brandon nagley
brandon nagley
2 days ago

A Grecian statue I am, a confined creation; a harbinger, a shouter of biblical presages. Only here to tell of God's word, of Christ's love offered to voices silenced.

To the rich, poor, sick, down-and-out;
To boys, men, women, children-

None pen nor pencil or writing tool needed, for the Lord's blood was
Shed for all the lost and

Tis Satan was defeated.

Christ gave up the holy-ghost,
As thus his soul left that cross,
Buried, Rose again the third
Day; for God succeeded,
The devil lost.

Mine time is almost up now,
For mine job is almost done;
Soon I'll go meet mine savior,
As I prayest that Jesus Christ
Wilt be the one.

The one who thou shalt call out
To, for tis Jesus Christ that saves,
The way, the truth, the life;

The water that never runs dry,
The way to heaven up past the sky,
The bread of life that wilt make thee full,
The son of God who died for me,

The son of God who died for you......

© Brandon nagley
© Lonesome poets poetry
© Prophetic poetry

Word meanings-
Grecian; relating to ancient Greece.
Harbinger; a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.
presage; of an event) be a sign or warning that (something, typically something bad) will happen.)
None; Is archaic for no.
Tis; it is.
Mine; is (my) in archaic form.
Thee; also means you.
Notice in this poem I use old poetry as I always do but mixed in the new at end of poem where I say you. Because it's for all mankind salvation in Jesus Christ as he was crucified on the cross suffering for all mankind and Rose again the third day that ALL MAY have eternal life. Will you accept him today? Please read below find out how to be saved in Jesus Christ before to late. Time is running out, as I'm here only to show you truth and Christ's love for each and every one of you. Pray you accept that love today... Read below the links I leave underneath it's how to make Jesus Christ your Savior today, tonight wherever you are and put some facts what's happening now, what's coming to your world your world gvt doesn't want you to know. It's very serious and so many are asleep well time to wake up I pray you'll accept Jesus Christ before the hours late and it's the midnight hour just about. Please read links asap.

Link two; speaking on part of destruction coming though much more will go with it as our Bible spoke.
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
5 days ago

Water rushes
Hear the brook
And imagine
That no fish were hooked
Hope that's a page in the Earth's book

Hunters shoot
You must look
And imagine
That no deer were cooked
Hope that's a page in the Earth's book

Owls swooped in
It's mice they took
And imagine
That animals were not like crooks
Hope that's a page in the Earth's book

And even if sin on Earth never ends,
Don't forget that Jesus is coming back again!

Don't let sin on Earth keep you feeling down.
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God made each and every one of us into Genuine precious diamonds.
Then delivered us to earth to stand out as his creation.
Knowing that the earth was evil he made us beautiful;and Strong as the lord wants us to be.
To stand out as difference to the world to shine the light of his glory through the son.
The earth began to grow with in  us  with minerals,dirt and mud made up by evil trying to turn us into its own creation.
and to convince us we are just dirt that belong to the earth and nothing more; also to distract gods propose of life.
Over time we got so used to belonging to the world we forgot who made this ball of battleground; we began to only see what the world see’s us as. but the world lurks with evil.
we saw the world as it is and not what it could be.
We began to see only  what evil had told us,
and convinced us of.
so we forgot our father who created us and let doubts run through our spirits.
  We Slowly started to forget we were priceless diamonds and treasures of god.
and began to let people who seam to have more wealth in false success walk on us.
  and eventually for people to be so focused on them selves in this world they lost sight on the real idol.
  because they didn’t see as god did because evil took over there eyesight,
Evil convinced us of what we weren’t and was only their to bring us deeper and farther into the mud to be blinded of gods  true perpouse for us. God only wants to unburry us &lift; us up to be shown of what we really are again “Diamonds” and to be baptised washed and cleared off of all the mud on us that the world has thrown at us.
he want’s us to bring light for the hidden diamonds thats are still stuck in the mud;
and to recognize each other as precious diamonds of god and  not of mud or a stain that left a mark.

