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Aestheticboy Sep 2018
I'm broken
Now I'm woken
Everything was forspoken
And after you misspoke
I realized what you were
I realized your true intentions
She intervened and the whole relationship changed
I'm sorry I let her mess up my mind
I just wanted to help you

You saw the bad side of me while I brought out the best in you
I want to take you to a dimension where nothing comes in between us
We rarely spoke
But the time we spent together always made a huge impact on me
Cause each letter you say to me
Makes me either smile like an idiot
Break down like a crying infant
Mad like a monster
Blush as red as a tomato
Sad as the time moves on and destroys everything in its way
But most of all love as if it never existed between anyone
Only between us

You are in my blood
Each blood cell lives and dies for you
Each thought is only on you
I can't describe how im feeling
I  miss your messages
I miss your sarcasm
I miss your smile
I miss your hair
I miss your eyes
I miss your laughs
I miss your body
I miss your touch
I miss your snaps
I miss your stories
I miss your talks
I miss your loving messages
I miss your sad messages
I miss your mad messages
I miss your voice
I miss your smell
I miss your heartbeat
I miss your breath
I miss your love for dark chocolate
I miss your obsession for pizzas
I miss each nanometer of your skin
I miss everything about you
From the tiniest details to the most observable ones

Want to know how I feel when you left
Imagine a box
Lock yourself in it
And you have the key
But even though you can escape it
You stay inside
Guess why?
Cause the box represents you
Even though you left me
I live inside you
I have to move on
But moving on without you isn't what I planned
Moving on without you is the worst thing and I hope I never move on
I hope you come back
I'll fight the universe for you
Nothing will stand between us
Just your love is all I need
But I'm left here all alone
I'm sorry for everything I did.I just wanted to love you more...
Aestheticboy Aug 2018
What does it mean to have you as my best friend?
Does it mean that you really are the best?
Cause I'm always impressed
From east to west
From north to south
No one can compare how amazing of a friend you are

Supported me
Cared for me
Loved me
Trusted me
Understood my insecurities
Never complained
Criticized when needed to
But defended me in times of difficulties
Wiped my tears away
Your heart is on display
Cause you make my day

I want to hug you
I want to hold your hand and look into those sparkly eyes and say I'm happy I have you in my life
I want to show you my world
I want to give you happiness like no other
A prayer for you is my love for you
Everyday by your side I'll be your guardian angel
We will meet one day
That day will be mystical and magical
I'll show you what life really means
No sadness grief or hurt or depression will take over you
Cause your itself the source of happiness
Your love and mine together will change the world
I can't give you the whole world my dear
But I'll surely give you mine

Your not a person
Rather your an angel
Like an Aingeal
Destroys everything in its way
But moved with compassion and love
An angel without wings
An angel who protects me
An angel who fights for me
An angel whose heart is warmer than the sun rays
You are worth all the amaze
An angel God sent to be by my side
From the inside
We are unified

Your truly my twin flame
You deserve to be in the hall of fame
You not only melt my heart
But mould it and remove all the impurities
You are more important to me than anyone else
More than life itself you are my life
Nothing pleases me more apart from you
Spending time with you makes me realize time waits for you
The whole world stops when you smile
Cause when I look at your eyes I see life and beauty
God blessed me with you and I hope to cherish it forever

I see beauty in you
I see life in you
I see happiness in you
I see God working in you
I see compassion in you
I see kindness in you
I see intellect and wisdom unlike no other
I see love in you like no other

Your smile needs to be treasured
Even a thousand pictures cannot capture it  
Your heart needs to be loved
Even if it doesn't you are the definition of love
Your mind needs to be kept calm
Cause your sarcastic and kind thoughts are one of a kind
Your body needs to be passionately loved
Your body needs to be touched like no other
Not an ordinary touch but a touch which can spark your inner self
A touch and love which destroys the beasts inside you
A touch which releases you of all pain
A touch which gives you love like no other
A touch which connects and takes you to another world
You deserve all the love in this world

Words cannot describe how much you mean to me
Even if it takes forever I'll always be by your side
Cause dear you complete me
You comfort me
Thanking you is not enough
Giving you the whole world is not enough
Only my love for you
You are the reason for me being alive
You are my angel
You are my twin flame
You are most of all my best friend
For all of you who have best friends around the world <3
Aestheticboy Aug 2018
One look and you stole my attention
One message and my mind is on you
One smile and I'm falling for you so hard
One hug and I'm head over heels
One kiss and my heart is yours
I love you more each moment
I promise you I will always love you

Time can't stop me
No one can come between us
Even if the whole world stands between us
I will make my way to you my love
You were my dream
And now you are my reality
No one knows about the I love you's
No one knows about our promises
No one knows about our time
Only we know
I promise to cherish you every day

We aren't like the others
We are different
We love each other passionately
We hurt each other like no other
We make each other cry
We reveal our darkest secrets to each other
We sure fight a lot
But when the day ends we love each other like crazy
We care for each other
We understand each other
We hug each other
We kiss when words cannot express much
We cuddle when things go wrong
We pray and stay strong
We trust each other
We believe in each other
We listen to each other
We touch each other like no other
We fight for each other
We make love deeply
And most of all love like no other

