Lunar Love
Lunar Love
2 days ago

they say men are from Mars
and women are from Venus
but i wonder what takes so long
for us to cross paths
it's what the astronomers tried to declare
that Mars and Venus never does
and will never intersect orbits
with millions of miles in between them
or what the astrologers tried to foretell
that a love unknown as a nameless star
can never really shine in the first place
because of the thousands of miles between us
but even if it takes an infinity of time or space
for us to reach one another
i would still stay and wait
by your side, i will hover
what matters for now is
i found you
amidst many others
i saw you
even in the dark
and i love you so

hi there! i havent written in a while for a friend!!
this time, here's one for esther my egg tart and her mingyudon boy xx

fun facts i discovered as i wrote this:
- venus is also called the morning star/evening star; it's the brightest in the night sky after the moon!!
- mars has the tallest mountains in the entire solar system despite being the second smallest planet (TOL LIKE KMG)
- venus is love venus is beauty (obviously like esther<3)
- pieces of mars have fallen on earth
- venus is the hottest planet in the SS
- mars will have a ring one day (wedding ring or?????teehee)
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We knew
many years
planet dying.

We built
concrete orbs
had DNA
filled inside.

Simple corals
over time
ate them
brought back;
ocean life.

We're taking steps to make sure humans can survive the apocalypse. What if we assume we do not survive and take steps to save what life is left now? Who has more of a right to this earth? You learned from science. Science is the study of nature. Nature is earth. You've learned nothing if you let it die.
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Some make plans to escape
Some just watch it burn

More inspiration from Kurgestat.
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Jan 31

Clouds of linen stretch her skies,
changing depths of blue,
lovely is this her Earthrise,
she's something,
from my view,

I look at her my lovely Earth,
and I,
her soulmate - Moon,
if she shall perish,
so will I,
I hope it's not too soon,

I wonder what inhabits her,
of what's alive out there,
I wonder what she thinks of them,
or if no time to care,

She was designed just perfectly,
a gift in her to give,
sadly took for granted she,
in ignorance can't live,

I wonder if these people know,
the sacred of her planet,
or if destruction comes in flames,
to fight it or to fan it,

They must know somewhere within,
she's beautiful but dying,
I hope this not the last Earthrise
I hear her gently sighing,
then a thunder roars within,
on knees -
she's crying,

Hear my voice my sacred people
I'm wounded I cannot fight
will you hear my final call
before the last goodnight ?

Ma Cherie © 2017

Started writing this about the Earthrise photo and then just became that vantage point. It made me cry ;/ love you guys ❤
#poetry   #dying   #help   #earth   #rise   #planet   #sacred  

The last canaries hang lifeless on coral stabs, while the shoe sale in New York and Paris rage just like that threading needle. The world is in a sad state, soaked in bitumen, and on the highway riding into the vanishing point. The desert is a place that rarefies this extreme probability. Warming, acidic, vitriolic oceans meet the rusted veneer on the dirty, angry bay. Skeletal factories like a necklace of rust choke the Great Lakes as Kuwait burns and Los Angeles vainly anticipates the great drought. Watery nobodies drained of their lifeblood. Rattlesnakes die in the heat. Thank God for AC.

#suicide   #death   #world   #die   #cancer   #earth   #suicidal   #planet   #dies  

A fragile little thing. Xylophone ribs that heaved as coral reefs beneath a hurricane, and a prominent spine, a mountain range down a plain of pale white. Mountain range cutting against a pale plain in sharp and jagged ridges, a volatile and fearful structure, shifting with the quakes that came from the planet's heart, a flighty beat. Gashes in the land, deep fissures in his earth from tremors of stress in his core, bringing more fractures and gashes in the delicate white frame.  Two brown moons, always wide and full. He was a dying planet, orbitting a dying star that pounded within, a ticking bomb awaiting a cataclysm; and such a force came to the withered shell of a planet. A supernova burst forth, and the fragile planet crumbled into nothing, thin fragile bones blowing away as dust among the stars, along with his brown moons and plains of sickly white. This was a death, and a beginning, too.

From the dust of his bones he reformed, the gashes of his tremors and quakes becoming hills and gentle ridges upon the healthy soil of his new skin. His spine no longer an unforgiving range of sharp bones and discomfort, now settled comfortably beneath his earth. A true structure to be relied upon, one that will not bend beneath force. His brown moons are warm and quiet, calming the tidal waves and vicious tremors that once stormed in his core and tore fissures upon his coasts. A living planet, one that could give hospitality and withstand forces unknown. It took a supernova, a death so loud all the solar system tembled in its wake; but from that, he was reborn. Greater than the sickly planet and fragile core, he became a system of stars and comets, constellations in beauty marks upon a thriving expanse of healed skin, a new being, strong and resilient.

Do not be afraid of the end, because more often than we may realize, it is a beginning; the one we have always needed.

By Arcassin Burnham

When It rains and it pours , is it God crying?
Or does he make mistakes too by dropping
Glasses of water on some parts of the planet,
sometimes i cant stand it,
Its too hard to manage
With all the decorative seasons and foreign
Following their footsteps and letting all of their
Friends go,
I wish everything was in slow motion so I could
Move through this crowd of asshole and jerks,
Its more than I deserve,
And when the wind blows I'll be sitting in the
Rose garden full of sin while thick and bold and
Replace the new past with the old,
I think I struck a nerve,
The Power was within is all along,
are you man? or do you claim your strong?
If you pick confrontations left and right then
something will go wrong.

#words   #life   #faith   #wrong   #garden   #power   #planet   #blow   #nerve   #hellopoetry107  

you say
with gentle ask
"i'm yet to be discovered,
I may let you name me""
I cope with overwhelm well
and think
is nothing better
than you.

#love   #life   #planet  

Who made you the centre of my universe?
Because it sure wasn't me.
Do you think that I want my life to revolve around you
like i'm just a planet orbiting the sun,
A pair of jeans in the washing machine
Or flotsam in a whirlpool.
I don't suppose you'd understand,
How dizzy I get,
after a day around you
Or even a few moments.
How I can't keep my balance
And the world sort of tips
till' everything is inside out
backwards and all mixed up.
Except you.
because for some reason
the only stable thing
in this topsy-turvy world
is you.

not really sure how this came out.. critique welcome
#sun   #dizzy   #balance   #you   #universe   #moments   #planet   #washing   #whirlpool   #center  
Luisa C
Luisa C
Dec 9, 2016

don't just give yourself a planet or a star.
give yourself a whole galaxy,
be every swirl of cosmic matter you can find,
and never let a black hole
take away your shine.

inspired by something i saw.
#poem   #short   #metaphor   #space   #galaxy   #black   #star   #hole   #planet   #cosmic  
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