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Nov 2020 · 606
All She Wanted
She takes off her clothes
Showing her body to men
Some pay for more pictures
Some pay to meet her

She needs to earn the money
Because the rent is too high
She's young, still has her looks
They do to her what they want

Some are gentle, most are rough
They use every part of her body
Making her do so many things
It also pays for her addiction

The weeks went by, she wasn't seen
The police found her overdosed
She was naked, dead on the bed
All she wanted was to be loved

Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul
Nov 2020 · 476
Souls Of Seduction
You dwelt in the darkest thoughts
Leading me to secret ecstasy
Within the night of forbidden shadows
Where untold pleasures remained

In dream worlds we did meet
Sharing moments of bliss and pain
Your kiss, the thorns of the rose
My flesh, a victim of deepest desire

But the moment has come to pass
For lust has stolen away my pride
We were just victims of depravity
Just lost souls of seduction

Copyright © Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2019
Nov 2020 · 365
We Are Strange
Be a little different
From all the rest
Don't explain yourself
You're not in a test

We are strange

They don't like you
Well, that's okay
You're not alone
In being this way

We are strange

Be a poet, be a singer
Be who you want to be
Dress in whatever fashion
Express yourself, be free

We are strange

We are all a little strange
With a darkness inside
You don't have to be afraid
You no longer need to hide

You're just like me
We are strange

Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 1st November 2020
Oct 2020 · 308
Nobody Liked Him
Never made friends easily
Kept himself to himself
He always shut away his mind
No one knew what he thought

Worked hard, did his hours
Didn't smile, he didn't talk
Ate his lunch, always alone
Went home to an empty house

Nobody liked him
Thought him odd
Nobody needed him
Thought him sad

His past was a tragedy
Lost all those he loved
Came from a war torn country
Where all he cared for died

He travelled to start all anew
A stranger in a foreign land
He kept the horror buried inside
Found it easier to always be alone

Nobody liked him
If only they tried
Nobody needed him
He wished they had

Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
Oct 2020 · 329
Do you remember me?
I was the boy sitting at the back in history
When I tried to talk to you, I would stutter
Because you always made my heart flutter

You were the most popular girl in class
I was ordinary and our styles would clash
You always ignored me as if I wasn't there
It hurt me, knowing you didn't really care

That was so many years ago, now here you are
I'm so sorry to see you've fallen so far
Begging on the street, with nothing in your eyes
Your looks are gone, no one hears your cries

Do you remember me?
I was the boy sitting in the back of history
I'm trying to help you, but I can only stutter
Handing you some money, watching it flutter

Copyright © Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
Oct 2020 · 285
Copper Diamonds
You told me you were precious
Promised you only belonged to me
But if only I knew the future
We were never meant to be

I gave all that I had
But you gave me copper diamonds

I surrendered everything for you
You surrendered it all for others
When I believed my heart was yours
You were stealing too many lovers

I gave you all that I had
But you gave me copper diamonds

Now the years have passed on by
Our lives only faded away
We were two different empty souls
That were never meant to stay

I gave you all that I had
But you gave me...

... Copper diamonds

Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
Oct 2020 · 203
What's Your Name?
I saw you watching me
Across the broken tables
From a long distant memory
Of a mind made of false cables

So I dared to walk the miles
To stand there beside you
Amongst the million single files
Before destiny came to hide you

What's you name?
I just had to ask

Your beauty was a chasm of purity
Blinded me with inner prism
Your vision was so true to me
Captured me inside soul's prison

So before you decide to walk free
And vanish into the mists of day
I want to you be shy, talk to me
Listen silently to the words I say

What's your name?
I just had to ask

Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
Sep 2020 · 153
Forever Beautiful
She'll live her life her way
But she'll never fade away
Welcoming night not day
The darkness without grey

Now she sleeps with a rose
Where she's gone, nobody knows
Listen and a silent wind blows
Because her beauty, forever grows

She will always be forever beautiful
She will always be forever beautiful
Copyright Chris Smith #darkpoetsoul 2020
Aug 2016 · 1.7k
I feel the world crashing
Falling all around me
Hiding, inside, shaking
But I'm okay

