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2.3k · Feb 2017
Attack of the Materialistic
Rhiannon Feb 2017
Superficial feelings seem to run the world,
Along with the idea that to be attractive,
You have to be skinny with teeth as white as pearls.

Whilst you consume sugar,
That gnaws at your bones,
And the smoke that your inhaling,
Helps the Cancer grow.

The salt in your body,
Gives you high blood pressure,
And the drugs that your snorting,
Make friends with Schizoprenia.

How beautiful it is to find,
That your decaying inside,
Whilst your abide in alcohol,
Only kissing people to keep your tongue busy.

But it doesn't matter,
It's never mattered,
Cause at least your pretty.
Shallow people need to be educated.
Rhiannon Jul 2017
I wanted to get a wasp tattooed onto my arm,
But you didn't like the idea.
The wasp is meant to represent my internal battle,
of your acceptance, my desperation, but mostly the fear.

The fear that you wouldn't like what I was doing,
Because Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
Yet, ironically, you raised me to think for myself,
Bohemian and wild.

The tattoo is supposed to remind me,
that sometimes when you feel life is falling apart,
it's just life falling into place,
like when your disapproval smashes against my heart.
I'm getting the tattoo anyway.
941 · Jan 2016
The games we play
Rhiannon Jan 2016
Want to play a game?
You know that one where,
The first person to break a heart wins.

The one where our anxiety is so bad,
We think that if we stay in bed all day,
That'll wash our problems away.

The one where the crippling pressure that still lingers from school,
Is killing you in college,
And you don't know how to tell anyone.

Want to play a game?
You know that one where,
We place a gun to our heads,
Count to three... then press the trigger.
Rhiannon Nov 2017
The feeling of your dissapointment was palpable,
I could taste it on my tongue like I hadn't brushed my teeth in days,
And feel it thick in the atmosphere,
Like heavy smoke from a forest fire.

The grey bags under my eyes did nothing but exclaim my insomnia,
When you told me that maybe I just wasn't going to bed at the right time.
And frustration swam round my bloodstream as I just couldn't get the right pitch to that song I alsways used to sing.

The melancholy rumble from my gut,
Reminded me that I was alone unless I had a full stomach,
My figure didn't matter,
Cause neither I, Let alone anyone else sexualised it.

(No one of my own age that is)

Sleep deprivation rushes round me like gale force winds from a tropic storm,
Lack of money burns holes in my pockets,
and wanderlust nags at my brain like overdue assignments from a College wreck,
Whilst everyones moaning infects me like a plague,
when I find stress spots crawling up my neck.

I am generation Z,
Generation nothing,
Generation give up,
Generation what the ****?
Generation, "Who the hell told you I could live like this?"

But I am privileged,
In a house,
But I am not me.

I am grieving.

I am grieving myself again.
Rhiannon Jun 2017
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I want to stroke your back when you’re upset or in pain.
I want to laugh at the silly things you say,
Or the random letters you add to a word,
Like that time, you went to say “Impossible”,
But ended up saying “Imposhable”.
And we died on the fourth round of **** zombies because we were laughing so much.

You’re a ****** but you’re my ******,
So yeah, I want to spend the rest of my life with you,

And maybe one day you’ll remember to bring your tortoise in from the garden,
So we’ll have a laugh trying to find him.
Eventually we will,
but only after we’ve wiped away the tears of joy,
Streaming down our faces.
844 · Mar 2016
Rhiannon Mar 2016
I would like to buy a house,
A house built up on Mars.
So you and I could laze about,
Just looking up at the stars.

And we'd talk about stupid things,
We'd just ramble and ramble on.
Until our voices get hoarse,
And we can see it's almost dawn.

We'd make friends with the Martians,
And play football in the sky.
We'd live our life's obliviously happy,
With no humans to ask "why?"

My love we've found a place of home.
A home where we can be,
Ourselves and ourselves alone,
Smiling Infinitely.
754 · Mar 2018
Gentle questioning.
Rhiannon Mar 2018
If I were to tell you I liked a girl,
Would you be ashamed?
Would you make me confess my sins at Church?
On a Bible my hand laid.

