Jul 21, 2014

So calm the city night
That quickens
The heart of stone
An awakening
Of immoral desires
The day will not condone

These neon nights
Never seem to dull
A thirst for excitement
At an endless beggar's ball

The power of magic
The star-struck eyes
The crystal moon
So high in the sky

The illustrious fashions
Of the filthy rich
The seductive lure
Which drives my itch

Such smells and sights
Has only the night
As I turn to the shadows
And take to flight

Here I am sacred
Here I am whole
The night sets the stage
For my favorite role ...

Traveler Tim

They are Immortal.
They are dead inside.
They are pale.
They often sparkle
but naturally don't.
They bite necks.
They are nocturnal.
They are out for blood.
They enthrall people effortlessly.
Their loved ones are often dead
or being mourned
while secretlly alive.
They act like the cool kids.
Or the awkward emo clicks,
but are treated like this exclusive club.
They don't show up in mirrors
because this IS their reflection.
They don't let the real them see the sun.
I am reflecting.


Why have I only dated vampires?
I'm loosing lots of blood.
What am I gaining?
Besides y'know...
their blood diseases.
And lots of exciting! moments
That belong in movies
that would get
or already have gotten
way to popular.
And be better as books.

Some of them can throw me across a room.
Some of them love to count.
some of them seem to only show up around halloween and looove chocolate

Don't get me wrong.
I still love all these terrifyingly
Seductive temptresses.
I have a type.

But I don't know if it's A
Or B
Or O negative?

I'm an optimism junkie
Oh, Positive?
I'm not afraid of needles
But they're afraid of me.

I tend to be a universal donor.
Which makes matching blood hard
Blood that works with my body is rare.

This is not to say anyone
could use my blood
Universal donor or not.
I am infected
with a blood disease
It could be vampirism
Or well, whatever causes one to seek

I Can't confirm anything about wooden stakes
Or decapitation or garlic.
But i can assure you setting them on fire doesn't work.

No matter how hot or fiery I make them
Their anger never kills them
It just makes them stronger.
But it does repel them quite nicely.

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We travel across all of this ..My Love,
on nothing more, but a falling star.

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Hushhhh, let me let you in
on a secret: when Mummy tucks us in
for the night, we're not in for the night
- gap between ledge & limb, we leap it,
springheeled imps!
Moonlite's orphans in batcaped dressinggowns,
we skive the sheets. Lil' devils shimmy down
to a midnite playground.

Shushhhh, tonite we hunt
Lady Barbie from Dolltown Abbey.
She'll never get a crick in it, but I won't gob out
my plastic fangs at her plastic gregory.
'S dangerous game getting mislaid during play,
Lord Ken's action men haven't got the bits for a stakeout.

Mummy & Daddy don't believe in us,
but we don't want Daddy & Mummy's blood.

Whoooosh, from foldedup towers
of 'Twilight' duvet covers,
Castle Ovalstein we glide! Bat ballet,
but not to do battle with
wiener werecubs, rugface rats.
No, our supernatural dustup
is with the real Lords of the Night:
yellow peril, Bananas in Pyjamas.

Don't touchhhh me, Van Helsing,
you lay a garlicky glove on me
& I'll dob you in to Social Services'
nightline. Just because I'm a vampire
doesn't mean I'm not a virgin.
Boris & Igor are my teddybears,
disinterring the toybox,
Paddington Burke & Winnie-the-Hare, yeah!

Mummy & Daddy don't believe in us,
but we don't want Daddy & Mummy's blood.

I am a jimjampyre, jimjampyre,
vanna drink your cherryade!
Am a jimjampyre, vanilla vampire!
I vont to drink strawberry shake!

He kissed me and held my hand
There we were, hoping the night didn't end
Yeah right, were just friends
Do I even need to pretend

Anyways... he touched my skin so softly and I knew it was time
For a split second all I wanted to do was cry
Not out of fear just my heart screaming out how wrong it all was
Sometimes things are wrong in love
I need to move on
Or else I'll die

Why is he this creature, all I see
That thing as you call him
He makes me happy...
He's not a monster... not at all
But clearly he's all I want
He's all I need

Pretty odd me
With that beautiful thing
He'd never harm a bee
And damn right he'd never harm me
I trust him
You see?