My head in a million pieces
I don't know who I am
Or who I'm supposed to be
But I'm okay

I'm okay
Yeah, I'm pretending
I'm okay

I'm okay
Keep on telling myself
I'm okay

Sometimes I think of you
How you used to hurt me
Then giving me all the blame
But I'm okay

Yes, I have had better days
Wanting to be somewhere
Somewhere away from this
But I'm okay

I'm okay
Yeah, I'm pretending
I'm okay

I'm okay
Keep telling myself
I'm okay

My mind is a little crazy
Locked up in my asylum
Where all the mad me dwell
But I'm okay

No one listens to my voice
I can't tell if I still exist
Or a figment of my imagination
But I'm okay

I'm okay
Yeah, I'm Pretending
I'm okay

I'm okay
I don't believe myself
I'm okay

Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Jul 2016 · 1.6k
Kiss Of Night
A bride of the darkness
The thirst is forever
Hunger always unquenched

But she needs to feel
Something more than cold
The warmth of human touch

Alas it can never be so
For she will take his life
Slowly with a kiss of night
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Jun 2016 · 1.7k
Fuck You
You promised me false hope
Then smashed out my teeth
Now I find it too hard to cope
Dragged along the razors edge

Once I was the perfect gentleman
I would open the door for you
Until you hatched a delicate plan
Now I slam it shut in your face

Listen to me shouting, "*******"
Middle fingers saying, "*******"
All this anger raging, "*******"
But I still badly need to *******

Kicking me so ****** far down
That it's too much to get back up
Left me in miseries lake to drown
Here alone with a bottle as my friend

Who ever said love was all a game
Well, that ******* got it all wrong
Because I only have myself to blame
Wallowing here in my own self pity

Listen to me shouting, "*******"
Middle fingers saying, "*******"
All this anger raging, "*******"
But I still badly need to *******
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
She writes from deep within her
Opening up her soul to all,
finding the words like a river
Allowing them to come, to flow

Power transformed to her fingers,
igniting the flames of her soul
Fire given form to the written page
Releasing all she has deep inside
Just like she would submit to a lover

All-consuming fire is in my essence
An eternal flame burning wildly,
never to diminish, throughout time
As it seeps through these fingers,
in unearthly passion, writ in blood

A creative mind is set into motion
Capture now this notion, if you will
As I spew forth, in depths unknown
Yet known, in the core of existence
The pulse of an unrelenting desire

I press pen unto page within love
Nevermore to please the masses
Evermore to appease the essence
I care naught for fame, nor fortune
Wishing merely to pierce the silence

In a sole purpose, right to be heard
Amongst the chaos of every day
Creating a cleverly laid design,
to ensnare those who take notice
Touching the soul of yet another

Copyright © 1/2013 Chris Smith/Lucy Martins

All poetry by Chris Smith/Lucy Martins are copyright protected by International Copyright Law, the use without written permission is illegal. All Rights Reserved ©
May 2016 · 2.0k
Scarlet Icicles
Scream, for love traps you
In the embrace of barbed wire
Slicing your heart wide open
With blunt, rusted razor blades

So bleed the scarlet icicles
As your soul begins to die
Dark longing surrounds you
Loneliness comes crawling

Does your heart now shatter?
Where no one dares to look
To see blistered tears Etched
On a face masked with fear

But if only you remove your mask
Mayhap the Sun may kiss it
So roses without thorns may grow
Then love could have no pain
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
May 2016 · 1.3k
I Am Nothing
Lazy dreams of far away night
Amorous embraces by candle light
Tango desires of bodies of two
For I am nothing without you

Memories fade of the past
We believed it would last
But now, what can I do
For I am nothing without you

Lovers come and lovers go
You're the one I got to know
All the good times we went through
Now I am nothing without you
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
May 2016 · 1.1k
The Hidden Smile
She is crying inside
Where nothing is right
They hurt her too much
She's forgotten how to fight

Everyone has someone
Someone they can hold
Share with her their troubles
She's young and feeling old

