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4.0k · Dec 2018
I Am Cold (reverse poem)
Kate Dec 2018
I am cold.
But everyone says
You just need to get past my walls,
I am a warm person deep down.
They see what they want to but
I am cold as ice inside.
People will tell you
I have a sensitive side but
Hardly anyone sees.
What I truly am inside,
A heartless monster.
Still, my peers think they know
I am really a big softy.

Now read it bottom to top.
I tried to write this a while ago but ended up just going off on a rant instead so here is my newer version of that poem.
430 · Nov 2018
Waking Up
Kate Nov 2018
I love waking up next to you
The sunlight dancing on your face

I love your disheveled hair
Which I run my fingers through

I love your hazel eyes gazing up at me
Still not fully awake

I love your quiet voice
As you say good morning

I love your gentle hands
Tracing lines along my back

I love the way you smell
Our scents mixed throughout the night

Most of all, I just love you
And any time we spend together
290 · Oct 2018
Dying is Selfish
Kate Oct 2018
Dying for me was the most selfish
Thing you could have done. It's hellish
Living with the pain of knowing
You’re gone to stop my heart from slowing.
Your friends and family know it too,
Their pain is all my fault, I rue.
Simply because you couldn't bear
The thought of living without my flare.
This sprouted from my late night philosophical musings about how dying for someone is very selfish despite it being regarded as the most selfless thing a person can do.
170 · Nov 2018
I Am Cold
Kate Nov 2018
They think I am cold,
And distant,
Some would say aloof.
I glare at everyone I see,
Ignore anyone who talks,
Shut out my friends and family.

I retreat into myself,
Into my room,
Into whatever dark corner I can find
Because the pain of facing them,
Enduring another heartbreak,
It's just too much to bear.

I've tried to let people in,
Let them see my warmer side,
Show them who I truly am.
All they do is tear a **** in my heart,
And leave me to bleed,
To die with only myself as company.

So I am cold.
I am distant.
I am aloof.
I glare at everyone.
I talk to no one.
I shut out my friends and family.
But only to protect myself
From all the pain they will cause,
And all the lies they will tell.
I protect myself from the world,
And they protect themselves from me.
77 · Oct 2018
First Love
Kate Oct 2018
When I'm with you my heart is racing;
I may seem calm but inside I'm pacing.
I can hardly think straight,
A million scenarios my mind will create.

When you look into my eyes-
My heart’s demise-
I’m burning inside,
Feelings that I cannot hide.

I love you;
A feeling so new.
One I never thought I’d feel.
I still remind myself it’s real.

I long to be with you-
In your arms- when you're out of view.
Every second, every day;
What else can I say?

I dream of your touch;
Always wanting to be in your clutch.
I ache when you're not here,
The one I hold so dear.

You have helped me through a lot...
Peace to my life, you have brought.
Always there when I need you,
And I'll always be here for you too.
Written about the first person I have ever truly loved and trusted. This has been on my computer for so long and I am the only one who has ever read it, I figured it is time to share.

— The End —