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Ananya Bansiwal Dec 2018
And there she sat in silence
embedded with folds of loneliness
amidst terrible despair
and ear shattering silence
in a hope that somebody would come
who could possibly
untwine those folds
replacing the cold with his warmth
YUKTI May 2018
I know it was not your mistake that I misunderstood your palsy-walsy as love.
It was not your mistake we met once but got attached very soon.
It was not your mistake I thought I am special for you, cause you were same for everyone.
It wasn't your mistake at all.

It was all mine!
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YUKTI May 2018
I love when you just cross me with a dagger of a glare,
our eyes finally meet
but then the thought of the gloomy world
who never lets us meet forces me to turn myself!
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YUKTI May 2018
है परवर्दीगार मुझे फकत सुकून की दो गज जमीन अता फरमा

भटकते हुए बीती जिंदगी , एक पवित्र रोशनी दिखी जैसे तेरा इशारा हो
पड़ा , जीया, दौलत कमाई पर लगा जैसे फिजूल जीवन गुजरा हो

सेवा की, सहारा दिया , अमीरों के साथ बड़ा वक्त जिया
फिर भी दिल ने बेचेनी का कड़वा घुट हर पल पिया

थक कर एक दिन तेरे दर पर लेने जवाब आई
बिछा आसन श्रद्धा से तेरे चरणों मे आँखे बिछाई

महसूस किया कि पा ,ली थी दो गज जमीन जँहा मैं बैठी थी
वो सुकून की परछाई तेरे शरण में रहती थी
YUKTI Apr 2018
No one gives a **** what is in your heart until
it comes out from your mouth!
YUKTI Apr 2018
You held my hand Before I stepped on the stage..
We took a few steps together..
While climbing the stairs of the stage you lightly tightened the grip and suddenly left.
Made a hand gesture and showed me the way, I had to walk alone..
You showed me a thumbs up and tried to encourage me..
And while holding the mic I smiled and realized that my imagination power is fabulous!!
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YUKTI Apr 2018
We remember the pain but not the happiness.

We remember the results but not the struggle behind that.

We remember the worst but not the best moment.

We remember the adulthood but not the puerility!!
YUKTI Mar 2018
They said "do not make the castle in the sky,
you are good-for-naught"

I replied " one day not only the castle
but the entire sky will be mine "
YUKTI Mar 2018
Look in the ashes,
there is a hidden spark  somewhere,

Now look into my eyes,
what you see is only COLD DUST!!
YUKTI Jan 2018
I kept my hands over my ears
the reason behind is my country's tears..

They keep saying
we live in a country where **** and ****** are meaning less
Debating on politics and religions are mandatory..

It breaks my heart to read or listen words like this for my nation
But the problem is not my country but our thinking, perception, unity and Emotion..

Hashtags like #notmyindia have to be #iamnothatindian
Cause each one of us can dominate our motherland being politician or comedian.
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