When you smile the whole universe stops
Your smile puts a smile on my face
Your smile keeps me calm
Your smile is worth more than a billion words
Let me take your hand
With you, by my side, you have nothing to fear my love
With you, by my side, even the oceans would bow down
With you, by my side, the whole world would be looking at us
But our world is worth more than everything
When you hug me
I can sense a thousand emotions passing through me
Each emotion strikes my body and destroys my pain
Each emotion is linked to a nerve
And when combined love dominates all
A hug is all I need from you my love
Warmth comfort and happiness is what I feel when you hug me
I don't need any medicines, drugs or tablets
You are my rehab
You are my saviour and love and your hug comforts me

You are my escape
I go into a different zone when I'm with you
Take me to your heart
There is no part of me without you
My heart aches when you are not here with me
Each moment is like someone shooting a gun at me
But I would rather take all the shots for you my dear
Hold me tightly in your arms and love me
When we have our first kiss
I know it's going to be magical cause your the one I have been waiting my whole life for
They say true love doesn't exist
It only exists in fairy tales and stories
But I say ***** them
You are a live example of true love
When we kiss it's going to change my life
Your lips are so kissable
Your body is so lovable
Your natural radiance and beauty is what I daydream about
In the air, our love spreads
It's like a virus which cant be stopped
You can't hold me back
You are stronger than a thousand armies combined
I'm not talking about physical strength
But mentally emotionally and spiritually
I want to hold you like no other
I want to lay you down and keep you safe
I want to grow old with you
I want to touch your bare back and run my fingers through your hair
I want to feel your body against me
I want to love your body so intensely
That no pain takes over you
When we love only pleasure and love is what I'm offering you
Your body is a temple
A goddess in disguise
I love every curve you have
I love you like no other
I love everything you do
Be it your sarcastic talks
Or boring ideas
Or adorable giggles
Or your obsession with pizzas
You are truly sweeter than dark chocolate
Cause when I relate sweetness now I think of you
You rock every dress and look absolutely drop dead gorgeous
I could play with your hair for years and I still wouldn't be satisfied
It's as beautiful as a rainbow
Strong smart and full of kindness and compassion
Like a warrior without any fear
Your like no other girl I have ever met
You are truly graceful
You are the most beautiful to me
Perfection doesn't exist
I'm not perfect
She is not perfect
He is not perfect
No one is perfect
But my darling, I love you cause your amazing with all your flaws and to me your perfect

Wisdom in you unlike no other
Kindness and sweetness overloaded
You are like a badass princess warrior
I will lay down my life for you even if needed
Our kids will always cherish that they have a mother like you
Cause I know your love is infinite
Infinity is undefined
But only love can define it
You are the reason I'm living
You are the reason for everything I am today
I pray to God to not only comfort you
Not only to take care of you
Not only to keep you happy
Not only to bless you abundantly
Not only to remove all your pain and sufferings
Not only to give you wisdom and understanding
But most of all to love you like no other
I thank God for you being in my life
We can't define love surely cause it ain't love otherwise
But when I look at you love is defined
And you are love itself
Tears roll down my cheeks every night when I lay next to you
I want to be with you in all your ups and downs
In all your sad and happy moments
In all your sorrows
In all your tensions about life
Cause when we grow old we will have this all to cherish
I wouldn't mind dying in your arms
You are my soulmate
Our connection cannot be explained
Its like as if we were meant for each other before we were born
Hold me and let's build our home together
No matter what let's face everything in love
No matter what I say at the end you know

Thanking you is not enough my darling
I never can stop loving you
And never will and will never leave you even if the whole world is against me
If you are with me I will fight for you and protect me
All of my love is only for you till eternity
In heaven may our love continue
Cause I found my heaven in you
You are my paradise darling
That's a promise

-By Robert
This poem is the most special poem to me cause I wrote it with all my love and heart and emotions <3 Hope you like it<3:)
Aestheticboy Aug 2018
A vow means a vow
Take me to your heart
Cause your an abstract art
Let me destroy your past
If love exists let it live between us
Love means love

You are the reason
I am living today
Let's love every day
Cause your one kiss makes my day
I want to feel you
Every night I give myself unto you
Tonight at Paris lets rendezvous
Love means love

Take me by your hand
Your heart is my heartland
Your soul is my soulmate
Your body is a wonderland
Your hair is as smooth as the waters flow
Love means love

I am broken
But you fixed me
You heal me
You change me
You make my heart melt
You make me happy
You make me cry
You make me blush
You are the reason
You will be the only one I love forever
Love means love

Souls connected
Hearts mixed
Fingers intertwined
I will wait for you even if it takes a billion years
I have loved you for so many years
And never plan on hurting you
I'll keep you safe in these arms of mine
Cause your love is in my mainline
Love means love

Darling, I love you
Means I'll fight for you
Means I'll care for you
Means I'll touch you like no one else
Means I'll be with you even when we grow old
Means I'll love you like no other
Means I'll keep you safe  
Means I'll forever keep our vows
And most of all put down my life for you
Love means love
This is the first poem i ever wrote <3 Hope u all like it :)

— The End —