I stumbled upon a skeleton,
Upon finding it. I picked it up and took it back home laying it on the table.
I stared long and hard at the dried up bones, letting my eyes wander up and down.
I grabbed a few blankets, anything I could find to compensate for everything that was missing.
Going out and about the streets getting everything I could to revive the skeleton.
Watching the bottom jaw drop and turn my direction.
A broken spirit that's long forgotten the touch of a generous hand.
A sudden change, watching a pale figure fill with color.
The time taken finding piece by piece, doing my best to stitch together all the fragments I found.
Watching it lay on the table, a full skeleton.
Now filled with flesh, play doe. Anything I could find.
I filled it with every essence of my dream girl, perfectly sculpting her face until perfection.
There wasn't anything superficial or vain about this, what I was attempting was creating love at first sight.
Accepting the good as well as the tragic misfortune of stumbling upon a skeleton.

Pacing back and forth at first then deciding to pick it up.
Dark holes filling the spaces where eyes use to be.
Going out finding different bits and pieces to fit a personality other than my own.

I grew excited at the very thought.
A happening, bonding with something other than myself.
It felt natural, feeling my thoughts roll off of my tongue.
My time was no longer my own.
Watching her slowly come back to life.

Filling her with a bit of my philosophy. My experiences.
I conversed while she lay there in silence.

Her eyebrow curved, Trying to make sense of everything that's going on.

She eventually began to move, she began to speak, filling me with her past experiences

Thoughts and ideas.

The more that time went on,

The more I became of her.

She noticed the subtle change of how quiet I became.

The will to want to do anything now gone.

Her face drooped over now staring at me with those deep dark spaces I have yet to fill.

Before I could ask what was wrong she revealed a dark truth about her past.

Correcting her face in the mirror.

She told me that she watched me pace back and forth, debating whether or not to leave her there.

That due to the curse that was placed on her, no matter what happens she will forever be a monster.

Devouring those that encounter her.

I pleaded that I meant to do her no harm, to no avail.

The damage was done

Love doesn't take two
I can love you all by myself
and I do...

Love doesn't take a million dollars
I can love you for free
but love is valuable...

Love doesn't take a lot of effort
I can love you easily
but it takes giving a part of yourself...

Love doesn't need a plan
I can love you with great spontaneity
but love takes passionate devotion...

Love doesn't require all your time
I can love you in the seconds of my day
but love takes a lifetime...

by: B. Peterson
#love   #heart   #desire   #passion   #time   #by   #devotion   #bpeterson  

Have you ever felt like time just stopped?
Everyone is stuck to their spot
The sun is so hot but, its sunlight has been caught
Frozen in time, the heat is now mine
It burns and yearns to leap from my palm
As if a bomb that's ticking
But that fire is mine even if it's Time that I'm risking
Because time is irrelevant in this situation
All it is, is a frozen block
As if it were a wall of clocks, with hands unmoving, ticking...
Tick tock Tick tock
The constant sound it makes when it's counting down the seconds
Now there is nothing
No sound
No action
No transactions occurring
I can see that man
Frozen in time
Paying for a purchase that he had made
Now there is nothing
No Pounds switching hands
Inaction occurring
This lack of transactions is quite concerning

But then the heat in my hands
It goes cold
It dies in my hand like a
Squirrel on the road
I look around me and see that everyone is awake and all time is in motion
First with the ocean and its waves so constant
And then with the commotion and emotion of the crowds, their nations unspoken

The beauty of time is that it is constantly changing
Forever in motion
There is no stagnation
When all you have is
Production with emotion
Destiny with personality
Human rationality deals in not reason
But only emotion
It's called devotion to ourselves
It's what keeps time moving forward
And leaves us in orbit...
Of each other
That is... Until we're Frozen in time again...

I ran to you with my heart bleeding
and held it out to you
begging for help--
you saw the dripping, oozing redness
slinking down between my fingers
and immediately grasped it
as gently as you could--
cradled it
with your loving embrace
and soothed me with your warmth
and love and genuine concern
and began working
such magic--
mending the rips and tears and holes
with your expertise
and precision
that was honed only
but what I now know
as genuine intent and love and care
and you kept working and working
determined to make it right
to fix this bleeding heart
to somehow repair
and restore it to pristine
and immaculate shape
so that I could continue on
and use it again and again
and never remember or feel
the depth and destruction,
horrific pain
that it once held within--
and now
I stand here
my heart full of love
and back to almost new
and all I can do
is express my humble
and most appreciative gratitude
and devotion
to one such as you...

If only thank you would be enough...
Joshua Hobbs
Joshua Hobbs
Dec 25, 2016

As the Sun sets
On this day of Merry and Cheer,
I look back
taking note of all I have done this year.

Taking pride in the pain,
becoming one
as my soul soaks in the rain.

Realizing who I am as a man,
finding reason in my means,
to the goal I have set at hand.

Every tear, cut, and scar-
I'd gladly dance with the Devil,
for you are worth it by far.

You, the girl I met so long ago,
my Angel of change,
who lifted me from so far below.