Only evil fills you with doubt and tells you what you aren’t the devil in greek is accuser.  God is always there to tell you what you are and can be.
He’s trying to Defeat the purpose of gods work.
What would a this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
If more people would stop stepping on what they thought was dirt and would think;

“ what does god think? is this dirt I’m stepping on or  are they actually diamonds of god that I’m being told aren’t worthy?  Is evil causing me to walk a life of judgments?,
Am I unknowingly  listening to evil and convincing people they are nothing more then dirt on this planet?
  evil has put wrong upon my eyes, I need to walk for god or am I walking against him.”

What would  this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
It would be tremendous but horrible for the devil… Because he would have to give up Every one would realize he was a liar and that they were diamonds of god all along.
He would be losing and god would be winning.
This would be the cure every one’s eyes would be filled with love and acceptence of each other and the eyesight of evil would disappear.
God wants you to represent him. he want’s  to tell you that you may look like dirt to evil ,
but you are in fact a valuable unique gem he made strong under pressure to be a soldier.
He want’s you to go into the world to convince people of him.
He want’s you to be a soldier  and if a mans down don’t convince him theres no hope but bring him with you to the other side. To love

and to shine a light of hope for  a hopeless world and be the cure that victims of evil still suffer by.

please give me some feed back on your views! much would be appreciated. Enjoy! <3
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The Warning had finally gone out!
There was gonna' be a Nuclear Apocalypse at any moment!
The Sandbergs were a Christian Family
So, they felt that it would be appropriate to say a Prayer together
Before God took them all to Heaven.
No one knew where Ralph was?
Martha Sandburg asked her daughter, Sandra
To go find her brother, Ralph for the Apocalyptic Prayer
Before  their Ascent to Heaven.
She didn't think of knocking on Ralph's door,
But just opened it in the urgency of the moment.
Her first utterance was,
"Ew! Gross!"
Ralph was jacking off as if their was no tomorrow,
Which there probably wouldn't be,
And there were white cum stains all over the brand new, red carpet!
"How could you be jacking off at a time like This"
"When we're about to meet Jesus in Heaven?!"
Sandra asked her brother.
"I just wanted to experience It one last time!"
Ralph expressed in a manly husky voice even though he was only 15.
"Jesus ain't even gonna' LET you into Heaven after doin' that Ralph,"
Sandra told him.
"Now put on your pants"
"And come to the Apocalyptic Prayer Service we're having"
Ralph put on his pants,
But he ran out the door.
He didn't know where he was going,
But he just knew that there was no point
In praying before the Apocalypse
If he was already
On his way to Hell.

Joshua Dougan
Joshua Dougan
7 days ago

He died for our sins, all transgression put to the test.
So Repent on your shins and the lesson's put to its rest.
I long for his blessings, for gods love and forgiveness.
Though I don't feel worthy, I'm not born of the gifted.
He's Someone I revere, respect and hold dear.
Yet feel so distant... A dark cold for the wretched owed here.
But there is light...
In the white of my sons eyes.
now I read the stories and suddenly realize...
For God loves the world that he gave his one and only son.
That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
A paternal cry...
And the sacrifice that showcased his love for every one who's by his side.

#god   #son   #father   #jesus   #christianity  
Jennifer Weiss
Jennifer Weiss
7 days ago

I may have never shared with you,
what a wretch I was.
The dependency on drugs,
selling them to my friends,
the unforgivable, explicit activities...
you can guess where I'm going with this.
Then there were the wretched things done to me.
That I did not choose.
And I let them all eat away at my soul.
I let a prison become erected around my heart.
I hired guards.
I took new inmates.
And developed strict programs and policies...
We never allowed visitors at my prison.
I remember laying awake at night crying
more than I remember lovely stories from my childhood.
I remember dreaming happy things would happen that
never did.

