2 days ago

lucid daffodils
are ineffable saliva
ocher to teal
archaic juncture
like metaphoric reincarnations
are a effervescence haiku sparse
romanticizing linguistics
with nude
eyelids that delphiniums
strangely lineage
burgundy birthmarks,
antiquating aphelia parquets
because I might be a medallion
inning paraphernalia
accelerating  jaws
paralyzing palms
"I was vain caught in mid - air
in a new era
agonizing repulsion
loving the way
you tasted"
utterly blessing
" I was always that crinkle
in the corner of your
eyes and now there
is a autobiography
prestigious to my

- G

brilliant conversationalist
you read me like braille
Mar 22

All that I think is mine,
All that I think is me,
is a summation of what I've been told,
of what I've been instructed to see.

'Who am I' is not the question.
The crisis is not one of identity.
Don't be misled, my friends.
The real illusion is this 'me'.

There is nothing new inside there.
Just scribbled notes and summaries.
A bunch of borrowed opinions
And some stolen memories.

I know I can talk and share today.
I can scream to make some noise.
But I hope by the day I die,
I'll have somehow, found my voice.

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is the lady kosher
when she talks on the subject
of integrity
that is a bit rich
for some to ingest
surely she must think
they're not onto
her falsehood crest
honesty pays
when dealing with folks
yet on many occasions
she's unharnessed
its yoke
her principles were shredded
by the things she did utter
oh for her lips
to convey
the proper
taste of butter

i feel like the second pot of coffee that you brewed thinking you wanted more, however you quickly changed your mind about ever liking the taste in the first place.

while making my second pot of coffee this morning I was contemplating whether or not I really needed more (of course I did!) and this poem just came to me in that moment.
#love   #heartbreak   #coffee   #change   #single   #taste  
Mar 2

what is in between your legs?
honeysuckle and heavy cream?

can i have a taste?

I don't know what I'm doing here.
#girl   #skin   #honey   #purity   #taste   #legs   #cream  
Mar 2

to test the waters
where they are fast and cold
or lucid and warm
tips of toes dipping in.

to sample flavors
where they are harsh and bitter
or creamy and sweet
tips of tongues dipping in.

#girl   #water   #bitter   #lesbian   #lucid   #taste   #harsh   #bi   #flavor   #creamy  

A rhythm forever pulsing
Through fingertips
Through the spine
Through the very fibers
Of the mind
I’m forever chasing
For more
Just a fragment
A taste
A stitch
Cause to find
Where yours and mine

#time   #chasing   #rhythm   #pulse   #taste   #spine   #intertwine  
Feb 28

Seduce my eyes
They are the windows to my soul
Share with me your beauty
All the things that make you grow
Seduce me with your eyes
My eyes like what they see
Share with me your weakness
And I'll see you're just like me

Seduce me with your scent
A heady fragrance reaches far
Etch a trigger in my brain that
Reaches memories when we part
Seduce me with your scent
The sweetness is divine
Like cherry blossom blooming
Or a coastal sunset night

Seduce my ears with what I hear
As the gentle whispers of a warm breeze
Speaks to the grass
As cheerful song is heard from the sky larks laugh
Seduce my ears with what I hear
With your soft voice speak of fond childhood memories ambition and dreams
Telling me lovely stories of what you believe

Seduce my touch
With the electricity of your body
Strong and broad like the most beautiful landscape I long to explore
Walking every path eager to learn more
Seduce my touch
Hold my hand in yours
We'll climb the highest mountain
Reaching breathtaking views
Guide my hands from toe to tip
Running my hands over your every inch not missing one bit

Seduce me with your taste
I may have saved the best till last
One taste of your lips my mouth be yearning fast
One sip does not quite quench my thirst
Im greedy I want more
Like a vino rosso you've let my tastebuds soar
Sweet fruit notes and smooth caramel
I sip you seductively and savour each delicate drop
Grounded by your earthy tones just like my fine wine
I taste your many layers which are perfectly sublime
Seduce me

#love   #senses   #passion   #hear   #sight   #touch   #smell   #taste   #seductive  
Dog Years
Dog Years
Feb 17

I'll have a large coffee please.
Give it to me black,
give it to me bitter.
Let the beans do their thing
let the coffee keep it's zing.
No need to make it sweeter,
I want
what most people consider
a one hitter quitter.
night colored coffee at it's best.
I want to feel my heart beat out of my chest,­
stay up all night long
with the taste of the earth on the tip of my tongue­
I want  it darker,
I want it bolder.
Flavor stays long,
the coffee bites strong.
Do not kill my coffee
with sugar and spice
or anything nice.
You sweet-toothed zombie.
Haven't you heard?
Truth be told,
when it comes to coffee...
fortune flavors the bold.

#dark   #coffee   #bold   #fortune   #taste   #joe   #flavor  

I tasted your fire
and now I am
in love with the
burn that
on my

#fire   #passion   #her   #him   #burn   #taste  
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