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Jun 2021 · 1.1k
Soul Connection
Many years ago

    another place,
                        another time,

I felt the beating of your heart,
beating together with mine.

The starlight
    on the water,
         the glow
            of the full moon,
               I remember us,
                  the melody
                     of our eternal tune.

Scents of the Magnolias,
the soft feel of our kiss,
the love that was invoked,
   true everlasting bliss.

Whispering breeze melodies,
waking with you each morn,

     ultimate love,
                    strong and true,
           with you reborn.

Forever our love shall linger,
no amount of time can undo,
   even in the vail of death,
I will forever remember you.

Many years ago

another place,
                    another time,
the beating of your heart,
beating together
                     with mine.

Another Place, Another Time......
She was a girl
full of dreams,
affectionate, adoring,
easy to please,
a full life ahead,
so it seems....

Living and laughing, dancing a dream,
loving life, to its means.
sixteen and beautiful
full of passion and grace,
she hungered for the day
she could take her place.

Hopes and dreams
of a full life ahead,
she saw it coming
she never had any dread.

Living and laughing, dancing a dream
loving life, to its means.
daytime turned to darkness
joy to grief,
laughter to tears
with no passion or grace.

Beaten and wounded
youth taken away,
she longed for the day
she could escape this place.

Protecting the ones she loved
from the outcome of her fate,
she pushed it deep down inside
and hide it at any rate.

Day’s turned to weeks
weeks turned to years,
she kept smiling and living
but joy was replaced with fear.

Longing for the one
who would hold her tight,
turning her darkness
back into light.

Living and laughing, dancing a dream
Loving life to its means…
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~
Stormy Angel/DMA
Registered: 2015-04-20 07:08:23 UTC

April is ****** Assault Awareness Month along with National Child Abuse Prevention Month the two go hand in hand. Any form of Child Abuse happens from infant age to adult age and at times carry’s beyond. If you see or feel a child is being abused in any form of any way call this National Number To Report It…
1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or visit the web site at, Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline…   Crisis Counselors Available 24/7.
This poem is a true story about a girl who was ****** Assaulted by a family member, who after years has come out of her hiding place, has found her true love and is living her dreams.

All abuse damages the heart and soul, it puts out a light and the scars you forever hold.

Make a stand, report if you see or think a child is being abused, you could save a life!
Apr 2021 · 1.1k
I haven't wrote in 2 years other than the other day, it felt good to write something again. April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. I have always helped to spread all abuse awareness in April and I'm going to do it this April also.
We are creative writers, we know words hold power, so I'm hoping to see more of my fellow writers spread abuse awareness this month. If you do send me a message and I will share them. It's really important to spread abuse awareness but this year, it's even more important. Because of the  pandemic more people have been cooped up with their abusers so unfortunately abuse has become worse. The spreading of  awareness helps give victims hope and helps give people strength to not look the other way, to pick up that phone and make that call xover and over again if they have to. Please help out by even posting one poem on awareness that I will help highlight.
Apr 2021 · 1.1k
A Midnight Spark
As midnight approaches
a calm floats over the terrain,
with the sweet sounds of night
and the patter of light rain.

Getting lost in the musical tones
thoughts drip of soft dew,
memory tickling giggles
a moment of Déjà vu.

A peacefulness through the heart
outside, the wind a soothing sound,
the light tapping of warm rain
hearts loving, souls bound.

Hearts of love, souls of light,
a touch of magic, rhythm and rhyme,
enchanting dreams, fill the night,
of love so beautifully divine.
Nov 2018 · 529
Just A Dream
Love, Sorrow, Joy, Pain, Beauty, Loss, Peace, Hatred, Hope…
All a part of life’s grand design, and if you have felt them,
then you have lived life.

When there is one, there is always the other,
always a balance so to speak.

But what if, what if there was more,
love, joy, beauty, peace, hope…

I dream of that, although it is just a dream.
I still dream of it!
Deep in thoughts...
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
Falls Kiss Goodnight
It frosted good and hard last night
for it was twenty-eight degrees,
heat and humidity are now gone
so we’ll welcome the snow and bare trees.

But today the sun was shining bright
high in the November sky,
there never was such a shade of blue
to delight my searching eye.

