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Mar 1 · 31
A tuneless song.
Rhiannon Mar 1
This song we sing is dissonant,
It's harsh but it's the truth,
Our blundering amazes me,
As obvious as a missing tooth.

I thought our friendship fruitful,
Even on this barren land,
But you then said you were sick of me,
The opposite of what I'd planned.

What used to be harmonious,
A tune that we could both play,
Soon became too jarring,
I didn't know what to say.

I cry because it was beautiful,
A lovely sweet-sounding hum,
Now ruined by the clash of cymbals,
We can't undo what we've done.
Jun 2020 · 39
Terminated sentience.
Rhiannon Jun 2020
Something is forming deep within you,
Your genes and blood involved,
Creation immanent upon contact,
A warning bared and foretold.

Sculpted in your image given,
A foreign voice and brand new start,
Painting not yet pondered on,
Worming it's way into your heart.

Sudden action caught in premise,
A mark forever sore,
Tiptoe round this crater softly,
Emergence abruptly tore.

Scattered thought leaves you in longing,
A handful of grief stains your skin,
Need to repent left unresolved,
Precaution stretched thin.

Ambivalence wrecks your perception,
Constant here and there,
To focus on 'What if' and 'Could've been',
Dwelling hardly seems fair.

Something was taken from deep within you,
Your genes and blood involved,
Creation destroyed upon contact,
A fortune left untold.
Rhiannon Jun 2020
I approach you with extreme caution,
Never knowing which way you'll turn.
Sometimes soothing and sweet like honey,
Others harsh and corroding, Acidic burn.

Mocking words you said in scorn,
I catch myself embarrassed again.
Both sides of you split and torn,
Are you my foe or my friend?

At arms length I'll keep my distance,
You can't manipulate me from far away,
Quick, You'll notice within an instance,
Ask me, 'What game I'd like to play'.

I approach you with extreme caution,
A memory here you yelled at me,
Standing back I assess the situation,
Then off I sprint like an animal free.
Rhiannon May 2020
You shouted words disastrously,
Sparks flying off your tongue.
But I had no words to serve you,
This burning wasn't fun.

Your viciousness got louder,
As I walked myself away.
I'm not here to feed your anger,
I have nothing left to say.

Your voice it seemed corrosive,
But with no reaction to meet,
I left you wincing awkwardly,
Your bile stinging your feet.
Don't let unreasonable people get to you.
May 2020 · 106
heavy thoughts.
Rhiannon May 2020
An unsettled feeling twists in my gut, as I think of everything I haven't done. Every ounce, fragile pound of weight set upon my bones, leaves me lethargic. There is more to my life than work. My friends are embodiments of love, that God or whoever made us, gave to ease our pain. I am caught in the joy of movement. The joy of travel. The idea that escapism is enough. But how do you escape your own brain? How do you escape your own body? This life is what you make of it. But I want to know what made me. Am I truly in control? Or is this all some sort of sick joke? My thoughts are made up of question marks. But question marks do not give me answers. And what if I get the answers I want but they don't settle right with me?

What if this life is made up of more than question marks?
May 2020 · 49
Let the storm pass.
Rhiannon May 2020
For vengeance is pointless,
Only strain, blood and tears.
It will not soothe your shaking,
It will not erase your fears.

This anger it is useless,
It will not open doors.
It will not warm you in the cold,
Or eradicate your flaws.

For justice is a differen't thing,
Compared to revenge at any cost.
One will heal you slowly,
The other will drown you in loss.
#Revenge isn't worh it #You were born for more than anger
May 2020 · 198
Worlds end.
Rhiannon May 2020
Should we head onwards towards our future?
Make the best of what we've got.

Or set our sights on new beginnings,
And face the ragnarok.
Apr 2020 · 239
Spewing thoughts.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
To comprehend the idea of freedom,
Thrown around me in retort,
Goes along the path of reason,
The very thing that I was taught.