If I were to kiss her delicate ribs,
Count them one by one,
Would you taunt me with the one Adam gave up?
Try to change me by force and shun.

If I were to fall in love with her brilliant mind,
Would you drown me in my doubts?
Condemn me to a life of a lie confined,
By your mockery and your shouts.

If I were to caress her beautiful soul,
With tender words and care,
Would you wound me with words of hate?
Your anger making knots in my hair.

If I were to tell you I liked a girl,
Someone the same *** as I,
Would you accept me and embrace change?
Or wouldn't you even try?
660 · Apr 2017
My Father's a selfish man.
Rhiannon Apr 2017
My first sister didn’t pay her parking fine,
I think maybe once or three hundred times.
But my father didn’t care,
Because he’s a ******* billionaire.

So he’s probably sat at home on his new Iphone,
Booking spontaneous trips to Rome,

Whilst my third sister sits in the school foyer,
Heaving for breath,
Choking on a lollipop,
She bought with her last pence.
Rhiannon Jun 2017
My heart was made of glass,
And you smashed it on the floor.

No explanation, you just laughed,
But it made me want you more.
Love is blind.
627 · Apr 2017
Dancing with my thoughts.
Rhiannon Apr 2017
It's sad when things fade. Like when friends drift apart,
Or that song you used to listen to on repeat becomes boring.
Really, It’s not sad.
Just you moving on with your life,
Evolving into a fresher, more complex version of yourself.

Time moves ridiculously quickly.
No one ever thinks to pause and look around for a bit.
We can't take life for granted.
It can be taken from us at any second of any day to yourself,
Or those you love.

Don't judge people.
Don't wish people harm.
Just learn to accept and appreciate those around you a lot more then you do now,
Cause I bet you've spent your life mainly thinking about yourself, and for a while that's good.
Self-healing is good and is a way of rebuilding broken parts.
But once you're superglued back together again, think of others.

Tell your family you love them more,
And when parting for the day give them a hug.
Do nice things for them randomly.
Whenever they're not expecting it.
Plant love like poppy seeds,
And nurture it until it blooms fully and is brighter than first thought possible.

Think for yourself but do not become ignorant.
Debate and embrace others opinions,
So that you do not become small minded or obtuse.

If people try to harm you,
Work out why.
Confront them and demand an answer,
But do not shout. Remain calm and collected.
If they have not got a proper reason (Not that there ever is one)
Take them out of your life.
Erase them and their negativity.
The hate will fade away.

They cannot affect you if you do not let them.

Remain strong.
Remain honest.
But most of all,
Remain yourself.
Rhiannon May 2017
You can erase it you know? The way they stare. Gawk at you as if you’re a spectacle. You can avoid the questions. Dodge them as if they’re not cascading down like fine rain. You think it won’t affect you and your smile drops once you get back into the warm. You’re drenched.

I guess your immediate reaction would be to laugh. You of all people have always had a bizarre sense of humour. Then again when you asked me to stay you weren’t laughing, or sobbing now that I think about it. You were just calm, like you’d expected this. Like you’d expected an end.
587 · Jan 2016
Rhiannon Jan 2016
I waited for you,
Your picture in a silver lockett,
That I wear heavy against my chest.

I bought you flowers on Christmas eve,
And the rain that poored ceased,
Then the sun came out to play.

I wrote you a poem,
One that you could not read,
But I swear I felt your gaze.

Then as I cracked a joke,
Smilling at your headstone,
I saw your famous grin,
As you asked,
"Why are you waiting? I've been with you the whole time."
Rhiannon Apr 2017
What I love about the Internet,
Is all the people I haven't met.

The humour that is shared,
It's the comfort when people are scared.

It's for when you're bored sat at home,
and it makes you feel less alone.

Because you know someone else is bored too.

It's the friends in foreign countries,
the cultures to embrace.

It's the debates and conversations,
in person, some people are too afraid to make.