The Burr Oaks dropping their golden leafs
no more Maples a fiery red,
the quaking Aspens are flattering maize
a warm quilt, to put the earth to bed.
A morning of snow and icy roads... For those of us who live in a place where we experience all 4 seasons fully, it's time to brace for the long months of winter, look past the cold and see the beauty that is placed before us. Remember, the new birth of spring is right down the hill, through the forest and right around the corner. Best wishes for a warm and safe winter!
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
Blooming Wild Rose
Somewhere between night and day,
she wiggled from side to side
then pushed and stretched
until each petal was opened wide.

Painted in beauty
she's a symbol of grace
gently swaying in the breeze
planted firmly in one place.

to be plucked
               and caressed
full filling
               her passions need
                      in beauty's pose
with ancient secrets of old
       blinded by her sight

she is....

The Fire and Ice, Wild Rose
Aug 2018 · 904
Soothing Sleep
When I drift off to sleep
stillness fills my limbs,
tranquility wraps my spirit,
as my dream world begins.

Soft and beautiful colors
fill my peaceful sleep,
visions of beauty and love
then begin to seep.

Soft and gentle touches
moving through time,
causing the pink of auras
to magnificently shine.

Tender enchanting tones
play softly in my ear,
a melody of song
so calming and dear.

Our essence of love
seeps into our dreams,
causing soothing sleep
until the first of sunbeams.
Aug 2018 · 3.9k
Decisions, Desisions
Karma, Karma
hateful heart in trouble,
***** deeds of action
will now simmer and bubble….

That surge in the stillness of air
vibrates leaves on every tree,
the truth laying below deceptive layers
where you think you’re safe to be.

That tingly feeling on your skin
the spark of fire within your eyes,
a surge of deception fills the air
as light flickers in the sky.

An eye for an eye
paybacks can run deep.
Do you think yours are any different?
Karma really does SEEP!

Be careful where that energy roams
Karma pays back in triple,
for that ***** deed done and lie told
can devastate, destroy and *******.
Wrong thing done for the right reason
or so you may think, is still the wrong thing,
you never know the consequences to yourself
that ***** little deed can bring.

So many people hurting each other.... Will we ever learn that our actions always come back at us?
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
That Place
Meet me in that place
   where the clouds
                    greet the trees,
   where swaying
                         on dark shadowy dreams.
That beautiful place
              of shining light
                     and ever loving grace,
              that place free from fear
                     filled with
                              peace and love,
                              of  eternity
                                     that never end……
Far away from the hum-drum
                                     of life,
                     far from the place
                          where anger and hate
                            cut you like a knife.
That place where the stars
            sing sweet songs of love
               where the sun and the moon
                      dance passionately above.
Meet me under that big willow tree
            shaded by
that place
           that was always meant
                          for us to be free.
That place for you and me....
Jul 2018 · 12.4k
The Poets Pen
There are hearts that break
in silence, with tears
that nobody can see.

So maybe,
                just maybe…

Some tears demand
to be written by the poet's pen,
so others can find beauty
in that which makes us cry.

           just maybe…

The tears of the poets' pen,
unveils the beauty
of love and pain
giving comfort to others
that they’re not alone.

And then again
          just maybe…

There will be times
that nobody
will understand your feelings…

Write them anyway
because they are still
so **** beautiful!!*

Jul 2018 · 1.7k
Live In Today
There are no promises
      for tomorrow,
   it may never come
say I love you today
to those special ones.

Set goals
       dream your dreams
but, live within today
       for right now
          this moment
             is truly everything.

Stop wasting time
      on what was before
the past,
lessons learned,
      now it’s time
          to close those doors.

Comes a time in life
   when one must grow,
      the saying is true
you reap what you sow….

Give your heart
to the one you love
         make it a point
to show them
          No One Else
   could ever rise above.

Live in the here and now
   give a smile
          to all you meet
walk every day in love
make your
            life complete.
Jul 2018 · 850
Broken ~ Loved
The deepest wound
is one inflicted
by the hand
that once caressed,
for it knows
where the softest
parts are…
A Broken Heart
    A Loved Heart
are not so dissimilar,
for they are both
the most fragile things
you will ever hold.

Hold them with care!
Jul 2018 · 3.6k
I Know That They Matter
As a child, our feelings ran free!
         in the way of this world
       as we grew into adulthood,
     we were told that our feelings
    are not as significant as reason.

As we grow,
we are taught that showing feelings
                  is childish
we are told to control our feelings…
     Don’t let them see you cry,
showing feelings can be dangerous,
         it can show weakness
     making us seem too sensitive.
And because of what we are taught,
  we don’t always understand them
      or even know how they come.
But, they do come, knowing us better
          then we know ourselves.