Unbeknownst to me this beginning,
Built up of loss and flames,
Brings me courage to carry on winning,
Lifes ever changing games.

I bring you chance of please and pardon,
A route not yet walked by,
Snakes slither round you in this garden,
But you do not flinch or cry.

From broken bones and desperate illusions,
To a place to rest and drink,
We open our minds to other conclusions,
The worlds bigger than we think.
Apr 2020 · 201
Rhiannon Apr 2020
She tried her best to save me,
Had redemption slathered on her tongue,
But I was a goner before she found me,
There was nothing she could have done.
Apr 2020 · 75
I feel it.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
For love it is a wretched word,
It does not sit well in my mouth.
Opposed to me in twos and thirds,
Consumes my brain in doubt.

For it keeps lingering ominously,
I do feel it in my skull,
Stuck, jarring sounds, cacophony,
My mind remaining dull.

And harsh it is to feel the sting,
A wasp crawled up my arm,
What ebbing state, vile thing,
Light up my thoughts in alarm.

But you are seen more in light,
Than darkness is to say.
I clench my fists in noble fight,
But you will not go away.
Apr 2020 · 43
Brutal beginnings
Rhiannon Apr 2020
We alternate between the ashes,
Of a father in past tense,
With blood, bone and family clashes,
A wolf pack of a differen't scent.

A hiearchy deformed in nature,
My eye colour confined,
To those who left us a broken hater,
Slaving away to time.

Our fortunes forbidden to show and tell,
You'll find it in a luxury drink,
Thoughts and feelings your mind expels,
So you let the words sink.

A carrier of the family gene,
One we do not accept,
As we mop the floor of the dirt and gore,
Then carry on with all we have left.
#Brutal beginnings #Never give up #Keeping going
Apr 2020 · 51
Upon a sandy shore.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
There upon a rocky shore,
Stood strong sailors ten or more.
Some had smeared their hair with tar,
All sorts of people from near and far.

A sirens call there could be heard,
But not one person uttered a word.
"Don't dwell on it" they'd all think,
Like trying to ignore a boat about to sink.

Oh, but no man can resist the call,
And those who say they can are no more than fools.
Entrancing music carries you beyond this realm,
No matter how tight you hold onto the helm.

As the last sailor leaves blissfully unaware,
Only the shipwreck and trees can tell us what was there.
Upon a sandy shore seeming so fine,
The sirens call as rich as wine.
#Sailor #Mythology #Sea
Apr 2020 · 35
Rhiannon Apr 2020
This whole thing makes me feel lethargic,
There's nothing more to do.
I've washed up, Fed the cats,
I've even polished my shoes.

I've watched all the series on Netflix,
There's nothing more to see,
Three more weeks of this?
Oh, You've got to be kidding me.
Quarantine is boring
Apr 2020 · 59
Steep path ahead.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
There has been many a wanderer on this trek,
endure and survive the only advice we're told.
Most fallen short just before discovery,
Led into the world so bare and cold.

Trudging along heavy footed,
We limp in circles scared and sore,
Our minds, our hearts, our souls embedded,
With a heavy thirst for something more.
#Difficult journey
Apr 2020 · 108
Rhiannon Apr 2020
In a manner of speaking,
I guess you could say I'm at a loss.
A part of myself not yet met creeping,
the bridges i've burnt trying to get across.

The land we meet on spoilt and barren,
No trees or fertile soil here.
My foe before me stands nonchalant, inhuman,
No sign of a whimper, No seep of a tear.

The very beginning of my journey was broken,
A dishonest and foul way to start.
This stalemate wreaks with truths unspoken,
Like the decaying stench of your closed off heart.
Apr 2020 · 32
Rhiannon Apr 2020
We formed forces impatiently,
the sharp hiss and sting of pain,
you asked, "Are you ok?" quietly,
I nodded my head in vain.