A girl and vamp fall in love and she doesnt care what others think about it
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Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Dec 1, 2016

Half a book, half a book
half a book onward
Into the valley of copyright
wrote the 200

Publishers to the left of them
Publishers to the right and behind
Searching for literary gems
The critique so harsh, and so unkind

Half a book, half a book
half a book onward
Deep into the valley of copyright
wrote the 200

No mind the toll and spirit beaten down
Publishers patrols demanding type on time
Ever toil the artists for the imaginary crown
A promising of fame, a fabled best seller climb

Half a book, half a book
half a book onward
Deeper into the valley of copyright
wrote the 200

Riches and fortune all dream of
in each and every line and write
crafted with feelings and with love
never shying from the fight

Half a book, half a book
half a book forward
Into the hell of copyright
wrote the 200

My 200th post here :D
Couldn't help myself
#humor   #writer   #vampires   #publisher   #200  
Oct 31, 2016

Your eyes are dark
They hide your darkness within
Waiting to be ousted
Your lips are red like a rose
Full and bee stung
Your pose inviting me to take a bite
Come to me and be a creature of the night

I’d like to kiss your neck with butterfly bites
Hold you tight
In a death grip
Lead you to the undeath with breathless sighs of love
Deep within your soul as you stare into my ageless eyes

I’ll hold you tight as I bite
Caress you as you fall
As the death calls
I’ll let you feed on me

Finally when you are sleeping
I'll take you to my tomb
I’ll be your groom you my bride

We will hide from the sun that you need no more
Then when the pale moon rises we will hand in hand
Under its light
I’ll be your eyes your sight
The most important light in your eternity

Nothing will touch you my eternal red rose
As this is the life you chose
When you invited me to take a bite.

#love   #eternal   #blood   #red   #rose   #bite   #undying   #vampires   #invitation   #bitten  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Oct 17, 2016

The house is quiet, only my whisper is heard...

oh, I guess I'm such a nerd,
are you hanging on my every word?

OK good, come on, let's go,

Shadows drifting, so discreet,
fowl breat, a cut out sheet,
  hard to move these trembling feet
a waiting guest, for me to greet?
not a trick, I hope a treat!?!

Perhaps the reaper comes this way
he knows of this, a game I play?
waking Crowley, where he lay,

I grab ahold the banister,
and step around the stair valute,
the air grows dark and thick again,
as everything is put in mute,
until a bell, I pause to think,
perhaps a playing flute?

Prolly not & that's real cute,
or maybe
inquiries of  candied loot?

True that,

I wait to hear again, a ding,
the joy of laughter it will bring,
the songs again my heart will sing,

I grip the rail, I'm petrified
a ghostly ghoul,
me, has spied
I move away,
from where I hide,

Shhhhhh be quiet,

My legs are heavy,
I slowly stepped,
you escorted,
up I crept
tears I wish,
that I had wept,
I move my hand,
away are swept,
no way for me to leave, get out,
they'd never hear me scream & shout
trudging on with wary doubt,
I bite my lip,
I moan & pout,
in every step, as I grow brave,
climbing up, a darkened grave,
with every step, my soul to save,

Very dramatic poet,
emmmm thanks, read on,

I reach the top in my suspense,
ahead I say, in my defense,
sorry if you're feeling tense,

It's alright,

I open up the door ahead,
filling me & you with dread,
dragging knuckles, telluric bed,
I look, in horror, shrilling,
a glowing face, chilling,
peeking, must be the one,
that I,
... am seeking!

I chuckle at the sounds of creaking,
bones & boards beneath my feet
they tell,
so sneaking up?
you lived in hell?
so I give up
hey, where's the bell?

Oh hear it is, that's just swell,
I know right?
Thanks for finding it though,

Look out!?!