    But I know that feelings matter…
         Love, pain, joy, hurt, happiness.
    Sometimes they can be small,
  like when I smell cookies baking
          and I miss my grams.
  And sometimes they are massive,
     like when my granddaughter
   died at birth and I watched her
                   come back!

However, if you are fortunate
       and I mean, really fortunate,
            that one feeling will come along
                   that will change everything!
I remember such a feeling,
and how it flooded my heart years ago
when this guy invited me to his community
and showed me his kind and loving heart.
And not so long ago,
                when I looked into his eyes!

And those are the same feelings
                   that I have right now….
The feeling that you are him,
       my future, my love, my heart, my life!
And this feeling, I trust, I believe in
    more than anything I have ever trusted
       or believed in, in my life!
Because with you, is the only place
      I have ever felt was home.

It’s overflow from my heart…

As it flows down
it touches the land
seeping deeply,
leaving beauty and tranquility
in every sparkle of sand.

Making the trees grow
tall and green,
leaving the flowers to bloom
in the brightest colors
ever to be seen.

Touching streams,
making the waters flow
glisten and gleam.
Twisting and turning,
the sweetest melody
bleeding into the rivers
beauty and love
these streams deliver.

It tickles my toes dangling
in the turn of the river
where I was sitting
in the turn of life’s river.
I’ve waited all my life
on that bank.

And it’s there
on that river bank
where the overflow of my heart
rises up through your toes
touching your heart
filling you with
my overflow
my love
our love
our life together.

Always forever

And with that….
We became one heart
sharing all.

Like two hands grasping
fingers intertwined.
Holding on Forever!

As it flows down
it touches the land
seeping deeply,
leaving beauty and tranquility
in every sparkle of sand.

It’s the overflow of my love for you!

Jun 2018 · 1.8k
Dream Sweet!!!
May 2018 · 1.0k
Heart Hurts (10 W)
Longer I'm away from home
the more my heart hurts.
May 2018 · 3.2k
Night Sings Softly
”˜˜”°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°”˜˜”°•.¸☆

Stars gather in a twinkly show
     moon ascending in the dark sky,
          drowsy souls falling asleep
               in the still of night passing by.

                  peaceful dreams

               in gentle flows of height, and depth,
         myriad auroras of colors dance
a soft melody, on whispered breath.

Lingering just a moment or two
      as the world of dreams take hold,
           putting tired souls at ease
               in a soothing light of mosaic gold.

                  in songs of night

            magical melodies fill the air,
      floating upon a gentle breeze
tranquil moments, and answered prayers.

Stars gather in a twinkly show
     moon ascending in the dark sky,
          drowsy souls falling asleep
               in the still of night passing by.
              ☆”˜˜”°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°”˜˜”°•.¸☆
May 2018 · 815
Have you heard about them?
   (felt the magic…)
They are
the essence of love      
they hold
the beauty of life
they are all around us shining bright.

It's a whisper
of love
that floats 
through the trees
ruffling every leaf
of a breeze.
It’s a hint
of a fairy tale
a maiden
a white knight
a love
blessed by the stars
tenderly held tight.
A love that                  
grows stronger
as hearts became whole
for the love
them comes deep
from their souls.
From the very first moment
love shined
bright and  warm
casting out
doubt and gloom        
even the worst of storms.
It’s a whisper
of love
that floats
through the trees
a promise of eternity
on the sweet scent
of a breeze.
May 2018 · 600
Magical Breeze
Gazing up at the luminescent moon
surrounded by a star-dipped sky,
a touch of magic upon the breeze
as the wind blows slowly by.

The coolness of the wind
caressing gently my skin,
like the sweet kisses of you
over and over again.

The wind whispering softly
as the trees sparkle with dew,
with the most adoring of messages
sealed with a soul kiss from you.