The lights were on and we were bare,
Our nakedness something new,
Your skin suprisingly soft and fair,
A whisper of history between me and you.

We lost ourselves unsuccessfully,
Thougths too loud in your head,
Afterwards we lay together quietly,
mumbeld words passed along the bed.

The next morning we had breakfast,
Talking over what we'd done,
Smiling at eachother nervously,
Agreed it was just some fun.

But your thoughts they kept on nagging you,
messages of twenty or more,
your denied conquest like a blade threw,
as your feelings sank into the floor.

I'm here to amend the memory,
the weight of your body against mine,
But I can't make myself touch you anymore,
and this feeling is no longer fine.

I'm sorry you think I used you,
You mean so much more you see,
You're the person in my life who,
Sank into sensation with me.
Apr 2020 · 136
Pandemic thoughts.
Rhiannon Apr 2020
With the grunts and groans of a wakening morn,
A small ball of resentment, fire and scorn,
There are heavy bags haunting your face,
Time goes by on a clock but there is no race.

Days and moments mesh together,
For the dumb, oblivious, ignorant and clever,
Nothing is separate one by one,
Awaken, eat, sleep, done.

The ignorant march out in hordes and laugh,
At the cautious hidden behind masks and glass,
As the docile watch from somewhere in the middle,
Eat, work, sleep little.

Remembrance of the workers clad in cloth,
Their work deemed essential until very last cough,
Mindless sit on stones along the beach,
Whilst the sun cooks their skin, face and feet.

"I'll be ****** if I'm staying in!" someone shouts,
A reckless, stupid, ignorant lout,
Struts into the shop and buys a lazy spa,
Oh how productive, thoughtful and intelligent you are.

Then the workers travel home by train, car or bus,
Get through their front door and take their shoes off with a huff,
Sigh because tomorrow is yet another day,
Trying to persuade morons to simply stay away.
Mar 2019 · 79
Judge me how you want to.
Rhiannon Mar 2019
I will not surrender,
To your judgemental eyes,
I've got a thousand people to meet,
Through stormy and clear skies.

Your vicious words mean nothing,
When there's just empty space to fill.
I've got love and I've got something,
You've got dust, nothing, nil.

Ignorant, this, that, whatever.
You know you're nothing fine.
When you've got your own insecurities,
How come you pick on mine?

Is common decency difficult?
Does it load air into your brain?
Congratulations *******!
You spout your **** again!
More people need to learn that it's easy to be kind.
Rhiannon Feb 2019
It's always possible I find,
To try your best to be kind.

And if somebody among you is mean,
Do not fall down to their scene.

You're better than bitter resent,
Even if it's not how they meant.

Do not fall for their trick,
Dodge those nasty words quick!,

Because it's always possible I find,
To try your best to be kind.
Jan 2019 · 74
Mornings light.
Rhiannon Jan 2019
Have you seen this new beginning?
The one of golden sun.
Daffodils for all your friends,
lets go have some fun.
Jan 2019 · 262
Rhiannon Jan 2019
The chief of vessels,
Here he lingers still,
gormless and ruthless,
guilty and ill.

The matriarch will protect you,
courageous and fair.
Swords may dive around and above too,
But she will not flinch, She will not care.

This omen is an old friend,
One we have learnt to disguise ourselves from,
Bonded by blood they may be,
But their blood is cursed and wrong.

A jester jumps entertaining us,
Distract yourself from historys doing,
Whilst the matriarch guards the doorway,
The chief is left to ruin.
Jan 2019 · 146
Fortunes tale.
Rhiannon Jan 2019
This year we will prosper,
Be bright and ready to run.