Jumping out, you give a start,
I feel it pump inside my heart,
looks as if I need black art,


Your not afraid?
you silly girl, let me give
another whirl
a bony hand, sweeps & swirls
tattered sheets they creep & twirl

You do your best
to discourage guests
I'm prepared for any scary test
Yes I'm different from the rest,
& by the way,
you mustn't know that I am blessed
I'm not leaving, you may have guessed

Some pumpkins happy
some are scary
the children here,
they shan't be wary
I am not, no I am nary
this may be a fateful twist
but by the gods I have been kissed
sorry but your aim, it missed

I know that I look a witch
as I move my nose & give a twitch
but my dear, I pulled a switch

I raise my hands, I curse your words
as spirits cry, my voice, is heard
I bind you here, your soul I gird,
I cast a spell, hogtie your feet
take a bite, it's really sweet
yes my dear please have a treat
do you mind, if I have a seat?

I call my spoon, my kettle stirring,
as he speaks,
the words are spurring,
I laugh aloud, as kitty's purring,
supernatural events, occurring,
as caldrons bubble, broomsticks fly,
& Frankenstein went walking by,
his Mummy gives a wistful sigh,

Your look of shock, a priceless one,
like someone just removed the sun,
I dare not say, a silly pun?

No it's very good,
Oh hey thanks friend,

As breaking glass of aged pane's
& your attempts to stop me,
all in vain,

In  rattlin' of my heavy chains
relieving bones,
from what they weigh
as my skeleton comes out to play
protecting children as you prey,
wave a wand, a hand & down I slay,

Too much?

No, go on...

The werewolf howling at the moon
growling baying, softly croons,
a clown I think might be a goon,
the wicked hour coming soon,
cackling witches laugh &  snicker
spirits run & candles flicker
demons plot, giggle...
... snicker,
rubbing hands,
they fight & bicker,


I must admit their kinda spooky
Some are cute and kinda kooky,
To me look like a bunch of groupies,

Ha ha, good one poet!
Oh, well thanks!

I give my stick another flick,
I guess I gotta few more tricks!?
as fires dance in flaming licks,

Ewwww, I like it...

Halloween no time for fools,
the banshee comes with gaurding ghoul,
we're taking him to scaring school

Oh very cool,
yeah I made some room,

You can ride with banshee there,
the one with all the crazy hair,
you'll be alright just don't stare,
It's not as if I just don't care,

Huh!?! Great,

The unwanted speaks,

Well my dear, I'd say we're even
but temporary guess I'm leavin'
and your magic I might believin
pretty good, you think you won
congrats again, it's been real fun
a spell like yours can be undone


Oh I see, you think my best?
wait a sec, I'll get undressed
something here I must confess

Most these monsters are my friends
on whom my back I can depend
do your thing, with time you spend

That's okay, you go ahead
I don't wanna end up dead
and now I see, an empty bed
& your face is just filled with dread
boy you're really turning red
must be all the ink I bled

Careful now,
is this just a story?
filled with rhymes,
& kinda gory,
finding out is mandatory,

Now I jump out,
- I just say BOO
I guess, you see-
the tricks on you!

Happy Halloween!

Great ending,

Awww thanks for the love,
yeah sure do love this time of year,
lotsa fun, this one,

Enjoy a candy,
& thanks for coming!

Cherie Nolan © 2016

Halloween, ooooo...
Spooky fun!?! Does it make any sense!
Oh I love monsters Inc, must be I remembered!
Soeka laborde
Soeka laborde
Oct 7, 2016

Your kind is ancient, your skill is an art
The belief of your existence
Is of which most have part
At the sight of dust, there's a smile on your face
For the darkness brings the urge for a particular taste
You lurk in the shadows,
Awaiting your next victim
This exotic taste is the fuel found within

You sit at his right hand
An feet or two, maybe three, no further
For he is ruler, king and also your father
His voice echoes through the walls of the covernant
With only a glance, he killed dozens of tyrant

The days are so beautiful,
Yet you are in dispare
For where the sun shines
You can never go near
A creature of perfection in every single way
Yet your beauty shines its radiance most at night than day
With skin so soft, the rays of light burns
And as is tradation,
To dust you'll turn


             La Vida Love

Knit Personality
Knit Personality
Sep 2, 2016

I'm a big game hunter
who loves one-of-a-kind trophies;
and I never miss my target.
I have in my (literally) huge gallery
all the big stars:
the Abominable Snowman,
and the one honest politician.


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