! poor reporter.
I didn't get to know him well, time to think of a few jokes.
I wonder what fun and games I can cause in Gotham City tonight.
As long as that ****** Bat Man doesn't stop me! ha ha ha ha ha.
copyright Chris Smith.
I patrol in my backyard
Cruising im my pedal car
I can see the Joker
Well, it's really a toy clown
Locked safely away in the toy shed

I am looking for Two Face
A teddybear that my dog ripped
So my Mum sewed up his face
But now he is out there, free
I must track him down

I search for him in the kitchen
There I spot the Scarecrow
It is a puppet, long and thin
I must stop in my search now
So I can tackle with my foe

I put the Scarecrow behind bars
My search continues, relentless
I see Two Face hiding in the lounge
I now creep up, slowly behind him
I pounce, the battle is long, but I win

That scarred teddybear is put away
Where he won't harm anymore toys
My Batcave awaits, up in my bedroom
I am sleepy, my eyes are feeling tired
I am Batman, even I must sleep
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Love of a woman
Keeps a man strong
Love of a woman
Can do no wrong

She holds him, she cares
The hurt he feels, she shares
She always supports her man
Doing all that she ever can

Her kisses are magic to feel
Her touches help him to heal
Sensations untold, touching his hair
Keeping him close, always being there

Love of a woman
Keeps a man strong
Love of a woman
Can do no wrong
copyright Chris Smith 2010
We walk, side by side, with life.
Not knowing in which direction,
Not sure where it is taking us.
Of which way we have to turn.

We seem to be travelling that bridge,
Far above the waters of Time.
The further we keep crossing,
The narrower that bridge becomes.

What is that destination that awaits us?,
Will we ever reach the other side, in the end?.
That is a question that lays here, unanswered.
As this bridge becomes more uneven, the further we go.

There will come that day when we run out of space,
Where we can go no further on this journey.
We will come to that corner where we are trapped,
There will be no way across that splintered edge.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
There came, suddenly, a mushroom cloud
So high up, smouldering the sky
It was the day that the Earth shook
When the white finally turned into black

Death visited all, with a cold touch
Spreading his scythe across everywhere
Destroying those beating hearts which it touched
Then that cold became a blinding, searing heat

Skeleton trees are all that stand there now
Once that blossumed with beautiful green
Now all they are, are reminders in ash
Lost memories of what was a brighter time

Lone buildings are now left empty
All life drained from their dull walls
The living are gone, just dead souls left
Haunting in a city that is devoid of light

Schools without echoes of voices from children
One single playground , sad and left so lonely
Young lifes, mercilessly, that are snuffed out
From those adult games that are called "War"

Churches that no longer have religious following
No prayers heard, to take away this thing called damnation
Broken tombstones mark the passing of civilisation
Only extinction now visits after the Zero Hour fell
copyright Chris Smith 2010
No one evers comes to see

If everything is going to be okay

They leave you feeling empty

And they all just go and walk away

Always when you are down

No one comes to lend a hand

They just leave you standing there

They never try to ever understand

Leave you to face your despair

Always when you are down

But I will show you I care

I will hold you close to me

I will give you my heart to share

Show how you can be free

I am there when you are down
copyright Chris Smith 2009
I thought of those gone by
How we loved them so
Those tears we had to cry
Wishing we could let them know

Just one last time, to be able to say
"I love you, you have gone away"
"I wish you could stay, you could stay"
"Without you, it is so empty today"

So here I am now, wishing for the rain
Every drop that falls, it is an Angels tear
Up there with God, I know you remain
Watching over me, whenever I fear

I never thought that you would have to die
You were always there for me, always there
If only I had got the chance to say goodbye
It just isn't never fair, it's never really fair

Just one last time so I can say
"Nan, I miss you, if only you could stay"
"Grampy, you showed me strength in your way"
" I love you both, I still miss you every day"

So here I am now, wishing for the rain
Every drop that falls, it is an Angels tear
Up there with God, I know you remain
Watching over me, whenever I fear
Dedicated to those special people who made me the man I am.
Copyright Chris Smith 2010
No time
No hope
No honour
No justice
No peace
No heart
No soul
No will
No desire
No right
No need
No way
No want
No one
No more
No know