What I love about the internet,
Is that we're all caught in its Web,
But maybe that’s why I hate it too.
578 · Jan 2018
What do I do with freedom?
Rhiannon Jan 2018
I am a mediocre person,
I do not live to please.
I do what I want, when I like,
Calmly passing like an autumn breeze.

A majority of my work is lackluster.
My things are left to grow mould,
As I grew up in a female cluster,
Of, "Girls are to do what they're told".

A robotic schedule has taught me,
That freedom will fall apart in my hands.
As real freedom is actually,
To embrace what I do not understand.

When the weather is cold and dreary,
I think of when the sun used to play,
But then I remember warm and clearly,
That the sun rises everyday.

I am a mediocre person,
I do not live to please.
This society does not define me,
So do not be shocked when I leave.
531 · Oct 2016
Rhiannon Oct 2016
There are rumours circulating,
About you and I,
I'm not sure what they are,
But then I'm not one to pry.

According to common gossip,
We've done so many things,
Like snuck out at midnight,
And bought each other diamond rings.

I only know those two,
From my friends big mouths,
Who exclaim these stories in detail,
Like they're something to be proud about.

But rumours are never good things,
They only cause pain,
Because people's sharp tongues sting,
As we drive each other insane.
520 · Nov 2016
Rhiannon Nov 2016
You can't stir your negative words into my tea like sugar,
'Cause the sugar will not taste sweet.
And the water you boil will be chalky
Leaving me with a bitter aftertaste.

Which means your opinion biscuits will be soggy,
Dropping off into the poison.

The poison you tell me is "Tea."
495 · Nov 2016
I don't hate you.
Rhiannon Nov 2016
I will forever mourn you,
You and your plastic heart.
The fake ways of saying "I love you too",
As you tick another name off your chart.

I will forever forgive you,
The way I cursed your name,
For you too have an open mind,
And a heart that beats the same.

I will forever forgive you,
Because a grudge is a bad idea,
And my Mother tends to exaggerate things,
So she's ingrained my mind with fear.

What I have learned from your leaving,
Is to never trust others,
No matter if they're your greatest friend,
Sisters or Brothers.

We're a selfish race of humans,
And you've just about proved my point,
Because a Devil tricked my Mother,
But her children's hearts she did anoint.
479 · Apr 2017
You keep deteriorating.
Rhiannon Apr 2017
You are not a hindrance,
You’re anything but a problem.

Why are your ears deceiving you?
Your eyes blur what you can see.

Your body seems to hate you,
But please don’t take it out on me.
459 · Sep 2017
Some people have big noses.
Rhiannon Sep 2017
You don't dig up the dead.
That's just one of lives main rules.

So why are you crowding round my heart?,
Looking for old feelings to use.
434 · Aug 2016
He just.
Rhiannon Aug 2016
He just sits there day after day,
A pensive expression and an ash tray.
His car of blue now smells of smoke,
His lungs are black and coughs are chokes.

He just sits there day after day,
A pensive expression and an ash tray.
Has no family so he works all the time,
And he always looks knackered but he says he's fine.

He just sits there day after day,
A pensive expression and an ash tray.
He finally got a promotion for working so hard,
Too bad it was made up of cigarettes and cards.

He just sits there day after day,
A pensive expression and an ash tray.
As he takes his final puff and teeth decay,
He just sits there day after day.
429 · Dec 2016
Rhiannon Dec 2016
You're so cynical.
Not moved by those crocodile tears,
You frown and scoff dismissively,
As if you've not cried in years.

We stigmatized the nation,
Because you couldn't understand,
That sometimes people just want affection,
Need someone to hold their hand.

So you're drowning in the grave you dug,
As it fills with water and bile
Of those you thought to be smug,
Cutting them with words vile.