Always seems to be strong
She handles it in style
But she's another lost soul
Forgotten with a hidden smile
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Apr 2016 · 1.3k
Don't Take Your Love Away
I saw the diamond birds
Flying in the midnight clouds
Before falling into crystal seas
Swallowed up by demon waters

But it's all just pretending
Of having to face reality
Standing alone with insecurity
Slapped in the face by indecision

I'm begging you, I'm on my knees
My lady, don't take your love away

Once again the dragons came
Breathing fire across distant lands
Looking for somewhere to belong
A creature that time long forgot

It's just another metaphor of me
Once again I'm lost in myself
A broken mirror image, cracked
I'm nothing if I'm without you

I'm begging you, I'm on my knees
My lady, don't take your love away
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Apr 2016 · 4.2k
In sign o' the times
Was when doves cried
As the purple rain fell
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Apr 2016 · 804
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time
There was a princess
Who lived all alone
Lost inside her heart

The years went past
She never grew old
Always looking for love
But it never came

Looking for a prince
To take her away
But she keep waiting
Waiting and waiting forever

She never saw him
The poor farmers son
Her watched her window
He worshipped her beauty

Everyday soldiers beat him
But still he'd come
Just to watch her
Until he grew old

She never saw him
Even when he died
Head in the clouds
She never looked below
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Apr 2016 · 19.4k
The Fury
Don't think to control me
I dare you, think again
You want a gentle lover?
I'm sorry, I am the fury

Never attempt to tame me
Because my flames will burn
I'll strip away at your soul
Careful for what you yearn

I'm no gentleman from books
This beast will tear you apart
This lust can never be stopped
Because it will take you, hard

If you're looking for sweet love
I apologise, that's not what I give
For my punishment will be harsh
I'll give you a lesson, on how to live

Don't think to control me
I dare you, think again
You want a gentle lover?
I'm sorry, I am the fury
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
Mar 2016 · 829
I Feel So Alone
I feel so alone
Alone inside my head
Nobody really understands
Just how I feel

I feel so alone
My feelings are misled
Like a thousand strands
Is it all unreal?

I feel so alone
No one to talk to
Nowhere I can go
Don't ask me why

I feel so alone
Problems to walk through
Does anybody know?
Inside I cry

I feel so alone
I can not cope
Help me, please!
I can no longer wait

I feel so alone
At the end of my rope
Life is just a tease
Now it is too late

Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Stephen King
Shall I scare you will imagination
Teach you fear through hallucination
Every terror crawling in your skin
Pulse racing faster than anything
Horror chasing you in your mind
Even with no safe place to find
No where left to run, or to hide

Killing thoughts you never cried
In pages of macabre and mystery
New visions of forgotten history
Greeted in the books of the king
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Mar 2016 · 989
Dear Nobody
Dear Nobody

Dear Nobody,
I was wondering
What you are doing today

I'm doing nothing special
If you want to come my way

You see, I look outside
This dusty old window
I never notice you there
Somebody I don't know

I see a lot of you
Those nobody people
Where nobody is special
But everybody is equal

Sorry, I have to go now
You really are somebody
Who am I, you ask
Me, I'm just nobody
Copyright © Chris Smith 2012
Mar 2016 · 22.3k
Imagination Of Domination
The silence of desire
Hidden in quiet moans
Of those secret passions
Going unheard tonight

Fingers delicately exploring
Places of invisible needs
Pretence of a silent stranger
Imagination of *******

Breathing growing faster
Anticipation of his touch
Releasing the waterfall
Inside her wanted dreams
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Oh Butterfly
Oh butterfly,
You visited me
In times of sorrow
In times of need
You eased my pain
But strange you came
In a cold November day
So gently I let you go
The next day you returned
Back once again on a wall
As if watching out for me
I know your soul, oh butterfly
Of the garden you tended
I loved as a child
So now I will miss you
With tears in my eyes
My father shall miss you
My siblings shall miss you
Your grandchildren shall miss you
All of the family shall miss you
But come the Summer days
As the children see a butterfly
That makes them smile
With the beauty it holds
I know it is really you
Always watching over us
My mother so deeply missed
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Written for my Son in law for the loss of his mother. He saw a butterfly on a November day soon after she died.
Feb 2016 · 931
Death is but a fleeting kiss
Tasted on her icy lips
As I gaze on her cold beauty
She tenderly takes my hand
Leads me away from the pain
Leaving behind all the misery
Walking to an unknown destination
A new beginning from the end
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
Feb 2016 · 1.4k
Dark Beauty
Dark beauty sings tonight
Angel voice by candle light
Reaching dimensions long gone
Keeping them mesmerised by song

