A fragile little thing. Xylophone ribs that heaved as coral reefs beneath a hurricane, and a prominent spine, a mountain range down a plain of pale white. Mountain range cutting against a pale plain in sharp and jagged ridges, a volatile and fearful structure, shifting with the quakes that came from the planet's heart, a flighty beat. Gashes in the land, deep fissures in his earth from tremors of stress in his core, bringing more fractures and gashes in the delicate white frame.  Two brown moons, always wide and full. He was a dying planet, orbitting a dying star that pounded within, a ticking bomb awaiting a cataclysm; and such a force came to the withered shell of a planet. A supernova burst forth, and the fragile planet crumbled into nothing, thin fragile bones blowing away as dust among the stars, along with his brown moons and plains of sickly white. This was a death, and a beginning, too.

From the dust of his bones he reformed, the gashes of his tremors and quakes becoming hills and gentle ridges upon the healthy soil of his new skin. His spine no longer an unforgiving range of sharp bones and discomfort, now settled comfortably beneath his earth. A true structure to be relied upon, one that will not bend beneath force. His brown moons are warm and quiet, calming the tidal waves and vicious tremors that once stormed in his core and tore fissures upon his coasts. A living planet, one that could give hospitality and withstand forces unknown. It took a supernova, a death so loud all the solar system tembled in its wake; but from that, he was reborn. Greater than the sickly planet and fragile core, he became a system of stars and comets, constellations in beauty marks upon a thriving expanse of healed skin, a new being, strong and resilient.

Do not be afraid of the end, because more often than we may realize, it is a beginning; the one we have always needed.

Arcassin B
Arcassin B
4 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

When It rains and it pours , is it God crying?
Or does he make mistakes too by dropping
Glasses of water on some parts of the planet,
sometimes i cant stand it,
Its too hard to manage
With all the decorative seasons and foreign
Following their footsteps and letting all of their
Friends go,
I wish everything was in slow motion so I could
Move through this crowd of asshole and jerks,
Its more than I deserve,
And when the wind blows I'll be sitting in the
Rose garden full of sin while thick and bold and
Replace the new past with the old,
I think I struck a nerve,
The Power was within is all along,
are you man? or do you claim your strong?
If you pick confrontations left and right then
something will go wrong.

#words   #life   #faith   #wrong   #garden   #power   #planet   #blow   #nerve   #hellopoetry107  
Simon Soane
Simon Soane
6 days ago

you say
with gentle ask
"i'm yet to be discovered,
I may let you name me""
I cope with overwhelm well
and think
is nothing better
than you.

#love   #life   #planet  

Who made you the centre of my universe?
Because it sure wasn't me.
Do you think that I want my life to revolve around you
like i'm just a planet orbiting the sun,
A pair of jeans in the washing machine
Or flotsam in a whirlpool.
I don't suppose you'd understand,
How dizzy I get,
after a day around you
Or even a few moments.
How I can't keep my balance
And the world sort of tips
till' everything is inside out
backwards and all mixed up.
Except you.
because for some reason
the only stable thing
in this topsy-turvy world
is you.

not really sure how this came out.. critique welcome
#sun   #dizzy   #balance   #you   #universe   #moments   #planet   #washing   #whirlpool   #center  
Dec 11, 2016

The stars glisten,
like the eyes of far-off gods.
Twinkling with hope
Then a flare comes.
Causing the destruction
of a far off planet.
Then one must wonder
when will ours be next?

Luisa C
Luisa C
Dec 9, 2016

don't just give yourself a planet or a star.
give yourself a whole galaxy,
be every swirl of cosmic matter you can find,
and never let a black hole
take away your shine.

inspired by something i saw.
#poem   #short   #metaphor   #space   #galaxy   #black   #star   #hole   #planet   #cosmic  
Nov 30, 2016

I have seen the future of our world.
I have seen the sunrise of tomorrow.
I have seen Muslims shake hands with Christians.
I have seen hope buried beneath the rubble in Aleppo.
I have seen a world
come full circle
back into each other's arms,
like two lover's
that are meant to be together,
but have been at war for so long
they can't remember why.
I have looked into the eyes
of all God's creatures
and have seen that spark.
That light
that shines so brilliantly
it must be a soul.
Because nothing else
fuels that kind of hope.
Nothing else stops you
dead in your tracks
and makes you see
that we are all one.
We are all connected.
To each other,
and to this beautiful planet
we call home.
If more people
stared into the eyes
of the people they hated,
maybe we wouldn't
erase hate altogether,
but we would
strengthen tolerance.
Maybe then
we would stop
dehumanizing each other,
and start complimenting
each other instead.
Maybe our children
wouldn't come home
from school crying,
or in trouble
because they want
to build a wall,
or send Muslims
back to Islam.
our daughters
wouldn't have to worry
about being "trumped"
by men
because her skirt
was just to short.
I have seen the future.
The future doesn't
look like this present.
The future is bright.
The future is ready for peace.

Ju Clear
Ju Clear
Nov 28, 2016

I ve banned tec from our table
Tec is the terrorist in town
I ve banned tec from the bedroom
Tec is numbing us
Interacting is not cool
Interfacing is what's happening
I neck the new illness
Talking face to face
Is old school
Back in the day
When hanging out on walls
At the phone box
Now people go no where
Snap chatting what's it app app app
Face ache
It's all too much for me
Overloads pointless
tec is taking over

Observations of my teenagers .
#world   #old   #planet   #teenagers   #tec  
Nov 13, 2016

i walk on this earth
and with every step
i feel nothing
but dead inside

#sad   #life   #lonely   #alone   #dead   #earth   #nothing   #planet  
Oct 27, 2016

you are the sun
I am nothing but a dwarf planet
I orbit around you and rely on you for warmth
you give me life

#love   #sun   #space   #star   #lgbt   #planet   #courtney  
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