5 days ago

Her mind and body is living on two separate planets

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Stanley Wilkin
7 days ago

How absurd to stand
On moving land,
To touch the sky
As planets roll by

To drink the rain
Knowing from where it came,
To eat fruit and corn grown
From dead flesh and bone.

To enjoy the heat of the sun,
A vast nuclear bomb,
To breath the air
That burning deisel put there!

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I touched  him with my hands of galaxies; And spoke to him,

the silent language of the universe.


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A fragile little thing. Xylophone ribs that heaved as coral reefs beneath a hurricane, and a prominent spine, a mountain range down a plain of pale white. Mountain range cutting against a pale plain in sharp and jagged ridges, a volatile and fearful structure, shifting with the quakes that came from the planet's heart, a flighty beat. Gashes in the land, deep fissures in his earth from tremors of stress in his core, bringing more fractures and gashes in the delicate white frame.  Two brown moons, always wide and full. He was a dying planet, orbitting a dying star that pounded within, a ticking bomb awaiting a cataclysm; and such a force came to the withered shell of a planet. A supernova burst forth, and the fragile planet crumbled into nothing, thin fragile bones blowing away as dust among the stars, along with his brown moons and plains of sickly white. This was a death, and a beginning, too.

From the dust of his bones he reformed, the gashes of his tremors and quakes becoming hills and gentle ridges upon the healthy soil of his new skin. His spine no longer an unforgiving range of sharp bones and discomfort, now settled comfortably beneath his earth. A true structure to be relied upon, one that will not bend beneath force. His brown moons are warm and quiet, calming the tidal waves and vicious tremors that once stormed in his core and tore fissures upon his coasts. A living planet, one that could give hospitality and withstand forces unknown. It took a supernova, a death so loud all the solar system tembled in its wake; but from that, he was reborn. Greater than the sickly planet and fragile core, he became a system of stars and comets, constellations in beauty marks upon a thriving expanse of healed skin, a new being, strong and resilient.

Do not be afraid of the end, because more often than we may realize, it is a beginning; the one we have always needed.

In the nippy northern hemisphere
winter straddles the calendar year
in the sultry southern hemisphere
bright summer sunshine's presently here
our planet spins on an axis or something
my scientific knowledge is virtually nothing
I know there are many other planets
in what's known as our solar system
but for the life of me
I never could fully list 'em
physics, chemistry, ology after ology
my only real interest is poetology
but that's not even a word
neither's splink, sluff, sconk or scurred
this piece is silly, frilly, unpretentious fluff
many light years from avant-garde stuff
it would surely never win a literary prize
but maybe a smile in the beholder's eyes

just having a moment...
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Jan 11

All the stars inside you,
arent out
most of them are ,just too far away
for you to see
because of the big planets blocking who you really are.

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Dec 12, 2016

He was my sun, every single planet in my body revolved around him.

The days seem so much longer when I don't meet the light of his gaze.
It was agony.

Every moment we are together,
an hour seems like one second.
It was in these moments wherein I knew what happiness felt like.

I hope I don't grow old like this:
depending on the few days I'd have by your side.

Everyday I'd pray
for a chance that gravity
can grant me my one wish.

My wish of being in his orbit,
and he in mine,
for eternity.

somewhat inspired by baek yerin's across the universe.
#love   #poem   #gravity   #poetry   #sun   #stars   #planets   #orbit  
A King
A King
Dec 8, 2016

tearing every inch of me apart
piece by piece
until i've lost the different halves of me
the days go by, i lose myself a bit each time
oh, where does it all go?
where does your body go if you never return home?

people are young, that much is true
but i know for once that i'm older than you
and when i look into your eyes
i see my fears reflected back to me
the fear of dying young and living too old
because dying when you're young reaffirms your dreams
and dying when its all said and done gives you a legacy

who is my soul? i may never learn
could be built from the shadows
on planets far away from earth
could be constructed from the cracks
chipped off of asteroids,
a visual representation of the void
i'd argue that it doesn't matter where
each part of me comes from this universe
i want to glide along a cosmic wavelength
feel myself move through multiple dimensions
if space-time is a continuum then why am i stuck
in a vacuum, forced to live a life of singularity?

#depression   #death   #time   #space   #soul   #earth   #old   #youth   #planets   #legacy  
Dec 7, 2016

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
Your eyes are the stars in the sky that is only mine,
You take me to my moon with each glance.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
Your voice is the first song I've ever listened to,
You lift me up into my own heaven.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
You make my Christmas feel like the only Christmas,
You let me dress in all my favorite hues.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
Your fingers touch my planets in all the right directions,
You create a painting on my lips with yours.

Little do they know, how good you are.
They do not wish me with you,
They believe you got rid of my sunshine.

Little do they know, how wrong they are.
You make my days darker, but my stars brighter,
You are my night, you are my universe.

Little do you know, how beautiful you are.
All my stars are every atom on your body,
And I wish to drench myself in it.

He isn’t from Mars
And I’m not from Venus
But our destinies have been traced
Keeping such distance between us

Never too close
Like the Sun and the Moon
Just a brush of a penumbra
Time’s not once opportune

It burns my soul so deep
But if this is all I can have
Just to look and never touch
How can I curse at that?

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