You didn't get the memo.
Not everyone is mean,
But of course you cannot hear that,
As you deafen us with your screams.
423 · Nov 2015
Shots fired.
Rhiannon Nov 2015
Holding the gun to my head,
I swear I'll press the trigger,
One more minute and I'll be dead,
My body left to rot and wither.
Eyes wet with tears of sorrow,
I've always been a giver.
So will you take the gun from my head?
Or will you **** me quicker?
417 · Jun 2017
My reflection is my friend.
Rhiannon Jun 2017
I like my stomach,
I like my face.
I also like that my nostrils are weirdly misshaped,
And those hollow scars I have on my left arm,
From a really bizarre spot infection,
That later came to no harm.

I like the moles that are in awkward places,
Freckles on my nose,
Filling other bland spaces.

I like the way I waddle when I walk,
Or stutter when I talk,
I like the way I am.

I like my wacky behaviour when I'm with friends,
Or my unforgiving laughter when the day nears an end.

I like that I cry over the most stupid things
And that I can pay for thousands of chocolate bars,
But can't afford diamond rings,

And yeah, I like the way I am,
Cause confidence is key.

But most of all,
I like that I can look at myself in the mirror,
And be proud of what I see.
"Me liking myself is an act of social defiance". - Hannah Witton
404 · Mar 2017
This year she turned 50.
Rhiannon Mar 2017
She's got healing hands,
and a brain full of wisdom.
She will not conform to society's system.
Bohemian is her middle name,
and just like a fire she cannot be tamed.

A lioness she is when protecting her young,
and bullet wounds through your chest,
when they shoot from her tongue.

A Warrior is known.
who is kind and strong,
as she teaches us to do right,
and forgives us for our wrongs.

She sings hyms,
as bright as the sun,
and I am so very happy,
That she is my Mum.
404 · Dec 2015
Rhiannon Dec 2015
I want to hide.
Hide from it all.
No more computers, No more people.
I want to be all alone,
Just thinking.
This world can be a beautiful place,
But we decide to focus on the bad.
So I want to hide, hide, hide.
404 · Oct 2016
Rhiannon Oct 2016
With every intake of smoke,
My lungs are turning black,
So there goes ten minutes of my life,
That i'll never get back.

And the alcohol your drinking,
Isn't giving you a buzz,
But you just want to stop thinking,
Because you can't be in love.

They're settled and they're happy,
Do not start a war!
You're ruining your own life,
Do not ruin any more!

These feelings are unrequited,
You know that far too well,
You're becoming so shortsighted,
Burning in your own hell.

And your beautiful lungs,
Are now diseased and broken,
So you crumble under their gaze,
As those soft words are spoken.

You knew you couldn't handle it,
So why did you start?
Because as soon as that cigarette touched your lips,
Your world fell apart.
394 · Dec 2016
Rhiannon Dec 2016
To heal a wound you have to stop touching it.
So I'm ignoring you.
384 · Oct 2017
Smell the fresh air.
Rhiannon Oct 2017
Nothing worth having comes easy,
That's just a lesson I've learned,
And sometimes when there are things we desperately want,
We have to be paitient and wait our turn.

Those you love will sometimes annoy you,
Or hurt you in some kind of way,
But still that does not diminish the value,
Of them coming back to see if you're ok.

At times the weather can be miserable,
But the sun always comes out in the end,
So take a deep breath and march on,
Treating the world like your best friend.
381 · Oct 2016
Sofa sulking.
Rhiannon Oct 2016
Maybe I'm just tired?
I'll take a nap and be ok,
But I just can't forget the words,
You didn't even hesitate to say.

So as I lay here on my sofa sulking,
There's a war playing on in my mind,
Because on all of your words I'm choking,
As you think they're how I'm defined.
372 · Sep 2018
Rhiannon Sep 2018
Apples, Pears, Cherries,
Everywhere you see,
Ladybirds, Ants, Wasps,
Friendly bumblebees.

***** hands from seven hours picking,
Gloomy cloud or sunny skies,
Back ache from Blueberry collecting or weeding,
Getting a thorn in your eye.

Early mornings,
Commuter train,
Loud school kids,
Station rush.

A busy morning followed by a peaceful afternoon,
fresh air and quiet,
What a beautiful hush.
Rhiannon Jan 2017
It wasn't their fault at all,
They were used, A plaything to be discarded later.