Ahead towards fertile ideas,
Onwards towards the sun!
Nov 2018 · 237
Rhiannon Nov 2018
It's hard to stress over little things,
Your opinions nothing new.
One hint of truth and snakes bite stings,
The world is bigger than you.
**** 'em.
Oct 2018 · 247
Wonderful light.
Rhiannon Oct 2018
I know you think yourself wilted,

Caged by fear and doom,

But one day you'll see you're a sunflower,

Bright and in full bloom.
Oct 2018 · 334
Subtle pastel smiles.
Rhiannon Oct 2018
When the sun rises bright and warm,

Raindrops finally drying,

I hope you know you're the reason,

Why my futures smiling.
Rhiannon Oct 2018
I will always write warmly about you,
You're a solid battle cry.
No Demon known to man can take you,
Angelic wings stretched wide.

I've hummed lullabies to your meaning,
Of certain love and grace.
You are contentment and a homely feeling,
You're beautiful and you're safe.

Crystals have reflected in your honesty,
Rainbow colour grins.
When humans can be muted anomalies,
You're the bird that still sings.
Oct 2018 · 96
Careful pretenses.
Rhiannon Oct 2018
The inevitability of you is astounding,
You're a pretty flower nobody can help but pick.
But there are many snakes in this garden,
So please be cautious.

I've heard your laughter windswept across the sea front,
Many a brave sailor has come to visit you.
You're a rare catch,
Nobody can help but fish for.

I've seen thunderstroms in your eyes,
As birds swoop past to escape your wrath.
You're an off the richter scale earthquake,
Nobody can forget.

The vulnerability of you is astounding,
You're a thistle nobody can cut back.
Many people have come to **** your garden,
So I am being cautious.
Oct 2018 · 73
Fantastical indifference.
Rhiannon Oct 2018
My invisble friends carved their names onto trees,
Then a sick feeling in my stomach lurches like the broken bark.
Overused names sit sticky in my throat,
When broken down fantasies are denied exsistence.

Courage builds up in my bones,
But brittle begging forbids it.
My heart heavy like brickwork,
Tries to pound it's way outside my chest.

Delicate musk coats my body,
Like an effort to impress you.
Rich waves of belonging attach to me,
But all I feel is rotten inside.

Misleading practices go on throughout the day,
The gentle humming in my brain switches to crying,
As hopelessness indulges my senses,
Please, There has to be more than this.
Sep 2018 · 372
Rhiannon Sep 2018
Apples, Pears, Cherries,
Everywhere you see,
Ladybirds, Ants, Wasps,
Friendly bumblebees.

***** hands from seven hours picking,
Gloomy cloud or sunny skies,
Back ache from Blueberry collecting or weeding,
Getting a thorn in your eye.

Early mornings,
Commuter train,
Loud school kids,
Station rush.

A busy morning followed by a peaceful afternoon,
fresh air and quiet,
What a beautiful hush.
Rhiannon May 2018
If I was given the entire universe,
Upon a silver platter,
Would you like a piece for yourself?
Would it even matter?

If you were given the warmth of the sun,
To defrost your frozen bones,
Would you share the sunlight with me?
Or keep it for you alone?

If I was told to vanish from existence,
Would you put up a fight?
Or would you cave in and agree?
To tired to use your might.

If you were given all the answers,
To life's endless questions,
Would you indulge me in the truth?
Or wouldn't you even mention?

If I was struggling day after day,
Would you feel the ache?
Or would you smile plastic and tight lipped?
As your mask starts to crumble and flake.

If you were given a chance to paint me,
Would you create beautiful art?
Or would you declare me a philitine?
Then drain all the colour from my heart.
Rhiannon May 2018
Those shoes have got pizzazz,
It's true as it's told,
Their sparkling glitter vibrant colours,
A thousand questions old.

That shirt is very busy,
Busier than most,
Destroyed by hurried businessman,
Spilling tea and toast.

These trousers are a tight fit,
squeezing in the gore,
Of sugar, chocolate, donuts,
With a million calories more.

Your eyes are very dull,
Their tired and their red,
Like the judgement of a few strangers,
Fills your heart with dread.

