They are green little
Guys some are females
And some are males
They come in peace
And will not hurt us
That what alien movie
Teach us that they come
In peace but I know alien
Are not real but I let to
Imagine if alien was real
Will they be nice or mean
In your imagination that be
Nice or mean it to you if they
Nice or mean because anything
Can happen in your imagination
That you what do happen in your
© Amanda Kay Hill


There's an 'otherness'
Reflecting back in her eyes
That's not of this world

Haiku #26, 1/27/17

Planetary landings, not always that great
picking up a monster, no, not as freight

Not sure if it was breakfast, maybe it was brunch
Kane didn't like the grub, his gut the creature lunch

As it silently slides, through all the duct work
hard for them to tell, if it has a toothy smirk

Slinking in the halls, taking a stealthy walk
a sneaky little git, drooling as it stalks

The robot tried to kill our heroine, with delinquent porn
corporation ditched them, shares to be forsworn

Ash headless, finally spilling all the beans
weapons and research, by any way, any means

No hope of rescue, so far out in deep space
Captain Dallas missing, gone without a trace

Ripley oozing tension, trying to escape
crew is dead, or absent, or in an unknown state

Thank engineers and builders, for airlocks on the ship
blasted from the hatch, deported, on it's illegal Alien trip

Hehe, different kind of illegal work!
If you've never seen "Alien" this is prolly very confusing :D
Jordan LC Murphy
Jordan LC Murphy
Dec 26, 2016

Truthfully, you have hollowed out my heart. I have nothing left to give you. Numb to your love, my nerves discarded all feel for you. Feeling like a ice shard the second it hits the floor, a billion unfixable pieces from my one broken heart. Broken from the start I only wished I could have fixed you, alienated all my love clouded in mental issues.
Detrimental to your self, its like you've hit the self destruct. Destructions like your friend now you've totally fucked it up! Friends have turned to strangers, estranged by your madness, you used to be the greatest and I guess that's what makes it the saddest.

#love   #empty   #emotion   #cursed   #twisted   #alien   #tainted   #unforgiving   #voided  

It was a clear night, so I started floating.
Well, it seemed like the right thing to do.
The glaring light was comforting,
think I've been drinking again.
That is until the shadows came
and ripped the flesh from my bones
again and again,
like toddlers taking apart a jigsaw,
curious and destructive.

And I jumped from my chair in a cold panic.

It was an ungodly hour.
Some eccentric was discussing crop circles.

I shut everything off and stared down the hall.
I tasted metallic.
In time, the bedroom door shut.

This is why I usually don't sleep
with the TV on,
I thought, rubbing my arms under the covers
assuring myself that it was only a

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015, 2016

#fear   #drunk   #sleep   #night   #nightmare   #tired   #humor   #terror   #horror   #alien  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Dec 13, 2016

If aliens were real
and came down from outer-space
picking me up at sunset
from my car, or place

I'd try to be so polite
and chauffeur them the globe
while stressing emphatically
ain't gonna be an anal probe

We could go to diner
go dancing, under strobes
let me stress right now there Yoda
ain't gonna be an anal probe

They may argue all they want
but they're still xenophobes
and unless they all look, just like Taylor Swift
ain't gonna be an anal probe

Sorry, just went anal there for a moment :D
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
Nov 29, 2016

My faith in humanity
Is a spectrum of 'what the fuck'
to 'I guess thats a silver lining'

As wicked thoughts populate
And feed Ignorance's beast
I find myself more Alien than before

The true arogance, was believing
That a such frailty of thought was
Subject to times much longer ago

Every step forward, multiplies the path
I take an inch and indifference goes a mile
A cycle of discouragement for truth

But here we are, not immovable or pristine
Nor immune to corruption or hatred
Only difference is I'm still fighting just the same

Nov 27, 2016

She's a boss ass bitch
with diamonds in her eyes
and mercury flowing over her skin.
When she walks the world
tumbles, crumbles, easily humbled.
She's got a devil's tongue
with a lick of fire in her veins
and she's all I've ever
dreamt of being.

#alien   #mercury  
Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
Oct 26, 2016

Without a further notice! She sneaks he way out into my tired Heart!
Without anymore will left for me! She hypnotized my guards and centered in the middle of my old Castle!
All my belongings became her! I became an alien in the center of my own soul!
I feel the urge to ask my Heart....What do you want?
What you will gain in letting her in?
Where do you want to end up with those emotions?
How do you imagine the chapter will be closed?

There is Urge!

The urge to run to nowhere and have that unseen peace!

That is the Urge!

Am I willing to leave The Maze!!!  Although my name is Mazen!!


Should I change my name?  Or.... my Heart?

#heart   #urge   #soul   #silence   #emotions   #maze   #will   #alien   #castle   #guards  
Oct 10, 2016

I knew they will come
Of yesterdays.
Today they came, jumping
the fence, somewhere
from the river bed,
where they lived.
While I sat inside
An air-conditioned cube
Sketching their fingers-
Like mine
They invaded a
Concrete jungle.

#life   #alien   #invasion  
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