And then I really met Jesus.
Not in the way I met Him when I was 12 years old.
At 12, He was the promise that I wouldn't burn in Hell.
At 22, He became the man who called me by my very own name and beckoned me into a world full of Light.
And I haven't looked back.
I'm not going to look back, except to tell you how dark it really was.
Because I know what it is to feeldeath.
I know what it is to stay high every day
because life is unbearable.
I know what it is to believe there is a God,
but not know how to reach Him.
I know what it's like to think you aren't
worth it.

You are worth dying for in Jesus' eyes.
Can you picture that?
A man who finally loves everything about you
so much so
that He did everything He could
to set you free.
Now you just have to want it.
You have believe you can be free.
Take a good look at where you are.
Now ask yourself, "Am I truly free?"

If your life is anything like what mine used to be...
you aren't.
My heart is breaking for yours.
I know you are out there.
I know you want freedom.
You have to know,
God wants you to have it

I never thought I would have the life I have now.
It is not perfect, it is so very hard sometimes.
He loves so well and so complete.
And I love you.
7 days ago

Jesus, I trust in you! Jesus, I trust in your Divine Providence. Allow me to be open enough to allow you to work and move in and through me.

Jesus, I trust in you! Jesus, I trust in your Divine Will in my life. Help me to follow and walk with you especially when I cannot feel you near or see the path before me.

Jesus, I trust in you! Jesus, I trust in your Divine Joy. Guard me to remain ever joyful and kindle in me to look at life with childlike faith and joy.

Jesus, I trust in you! Jesus, I trust in your Divine Peace. In a world with chaos and commotion at every side, remind me of the peace I find when I focus on you.

Jesus, I trust in you! Jesus, I trust in your Divine Mercy and Grace. I don't deserve it and can't earn it, but you give it anyway. Help me thank you by doing the same for others.

Jesus, I trust in you! Jesus, I love you! Jesus, I adore you! I need not fear because Jesus you are FOR me.

Jesus, I trust in YOU!


inspired in part by the divine mercy chaplet (Jesus, I trust in you!)
Austin Bauer
Austin Bauer
7 days ago

Bend down today
in humble submission,
in groveling forgiveness,
and wash the feet
of another.

Partner with your savior,
recognize the filth
of your own sin,
and wash the feet
of another.

Become acquainted
with the essence
of your existence
by washing the feet
of another.

Esteem one higher
than yourself,
meet that lowest place,
and wash the feet
of another.

You will find
how you too will
become clean when
you wash the feet
of another.

So do not tarry,
no, now, today
bend down
and wash the feet
of another.

A meditation on John 13.
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It's over, its done ...

American Christianity stumbles forward
toward a cruel topsy-turvy world where
help is weakness, compassion is cruelty
& divisive isolation is preferable to
welcome & concern.

American Christianity is a corpse that reeks,

a veritable Walking Dead of pink-tied
Conservatism that picks its leaders
based on a sort of simple country-boy
belief that a fat white man in a suit who
holds aloft his momma's old bible while
same the same time preaching division,
exclusiveness, hate & bigotry is somehow
the best Christian choice & God loves that
man so,

they do this,

they continue to do this,

this rural fundamental upside-down way
of seeing the worst man as the best man
just because he spouts for some phrases
& gets all blessed & such by richly dressed
ministers of the lord who anoint him as the
Chosen One, which is so far off the mark
as to leave one wondering who? who?
who are these representatives of God's
word on earth,

these shiny shoe lackeys, these fork-tongued
well-heeled sybarites closer to Lucifer's
world of consumption & the almighty dollar,

American Christianity should just call it
a day, just give over for awhile, take a
breather & read a book or two, for the
harm they cause to fall on the rest of
us through their ignorant vision is just
way, way too much for them to be able
to claim any affinity with Jesus
the humble Son of God.

The hope of
an early spring
was disappointed by
the quiet snowfall
last night.

I stand this morning
surrounded by
the peeping and chirping
of happy and hopeful

I hear the breath
of the earth, and I know
you're telling me
everything will be
just fine.

I will not quit.
I will not give up hope
for I know
even in
these cloudy skies,
even in
these lasting nights,
even in
this brumal moment,
you are here
so I will not give up.

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