Your mind is very lonely,
A desolate place to be,
For if you never loose control of your inhibitions,
You'll never truly be free.
May 2018 · 62
Old mans domesticity
Rhiannon May 2018
Sitting home alone,
In my Grandads old chair,
A bird feather on his hat,
and pipe smoke in the air.

His fake teeth so white,
Like some pearls from out at sea,
And his humour so silly,
He'd make a clown out of me.

Sitting home alone,
In my Grandads old chair,
dog treats on the table,
And gel in his hair.

OCD plagues him,
so you cannot move his things,
Listening to an old vinyl,
Loading the dishwasher whilst he sings.
Mar 2018 · 144
How much!?
Rhiannon Mar 2018
I can't seem to find a job,
Which really isn't rare,
But all I want is some stable income,
Enough so I can prepare,

Prepare for when I feel like treating my friends,
Or enough to pay off debts,
I don't want to get stuck in a vicious circle,
Of loan and repay and repent.

It seems that now living costs money,
A smiles a pound a minute
Using those pounds to pay for lottery tickets,
Though we know we'll never win it.

A world of money grabbing scoundrels,
That's how this economy works,
They'll swipe your wallet out your pocket,
And leave you in the dirt.

It's absolutely ridiculous,
It's barmy, it's mad,
Everyone's obsessed with ten pound notes,
Designer clothes and fads.

No one thinks to change the way they're living,
No one wants to be free,
From the people with small minds,
And the rules of a society.

No one thinks about a friendly face,
That is worth more than credit cards,
Cause money won't pick you up,
When your life is in shards.

I can't seem to find a job,
But I don't think I care,
Cause I'm rich in family, Friends and laughter,
And for that there is no fare.
Mar 2018 · 754
Gentle questioning.
Rhiannon Mar 2018
If I were to tell you I liked a girl,
Would you be ashamed?
Would you make me confess my sins at Church?
On a Bible my hand laid.

If I were to kiss her delicate ribs,
Count them one by one,
Would you taunt me with the one Adam gave up?
Try to change me by force and shun.

If I were to fall in love with her brilliant mind,
Would you drown me in my doubts?
Condemn me to a life of a lie confined,
By your mockery and your shouts.

If I were to caress her beautiful soul,
With tender words and care,
Would you wound me with words of hate?
Your anger making knots in my hair.

If I were to tell you I liked a girl,
Someone the same *** as I,
Would you accept me and embrace change?
Or wouldn't you even try?
Feb 2018 · 118
It's cold.
Rhiannon Feb 2018
It's been snowing where I live,
Which is absolutely fine,
Weather is a woman you do not mess with,
She does things in her own time.

But Weather, My boots aren't very warm,
And I'm getting chilblains on my toes,
So it would be nice if you could send a tropical storm,
Cause I'm tired of skiing down the road.

And I can't get to half of my friends,
As the bus I catch goes to turn right and slides left,
I try to walk but the ice leaves me stumbling,
Plus being clumsy, with my feet I am not deft.

Now Weather, Your moods always seem erratic,
One minute it's raining then the next it's dry,
And half the time when we ask for a bit of sun,
Your face turns to an expression quite wry.

I enjoy the snow, I do!
Your Daughter Winter is a lovely girl to meet,
But I think I'd enjoy her company an awful lot more,
If she didn't give me cold feet.
I'm wearing eight pairs of socks.
Rhiannon Jan 2018
Is this depression?
I'll never know.

This isn't the way they portray it,
In films and plays and books.

No background cause for this mental decline,
No atmospheric music for the hook.

This is depression,
It's real and it's raw.

So what the **** are you romanticising it for?
Rhiannon Jan 2018
She stomps, She cries,
She throws things.
She curses and pulls your hair.

She's dying, She's lying,
She's loosing,
She's broken beyond repair.

She wails, She screams,
She torments you.
On your ankles a ball and chain.

She frustrates, She enrages,
She degrades you.
Like she's the only one with a brain.