Standing in pure amazement
in the glow of that silvery moon,
hoping that magical breeze
will be sent again real soon.
May 2018 · 50.6k
Stormy Angel
She can walk
             night and day
               never letting either
                  get in her way.
She learned this trick
                     many moons ago
                     going deep within
           and never letting it show.
Her soul is innocent
her heart is pure
she’s gone through more
than most could endure.
            She’s an angel of light
                 an angel of dark
                 you never know
              what you will spark.
                      You want to hurt her?
                         Please, go ahead and try
                           she’ll be the one to show you
                                  just how well she can
­                                                                l­
                                                                ­  y.
                                  Her soul innocent
                    her heart pure
      but never think for one minute
that she’s not secure.
                                Say what you will
                          please, do what you must
                       but your jealousy and hatred
                             won’t waver her trust!
Even Those Angels Out There Have Their Limits…..
May 2018 · 500
Breathe In
is the early morning
dew sparkles
like golden wine
as the birds
start to sing in harmony
and the air
is filled with scents of pine.
Breathe in
the fresh morning air
feel all senses
come alive
as sun rays
shine through the trees
daybreak has arrived...
A soft breeze
blowing through the trees
the beauty of this place
close your eyes
listen to the sounds
as the wind
gently kisses your face.
the flowers blooming
firm on the ground
open your heart and mind
as hope
starts to zoom all around.
to the clear blue sky
the brightness
of the sun
as it lovingly
touches your face
let the joyful cry
of nature
fill your
with beauty and grace.
Just breathe it in.....
May 2018 · 2.3k
I’ve Had Those Times
Those sometimes
    those moments of time….
I’ve Had My Times.      

        I’ve had my times….
times of feeling loss, pain, hurt
   times of wanting to run, to leave
   to go far away where nobody knows me…
   there was a time when i was carefree, loving life
   and in one moment,
                      in one little moment, it was gone.
i’ve been beaten down, i’ve had my innocents ripped away
     [fifteen-year abusive marriage]       [***** at sixteen]
i’ve cried a river or maybe it’s been an ocean of tears….
           [pain consumed my life for many years]
i’ve felt the hand of death too many times
my soul has bled, my heart….. has known much pain
    i’ve looked through windows of dark blue
seen streaks of red…
                               pondered black holes…
                  have had days of staying in bed…  
sometimes i’ve wanted the world to just go
                                                         leave me behind
let me be, let me die….

I’ve had those moments of time when….
                               i’ve held new life in my hands
heard the beauty of a newborns cry
       i’ve seen the beauty of an ocean sunset
gazed wondrously at sea spirits’ dancing on the water
i’ve breathed deeply in the fresh mountain air
          felt the softness of a breeze
                like gentle fingers moving through my hair
           i’ve seen the old find new love
                  an amazing magical sight to see…
i’ve watched my children build beautiful lives
      not always perfect but, full of hopes and dreams.
i’ve learned to give through my pain
   i’ve seen and felt passion
            i’ve walked through fire
               and found true beauty on the other side.
   i look for beauty every day, even when it’s hard to do
i let love flow to every part me
                                                 giving the best to you.
  i let it consume me because falling into the depths
     of the demons of my past, would destroy
that part of my soul i have fought so hard to get back
to keep, so i let love, passion, and beauty consume me.
   And I Forever Will…..
              A sweet release we give our heart
                from pain of past that tore apart,
                    relief that only one can find
         when hearts we let, become unconfined
             to leave behind those stormy skies
                      letting self-love baptize…
May 2018 · 3.5k
If I Could
If I could have you back
for just one day,
I’d tell you all the things
I never did say…

I’d tell you I love you
and that I always will,
I’d tell you all my joys
even my little thrills.

I’d tell you my dreams
and sadness’s too,
I’d tell you my dark secrets
that you never knew…

I’d tell you about the love
deep in my heart,
I’d tell you of the day
I was torn apart…

I’d tell you how I miss you
and wish you were here,
I’d tell you everything
I hold so dear…

If I could have you back
for just one day,
I’d find a way
to continue the stay…
Sometimes the feeling of loss and grief can overtake you in a second, leaving tears streaming down your face. Sometimes, just by a smell, like the smell of lilacs floating through the air on a cool spring evening.

Just having a bad “Miss You Dad” day…
July 4th will be five years since he's been gone, it doesn't seem that long.
May 2018 · 644
From Here to There
I may not be right there
every night and every day,
but I feel you here with me
in so many loving ways.

So many miles between us
yet distance can’t keep us apart,
and nothing could ever change
all the love for you in my heart.

It could be a sweet dream
or a memory we have shared,
it only takes an instance
to get from here to there.

Even though I always feel you
standing by my side,
I cherish every single memory
that lingers through my mind.
May 2018 · 615
Soul to Soul
The tender song of your soul
flows to me with such ease,
feeling your spirit embrace me
like the kiss of a warm breeze.