Know time
Know hope
Know love
Know honour
Know justice
Know peace
Know heart
Know soul
Know will
Know desire
Know right
Know need
Know way
Know want
Know one
Know more
Know no
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Woe is me
What have I seen
The ****** dog peed
All over my DVD machine

Woe is me
And twice woe
I lost my balance
And I stubbed my toe

Woe is me
It just isn't fair
I looked in the mirror
And saw I'm losing my hair

Woe is me
I hate my life
I came home and found
The milkman run off with my wife

Woe is me
I chased a mouse
Knocked over the electric fire
The curtains caught light and burnt down the house
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Never has such a beautiful heart
Ever been beating, never apart
Visions of perfection in a friend
Always there, to care and tend

Few will see, how special you are
Love you give that is felt from afar
Only you, make us alive, make us pure
Relaxing us with words, true and sure
Each time you visit, is a special day
Showing sweet harmony in our own way
copyright Chris Smith 2010
They said she was a strange girl
The odd one out in any group
Dressed in black, like a vampire
So they threw stones at her

She liked to listen to Heavy Rock
While they listened to the lastest Pop
Spat at her, rubbed things in her hair
Called her bad names and dragged her down

She excelled at school. she did her best
She was always the top of her class
Still they would make her life a misery
Tears would stain her black eye liner

Her parents found her, hanging in her room
With a note telling of the sadness of her life
Those that caused it, they never cared
Over the death of a poor strange girl
As poets we have the words that reach out, that can shock the reader. We can make a stand on many subjects and that is why each poet has something valuable to say and I read.

Chris Smith 2010
Angel, protect me my friend
Now with thy open wings you tend
Giving the grace of purity of heart
Ever there with truth never far apart
Let me thank thee, for all that you do
Angel that lights up this world, so true
copyright Chris smith 2010
You thought it was only fun
The nightmares seemly just a dream
You thought you could laugh, but it's begun
All you can do now is only scream

The creepy old man took your money
Something wasn't right, but you didn't think
Now the horror has started, it's no longer funny
Deeper into this terror you will sink

There is no escape, on this dark ride
Trapped on here, forever to remain
Opened doors swallowed you up inside
You are going to Hell on the Ghost Train

Condemned souls that drown in blood, you pass
Prisoners burning in Brimstone flame, you see
There is no getting off, you're way out of your class
You are his captive now, you will never be set free

You can feel the fear coming from deep down inside
One last tilt, one last drop, as you turn the bend
This is it now, this is the final part of the ride
He is waiting for you, Satan is there at the end

There is no escape, on this dark ride
Trapped below now, forever to remain
Hell swallowed you up, there is no place to hide
You are trapped by the Devil on the Ghost Train
copyright Chris Smith 2010
He comes to her, this night
An invitation to find her
To explore what they will discover
Inside both of their midnight hearts

She awaits for him in satin sheets
Naked for his touch as he approaches
Wanting to feel his gentle kisses
The sensual lips travelling on her skin

Her joins her, his flesh against hers
Tasting the sweetness of her neck
Knowing a love not felt in many years
For this woman, he would die again for

His desire is moving in time with hers
The increasing moments of their lust
Exploding together, feeling as one
Joining in union of that sensation of need

Before the dawn will rise he will be gone
For a vampire always will fear sunlight
She will wait for him until night falls again
Then they will love once more, these midnight hearts
copyright Chris Smith 2010
A stranger visited the Earth,
This is what he saw.

No one could love, love was gone.

No one believed, it wasn't allowed.

No one sought peace, there was only their way.

No one could think, it was done for us.

No one would change, they needed permission.

No one cared, because no one would dare.