She contorts, She distraughts,
She impairs you.
In this vile and twisted plot.

You resent, You dislike,
You don't need her.
She's everything that you're not.

You're selfless, You're graceful,
You're lovely,
You're more valuable than you think.

So next time there's another hole in her lifeboat,
Perhaps you should let her sink.
Jan 2018 · 168
Washed out.
Rhiannon Jan 2018
I think I might be broken,
Now I know that seems strange,
But I'm loosing all my colour,
And everythings turning grey.

My life used to be in subtle pastels,
Some friends faces would glow gold,
But now everyone seems washed out,
Like it's just a side effect of growing old.

My sisters all shine a grieving red,
My Mother a drowning blue,
My Grandparents colours seem to have fled,
Like maybe they're washed out too.

The green grass I live on is quickly turning yellow,
The brown leaves of dying tree's remind me of loss,
As the bright and excitable gradually turn mellow,
Isn't it a shame what "Just existing costs?"
"I don't want to exist! I want to live!"
Jan 2018 · 578
What do I do with freedom?
Rhiannon Jan 2018
I am a mediocre person,
I do not live to please.
I do what I want, when I like,
Calmly passing like an autumn breeze.

A majority of my work is lackluster.
My things are left to grow mould,
As I grew up in a female cluster,
Of, "Girls are to do what they're told".

A robotic schedule has taught me,
That freedom will fall apart in my hands.
As real freedom is actually,
To embrace what I do not understand.

When the weather is cold and dreary,
I think of when the sun used to play,
But then I remember warm and clearly,
That the sun rises everyday.

I am a mediocre person,
I do not live to please.
This society does not define me,
So do not be shocked when I leave.
Rhiannon Nov 2017
The only flowers that don't die are fake ones,
People are flawed,
It's just the truth.

But you still expect perfection,

Even though it always rains where you live,
And there's a leak from your roof.

Now I know it would be hypocritical of me to point out your wrongs.

When where I live the boilers broken,
And I know you hate one of my favourite songs,
But it screams the words that cannot be spoken.

The only flowers that don't die are fake ones,
people are flawed,
It's just the truth,

But you still expect perfection.

You must have been ruined in your youth.
Sometimes vicious circles start from the people we least expect.
Rhiannon Nov 2017
The feeling of your dissapointment was palpable,
I could taste it on my tongue like I hadn't brushed my teeth in days,
And feel it thick in the atmosphere,
Like heavy smoke from a forest fire.

The grey bags under my eyes did nothing but exclaim my insomnia,
When you told me that maybe I just wasn't going to bed at the right time.
And frustration swam round my bloodstream as I just couldn't get the right pitch to that song I alsways used to sing.

The melancholy rumble from my gut,
Reminded me that I was alone unless I had a full stomach,
My figure didn't matter,
Cause neither I, Let alone anyone else sexualised it.

(No one of my own age that is)

Sleep deprivation rushes round me like gale force winds from a tropic storm,
Lack of money burns holes in my pockets,
and wanderlust nags at my brain like overdue assignments from a College wreck,
Whilst everyones moaning infects me like a plague,
when I find stress spots crawling up my neck.

I am generation Z,
Generation nothing,
Generation give up,
Generation what the ****?
Generation, "Who the hell told you I could live like this?"

But I am privileged,
In a house,
But I am not me.

I am grieving.

I am grieving myself again.
Oct 2017 · 135
Thinking at a funeral.
Rhiannon Oct 2017
Do not take those you love for granted,
Because one day they will be gone,
Like my Mother's old and tired violin,
They'll be far too rusty to play songs.

Give them chances and understanding,
Hold them when they cry,
Forgive them when they make you angry,
Don't waste your time explaining why.

Give them encouragment when they feel uncertain,
Help them up when they fall down,
If doubts come flooding in keep them afloat with your person,
Making sure they do not drown.