A soft flowing melody
like a rivers grand design,
flowing water reflects love
tween your soul and mine.

The elegant flow of water
like loving words we speak,
causes my heart to pound
or grow blissfully weak.

That flowing whisper of love
from sweet honeyed lips,
caress my soul gently
like soft moving fingertips.

The tender song of soul to soul
a loving melody of treasure,
with our souls proclaiming
“A Love of now and Forever.”
Apr 2018 · 427
✿ڿڰڿ♥♥ڿڰڿ✿ ✿ڿڰڿ♥♥ڿڰڿ✿ ✿ڿڰڿ♥♥ڿڰڿ✿ ✿ڿڰڿ♥♥ڿڰڿ✿

                                That place of [Home]
                                that place of comfort
                           where the soul can breathe.

                                 [Feelings] of warmth
                                       a touch of love
                                    from deep within.

                                A [Place] of gentleness
                                        a loving heart
                                    this home of mine.

                                 [Sweetened] longings
                                                        ­        as
                                   for the one I Love
                                  my forever [Home]
Apr 2018 · 756
Love Can Make Time Still

Not every moment is perfect
some of my memories not so sweet,
but that love I hold in my heart
really, is what makes life complete.

Sweet moments can last forever
as love can make time still,
just like the beauty of a first kiss
my love for you lives on in my heart
and always forever will.

There’s a twinkle in my eyes
a tango step In my walk
it’s been so very long
since there was hope in my talk.

It’s your love,
like a river flowing through my soul
protecting, embracing, graceful,
beautifully, it makes my love whole.

Sweet moments can last forever
as love can make time still,
just like the beauty of a first kiss
my love for you lives on in my heart
and always forever will.

When my hands, you placed in yours
a passion unleashed, that all can see,
burning away the imperfect moments
making room for new sweet memories.

And when all else has been forgotten
when minutes are forever gone,
there’s a song that will continue
our love will play on and on.

Sweet moments can last forever
as love can make time still,
just like the beauty of a first kiss
our love lives on in our hearts
and always forever will.

Apr 2018 · 819
That First Moment

It was in that first moment
the first time we really talked,
i felt a soul connection
but at that time, my heart i blocked.

Do you remember that moment?
As i opened up and bared to you,
i felt such a calming peace
letting you in to see that view.

It was in that first moment
when i looked deep in your eyes,
i saw my forever “home”
i felt the sweetest of love baptize.

It was in that first moment
when you reached for my hand,
as i stepped into your arms
love overflowed, deep into the land.

It was in that first moment
when your lips touched mine in kiss,
Awwww.. the sweetest of moments
i will forever love to reminisce.

It was in that first moment
as our souls connected as one,
the world slipped out from beneath me
everything i knew became undone.

It was in that first moment…..

Again the moonlights company
4 am. She's somewhere.
About the skies glow
Stars flicker eyes turn
Search seek
A lone northern light
A light show
I gaze up to search for
And she's there I turn. My
Sight looks beyond now
Beyond my dim sight
Farther than I can reach
And I hope.
I remember
I close my eyes
And see.
For tonight
Her memory
And the moon
Light glow northerly
And a star's
And all my might
Are all I can see.
She is everywhere
But here...

She walked this night
in a snow covered field
as the snow blew all around
dancing diamond’s, iridescent light
with a kiss, the magic was sealed.

To the sky she points, lights appear
stunning colors, fill the dark of night
a graceful dance, only he will see
the beauty of the northern lights.

To him, she sends, her heart, her soul
through lights that dance among the stars
pushing back a looming shadow
she takes comfort in their beautiful memoirs.

Closing her eyes, she sees his face
his eyes, his heart, her beaconing light
pushing back that looming shadow
bringing comfort to her fright.

So she walks this night
in a snow covered field
as the snow blows all around
dancing diamond’s, iridescent light
with a kiss, the magic was sealed.
Apr 2018 · 474
Heart of Love
I am light
   the sparkle of fresh dew
       the warmth of the morning sun
          the whispering breeze that speaks true.

I am the beating
    heart of light
        the swirling auras of dreams
            forever shining bright.

            I am beauty
      of the delicate rose
the sweetest midnight kiss
     the heart of all prose.


        touching deep the heart
            creasing tenderly the soul
                  the perfect end, the perfect start.

