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I want to turn away from this world
abandon myself,
unravel my emotions,
so that I can be enough to feel again.
I've left so much behind, because I
to be vulnerable.
Nobody told me, that I
was already Enough !
Let me tell you today, that you are enough, and will always be.
If I were drunk right now, I'd say
I'm too low to be high anymore.
I'm tired of these 4 a.m. mornings that you'd call a night.
I can't remember and explain what it exactly feels to have everything and nothing altogether.
It's filled, but it's vacant.
I wish if I told myself,
that the peace and love I'm trying to maintain around,
is exactly what kills me.
I'm glad that I could keep up,
bruised, broken, smiling.
But now whenever I look at the mirror,
we don't ask each other how we've been,
I would lie to the mirror and the mirror would lie to me.
This heart of mine, no longer wrenches in misery.
There's a different tune now,
that I'm lately learning.
If I feel something, it is
that none of us can escape being a human anymore.
I don't have anything to grab or withhold back,
It's just me, and my space,
that fills with stillness,
all I really hold on to,
is myself, and this silence.
I'd go with the flow,
breaking someone's trust,
building someone's hope,
being someone's sun,
also being the dust.
Ananya Bansiwal Jan 2019
We didn't eventually meet somewhere,
Maybe, we're so much in each other all along.
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Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
Nothing can help me
but that beauty

I still remember it was dawn
all what the moment did was
recreating love
which I always needed to do myself.
Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
How is life treating you ?
Oh me ?
I am under the process of expansion.
I am learning to not halt, to not stagnate, to go on and let everything happen.
I agree, these phrases might be sounding different. And you may be thinking, I am well happy in life, I am from a well-doing background or may be you think I haven't seen life as a mess.
It isn't so.
I have too seen many dreams crumbling right in front of my eyes. Just like you, I can't help being nervous in many situations. I have enjoyed good times and endured the tough ones. I have cried many a times and I have given myself a happy everyday.
Falling is not failing, and failing isn't quitting.
You can't always be served with the creaminess of life.
If you wish to view a beautiful sunrise every morning, you've to surely experience the calmness of night.
And tomorrow,
You'll understand why you always went undergoing these situations.
You're just a normal human, but unlike all, carrying different potentials, the commom part is, we feel, we react, we fall, we bleed, we grow, we live.
You can't filter the bad times, you've to carry this life as per your terms, just gathering knowledge and letting good vibes outshine.
Happy Day ✨
Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
And there she sat in silence
embedded with folds of loneliness
amidst terrible despair
and ear shattering silence
in a hope that somebody would come
who could possibly
untwine those folds
replacing the cold with his warmth
Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
I sometimes really wish
if night could talk,
I could then barely share
the worst held back stories under complete darkness.
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