The stranger decided to confront those in power,
They lobotomised him to become a no one.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
I saw her crying in the window
It is none of my business to ask why
I guess it is the reason you are here
Drinking your sorrows at this bar, my friend

I've known you both for so many years now
Neither of you have ever had a cross word
You are the heart and soul of what is love
Drinking to hope it goes away never works

I'm guessing all that pressure at work you have
It is getting you and it is dragging you down
But as a man, you believe you have to carry that burden
To never share it with her to cause her to worry

Dry those tears that are starting to fall, my friend
You know she will forgive you, go and talk to her
You married through good and bad, share it now
She is the one keeping you strong, be strong for her

Remember that she loves you, she always will
You love her for she is your World, my friend
Remember that she loves you, her heart is yours
Go home to her, hold and kiss away the tears she cries
copyright Chris Smith 2010
When life seems to be dragging you down
When you think you face it all alone
Then take my hand, let me help you up
Together we will face what the fates throw

We carry on, to be always strong
We carry on, with friends that belong

When everything has ceased and come to a stop
You can not face those trials that lay ahead
Then lean on me and together we will continue
Together this journey we will travel

We carry on, where our destiny takes
We carry on, with a friendship that never breaks
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Here I sit
Head in hand
Feeling so alone

I hate that day
The anniversary
Of the terror I felt

Please make it go away
Just take away the past
Because I want to forget

Those ******* caused this
They did this thing to me
They don't suffer like I do

The 24th of July is coming
And I want to hide away
To break down and cry

Then, when I come here
When I write my words
I know I am among friends
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Proud people are you
Born with spirits soaring high
Free forever more
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Going towards you, and I am aglow
My heart has the warmest of love
I am here, awaiting the feel of your arms
Cherishing the heat from your body

Going away from you, and I am alone
I am empty inside, for you have my heart
I am a shell of the man I once was
Your love is what I was feeding on

You are the one that makes this man complete
You make this man to come alive
You are his heart and soul, his life, and reason to be
Until he is  with you again, a part of him is missing
copyright Chris Smith 2010
He has never been like other little boys
That play so happily with their toys
He is different is young Raymond Bliss
He wants to grow up to be....a mad scientist

While others play with toy soldiers and cars
Or pretend to be astronauts in the stars
Little Raymond is chasing his pet cat instead
Determined he will catch him and cut off his head

He tried getting the dog who put up a fight
Poor Raymond gave up when he got a nasty bite
So he dug up his hamster, who passed away when overfed
He tied the body to a car battery to try and raise the dead

Unfortunately the dead hamster fizzled and went pop
It made Raymond jump in fright, it made him hop
So he decided to dig up the goldfish as well
Then he decided against it, because of the smell

Now there are plans drawn up, to be unfurled
His evil scheme now hatched to take over the world
Raymond wants to set vampire robot bunnies on man kind
It is just a shame because his pocket money he can not find

His mother says "time for bed" so he sulks up to his room
This his prison from whence he plots doom and gloom
He is a very strange boy is little Raymond Bliss
Determined to be the most evil mad scientist
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Journey of a poetic soul
Of which continues to grow
New words he will craft

Loving touches of poetic art
Openly expressed to all
Now, and forever, standing tall
Driven by motivation for poetry
Orchestrating words for us to see
Near those friends he cherishes
copyright Chris Smith 2010
The hour glass is counting down,
Counting down one speck at a time

She awaits for him, her faraway lover
Watching the lonely ocean
Waves lashing at the shore
Wishing it brought her this love

He is writing these words you read
He is feeling so far from her kiss
Time is moving so very slowly
Each second is agony without her

They are so close, but so far away
Both never knew love could be this way
Now closing their eyes, to feel each others touch
Almost touching now, but still worlds apart

The hour glass is counting down,
Counting down one speck at a time
copywrite Chris Smith 2010
I am trying to stay strong
Trying to make time go quick
Things keep on going wrong
This life is making me sick

It's all work and never any play
They say money isn't everything
But there are so many bills to pay
You are left without anything

The pain keeps increasing now
I'm afraid it has got me beat
I try blocking it out somehow
Wish I could rest these aching feet

I wish I could shout and say "**** it all"
But I am afraid, that isn't really me
I feel down, I'm ready to fall
This depression is making me empty

