2 days ago

I love to scroll down and like everything I see.

I don't have to read it

I just know it's good

yeah dont worry im not that stupid or weird i actually do read it sometimes heehee
3 days ago

Her heart is like a pocket
stitched deep within her chest
Inside she stores her most valuable treasures

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Sound Of Rain
Sound Of Rain
3 days ago

Not just the blue river of endless desire,
but the stark redness of the burning fire,
eating up the logs; the flames swallowing them,
like what I do to get rid of the dry throat
I get just from seeing you.
You stop in front of me and let your eyes wander
and I look at you as you quietly will me to
do things I've never thought of doing.
You pull my shirt off over my head and our
arms tangle into each other as though we're playing
a two player game of knots. We try to untangle
our hands but instead our legs get involved, and our
bodies are a mess on your bed as I pull your shirt off
over your head. Our breathing flows on in rapid gasps as
if we're scared we'll somehow get so caught up in each other
that we'll forget to breathe.
Your hands on my body as it roams everywhere, stroking every
flaw on my body, and suddenly, they start to feel beautiful. And
like that fire, your touch burns my body, leaving a trail of
tingle wherever you touch, and I knew right then that the
only thing that'll make this burning better is more of that
very same touch.
And maybe I'm a masochist because I like this pain you inflict
on me and I know I can't have you but I can't stop myself
from wanting you.
And I know I might be selfish 'cause this blue river that flows
on, I don't want to share it's water with anyone in this world,
except for you.

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Emmanuel Coker
Emmanuel Coker
6 days ago

There's something about her dreamy eyes
That makes you want to be a dreamer
There's something about her soothing tongue
That makes you want to be a preacher
There's something about her lovely smile
That makes you want to be a painter
There's something about her great physique
That makes you want to be a sculptor
There's something about her intellect
That makes you want to be a professor
There's something about her being
That makes you want to be
There's something about her
That makes you want to be her lover

#love   #beautiful   #lover   #her   #sweet   #like   #something  

Still I have to urge
To take the knife up
And do stupid things
Like I used to before

But no, I don't do it
Instead I drown myself
In loud music and tears
With literally no end

Am I becoming mad?
I don't know more
But this seems like
A fine way to suffer

//Trying to do things right//
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This is all so new to me
It's a new kind of love
It's not overwhelming
Like the others, no
It's slow and steady
A love filled with safety
Not a love planted in
The way he looks
No, it's the way he is
His talents and charm
Yes, that's what it is
This is all so new to me
It's a new kind of love
But guess what?
I like it

#love   #new   #like   #kind   #charm   #slow   #safety   #talent   #looks   #steady  

Hello, everyone on Hellopoetry!

Interestingly, I have just created a website that has my poetry, short stories, and articles that I have written throughout my life.
Hopefully, you take sometime and check it out! Thank you:


Would that we were a tortoise, or a snail,
A portable house for a lifelong trail,
You could take your home without fail,
Add a letterbox for your mail,
A human tortoise or a snail,
A mobile home along the trail..........

Feedback welcome. A whimsy.
#home   #no   #like   #place  
Alex Hill
Alex Hill
Jan 29

She sits in a dark room,
Silence flooded around her,
Like an endless ocean of quiet,
yet all you can hear is white noise,
The painful static in your ears, vibrating
As she stares at the wall,
Looking for an answer, pondering
and wondering when she will remember
what she did wrong.

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Alex Hill
Alex Hill
Jan 28

How I've longed,
to feel your arms around me,
holding me safe and soundly,
our warmth together
As you play with my hair,
curling it around your finger,
my soft giggling and warm
scented smiles, as i think
"This is the happiest place i can be."
In your arms.

Long-distance relationship.
#love   #heartbreak   #poem   #sad   #happy   #poems   #like   #follow   #followme   #favourite  
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