Lady Bird
Lady Bird
2 days ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  
7 days ago

I wouldn't say my story is funny cause it's quite tragic
and I don't mean to sound sarcastic,
cause the situation is pretty drastic

Sad faces staring back, in a faze
weird from my point of view, frozen in a gaze,
the echo of many cries

Dressed in black, a boy laid in display
pale skin, concealed eyes
as voices began to pray

A giant photo sits on the rack,
flowers are placed as I look back,
the casket closes.

#life   #teen   #society   #safety   #danger  

She knows how to ask and get,
But I love giving.
She knows when I need to forget
The hell I'm living.
She knows where to go
To escape it all
She knows how to know
When I'm about to fall.
She knows how to share her pain,
So I can share mine.
She knows how to love the rain,
But stay inside.
She knows when all I need,
Is a meal and a break.
And she knows how I feel,
But that's okay.

For K (again)
#love   #hope   #friendship   #safety  
Jan 11

Choices to choose
roads to take
take place
in this infinite-scape

supreme space of emptiness
captures nonsense
these turns in life
to avoid demise

granted a map of hope
from a buddhist, Christ or the pope
which way to go
a ship sets sail

lonely dying man
of three past wives
says to give family
the focus of light

God's law is supreme
as sexual fantasy is evil
primitive mistakes
of a designed mind

confusion settles in
as reality takes form
this life I've been given
a product of choice

I sit while time is ticking

the time it ticks, while lost in thought

the time it ticks, is all I've got.

I wish the voice was louder,
an internal guide
a guiding professional

oh show yourself
and I shall listen

My time of wander
will come to pass

#love   #peace   #hope   #relationship   #path   #safety   #choices  

Thin red thread
that binds my sanity
"vast isolation of pearl white"

Optimistic humanity,
pentagon spheres
"fall to pieces"
and disappear

Crystal matter left behind
"dust storm"
tearing apart the fabric of time

#life   #teen   #society   #safety   #danger  

Your body is not a temple
It is a sacred home
Not for many to stare and worship
It is for you and by you
Not for someone to touch and feel
It is your safe place
Not a strangers midnight holy house
It is your decision alone
If you wish to go to a temple
or become one

Sumit Ganguly
Dec 1, 2016

All the snails
have hard shells
like coat of arms
of pachyderms.
Beetles' hard sacks
save attacks
just as armors
of old soldiers.
Our safeguard
is to make skin hard
to let us glide
in ebb and tide.

1st Dec. 2016

Nov 30, 2016

He is screaming with frustration, throwing objects like fits, trying to contain his shrills but they break through in shrieks and I hold him. He grumbles and growls wanting me to leav. I just rub his back. Slow circles; with my other arm wrapped around him like he is still a child. I remind him to breath and tell him to try again tomorrow and he huffs but I can feel him releasing his anger and relaxing. The tension in his body dissipating until he is ready for me to let go. He picks up broken pieces from the floor and tries to put them back together the best he can and I leave him to do this. He never questioned my fear of the dark when I would sneak away from my bed at night, he always eagerly awaited to hear my stories and would hug me no matter how hard I pushed him away. This is a love that can withstand fights for the mirror and battles over school. He is ever changing, becoming someone new everyday but when I hold him he is still five and braver than I. He is stronger and kinder. When I was his age he could not understand why I would cry in the other room and bite at the ankles of anyone who dared to step too close. But I understand him. The anger that lingers beneath the skin always ready to consume and dominate. This household is like a pack of matches and once he ignites he is forgotten because we all burn up and out without listening to his pain. I remember that feeling, it never fully goes away. It is not something we speak of but something we feel and when he needs me to hold him I will never be too far. He has my ears, my arms, and always my heart.

Even if he ends up being a thousand feet tall I'll just hug his legs.
#love   #anger   #frustration   #sister   #hug   #age   #safety   #siblings   #brother   #puberty  

Feeding the little thoughts
The doubts
The dreams I'm lucid in
But for a second they wrap around me
They grasp me with their warm hands
Tell me there's more
More to this
Something magical could happen
If you just wake up and run

And I believe it
In moments of anger
On days I'm misunderstood
I believe it
When I feel stuck

Feeding the little thoughts
Giving them characters and stories
Taking away from my own reality
To fuel this dream

And I'm sinking
Sinking ship
I feed these thoughts
And you reach out
And you save me
Every time

#love   #dream   #broken   #reality   #thoughts   #escape   #belief   #safety   #fix   #saving  
Brooke Benway
Brooke Benway
Nov 18, 2016

i think it's normal
to find yourself ending up
getting lost all too often,
you just can't help it,
life is crazy
and there's no way to
ever have full control over it,

you just have to learn
how to keep moving forward
even when you are completely
surrounded by darkness,
find the one thing that
you can rely on,
the one thing that will be
the light in the darkness
to lead you back to safety

#life   #lost   #okay   #darkness   #crazy   #control   #safety   #lighthouse  
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