Poetry, and my lady keep me going
Without them I would be locked away
In my head the winds are blowing
It is hard making it through the day

I am not alone, I know there are others
More feeling like me, out there
Fellow sufferers, my sisters and brothers
Together in this despair that we share

So when in your troubles you seem to drown
Take up the pen, take it to the paper, my friend
Release the tension, write it all down
It will help, it feel better in the end
copyright Chris Smith 2010
We look for the glimmer of hope
Some are looking for it still
They find it very hard to cope
Stripped of their own will

We sometimes face ourselves
Rising up, only to fall
Life is like keeping empty shelves
Talking to the shadows on the wall

Life really makes no sense
We try to figure it all out
Paying for it at our own expense
Never heard when we shout

Loneliness can be a curse
When no one heeds our call
Never getting better, only worse
Left talking to the shadows on the wall
copyright Chris Smith 2010
My friend Jack,
Might smoke like a chimney stack.
But he has that special knack,
Of always watching your back.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Meeting in a hotel room
Both of us shy at first
Then the taste of your kiss
The sweetness of your lips
Then the dancing of our tongues

You move your hand slowly down
Stroking and teasing me through my jeans
My hands cupping your ******* now
Feeling them react through your top
We allow this passion to take us

We strip each other, unable to wait
Then you push me onto the bed
Straddling and teasing me with want
Rubbing me against your wet desire
Before taking me inside you

Riding on top, slowly at first
Before building up to release
Taking me faster, making me go deeper
And I cherish the fullness of your *******
Your ******* ripe for me to taste

Pulling you down to my aching body
Lifting my knees to fully enter you
Passionate kisses as I move inside
Feeling you push with each stroke
Screaming out for your need to flow

Then moving you onto your back
And like animals, we give in to this lust
Your legs wrapped around me, tight
Squeezing me  as you surrender
Your passion flooding as I pound faster

I can feel myself ready, prepared to erupt
And I ****** deeper still, filling you with me
My seed explodes inside your well of delight
Then we collapse into each others arms
Content to be with each other, until we begin again
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Join me, come share a drink
Of times gone in a blink
Here we sit, lost in thought
Never have we found what we sought

Pour us another, drown this sorrow
All could be better, come tomorrow
They call me the Gonzo poet
Ready, now and always, to show it
I will be here, forever with my friends
Caring for them, because caring never ends
Killing time before time deserts me

Relishing those close, who set me free
Of all the days that have gone past
Broken bottles are always cast
Be your health always bless you
In all the things that you do
Never fear, the Gonzo poet is here
So come and join me now, in another beer
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Ginger Bread Man tried to run away,
So they chopped off his legs.

The Three Pigs and Chicken Little are missing,
But I saw the Big Bad Wolf eating ham and eggs.

Little Miss Muffin is drinking with that spider,
He will have his wicked way, when she's drunk on cider.

Little Bo Peep is playing with Little Boy Blues horn,
Nine months later, Mary or a little lamb is born
copyright Chris Smith 2010
A certain goose melted down all the bling,
The silly thing can't walk with all that gold.

Everyone really wonders "Who killed **** Robin"?
Humpty Dumpty fell on him, if the truth be told.

A certain persons' name is really spelt SINDERELLA,
The poor Prince was shocked to find them a fella.

A man was arrested running around the town one night,
Seemly he forgot his night gown, they locked him out of sight.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
He kept following his dreams
Always being on different teams

He wanted to be a rock star
He wanted to go far

So he learnt how to sing
He would do anything

Started off from being small
Soon he would have it all

He never thought it funny
Managers used him for money

The pressure was building up
He decided he had enough

They pushed him too far
They burnt out the rock star

So he flew up to high
He ended up kissing the sky

He fell back and crashed
A shattered life was smashed

The stories in the papers read
He overdosed and was dead

Now his music lives on longer
His memory and art is stronger

That is the curse of fame
Where they profit from your name

Where if you die one day
They never let you fade away
copyright Chris Smith 2010
To watch clouds in the sky

