Writing is relief
Writing is relief
15 hours ago

I scream for you to understand
But you will never get it.
I am forced to be confined,
Inside my own mind because you can't, won't, understand it.
Understand me.

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1 day ago

Just by having a look at your face makes me feel better,
It is like a magic spell,
Which can heals wounds up,
Can not help it but to smile.
That how effective you can be,
When it comes to me

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Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
1 day ago

A person can want,
But will he get?

It's like saying he's crippled,
But can he sit?

You can desire
For a kind word
Or be a liar
Now that's absurd

I didn't expect a like
But I was amazed that some were polite

All I'm trying to say
Is that with your kind words you made my day!

Thankyou, everyone, for liking my poem called Like.
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I walk by this lake everyday.
I pass these same trees routinely.
My feet stomp against
this exact concrete daily.
But tonight,
it’s different
I’m with you.

Your mile-long smile turned the leaves
into spheres of fire.
When your thumb wiped the fallen eyelash off
my cheek you transformed the streetlights
into floating lanterns.
The story of your mother
teaching you to bake the perfect
apple pie before she passed
converted the sidewalk
into a solid rainbow you borrowed from the heavens
to glide across with me.
you made this spot
my favorite spot.

By Lindsay Johnson
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Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
2 days ago

If I could get a simple like
Just a little heart
Than I'd smile very soft
It would be a tiny start

If I could get a like
It would make my day
I would spread some needed joy
And make love come your way

If I could get a like
I would party all day long
And would hug my dearest friend
Plus, sing a little song

If I could get a like
I would write until I'm dust
I'd write a lovely poem
Read it if you must!

Please like!

A simple like can make a difference! It can encourage someone to keep writing.
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

Is love a fancy or a feeling or a fascination?
You tell me
Although my mind is already made
And made up like the corners of my bed sheets

Your grandparents will tell you one thing, your parents another
And the youth amidst the feeling will tell you something else entirely

You know what I think?
Do you even care?
Will anyone even hear this little thing?
That love is a decision made every day
To let go, to hold on, to cut loose, and to cat's cradle string

The same old yarn or balers twine
Which you first used to tightly wind
The cord around your loving life

You picked your husband
You chose your wife
Now chose whether or not you'll live
In an ever loving daily life

Holy cow - 200 poems here - Meaning lifetime I'm over 500 poems now
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I can't tell if you like me
There's a lot put into that
Friendship or love
For me, it's all the same because
Regardless of intentions of affection,
I can't see
I can't tell if you like me
I want to hold your face in my hands
And I want to kiss your soul
But there's a hole in my blueprints
A big hole,
Because honestly
No matter how many dates we've gone on now
No matter how many times you've kissed my forehead
No matter how many texts you've sent or emojis you've emoted
Or how many of my notebooks that you wrote in
I cannot tell
I can't tell if you like me

-E (c) 2017

I'm dating a guy who I used to sit across from in prob/stats, and he would reach across my desk and scribble things in my notebook.
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Desire a man who walks a straight path
Keen as the cutting edge
Straight as an arrow and deep to sink
That way in him you may always be found
Like the mountain pass
Taken higher than the clouds  
And never disgraced, degraded or sunk down

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Mar 4

I'd love you like I love,
And a warm breeze,
I'd love you the same way I love rusty old swings,

I'd love you like grass,
And  trees,
And love you like holding hands,
While we walk on the beach,
I'd love you like,
Entangled feet,
Under soft blankets,
With the tv casting shadows on your face,
While you laugh,
Oh God I would love to make you laugh,

I'd love you like thrift shops,
And old photographs,

I'd love you like summer nights,
On the roof,
Or in bed watching movies,

I'd love you like I always would,
Never waver,
I'd love you like all these things,
Like warm coffee on cold fingers,
Or sunsets by the lake,

I'd love you day,
After day,

Like the ice skating rink,
I'd love you like, the song,
Temporary love,
By the brinks.

And I know I am young,
And you're miles away,
But there's a feeling here,
That's making me stay.

And I'd love you like this,
And i promise I would

Please let me darling,

I promise I could.

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Your body is my heaven
As I grip on your soft hair
I kiss your soft lips
My kisses gently go down to your neck
Leaving hickies and you start to pant as my hands go down to your sides;
I reach up and loosen your bra
Revealing your breast, I slowly lick your nipples;
Flicking my tongue and hearing your pants;
You say, "go lower daddy."
Your wish is my every command
My hand now on your breasts
I kiss your stomach
I go lower and I nibble on your lace panties;
I bite my way through those underwear;
I'm greeted with a beautiful rose
Your clit pulsating
I nibble on your clit
Hearing your moans and groans
My hands steadily spread your legs
And my fingers gently enter your wet vagina;
It now resembles a water fountain, my face soaked enjoying your every moan;
I looked you in your eyes and asked, "are you ready princess?"
With a smile on her face she said, "yes daddy."
I proceeded to lower my pants
I entered a warm ocean
Slow strokes, every moan and pant
She enjoyed me inside of her
Pure love being made
Not letting go, she looks me in my eyes
She mutters, "I love you"
I knew she was the one

Pure trash lol, it's been a while
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