My hair, knotted in your clenched fist,
Passion. Pure and raw.

Your taste, on my lips, in my mouth.
Skin. Bodies glistening.

My scent around your mouth,
Moans. Soft, desperate.

Your warmth fills my body.
My reward. "Good girl."

#love   #girl   #passion   #good   #intimacy   #passionate   #taste   #reward  

thoughts of you
gives my muses
a taste of what
"could have been"
and that drives
them insane

#maybe   #taste   #muses  
Jan 3

perhaps he tasted like heaven,
but he was my hell,

#hell   #heaven   #him   #taste  
Dec 25, 2016

It feels so wrong to say this,
But I think I've liked you, since the first time we talked.

My friends would think I'm crazy if they knew that.
I don't know what to say..

You're cute,  but you're turning me brainless.
The worst part?

I kind of like it.

And I'm afraid to tell you that too.

I think I've fallen for someone I should get away from . I'm a mess
#angel   #frustration   #cute   #forbidden   #demon   #devil   #mess   #worst   #taste   #brainless  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
Dec 23, 2016

you are so enamoured
with the honey on her lips

you don’t realize that mine
taste just as sweet

Your little juicy oranges make me young
Your sweet fragrance makes me just fly
I want to sing love songs which were sung
On the swing with you I want to touch sky

Your beautiful eyes when just turn to see
They take me along on heights to celebrate
The real charm of love the taste of beauty
Moments so spent are marvelous and great

Let my love pay homage to gorgeous beauty
Let me salute to all your  hidden treasure
Let us break bond of mannerism to be free
Let us accumulate all the available pleasure

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#in   #taste   #chaste  

We’re definitely blessed,
to know that we’re not…
blown about, like chaff;
if we perform, as taught,

then we’ll steer clear of
the ungodly, their counsel
and unforeseen troubles.
Via Jehovah’s holy council,

we delight in His Tenets,
Law, Principles, New Mercies
and Grace everyday; our lives
are planted as… sturdy trees

beside Christ’s fresh rivers
of everlasting, living waters;
therefore, let’s prosper as…
victorious sons and daughters.

Inspired by:
Psa 1

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amazon (dot) com

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
#poetry   #faith   #of   #christian   #a   #breunig   #taste   #1   #psalm  

I don't think my lungs like the taste of air anymore.

#suicide   #depression   #life   #death   #breath   #breathe   #air   #suffocation   #taste   #lungs  
Cristal Aguilar
Oct 26, 2016

I drink my coffee
bitter taste in my mouth
I added chocolate creamer
but I knew, not enough
So I prepped myself to drink it
like the smile that wants
to frown

#life   #coffee   #bitter   #smiles   #frown   #taste  

My love for your sake I can bear any pain
In severe cold winter without attire in rain
I can smilingly take all contempt and disdain
People may call me just lunatic and insane

Let me tell you about ecstasy and the taste
My heart remains pure my soul is so chaste
I don't know to whom in lunacy I embraced
I am in my staunch lover apparently defaced

My love travels in me and I travel in trance
He wants me badly and I also take a chance
I do not know if it was a blunder or a glance
What my eyes see now we both are in dance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#and   #ecstasy   #taste  
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