Four days is all is took,
Four ******* days to find someone new.
This heartless *****, have you heard her laugh?
It's like a bullet through an open wound.

Of course this was bound to happen,
These types of people never change.
Breaking their heart was her work of art,
And the on-lookers made her stage.

A mess she made my friend,
Who was super glued together by hope and lies.
Their calloused fingers couldn't feel out the beauty from betrayal,
So they were stuck dumb and blind.

The puppeteer grew bored,
As she drowned her victim in blood,
And you can say whatever you want,
But that definitely wasn't love.
371 · Mar 2016
I don't.
Rhiannon Mar 2016
I don't wear make up,
Because I've never wanted to.
I cannot walk in high heels,
Preferring my flat shoes.

You can keep your skinny jeans,
I'll have my lumberjacks on.
And I'd rather go play rugby,
Then to a stupid prom.

Whilst you're out there chasing boys,
I'm sat back reading books.
And you're crying over their rejection,
Well, I'm lost in the hook.

Call me "Frigid" if you must,
It's I just really couldn't care.
Whilst these boys do not control me,
They're driving you to despair.
365 · Jun 2016
Rat and Cat.
Rhiannon Jun 2016
Imagine if I were a cat and you were a rat,
You'd be frightened of me.
I'd chase you round the whole house,
And **** you eventually.

But lets just say,
This is the way it is normally.
Only you're the cat and I'm the rat,
And you're terrifying, See?

You play with my emotions,
Let me think I am free,
But then you come back again,
And take a chunk out of me.
338 · Dec 2015
Rhiannon Dec 2015
The one thing I need that that avoids me.
My body is telling me I must rest now,
But my mind is saying "No."
There's so much to think about,
So much to remember,
So many hearts to mourn over.
Sleep that one word that hates me,
Because I'm friends with his enemy.
They call her "Insomnia."
338 · Jun 2016
And I.
Rhiannon Jun 2016
And I didn't write my essays,
And all my assignments are overdue,
And my Mothers a trainwreck,
And my Sisters are too.

And my Father doesn't care,
And Grandmothers carrying grief,
And my heart hurts beyond repair,
With all the rubble underneath.

And I didn't write my essays,
And all my assignments are overdue,
And all my Friends think I'm happy,
But all my Friends are trainwrecks too.

And I didn't write my essays,
And all my assignments are overdue,
And I'm too much of a coward to **** myself,
So I guess numbness will have to do.
334 · Oct 2018
Subtle pastel smiles.
Rhiannon Oct 2018
When the sun rises bright and warm,

Raindrops finally drying,

I hope you know you're the reason,

Why my futures smiling.
328 · Mar 2016
Rhiannon Mar 2016
You're cutting off all my oxygen,
With your hand around my neck,
My eyes are going bloodshot,
The tighter your grip gets.

I would listen to your story,
Agree now and again,
But you don't seem to realise,
I killed my dearest friend.

Changed her into everything,
I wanted her to be,
Then put a bullet through her head,
Upon the count of three.

You think of me as average,
The way I've always been,
That's only because I pray to God,
To keep my soul clean.

And I know I am being morbid,
Trying far too hard,
But I still own a piece of her heart,
Kept in a glass jar.

One day the heart will grow moudly,
Then loose it's rhythm and beat,
But hopefully That will be the day,
I no longer have to breathe.
326 · Apr 2017
He won't stop haunting me.
Rhiannon Apr 2017
You slate me again,
and I'll take your name apart letter by letter,
Until your left to nothing but a sobbing mess,
as your infected, rotten heart eats away at your skin,
Weeping out of your chest.
If you're harmful with your actions,
I'll be murderous with my words.
323 · Apr 2016
Rhiannon Apr 2016
This unimportant information,
That you seem spread.
You're just like a duck,
Constantly quacking for bread.

You seem to think you're lovely,
But that doesn't seem true.
When I hear the lies you spread,
And all the evil you do.

