3 days ago

Bodies crash into foreign sheets
and lips mold against currents.
Drunken declarations of love,
filled without meaning or thought.
The world fades to black
and slumber takes over.
Hands clutch empty spaces
and lift cold pillow cases
to realize that it was never real.
It was just a night weaved through time,
forgotten one day to never be spoke of.
Lonely people discovering what it's like to feel alive.

Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
7 days ago

I find that
there are nights
where I think so much
of hearing the morning alarm
snap the neck of a dream about
dancing in motel rooms
with the phantom of my affection,
just to wake up to see
it's my body alone taking up the sheets
and shedding hair on satin shams,
that I become reluctant
to turn every light off.

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I spent many nights awake
to solve the mystery
of my incomplete recurring dream

After swimming through ocean
fleeing from stalking sharks
I reached the deserted desert island

There was endless sand ahead of me
And the burning sun above me
and I walked away from salty water

Few hours later , walking few more miles
I reached somewhere ,in front of a huge gate
and huge stone wall around

I was desperately in need of food and water
The gate was closed , so I knocked
And saw them creaking open, and I waited

And as it open wide , my eyes too opened wide
and my heart beats fast and fists holding tight , the bedsheets
And this dream followed many nights .

I do not remember what I saw
But I really want to end this dream
So I can go back to dreaming unicorns and rainbow

Mar 5

Some days are intolerable,
unkind and absurd.
They leave you feeling vulnerable,
filled with hope & hurt.
But the misery is on stand by
when you are around
to walk through the nights,
while singing out loud;

And painting, in footsteps,
Little pieces of town.

With no sense of urgency
or to buy ginger for tea;
To get that artwork framed,
or for that hot chocolate-
so critically acclaimed.
To talk our troubles away,
to try that duck samosa;
To buy that wooden ukulele,
or for Empire's keema dosa.
To gauge garbage bags & spectacles
or watch that pending movie;
stumbling into old furniture collectables,
or a niche action figure galaxy.

We walk the days of the week
On broken tiles of the footpath,
In those familiar kolhapuris,
Feet out of sync, but heart in heart.
We walk the old canopied roads,
dodging dead rats & sleeping vendors.  
Careless about anticipated woes,
soaked in all that star shine splendour.

Mar 2

it has probably
inhabit over many moons
and sat through folds of numbness
as another day cyclically flows by
if only
unfeeling the wraps
could be a little less sore so it'd be easier to
unblind the 'better' of nights turned ugly
but how are you to know
when it was nothing but only your darkness
that excites me most


I promise to get high with you and take late night rides with you

#late   #nights   #rides  

Some nights I can see that same star,
The same star we stared at together.

How could we be so calm staring at the dark blue sky next to each other?
My heart was raising, my eyes were dilatating,
But, the thought of having you by my side,
made me calm.

Some nights I think of that night, those kisses,
Those hugs, those "I love you"s , oh darling, that night.

I want you back, because your bones are made out of stars,
Your heart is made out of the nebula, and your brain, oh your mind,
It's made of a galaxy. A bright, big, beautiful galaxy.

Shall I keepm on staring at that star? Or should I wait for you?
Stars keep on showing up, but you haven't.

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Care to much it hurts ,can't seem to notice it's killing you inside but you try to ignore It, wake up in the middle of the night can't stop wondering if she ever felt so awful,to do nothing but to explode.

#awful   #hurt   #tired   #nights  
Feb 21

Day burns down to night,
Burns the edge of my soul.
In the night I break into sparks of suns
and become fires in a dust of bones.
Night knifes. My breath swallows whole my tongue.
Turn back Reverse return,
In the night I see the real,
Concealed in the day's bright lie.
Eyes stitched shut. White teeth smile.
Sleep walk...s and talks
And feet mark time of day

[From the movie,  'The Invisible']

Just going through some old stuff, read this and thought of sharing it... One of my favorite poems,  from the movie "The Invisible"  (2007),  from the scene where Nick Powell is reading the poem for his class.

Every sigh
stitched itself
to the stars
that looked down on us
during those
sleepless nights
Wondering if
we were wondering
about them and their
promises to our wishes

#stars   #thoughts   #you   #me   #fantasy   #sleepless   #nights  
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