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The feeling of your absence doesn't bother me,
I guess because I never lost you.
I want to move on,
but fragments of ecstasy pierce my heart,
reminding me that you're no longer mine.

When you cross my mind,
my heart skips a beat,
I just wish it also skipped the feeling, that you're weren't enough for me,
Maybe I'd still have you in my arms.

If you look into my heart, you'll cry
the brilliance that keeps it whole hides when you get too close.
Each piece with a different tale, my heart is an erratic choir
echoing the blues dining with love.

Yet with you, echoes of ecstasy emanate from my heart,
forging a beat, from my litter
As though love knew it'd wrong me,
with you as her gift to me.
I am a worrier ,one of light
playing with stone and might
   in life's cradle,
in a jungle of emotions with only but my pride to cuddle.
I strike with my halo,
to darkness saying hello.

    Have never give'n to the   'bliss' he bestows on seekers,
but the feeling is no longer as good.
My heart whispers the secret garden to my my mind,
and I wonder what's like to given to the temptation.
Mortal  to our own thoughts and broken by the eyes of the world,  tread softly because oh, the earth is delicate and quite selfish with its secrets
Tame me with the gaze of your eyes
       Shield me from the cold world with the
warmth of your smile.
When I was young
the lens to my eyes was stained in rainbows
the world was colourful and
life, a rainbow pie.

As I grow up,the stains wash off
and I realise,my lens was never colourful
for every time I awake, the hue is further from my sight
For every time I want a rainbow pie,
life reminds me I'm not yet there.
Live ,young and alive...don't let life happen to happens for you
         I was in that moment,
When the small space around me

Nurtured the esteem in me,

       Breeding under the shade,

Waiting to knock down

The gates of my insecurities,

Feeding on hope ,it grew

an astonishing being it became,

the eyes that made her notice me

The fragrance that lead her

Into my hands.
Once introvert__now extrovert___
Who to blame!
Cutting through hard walls
As a knife through butter
That new feeling
Leads you to places, see faces,
See smiles
Before you know it
It's no longer YOU
It's You because of her.
Life is a limbo of crippled dreams
waiting for the fire in them to be ignited
But in solitude they shall remain,
their wings will grow big
but will never kiss the sky,
For the dream keeper knows not
what they can do
Follow your dreams
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