                           I am………

Walking down a wooded path
tall flowing trees all around,
I came upon the river’s edge
and sat down on the ground.

Sitting at the edge of the river
I stare at its ongoing flow,
I start to give it all my pain
a release with each little throw.

My hardest pain is fear
that I’ve had from so long ago,
of never feeling good enough
that’s dulled my inner glow.

It eats at me like a cancer
each and every day,
the fear of never being good enough
and again being thrown away.

Years of disappointment and abuse
only being property, nothing to love,
but always trying to make things right
so everyone else could rise above.

I throw this fear out into the river
sit back and watch it pass slowly by,
I wrap my arms around myself
feel the release, let myself cry.

I throw out all the other pains
betrayal, heartache, loneliness and more,
I watch them drift gently way
these last tears will be left on this river shore.

Noticing as each and every pain
slowly floats down the river away,
I observe at a distance
as they fade into the suns sparkling rays.

Walking down a wooded path
tall flowing trees all around,
I came upon the river’s edge
and was surprised at what I found.

And ever onward shall we strive
and from the circle peace derive.
The sea in robes of mossy green
and blues the eye has never seen...
In grays that mock the stormy sky
and depths that hold the tears gone by....

A sweet release we give our heart
from pain of past that tore apart,
relief that only one can find
when hearts we let, become unconfined,
to leave behind those stormy skies
letting self-love baptize…

A tide of tears resides within
and waits to overflow.
i greet with a smiling face
so others will not know.

How feeble is this masquerade.
Transparent are the games.
Emotions should be given room
without the chides and blames.

The time will come to open up
and let the dam release...
my will, the pressure stop.
my soul will be at peace.

Weep when grief prescribes.
Laugh for humor's sake.
Love with everything you have
and forgive, all your mistakes.

Thank you Cné!!!!!
Mar 2018 · 584
Those Sparkles of Night
Across the miles, upon a breeze
beautiful words of love blew,
falling stardust, a midnight moon
whispering words of you.

The night surrounds me
In a swirl of celestial light,
so comforting to my soul
are those sparkling stars of night.

A sense of a loving presence
twirling through my long hair,
a heavenly aura around me
lets me know you are there.

Across the miles, upon a breeze
beautiful words of love blew,
falling stardust, a midnight moon
bring love to the morning dew.
Mar 2018 · 674
The Only Place
Under sprinkles of stardust
in a midnight of blue,
the only place I want to be
wrapped in the arms of you.

Loving under the silver moon
as stardust falls from the sky,
as the love of our hearts flow
and our souls float up and fly.

A dance through the stars
loves fire ablaze,
blissful sensations
lost in a passionate gaze.

In loving embrace
through dawns first light,
as our fire of love burns
in glorious hues so bright.

In the warm rays of the sun
under a sky so blue,
the only place I want to be
wrapped in the arms of you.
Mar 2018 · 303
Undying Love
        to        you
    the     deepest    part
    of my soul
                  the key
                  to my heart
   Always you’ve held it
         deep in your soul
   with whispers of love
                centuries old.
Like a whispering
surrounding me in love
     every day and night.
           always holding strong
       through life’s many trials.
two souls
       loving until the end.~
Mar 2018 · 520
Silent prayer
Tears fell
all night long
she hasn’t slept a wink
the moon
he tried to call to her
but her mind can’t be reached.
She walked
in the cold night air
hoping for relief
the hurt
is so deep inside
like a form of grief.
froze on her cheeks
but never felt the sting
for the cold made her numb
as she listened to the wind sing.
She said a silent prayer
to the stars up above,
she prayed for her heart
to understand
and to always
be open with love.

Love, like poetry never really dies
words can become blurred,
verses left undone, just as a heart
can break, because of its own love.
This was written after talking to someone who was going through a hard time, emotions that at times I can relate to also.
Mar 2018 · 805
Painted Words
If I could but paint
in the Beauty of a painters hand,
I’d paint over all my fears
in Colors so grand.

If I could but make
that Looming Shadow disappear,
cast It away
I’d have no more Sad tears.

If I could but show you
this soul of Love,
you would surely be enchanted
by the beauty of Truelove.

If you could but feel
the depth of the Love in my heart,
you would be able to maneuver
through every star chart.

If you could but see
the pain that Shadow brings
you wouldn’t Open the door to it
you wouldn’t Hear it’s ring.