Do not take those you love for granted,
Because one day they will be gone,
And just like my mother's old and tired violin,
You will be damaged but you'll just have to carry on.
Oct 2017 · 384
Smell the fresh air.
Rhiannon Oct 2017
Nothing worth having comes easy,
That's just a lesson I've learned,
And sometimes when there are things we desperately want,
We have to be paitient and wait our turn.

Those you love will sometimes annoy you,
Or hurt you in some kind of way,
But still that does not diminish the value,
Of them coming back to see if you're ok.

At times the weather can be miserable,
But the sun always comes out in the end,
So take a deep breath and march on,
Treating the world like your best friend.
Sep 2017 · 459
Some people have big noses.
Rhiannon Sep 2017
You don't dig up the dead.
That's just one of lives main rules.

So why are you crowding round my heart?,
Looking for old feelings to use.
Sep 2017 · 151
A message to the nervous.
Rhiannon Sep 2017
You have a kind heart so you will struggle,
Although this is sad, it is true,
But if you hold onto hope you'll get somewhere,
A place of fresh air and something new.

There are vicious circles you will have to go round,
But with every bruise there comes a lesson,
And sometimes we stumble over ourselves,
But strong arms will catch us and warm voices will ease your tension.

You have a long road ahead of you,
One with cracks, bumps and hills,
So yes, sometimes you will fall down and cry,
But other times you'll be laughing at the thrills.

Please remember this my lovely,
There are some things you cannot change,
and although you will shake and you will be anxious,
Through courage and bravery is how great lives are made.
You have so much potential.
Rhiannon Aug 2017
You say you can't see yourself with anyone else,
That you want to keep me forever,
But I feel as though our love is weak,
And can be severed by a feather.

Although, this is hard to say,
As there are pictures of you in my room,
Darling, You better start pulling your weight,
Or I'll be leaving you soon.

Your Dad says that I'll be his daughter in law,
But we both know that's not true,
Cause we could spend a whole summer apart,
And not in one second would I miss you.

My family think that you're the one,
But in my mind I know that's not fair,
Cause all you ever do is rip me apart,
And leave my soul in despair.
Aug 2017 · 292
He doesn't bother at all.
Rhiannon Aug 2017
We're going nowhere,
Like a car that's broken down,
Or a king that's stopped his reign,
Cause someone's smashed his crown.

Or we're playing a bored game,
But you don't realise it's your turn,
So I wait and I wait,
As my insides rot and my thoughts churn.

I've tried to be patient,
But my heart is wearing thin,
Cause if you don't bother at all,
How'd you expect us to win?

I've tried my best,
But it's your turn now,
So don't just sit there baffled,
Like I'm the one who's made you frown.
Rhiannon Aug 2017
I cried eggshells out my eyes last night,
And they lay broken on the floor.

I’ve learnt to catch a few in the palms of my hands,
Cause if I don’t it makes peoples feet sore.
Rhiannon Aug 2017
I was mean to my sister the other day,
And then she started crying,
I was mean because she told me, "You never help".
When all week I'd been trying.

She tugs my heart strings of frustrated symphonies,
Makes me feel bad when I stand up for myself,
Then complaines to my Mother about my horrible behaviour,
As if she didn't induce it when like stones her words pelt.

I'd swim oceans to save her drowning mind,
But she never seems to care,
So she yells, sighs and stomps like a child of two,
Whilst in frustration I pull at my hair.
Rhiannon Aug 2017
You didn't like the fact I had leg hair,
So I showed you my armpit hair too,
Then you grimanced in utter disgust,
Just how shallow are you?

This natural thing that grows,
All over your body aswell,
Has you cringing and backing away,
Are you tangled up in some hair like hell?

Do you scream when you see beards?
Or carry a razor everywhere you go?
You've got to get the stupid idea out of your head,
That on ladies hair doesn't grow.
Your opinion doesn't matter to me, but it still ****** me off.
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