Bright light now giving them choice
Each are heeding her sweet voice
As music soothes beasts everywhere
United by the sounds they share
True beauty singing in the dark
Yielding her song like the lark
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Feb 2016 · 867
Night Wonder
What is twinkling?
On the forest lake
Where is it from?
What doth it make?
The fool that I am
An idiot I are
It is the night sky
From the morning star
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
The Smiling Man
There was a smiling man
Who would cry inside
So no one saw his sadness
Because he always said hello

He seemed a cheerful soul
Looked happy in his way
But his tears he'd hide
Behind a secret mask

He saw too much pain
Fought with people who died
Buried his best friend
From that war he heard them

They said we're always here
Walking there besides you
Even though you cry for us
Please remember us and smile
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Feb 2016 · 15.3k
Undress my lover, fair
Naked, standing there
Destiny of desire for you
Ready for what we will do
Every touch is ecstasy
Sensually setting free
****** need, explored tonight
Endless lust until day light
Darling, I love you undressed
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Jim Morrison
Jump into the pool of reflection
In pure water of our collection
Many find the path to the light

Master of words with open sight
Of many souls he will belong
Reaching out and being strong
Ready to give all that he can
Incredible and wonderous man
Sheltering us with words to share
Open your minds and find him there
Never forgotten and a hero to all
Copyright © Chris Smith 2011
Jan 2016 · 747
Yes your Honour
I did the deed
Broke the hearts
Caused the tears
Murdered the feelings
Left them to die

Squandered this life
Stole the idle days
Wasted all the moments
Leaving it to rot
Tortured emotions
So they could scream

Yes your Honour
I await my sentence
Punishment in full
For all of my misdeeds
So lock me away
I am guilty of being me
Copyright © Chris Smith 2012
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
John Lennon
Joined the World in peace
Only wanting wars to cease
His music is a magic gift
Needed minds to always lift

Let imagination for man and woman
Everyone finding love from a music man
Now working classes have a hero
Never counting down to zero
On a cloud and never ever gone
Numbers of us will always love John
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
What do you do when it hurts
You fight that slipping feeling
Because the last time you fell
You nearly never made it back

When you can feel them crawling
Nesting inside of your mind
Waiting until they are set free
In your path of self destruction

Keep pretending you're in control
That you don't need any help
So you just keep it to yourself
Hoping that tomorrow is a better day

But you're still slipping down
To where darkness is waiting
Ready to claim you once more
And this time you won't find the light

Still you continue to cry inside
Pretending you're wearing a false smile
Scared to admit depression creeps
Waiting like the blackest of clouds

You shout in your head "why me"?
But your inner self isn't listening
You just want to rip open emotions
Only you keep feeling so alone

Drawn to take the easy way out
You know it'd hurt the ones you love
So you carry on with a brave face
Wishing blank thoughts far too late
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Jan 2016 · 8.5k
David Bowie
Did you see the stars
As they shone on you
Vivid like a thousand scars
Inside the darkest blue
Did you see the hero

But that hero was you
Onward for people feel
When music becomes true
In the end you're never gone
Eternally remembered in a song
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Jan 2016 · 15.0k
The Lover
Let me take you
Use your body tonight
As I will ******
And hold you tight

Hands exploring each other
Finding your wet desire
Tonight, be my lover
Setting your soul on fire

Bite marks across your skin
Bite marks across your thighs
Surrender to this lust and sin
I want to hear your sighs

Feel me now as I enter
Having you in every way
Ravaging your moist centre
Inside you in savage play

You flow like a waterfall
As I ****** so very deep
Exploding, giving you my all
Holding you now, as we sleep
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
Dec 2015 · 1.4k
Deep Blue Eyes
She fell in love
With his deep blue eyes
Surrendered her heart
Gave him her sighs