If I could but give
with truly no Fear,
every Song of my heart
would be Heard, ever so clear.

So I’ll continue to paint words
in the Stillness of serenity,
until every color of my Soul
is Seen throughout eternity.
Mar 2018 · 761
Loves Beauty
In the deep of night
she comes to you,
bringing with her
dreams come true.

Pressing her lips
upon your face,
in tender love
souls embrace.

Holding tight
through faith and hope,
forever joined
by loves golden rope.

By song of heart
a melody sublime,
in mystical sound
of rhythm and rhyme.

In the deep of night
magic transpires,
giving the beauty
of loves eternal fire.
Feb 2018 · 1.4k
As March Blows In
As March blows in
so does new life
new hope
new chances to fulfill dreams
to make them come true.
March 20th the first day of Spring
also known as the Spring Equinox.
One of the two days in the year
that the sun will rise due East
and set due West.
And with the arrival of this date
the days will become sunnier
and new life will start to bloom.
Although for some of us
we may not see it quite yet
after all we could still
get our fair share of snow.
But, March is the promise
that spring is beginning
that warmer brighter days
are ahead of us.
Watching the seasons
especially spring
is a wonderful reminder
of learning to wait for things
to arrive when they are meant to.
After a long and what seemed
like a very cold winter
feeling the warmth
of the sun on my face
through the window
as I stood admiring
the rise of the outside thermometer
it brought a very warm feeling
to my heart.  
Early spring is such a beautiful time
but, many times
the beauty is missed
in the longing
for what hasn’t yet arrived.
Rest assure that beauty is just ahead
because that is the promise of spring
new hopes, new chances to
make dreams come true
and Spring, she never disappoints.
We just sometimes
must be patient enough
to let her show
her beautiful self
when she is ready.
Take time to admire the beauty
of early spring
as she slowly stretches
and yawns herself awake
to dazzle us
with new beauty, hopes
dreams and growth
as March blows in….
Inspired by a quote by Rachel Carson

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – The assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.
~ Rachel Carson
Feb 2018 · 10.4k
Sweet Sensations
I melt
when your desire speaks
as you wrap yourself around me
like the night…

I lose myself
as I swim in the pool of your eyes
moving my finger’s oh so light…

Passion devours me
when you say my name
as it rolls off your tongue so very fine…

Ecstasy falls on me
like the sparkles of fallen stardust
covering me until I glisten and shine…

Delight fills me*
as I become mesmerized by sweet sensations
as eyes are blazing bright…

I melt
when your desire speaks
as you wrap yourself around me
like the night…..

I melt*
In the presence of your love…
Feb 2018 · 757
to him
she said to him…
i love you
    in the quiet of the morning.
i love you
    in the heat of the day.
i love you
    when rain comes without
i love you
    in every other way…

lay your head down
            on the
                soft of my soul
let wander your mind
                 of beauty and love.
close your eyes my love
     as i whisper breathy kisses
                 into your ear
as the moon shines his
                      caressing light
and the pretty angels
        send butterfly kisses
                 from above.
Jan 2018 · 6.6k
She Is….
Gorgeous is the woman
with storms in her eyes,
a bruised soul
and many scars
but still dares to open up,
to trust with her heart
and fall in love
that is a woman
who bleeds stardust
and cries
tears of pure love….
This is dedicated to a really sweet person that I know, who has no idea how strong she actually is.
Sweetie, you shine, keep shining!!
Jan 2018 · 722
On Moonlit Skin
Meet me* in that place of silence
as the wind blows softly the trees,
where moon dust sparkles our skin
and the stars whisper in the breeze.

Dance me through the stars
twirl me up and over the moon,
pull me close and love me
to the melody of lovers tune.

Meet me in that place of silence
as the stars sparkle and glimmer,
where the wind blows softly the trees
as moon dust falls and shimmers.

Hold me in your loving embrace
as our souls again entwine,
let me forever be lost
in a dance so heavenly divine.

