Ella May 8
I feel pain too easily
I feel love and cry for the easiest

I'm crying and dying on the inside

Sometimes out of sadness or maybe just anger

I want to punch a wall or maybe even just **** as a test

I wish to not feel anything anymore
For it would be way more easier

Where their is pain there is darkness
And where there is darkness their is dreadful hopeless silence
Ella May 8
That faraway beauty which I have forever longed is with me
For even if we're separated you're presence is always near

The one person who calms me down
Brings a real smile upon my face and sees me for who I am

Is with me no matter how far away
You'll proably soon say that you'll be taking your leave but that's not true
Since in my heart you'll always remain true
Ella Mar 6
I'm waiting for the day that you look over here once again
That day that our eyes met
I was forever changed

I couldn't explain it
I didn't understand it
I was flustered with emotions
I was filled with things that I never had felt before

I couldn't take it anymore
So I decided to find you
To bring you back to me

I didn't want to feel like this
But as soon as you came by my side I felt so much better

So I decided to keep waiting
Even if it's for a little
that I'm by your side

It's worth it because you know how to make me smile once again
Ella Mar 3
Can I agree with you again?
Can I trust you, in letting you in again?

This should be all solved, right?
I just want to have a normal and happy life again

I want to wake up in the morning and not think about what happened last week
I want to have my motivation back
I want to be able to look you in the eyes and not doubt you again

Will everything go back?
Will this really work out?

Should I have just moved on?
Should I have just blocked you out of my life entirely?

I decided not to
I decided to live on and face the reality
I didn't just want to loose you, I didn't want to loose myself
Here is a terrible poem, I don't have inspiration right now and I had a lot of things to worry about in my life so I hadn't written anything new. Thank you all so much for getting me to 800+ views on my last poem! I really appreciated it, it put a smile on my facell knowing my last poem got through a lot of people.
Ella Jan 8
You know that feeling when you can smile again and mean it?
It takes you over like a wave in motion
You get this feeling that everything is going to be alright

You feel that you can do anything now and that you're not limited by anyone

It's the best feeling of all, to finally feel a new
Like nothing has ever happened
And you're just about to start everything
You have complete control and nothing will stop you from completely starting a-new
Ella Nov 2017
I'm here standing at the edge of the cliff
Ready to jump and give in
I feel my hair flow in the wind
I'm no longer restless and I'm ready to end everything

I suddenly feel something inside me break
My heart was already broken so what is this feeling now?
I feel a pull from behind
It's taking me back
Farway from the end

To start new and fresh
I have been pulled away from the cliff but why?

A force that could stop me from giving up which I can't name
I didn't know a force like that could exist

A hope and a smile so great that could make me rethink everything
To make me think that I could still stay
Ella Nov 2017
What did I do to deserve a life like this?
I don't remember doing anything so wrong

Everyone around me is always so happy and cheerful but then I'm just left in the corner
Do I have to suffer in exchange of everyone's happiness?
Is that what's going on?

It would make more sense if it were that way
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