The inner city rose garden
Rested high above the fumes
Soaking in the filtered sunlight
Like the tired old lady on her balcony
After her third marriage:
Still colourful
Still fragrant
And not without her unfair share of thorns.

#garden   #marriage   #rose   #divorce   #thorn  

dark smoke clouding around me, so thick my eyes can't push through it. My hands, feeling my surroundings grasp onto a rose, pricking my finger with its thorns, a drop of light blood appears. Twirling it between my fingers i realize there is light within the darkness.

#depression   #eyes   #dark   #happiness   #darkness   #clouds   #blood   #smoke   #rose   #thorn  
Dec 12, 2016

you are unloved,
undissolved in a world you
watch through glass

and once again,
you are nine; in the bathroom,
on that floor, as
the blue tiled walls reflect,
and replay
over and over and

you wish that
you never truly woke up, from
the strange mix of dream
and reality you
succumbed to long ago,

like a princess, at
wrapped in thorns

you'd never have had to pack
that sleepover bag every time
he made you cry,

even as the tv still played
cartoons, snot still
ran, and you still
bled (and left).

no one loves as much a i do
#love   #dream   #cry   #reality   #bleed   #blood   #princess   #unloved   #thorn   #leak  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
Sep 24, 2016

Sometimes I am more

thorn than flower

but a rose is a rose is a rose

#flower   #rose   #thorn  
Aug 18, 2016

you handed me a bunch of thorns;
and blamed me for not thanking you for the "roses".

-wrote this over 6 months ago.
matter of perspective.
#love   #pain   #rose   #thorn  
Aug 14, 2016

She just wanted to be his shadow
He took away her light
Blinded by the frightening darkness
She walked on the thorns

In the stream of tears.
#shadow   #darkness   #blind   #light   #walk   #thorn  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Jun 6, 2016

On a swing of deadened wood she would
Swing, holding upon these slender ropes of thorn.

Piercing onto flesh, but always held on as
Though to fall, but tears bleed from this motion.

Back and forth, white became red as a head
Slumped forward and motions carried on as hand frim.

This dead wood sat upon a rope of thorns
Motioning the seeping tide  that with each gesture flowed.

Grasping fingers ridged as these swings, each
With heads slumped, bleed a little and swung always evermore .

#blood   #thorn   #slumped  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Apr 8, 2016

Sometimes you're the rose and sometimes you're the thorn.
I've gotta correct the situation
because I know I've done something wrong.
I just want to feel something different than this.
I'm sick of hearing the same old songs,
time to change the album and write something new.
Now that I'm stronger on my own,
maybe I can overpower the things in my head.
Turning dark thoughts into strong action.
Sometimes you're the rose and sometimes you're the thorn.
Sometimes you're the sunshine and sometimes you're the storm.

#storm   #sunshine   #rose   #stronger   #thorn   #correct  
Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
Mar 6, 2016

He reached for the rose, but forgot about the thorns
He reached for the beast, but forgot about the horns
He reached for the future, but forgot about the past
He reached for the journey, but forgot about the quest
He reached for the sun, but forgot about the burn
He reached for the knowledge, but forgot what he'd learned
That light without darkness simply can not exist
Like the possessed without an exorcist
One without the other would have no value
With is you cannot argue

#knowledge   #journey   #rose   #quest   #beast   #thorn   #horns  
Leah Hodgkiss
Leah Hodgkiss
Mar 3, 2016

I'm no fool, I know Benjamin Franklin created the Poor Richard's Almanac but that's not helpful when you're trying to figure out what shade I'm going to love you in today and how that coordinates with the shirt you're wearing. it can tell you when the next lunar eclipse is (eighteen days and counting) and if you solve the riddle on the back page, you might get the next edition free but it can't help you in the battle I've made of loving me.

think of loving me like laying down on a bed. learn my insecurities and tuck them in under the sheets with the heat of my body. curl into my silhouette but don't be surprised if you feel pricks as you roll onto your right side. it may smell like romance but it's a bed of roses and the roses will bend and the thorns will stick into your back and you'll be left with the decision on whether or not you want to stay. I will tell you over and over again that it's okay if you don't. it's okay if you don't. it's okay if you don't. I've laid myself down to sleep on a bed of nails and if I make no shifts in position, nothing hurts and the pricks are only in the places I’m accustomed to. there's no room on this side of the bed, this is a war zone and I'm more concerned with self preservation than rescuing you.

I will tell you that it's easiest to love me in the mornings. if you catch me while the sun is rising, look me in the eyes and search for vulnerability. tell me stories with your lips and promise you’ll be kind to my ghost. these mornings are made for coffee grinds and talk shows, bad breathe and half-asleep stumbling into the kitchen. in the mornings, try to love me gentle and I will try to believe you.

it's hardest to love me when we say our goodnight. usually I talk to God and he sings me lullabies so I'll forget just how far I've pushed you away. if you feel a tugging on the bottom of your pant leg, it's the little girl inside of me pulling you closer.

I will kiss you and we will pretend we don’t hear the whistling between your ribs (an internal alarm serving as a reminder to proceed with care). I muffle this noise daily and continue to make deals with the devil. he is often misunderstood; all he wants is someone who loves him full of patience. full of strength. full of courage.

for the time being, tug on my hair and let's pretend that we don't hear the tornado sirens ringing outside of these walls. for the time being, let's pretend we don't smell the burning embers that have enveloped this house we've laid our love in. for the time being, show me you want to stay. it’s okay if you don’t.

#pain   #loss   #bed   #hurt   #relationship   #longing   #rose   #prick   #thorn   #lay  
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