Meet me** *in that place of silence
as the wind blows softly the trees,
pull me close and love me
as the stars whisper in the breeze.
Jan 2018 · 323
As You Dream
I find myself there
at night
in dreams
you there
asleep on that
****** couch
with seven cats
all around you.
Three dogs
all of you dreaming
i can watch
i can’t touch
i can smell
that familiar
of soap
and Old Spice.
I can hear
you breathe
see your eyes
i can even
the heat from
your body.
i can’t touch…
And that’s
ok, because
i’m there
by your side
i can feel
your love
for me
as i pour
my love
out to you
as you sleep
dreaming sweetly.
Jan 2018 · 3.1k
The Paths of Love
Having him by my side
                              makes me feel safe
                                      from all the dangers
                                 that i may come across
                                         during this walk in life.
                                                       With him by my side
                                                        i feel capable to walk
                                      these paths, life puts before me,
           i know that all steps
                   i walk by his side
                           will be worthy ones,
                                 they will be the right ones.
                    Because i feel his strength of love
                                                            ­               decency
                                                         ­           friendship
                                           ­                   honesty
                                 by the simple touch of his hand
                                             by the light in his eyes
                                             when he looks at me.
             He helps me look to the future
             with a certainty
             that happiness is possible
             those obstacles
             we should never fear,
             there will always be obstacles
             always dark clouds and shadows
             together, we will always find a way
             out of these difficulties
             we together will always find our light.
                     Because we together
                         will always keep our hearts
                              filled with this greater feeling
                                 called love!
                                        A love that means unity
                                         in a life, we have chosen
                                              For our hearts
                             are filled with a beauty
                    inflated with the confidence
               and hope
only a great love can bring.
If reading from your phone, please flip your phone so you can get the full format of the poem
Jan 2018 · 1.7k
Sweet-Scented Paradise
On this night let’s take a walk
together just you and me,
holding hands we’ll count stars
with a kiss for each, we see.

Down a path, into a garden,
lined in Queen Anne’s Lace,
we’ll make beautiful memories
those that even time, cannot erase.

Loving you is like breathing,
true beauty of a heavenly design,
just as our seeds of love were sown,
forever into a growing vine.

As angels sing of beautiful love,
filling the sweet-scented night air,
a Joyful melody of sound,
reveals the love we share.

On this night let’s take a walk
until the sun meets our star-filled eyes,
and then when the stars twinkle and shine
we’ll walk again through paradise.
Jan 2018 · 452
With Words
I will never find the right words
to say just how I feel,
but this love that floods my heart
is a love no one could steal.

You’re the air that I breathe
my beloved sweetheart,
the light shining in my soul
the whole of my heart.

Your smile is breathtaking
a heart so loving and true,
my heart flips and skips
every time I hear you.

I’ll walk with you forever
giving all I have to give,
and promise to love you
beyond this life, I live.

Defining feelings in words
can sometimes be hard to do,
but I’ll always do my best
to show my love for you.
Jan 2018 · 639
Too Her, He Said
In you, I have found….

A peaceful happiness,
eyes to imagine in dreams
a calmness    by your soft touch
a warmth…
a sweet soul    to rock with me on a swing
I have no fear of losing    or hurting.
to wander the trail that leads
   just into the woods
nowhere special, thousands of them on earth.
to listen to a bird’s chirp
and see the beauty in it like I do.
to share smiles with as we make faces in the clouds.
to hold onto in the darkest recesses of insecurity.
to balm my wounds and kiss with tears
to love, like love has never been seen.


*Far off in the misty glow
of one centurion
distant show
of a bursting new star
all alone
her brightness
to draw him nearer
near to her
and he was reborn
as a nebula all pink and red all showy
as gravity and space collided
they made love
in the heavens dark.
His words to her, she just put them together to be in one place with the first poem he wrote for her :)
Jan 2018 · 554
Loving Him
I love him
with the passion
that consumes me
[he is the passion
                that consumes me]

I love him
with the beauty
that consumes me
         [he is the beauty
                that consumes me]

I love him
with the love
that consumes me
        [he is the love
               that consumes me]

He Consumes Me
[I love what
               consumes me]
Jan 2018 · 361
This New Year
For this New Year
I only ask these few things,
for you, I'm truly hoping
peace this New Year brings.

I ask for your happiness
that you may truly feel,
peaceful hope and faith
that any hurts will heal.

In this New Year, you enter
it's history yet to be known,
I ask you be touched by love
so you never feel alone.

I ask for joy in your life
that you love, with all your heart,
that you feel the love of family
even when miles apart.

During hurt, I ask you give more
so someone else feels gain,
letting love flow through your heart
washing away past pain.

I hope with what you have
you truly feel blessed,
finding beauty every day
and every night, peaceful rest.
Wishing You A Beautiful New Year Full Of Love And Few Regrets!
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