To observe the stars in space

To hear a new born babys' cry

To feel the rain on your face

To help a flower to grow

To smell the sea breeze

To play in the snow

To climb the highest tree

To have love in our heart

To be with someone you care

To know when to start

To feel the wind in your hair

To be there for a friend

To care for a child

To stay to the end

To be able to run wild

To listen to a song

To be free as a dove

To know how to be strong

To be able to fall in love

To have these words to read

To always be true

To wish you to succeed

To just say thank you
Four ghosts came meeting
Gave each other a greeting
Always met at this cemetry
They were all related, you see

Great grandfather fought World War One
Until that day he was shot and then gone
He died at the age of being thirty two
Never got to the change of things to do

Grandfather was who died in World War Two
Shot dead, out of the blue
He died aged only twenty one
He never got to hold his new baby son

The Grandson fell as the years past
Killed in Desert Storm, explosive blast
His poor child was raised by his Dad
The rain fell on a day so sad

Afghanistan is where the son was shot dead
A ****** put a bullet in his head
So there are four graves next to each other
They hope there will not be another

So these four ghosts meet and salute now
The only way that they could, somehow
If you listen, you hear them sing out loud
Four War Heroes that fell doing their country proud
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Waitress can I have a cup of coffee?
Maybe, one day, you will join me
For you never stop, you never stop

You serve, always with a smile
Taking orders all the day long
For you never stop, you never stop

Seeing you always brightens the day
Cleaning the tables for the next diner
For you never stop, you never stop

So keep a thought for all the waitresses
Coming to your table, serving good food
They never stop, they never stop
copyright Chris Smith
You can't cry in silence
Without making a sound
You can't hide locked away
Without ever being found

You can work without end
Never stopping to rest
Exhaustion will take you
When you are past your best

Love with seek you out
When dark streets you roam
You feel you are forever lost
But love will guide you home

As sorrow drags you down
Taking you deeper into despair
Don't believe you face being alone
Because your friends will be there
Dedicated to all those who have been there for me on here, love you all.

Chris Smith 2010
Solitaire is a lonely game
Playing without a name
Inside the soul is blackened
Ruined and forever darkened
Ageless thoughts of the undead
Lying twisted in an aching head

Plasma nourished, needing to drink
As deeper into nightmare, to sink
Travelling forever, in darkest dormain
Hell as a dweller of night to always remain
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Come on, baby, show me your light
Give me a look into your inner sight
There is a brightness glowing in style
Now baby, I love to see you smile

You drive me a good kind of crazy
Because I know you are my lady
On your love, you make me high
Own this heart, I want you to apply

When you move your body, I am on fire
You got me wanting you with my desire
I love it, when you do your special thing
Listen baby, you can hear my heart go ping

Stay here with me, my sweet, naked on the bed
I am not going anywhere but loving you instead
My emotions are mellow, feel me inside you
No goodbye, only hello, let me be here beside you
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Those **** bells  haunt me
For they tolls for my doom
Awaking me from my sleep
Ringing there, in my head

Others only think me mad
They can not hear them
But every hour they call
Where can I hide?

You can not cheat Death
For HE will come for you
The bells are your warning
To prepare to be taken

I tried locking the door
I will not keep him out
I know soon he will be here
To take me to that dark dimension

So I live in fear, sweating
Dreading the sound of those bells
Knowing that when they do stop
That will be my time I must go
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Love strikes at the heart
It sometimes tears it apart
For that is what is living
Even when it is unforgiving

Anguish sometimes will call
Naked in your time to fall
Deeper where love left you

Dropping to where nothing is true
Every emotion you every felt
All now causing you to melt
Telling you it is all over now
Hoping love will return somehow
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Answer this prayer.
Bring this love closer to her.
Praying to her heart.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
To crave your touch

And want it so much

Your body next to me

To do want must be

To feel my carress

As I touch your breast

Listening to your sighs

As I kiss between your thighs

Then I shall enter

Into your moist centre

And our bodies shall slide

With me so deep inside

Having you to hold

As I feel myself explode

I feel your body tingle

As our juices now mingle

Lost at our leisure

Lost in our pleasure

Making love all through the night

In each others arms at morning light
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