Other people life's are not your business,
So I think it's best you say nout.
Because your serpent like tongue is causing problems,
So sort yourself out.
321 · May 2016
We can.
Rhiannon May 2016
You were unexpected,
And I like that.

We can sit in comfortable silence,
Not having a word to say.
But it would seem like we had a whole conversation,
Residing around our day.

Our hearts beat in sync,
You're magic to me.
I just hope we don't shrink,
Because you're my perfect cup of tea.
320 · Apr 2017
You confuse my feelings.
Rhiannon Apr 2017
Your name is sweet,
like honey on my tongue.

but sometimes your actions are sour,
with lemon my tastebuds are stung.
317 · Jan 2017
Rhiannon Jan 2017
The lurgy man came,

And he infected your brain.

Now there's only a pinch,

Of personality left.
306 · Nov 2016
Spiraling staircase.
Rhiannon Nov 2016
I'm slowly cascading down a spiraling staircase,
you can all hear my body hit step after step.

I think a few bones are broken,
but nevermind just carry on.

I finally reach the ground,
body ****** and bruised,
just like my heart was,
when you left me used.
303 · Dec 2015
Rhiannon Dec 2015
Then I saw your skeleton,
And everything was clear.
You'd never loved me,
Like you said you did for a year.
So on with my journey,
I may never find the one.
But at least I can try to get there,
Having my share of fun.
303 · Jul 2016
Rhiannon Jul 2016
It's far too hot.
I've opened the window,
But it hasn't helped much.

I can feel the cold breeze,
But nothing seems to be working.

A book in my hand,
Trying to distract myself,
No not from the heat,
But from your absence.
299 · Dec 2016
Rhiannon Dec 2016
What if I told you I was lying?
That all I’d revealed to you wasn’t true.
Meaning that all the secrets and terrors I’d shared,
Were just deceiving words to derail you.

Like the consequences to all my actions,
That I did not admit to,
******* up your life in multiple fashions,
All of which I knew.

Or that time you thought you’d lost your footing,
Landing on the ground,
Was actually me with my hand on your back,
Heavily pushing you down.

I’ve deceived you with my smiles,
Eradicated all your hope,
Made you drink a pint of poisonous water,
And on the truth you choked.
Based on a book about Psychopaths
Rhiannon Jun 2017
I recall the memories,
biting down ******* my thumb,
as you tried to hide your deceit with smiles,
to sugar-coat all you'd done.

But I have sensitive ears that listen,
and as you spoke I heard the venom drip,
from your tongue cascading onto the carpet,
as the rough fabric burned with a violent hiss.

Then the smell of the smoke that was poisonous,
as your acidic words swirled in the air,
you grinned wide showing all your rotten teeth,
decaying from the sweetener you'd placed there.
There are many pretty lies and ugly truths.
293 · Aug 2016
Rhiannon Aug 2016
I’ve never been good with feelings,
But then neither have you.
Especially when you’ve got a mother,
Who criticises everything you do.

Tears seem to stream,
Whenever she’s involved,
It seems neither of my parents want me,
And I’ve never felt so unloved.
292 · Aug 2017
He doesn't bother at all.
Rhiannon Aug 2017
We're going nowhere,
Like a car that's broken down,
Or a king that's stopped his reign,
Cause someone's smashed his crown.

Or we're playing a bored game,
But you don't realise it's your turn,
So I wait and I wait,
As my insides rot and my thoughts churn.

I've tried to be patient,
But my heart is wearing thin,
Cause if you don't bother at all,
How'd you expect us to win?

I've tried my best,
But it's your turn now,
So don't just sit there baffled,
Like I'm the one who's made you frown.
290 · Jun 2016
No more hate. Only love
Rhiannon Jun 2016
We weep with you,
And so does the land,
A cross clutched desperately between somebody's hands.
May the grace of God guide them,
And the love of friends keep them warm,
May the angels in heaven sing to them,
May their loved ones be allowed to mourn,
May they be happy wherever they are,
May they be the shining stars.
And the light of a candle.

And we pray for them,
And we remember them,
And we accept them.
And we pray
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