Forgave all his faults
Stood by him each day
Whenever times got hard
She took those troubles away

He loved her with eternal bliss
Envisioned her within his mind
She always opened his eyes
Even though he was blind
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Save It For Later
Trouble came calling today
Bringing rack and ruin
Tried to push them away
But there was nothing doing

So conscience dropped by
Attempting to make it nice
Said all I had to do was try
If only took this little advice

Think of the good things
And save it for later
See what your heart brings
If you save it for later

Rain clouds gathering in the mind
The whole world is going black
I seem lost and nowhere to find
That right road going back

So the Sun wanted to shine
To melt away depressive ice
Told me everything will be fine
If only I took this little advice

Think of the good things
And save it for later
See what your heart brings
If you save it for later
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Dec 2015 · 822
Dirty Little Secret
Kept her away from it all
She was there at his call
She always knew of his wife
But became his separate life

His mistress, his one and only
Still she felt a little bit lonely
Did everything that he wanted
But for love she still was haunted

Just kept her as his little secret
She was his ***** little secret

So then as the years passed on by
He'd change, he'd make her cry
There were days he never came
She wondered if she was to blame

Then he left her to find another
Got himself a younger lover
She finds a wasted life of regret
Just a ***** little secret he met

Just kept her as his little secret
She was his ***** little secret

Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
Dec 2015 · 1.4k
They said,  "you're not a poet"
"You don't write about love"
"About beauty and harmony"
"You should write with a quality of light"

I replied, "what about the pain"
"The torment within the soul"
"The expression to feel rejected"
"For l see light through darkness"

They said, "You have no meter"
"Your words lack any rhyme"
"You should write with rhythm"
"That is what poetry is about"

I replied, "I am a reflection"
"I can not be anything else"
"My words come from my mind"
"For my poetry is"
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
Nov 2015 · 1.9k
Bring You Home
Give me the land where the daffodils grow
A land where we can all roam free
Where the songs ring down in the valleys
Like a heavenly choir of purity of voice

Show me the sport of true champions
Where men clash just to entertain
And nations battle in all their skill
In the pride in all that they do

Take me back to the city where I was born
Where the river runs through docks to the sea
Where people greeted you from hard toiled work
You were treated equal, and always a friend

Mountains that bask in beauty of snow and ice
Where you can rejoice and be one with nature
And when you ask where to find this wonderful land
Follow with me, I will bring you home to Wales
Copyright © Chris Smith 2009
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
Young And Beautiful
Each day she posed naked
As he continued to paint
Engrossed in the picture
She was twenty to his fifty
But his age never upset her
In truth, she was falling for him

He never attempted to ****** her
As if he ignored her body
Maybe she was not beautiful enough
She knew he lived all alone
He never shared his home
If he asked, she would be his

She tried to show temptation
Wanting him to notice her
No matter how much she showed
The curves of her body
He would just keep painting
As if he never noticed her there

On the last day she could take no more
"Am I not beautiful in your eyes
Can you tell I desire you
I would do anything you ask
If it be only for one night
I am yours if you want me"

"You are young and beautiful
Your beauty will be seen forever
In this painting, In your honour
But I loved so very long ago
I lost her to Mistress Death
My heart belongs to her, always"
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Nov 2015 · 1.8k
A Drop In The Ocean
I am something small
Never seen, always there
A reflection of another time
Wanting to feel, hear me
For I am a complication
I am someone but no one
One lost amongst the crowd
Just a drop in the ocean
Copyright © Chris Smith 2013
Oct 2015 · 10.9k
You Don't Know Me
Hello, don't hang up
I know you don't know me
But I believe I know you
I know your dreams
I know your desires
Of the darkest seduction
From a strangers voice
Of how I would use you
But strict with kindness
Punish you with lusts
Lusts yet unknown to you
Lusts to ravish your body
To please you in many ways
All the ways you dream of
Would you dare to know me?
Would you dare return my call?
Don't be afraid of the dark
All you need do is step inside
All you need do is use the phone
Dial my number, I dare you
Copyright © Chris Smith 2014
Oct 2015 · 1.4k
Who can feel these drops
Who can heal this numbing pain
Can you feel how this heart stops
As tears begin to fall like rain

