Julia Mae
Julia Mae
2 days ago

my skin is paper thin

he smiled and said,
"well i would love to set it alight, watch you burn, watch you fight"

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Dreaming Liza
Dreaming Liza
5 days ago

Once a burning flame,
I am now only a single,
Dying coal in the dark
Parts of my mind.

March 21, 2017.
#cutting   #dying   #depression   #pain   #sadness   #darkness   #mind   #burning   #flame   #coal  
6 days ago

Like a candle in a hurricane
We flickered out in the wind
And anyone who saw us burning
Thought it must have just been
A little trick of the light.

#love   #loss   #light   #burning   #trick   #wind   #candle   #hurricane   #flicker  
Mar 8

These are my organs,
all trying to function,
mixed with one cup too many
of tea.

These are my organs
sliced to pieces by dishonesty,
who have bled too much
unrequited love.

These are my organs who have
decided to give life a second chance
because they delight in
feeling my body dance.

These are my organs
wrapping themselves around
a stranger
claiming love, love, love
in a world of sad never afters.

These are my organs
shaking off the sadness,
burning, burning,
and in the end
all that remains is
love, love, love.

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The burning poem it's words burn like flame
I hold it my heart but it burns all the same
I tried ridding myself of the fire
But the flames spoke to me of my muse
Aspiring me to choose
To love and lose the game
Loves painful consequence
My hidden shame
In desperate longing the poem was a light
Showing me a door and a key
Life is nothing with responsibility
In darkness of fragility
I hear a voice beckoning me
To hide my muse's secret
and yet it flows through me like the fiery flames
I try to retain the pain and burning
My heart is alight with yearning
So with the key I lock the secret poem in a room
It stills burns shining with the truth
Yet I feel I have hidden a fragment of my soul
That still burns to this day out of control.

#love   #poem   #fire   #secret   #muse   #burn   #burning   #haunted  

There is a spark,
in your soul,
that so many
They seemingly
keep forgetting
about this little thing
that we all call air.
That with a little huff
and a little puff
from those soft lips,
you could turn
this entire world
into a living,
blazing fire.
An inferno,
made entirely
out of your beautiful
and glorious love,
you have
for yourself
and others.
their words,
can't ever touch you.
I believe that's why,
when they try,
you just smile and say,
"Have a beautiful day."

#love   #words   #fire   #strength   #yourself   #burning   #others  

(Love poem #3)

It's happening again!
A face...unforgotten
Re appears, through my mind's  parted curtains
Doesn't leave...it haunts
Eyes follow me
Eyes talk to me
And then a flame
Inside my chest suddenly burns
And I am wondering why
It doesn't wane
It's been many, many months
Yet, the fire is so alive,
Consistently bright
Inside me, burning.
I am left churning
And I don't know,
Why now?
Door and windows
Are almost shaded...jaded
Been trying to put behind my head
A name....a face
Your face
With eyes that don't blink,
They just look on...

I will just have to close  mine
To stop meeting yours.

But then
The flame will still burn....


Copyright February 5, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

Not again.
Careful self.
Can't stop.

If you leave a flower,
in the desert,
she will thirst,
and climb to any water,
because living is first,

Incinerating everything,
and blistering HOT,
an unquenchable fire,
dying and fraught,
uncontrollable desire,
rages in skin,
frantic for touch,
it cannot be a sin,
this fiery demand,
a need to drink in,

Essential for life,
and more than a want,
left here alone,
you sadly still taunt,

Me from far away,
it burns me the hottest,
in a crazy high lust,
a passion ignited,
it's this or it's bust,

A willing sacrifice,
is something I ought,
it turns me to glass,
a fire that burns this hot.

Cherie Nolan © 2017

Just sayin..I've added a bit because I felt the first didn't sound right! Any thoughts? Thanks poets ❤❤❤
#love   #poetry   #passion   #desert   #burning   #hot  

you burned the cage,
and the ashes are around you.
you have broken up with God,
and, now, you have no support in the Universe.
you eat blackberries from the bush,
and you will have a stomach problem.
the one who tastes dirt,
will be dirty.
the flames of fire tend to burn
the women to ashes, too.
and their will be no lip prints
on the ashes of the burned.

#poetry   #woman   #she   #free   #burning   #is   #who   #thinks  
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