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Woa, last evening my unicorn and i
We traveled farther and farther
farther than we've ever gone before
we traveled to a fantastical realm
through prisms of red, pink, orange
yellow, green, blue and purple
through a doorway of enchantment
to an enchanting planet of giant trees
where dragonflies are as huge as eagles
and millipedes large as crocodiles
together we stood under an evening sky
of blue and admired a shooting star

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Alec Boardman
Alec Boardman
5 days ago

If I were a planet, I would be as debated as Pluto.
Scientists eons away that have no business with me and probably never will discussing all of my qualities to pinpoint me into a label they've created to push me like a pinball machine into different slots of make believe self esteem.

If I were a planet, I would be the one whose moon is speculated to be made of cheese.
No one quite aware of what really lies out there but it's fun to dream up stories and ideas that we know will never be true.
No matter how damaging to this solemn planet's reputation in its universe these folk tales may be.

If I were a planet, my sun would have an oval shaped revolution, sometimes close and sometimes far, moving its inspiration along on its route and leaving just when my people need it the most.

If I were a planet, my living organisms would speak in tongues unknowing to even me.
Desperately searching every tick in them to see how they view their home, but always confusing me as I spin on my axis round and round.

September 2016. This was a prompt and I never quite finished.
6 days ago

I've got planets in my ears,
Stars in my eyes,
Black on my body,
And a heart full of lies.

I got my solar system gages today
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A moon, a star the universe
The Earthlings look like aliens
Stars surround all around
Lightyears to the planets

#stars   #universe   #moons   #planet   #aliens  

I see a lot of hate these days,
I see a lot of everything.
Racism still running rampant,
Sexual preference hate still lingering,
A bunch of lies broadcast on TV,
People concerned I'm always smiling.
Does it bother you that seeing a smile bothers you
It's bothers me, it doesn't bother you
Don't bother understand I'm just rambling
But in all honesty, you should be bothered all the same
This spinning planet makes less sense to me all the time.

We hand the kids the Internet in tiny little screens
Don't bother to watch over, in a jungle of unclean
Common core, you do the simple math
Raise up a generation of sociopaths
Of privileged poor who believe they deserve more
And fight for rich in desert war
With no clue what they are fighting for
Take small amounts of radicals
And make casual assumptions of an entire race
This is the narrow-mindedness  we still face
If you don't see my side, that's fine.
This spinning planet makes less sense to me all the time.

I swear I'm not bitter, I'm just scared with what I see
Divorce became so common
Teens actually tried for pregnancy
People became photos posted socially
I'm glad, on my street, there are no street lights
The stars, the sky look so pretty
No one looks up there anymore and that's a pity.
If you don't see how small you are
You don't see how big an impact you can be
Just a few beliefs, in a mind of mine
This spinning planet makes less sense all the time.

women all over the world
have striven in solidarity
for better pay and conditions
at our work places

women all over the world
being the driving engines
as scientists, doctors, teachers, etc
bringing their professional skills
to our communities

women all over the world
showing creativity in the fields
of literature, painting and design
their flair can be seen
in our cultural paradigms

women all over the world
your aunty
your sister
your friend
who are talented ladies
in whatever they turn
their hands to

woman all over the world
bearing the next generation of children
ensuring their endowments
continue on this our planet

NB: A homage to all women, on International Women's Day.

in the universe we are.
sealed off
by rings of stars.

even if not,
even if there's a lot
of planets where water and life,
still alone,
never to be found.

Irrelevant, irreverent, irreverberating
to everything else.
by unlimited universe.

Alone forever, forever apart,
doomed to believe,
that we are part
of something else.

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Feb 26

The window is shattered
The door shut close
He is all her poetry
She is his arid prose

Like the tide bounded to moon
They violently rise and fall
Two paque souls washed up in zenith
Emotions withered with uphill crawl

Dewy eyes encompassed sweet terrors
Their still warmth lingers in valley of past
Haunting the spiritual moors of fusion
In the scriptures of silence only last

He is lost in the stars of his demise
She is infuse revolving around his planet
Until his husky heart loses the war of life
Until her soul suffocates in silk blanket

Acquaintance of your silence.
#heart   #lost   #stars   #soul   #silence   #sweet   #blanket   #planet   #demise   #silk  

Oceans, forests, nature, & mountains are all gifts Mother Earth gave us to share freely.
She provided us with clean air, nourishing food, & a lovely, welcoming home.
However, humanity screams "that's not enough."

Our mouths water with greedy lust.  
Our eyes gleam when we see an opportunity to get ahead.
Mankind often forgets that prosperity does not need to come at the expense of our planet.
Selfishness overtakes our souls as we plot the death of Mother Earth.

#love   #green   #earth   #environment   #planet  

they say men are from Mars
and women are from Venus
but i wonder what takes so long
for us to cross paths
it's what the astronomers tried to declare
that Mars and Venus never does
and will never intersect orbits
with millions of miles in between them
or what the astrologers tried to foretell
that a love unknown as a nameless star
can never really shine in the first place
because of the thousands of miles between us
but even if it takes an infinity of time or space
for us to reach one another
i would still stay and wait
by your side, i will hover
what matters for now is
i found you
amidst many others
i saw you
even in the dark
and i love you so

hi there! i havent written in a while for a friend!!
this time, here's one for esther my egg tart and her mingyudon boy xx

fun facts i discovered as i wrote this:
- venus is also called the morning star/evening star; it's the brightest in the night sky after the moon!!
- mars has the tallest mountains in the entire solar system despite being the second smallest planet (TOL LIKE KMG)
- venus is love venus is beauty (obviously like esther<3)
- pieces of mars have fallen on earth
- venus is the hottest planet in the SS
- mars will have a ring one day (wedding ring or?????teehee)
#love   #venus   #distance   #planet   #astronomy   #orbit   #mars  
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