One drop, two drops, now three
Tear after fallen tear I will cry
Too many drops, I am too blind to see
An empty room and I wonder why

Four drops, five drops, now six
No one will see, no one will come
Broken heart that no one can fix
Too many drops for some
Copyright © Chris Smith 2008
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
The Poet
Please find and take heed
Words written by a poet to read
Words of feelings that flow
That come from within the soul

Some words so hard to write
Never before shown the light
Treasured words that are shared
Given by a poet now bared

One poem reading a million others
Words of sorrow or for lovers
Each poet, to find, to be inspired
Words of passion that are fired

Give every poet just that chance
Let those words come and dance
For those that come from the dark
Allow those words leave their mark

Read them and let them be seen
Understand what their words will mean
A million poets writing in the sun set
Writing with a heart we will never forget
Copyright © Chris Smith 2009
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
The Coming Storm
When nothing seems to work
When nothing seems to go right
Problems come screaming out
And everything starts to fall apart
As it all begins to go wrong
Let me be there with you

The frustration comes knocking
It comes calling at your door
Your will slowly slips away
All seems to be broken
No way out for any escape
Lost and a long way from home
Let me show you the way

Do not give in to your tears
Do not surrender to your fears
These feelings will not last forever
We will face the coming storm together

When you think the magic has faded
And there is nowhere else to turn
When the white has turned to black
You feel you can not be found
Isolation seems to be your only friend
Life seems to be only a wordless song
Let me open the music

And you can see the storm clouds gathering
And you can hear the distant sound of thunder
There are signs of the lightening
Hide away in a place unseen
But you know the coming storm will find you
That it will come and it will seek you out
Let me brave the weather

Do not give in to your tears
Do not surrender to your fears
These feelings will not last forever
We will face the coming storm together
Copyright © Chris Smith 2009
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Enemy At The Gates
Try as we might, we never win
We lose sight, fall into sin
We still fight, never to win
It is never bright, always too dim

And the enemy at the gates
They keep on calling
We are victims of the fates
We keep on falling

No matter what we say, no one hears
Troubles never far away, too many fears
In our pain we pay, rewarded with tears
The sun will never stay, rain never clears

And the enemy at the gates
They keep on calling
We are victims of the fates
We keep on falling

We can't take anymore, it takes too long
Crawling on the floor, not feeling strong
We are victims of what for, always being wrong
Always looking for the door, waiting to hear that song

And the enemy at the gates
They keep on calling
We are victims of the fates
We keep on falling
Copyright © Chris Smith 2010
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
525: Heaven Is Closer
I never knew
What life held
Until I met you
Heaven is closer

I thought I was lonely
Then you came along
I fell for you only
Heaven is closer

Angels are flying
All around us
I hear love sighing
Heaven is closer

So all we ever do
Is feel the magic
Because being with you
Heaven is closer
Copyright © Chris Smith 2012
Sep 2015 · 740
524: Slave To Fear
Just another day
Same as the last
She knew nothing else
Only to feel pain

She belonged to him
There was no escape
Did all he asked
Never said no

How nobody saw
Those blackened eyes
The darkest of bruises
She never knew

He was older
To this young woman
Forced to find respect
Of a husband she hated

Never to bear a child
Because of the damage
The kicks he gave her
Did to her body inside

Knew if she escaped
He would track her down
Cut her beautiful face
Make her suffer in time

Too scared to tell
For would anyone listen
Who would help her
When he was her owner

So she continues to serve
Keeping it all in silence
Never to know real love
Always a slave to fear
Copyright © Chris Smith 2012
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
523: Hearts Of Electric Neon
Hearts of electric neon
Beating to belong
Creating sparks of blue
Proven to be true

Touch as fingers lock
This thrill to shock
Lips tenderly try
On voltage so high

Glowing like stars above
Plugged into love
Forever to entwine
Allowed to always shine
Copyright © Chris Smith 2012
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