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Imagine a world,
Of golden trees,
With purple skies,
and turquoises leaves.

See the fields,
Of silver grass,
Where an amber river,
Will slowly pass.

Imagine clouds,
Of diamond blue,
That cover stars,
That hang askew.

See a creature,
With emerald eyes,
Sapphire fur,
And large in size.

The world you see,
Could it be mine?
A world where you,
And I design.
This is what happens when I'm too bored for my own good
 Oct 2018 Rhiannon
It's not hard,
It's not boring
nor sad
Life is what you make of it...
dont be too lazy to woo yourself
The world has a lot to offer you!
Keep dreaming yes
and make sure you build that dream!
dont let people destroy your plans!
Be Whatever you want to be!
You will make it if you really focus
cause Life is what you make of it!
 Jun 2017 Rhiannon
Jayantee Khare
Few people are like "h" in honest,
Silently, honestly exist...
 May 2017 Rhiannon
its a
post apocalyptic,

we've got our
sighs of relief,
stop signs,
superficial sorrows.

so please let us
rest our heads,
railing against
roaring wrongdoings.

its our
right as
rolling ghosts
really rare
& from the flames she rose,
as she looked down at her toes
and saw the dirt beneath,
where all the plants would grow
 May 2017 Rhiannon
lullabies laced with lies
i sang them everyday
convincing you and everyone else
but i let the truth decay
said i no longer cared
and at the moment i really didn't
but deep down inside
i knew i couldn't believe it
because at the end of the day
i really did care
but i knew it would hurt you
and it was a truth i didn't want to bear
i wanted to push it away
and appear the perfect person
but after so many mistakes
it's about time i learn my lesson

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