In just 16 days time, I'll be free.
Free from a mindset of pain,
to live as you have shown me to be.

You, are a treasure in a friend.
Woven from the purest of silk,
I, the beast of Sins to amend.

I'll prove you wrong,
that you are worth it,
just listen to my lips, hear my song.

I care for you, now until the end of days.
I've said it many times before
"Forever and Always."

I couldn't imagine a world where her voice never inspired me, saved me.
M A Griffith
M A Griffith
Dec 23, 2016

She savored a savior as she tried to repent.
Spent time on her knees, spent time in retreat.
Entreatments for forgiveness, entreatments for relief.
Belief sometimes came hard, belief and faith would flee.
Bleed upon the cross, breed sorrow and sin.
In rapture, in stigmata, in tongues not her own,
she savored her savior, but she could never atone.

Joshua Hobbs
Joshua Hobbs
Dec 22, 2016

Stillness of breath,
stopped by the sight of you,
my beautiful Angel of Death.

Skin so cold, but a heart so warm.
Draped in a garment made of rose,
With each approach, I find a thorn.

I am distant, but feel so close
wanting to bleed more by your touch
scarring over with the life I chose.

A blood red gem in the dark,
you found me, built me up,
and now Cupids hit his mark.

Sipping venom, addicted to the sting
given me a goal in the pain
Filling me with a song I need to sing.

I say things not of this Earth,
angering you with stupidity,
because I fear losing your worth.

So hit me, instead of hating me.
I'm a martyr to the stubborn,
a catalyst for what insane could be.

I know one thing, I can say for sure
A poor boy to traveling Knight,
one day soon, I'll be lost in the crowd
just your average boy next door.

I'm going to remain strong. My vision is clear. Please deal with my crap for just a bit longer.
#love   #devotion  
Dec 16, 2016

Tears fall down like acid rain on sun dried cheeks
No longer burning with passion
Once beautiful memories now are each
No more than a lost reaction

And as they fall these tears erode the last of my conviction
They blaze a trail along the road of my heart’s affliction

Discontent to pass me by from the sky it flows
(acid rain) Acid rain (acid rain)
It leaves me high and dry, and as I cry it deals its heavy blows
(acid rain) Acid rain (acid rain)

The space by my side used to be taken
But these days I keep no company
Since the day you left my life’s been vacant
Like my heart and soul – incomplete

And as I walk these steps erode the path of certainty
They blaze a trail along the road I wander aimlessly

Discontent to pass me by it just keeps pouring down
(acid rain) Acid rain (acid rain)
It leaves me high and dry, and as I cry it I feel like I could drown
(acid rain) Acid rain (acid rain)

Years pass by like stale air in the cold night breeze
No longer filled with emotion
It’s becoming so hard now even to breathe
Consumed by my own devotion

And as they fall these tears erode the last of my conviction
They blaze a trail along the road of my heart’s affliction

Discontent to pass me by time and time again
(acid rain) Acid rain (acid rain)
It leaves me high and dry, but still I try to move on from this pain
(acid rain) Acid rain (acid rain)

Written about drowning in the feelings of despair left behind when you suffer bereavement through loss or abandonment.

The temple that we laid down
in our past is in ruins,
the goddess has evanesced,
I lay flowers at the feet
of our devotion,
I still pray, with silent hope
that you’ll come back
So we can rebuild
this religion,
that was
You and I.

#love   #sad   #prayer   #home   #lover   #longing   #missing   #devotion   #temple   #comeback  
Nov 26, 2016

( Young Rose )
It is late this day the hushed sun falls, my dying flame,
The night appears without stars, only memories of stars,
The sparkles in your dark red hair, the moon in our eyes,
Across the lake my faraway heart shudders with the loon.

I promised you a paradise of days, you gave me the night,
That we would be together in sweet fields of lamb and rose,
But now there is only wandering, now there is one long road,
Aye, tis a cruel way that a man must rove to make his keeping.

When I set myself to sea to ride the unbounded waves of loss,
I sometimes take to wheel in early morn and the blaming gulls
Surround me with the great blue of the ocean and endless sky
And I weep at the mizzen alone on oak decks, wet in misty cries.

I weep even before the rains have come as they always gather,
Dark and cold in the maelstroms and whirlpools of oceans deep,
To know the seven seas of the globe and not be with my dove—
She with eyes, vast and blue as ocean, with hair of the setting sun.

It is too much to bare, the endless silence in the fury of my travels,
If only I was a merchant, a steward, a lord, even the lolling tinker,
Such a house I would build for us in the bosom of clear lake wood
And we would have such charming brood, enough to quiet the loon.

Róisín, Rosheen or Roisin ( Irish pronunciation: ro-SHEEN ) is an Irish female given name meaning little rose. The English equivalent is Rose, Rosaleen or Rosie.

Róisín Óga ( 'little young rose' ) the name is the Irish Gaelic version of Rose.  Anglicized at as Rosaleen.  The name has been associated with a 16th-17th century poem called Roisin Dubh (Dark Little Rose), the eponymous heroine of which is usually regarded as a personification of Ireland.
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