Maria Etre
Maria Etre
2 days ago

Every sigh
stitched itself
to the stars
that looked down on us
during those
sleepless nights
Wondering if
we were wondering
about them and their
promises to our wishes

#stars   #thoughts   #you   #me   #fantasy   #sleepless   #nights  

I'm tired of the nights
Which tears sing me lullabies
They sing for me to sleep
And forget these fake lights

I'm tired of the dead hearts
All these dreams in the dark
Tired of the dead looks and The way they look from apart

Feb 2

i'm probably not going to sleep.
(i know i should but i won't)

so i'll just listen
to mixtapes

and think about this flower
that's blooming,

and how the way you say my name
makes me want to hold your hand.

i like him so very much
#love   #sleep   #teen   #crush   #music   #nights  

I'm tired of the nights
which tears sing me lullabies

#depression   #tears   #10w   #nights  
T      A
Jan 19

"Red wire, Red wire;
Oh won't you let me go to bed?
The days' been so long,
the nights' too
and I'd like to rest my head!"

But no- The Red wire replied.
The clocks yet to tock,
the stars are yet to align
and the moons not yet sighed.

"Oh Please," I begged
"Red wire, let me sleep.
Take my arms, my legs
or my heavy heart instead!"

I see, the Red wire said,
Snaking around my throat.
My lungs filled with dread.
"I will make you dream.
until we are dead."                          
                                       So i dreamed  with your silky red thread
                                       where i wished for your hands: to be led.

#love   #sleepless   #nights   #wire  

A grille
about grease
that string
If she's
only a
remnant where
those cars
were too
fast and
nights were
long and
days with
times that
children played
then here
along my  
street again.

#street   #women   #nights   #main   #spoon   #autombiles  
T      A
Dec 31, 2016

The Night
sparkles somewhere....far
lit only by
the tail of some falling star.
and under it
Two hearts expend,
all that they thought....
they thought their hearts could send.
and between them
The oaken child
who stares up at the sky
wishing to be wild.
and in his hand
a pen tightly held.
a caligraphical cage
another passion quelled
And Above Them All
     Snow.............. Slowly..... begins..... to.... fall.

i joined Hello Poetry this year in April
And i have found nothing but love and wonderful people
and i will stay here. I will stay. Thank you all for 2016. Thank you all.
#love   #ending   #wishing   #nights  
Arpan Rathod
Arpan Rathod
Dec 29, 2016

A day without you
made me realize
how it's never
gonna work.

A day without you
forced me to think
about all the times
you said
"I need you".
"I can't live without you".
when it's clearly
and easy.

A day without you
was a day
without light,
where I couldn't
see myself,
find myself.

A day without you
was also a day
without me...

just a draft..
#love   #pain   #hurt   #day   #you   #breakup   #couple   #nights  
Andrew T
Andrew T
Dec 25, 2016

I watched you soar off a balcony,
Only to land on a giant net stitched
From your goals and dreams.
You traded your soul for an extra moment with the silhouette of her shadow.
Bury me in her old cardigan and
Her parking tickets. Take me back
To a time when these feelings
Didn't shatter my good sense.
I traced the outline of our brownstone
On your inner thigh.
You woke up to the bed covered
In roses and firewood.
The getaway car trembled as
You stepped inside, dragging
A red wagon weighed down by your discarded dreams.
Before I could pass out on the futon,
You asked me, do you love me?
As you drank from the merlot bottle.
I wanted to nod my head instead of
Shake it. But hey that's what the
Rewind button is for.
So the parachute refused to open,
And I died that night too with you.

#days   #dreams   #nights   #mornings   #giant   #balcony   #evenings  
Dec 19, 2016

You arent afraid of the darkness because of demons and monsters out there.
More likely you are afraid of your own demons you have to face.
Cause in the end of the day you are all by your own. Darkness kicks in.
People disappear.
Objects disappear.
Your eyes get blind. Things get hardly to find. The vision you have in the morning gets blurry. The only thing that stays is you.
You and your own mind. After a long day with many attempts to escape, the darkness overtakes you.
Your problems and thoughts get clear cause there is nothing other left to focus on.
There is nothing other left for your senses to be seen or heared.
Cause in the night when youre laying all by yourself in your bed. You are confronted with your own inner demons.
Just yourself.
And somehow you manage to escape this demons night by night by falling in sleep. But in  very few nights your mind finally interrupts your sleep..

#fear   #anxiety   #dark   #thoughts   #darkness   #night   #nights  
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