emma l
emma l
Mar 7

loving you in twelve year old cars
soft kisses in the front seats
a dent in the passenger side door
your backpack in the back seat

paint lingering underneath fingernails
achy joints
i love art
does art love me?

my friends are all ghosts
i see them
we laugh and we love
illusions shatter after too long

i drive you home at 1 AM
i can barely keep my eyes open on the way home
your love is thrumming through my body
and my gaslight is on

i get a little bit reckless when i’m on the road alone
breathing is just easier with one hand on the steering wheel
in, out. in, out.
this year is hard

i’m up to my neck in responsibilities
is this what growing up is like?
i want to sit down
close my eyes

planes fly above me and i feel a sense of longing
i’m already made of metal
wind me up and watch me go
i’m ready to fly

i have never felt heavier
my head weighs a ton and my neck is made of straw
i want to live in between the bricks
i want to go home

#love   #sad   #lonely   #teenager   #growingup   #friendship   #art   #adulthood   #cars   #planes  

I can feel gravity grasping at me
clutching me
bringing me back down
drifting down from the sky
is like
falling out of love
you feel heavy
the gradual pull
and suddenly
it's gone

#love   #gravity   #falling   #planes   #landing  

Here I am, off on a trip,
Do I travel on an new airship?
Or do a take a train, not so hip?
Or do I drive my vintage car?
Or is this trip too far?
No, like Icarus the star,
I'll grow wings, better than the car,
So, no automobiles, planes or trains,
No bus, but my wings, that's plain!

Feedback welcome.
#and   #trains   #planes   #automobiles  
Dec 10, 2016

A fold here,
another there.
I straighten it's wings
to make sure they fly as far as they can.

I swing my arm back,
and let go.

I watch as the wind carries my feelings away.

I hope that the wind carries my heart to you.

i hope you catch my heart, jww.
#love   #poem   #feelings   #poetry   #heart   #paper   #fly   #wings   #planes   #airplanes  
Audrey Maday
Audrey Maday
Nov 20, 2016

I could have spent hours on that tarmac,
Waiting for planes, and adventure, and you.
God, I waited for you.
Now all I want to do is fly away.

#adventure   #away   #you   #me   #fly   #travel   #wait   #planes   #airport   #tarmac  
R Dickson
R Dickson
May 19, 2016

Clickety clack clickety clack,
Suitcase wheels over the cracks,
Business men and business ladies,
Men and women some with babies,

The noise they make with heavy pacing,
Sends my heart heavily racing,
Pneumatic tyres would be better,
I'll need to send the makers a letter,

Small cases with high pitch sound,
Ladies with fast walking grace,
Heavy gait of business men,
Large cases with a steady bass,

Trip trap across the road,
Off the pavement to the gutter,
Checking left and right for traffic,
Straight across without a stutter,

Clickety clickety clickety clack,
Two abreast and walking past,
Clickety clickety clickety clack,
Like a train approaching fast.

Apr 29, 2016

Hellos, goodbyes,
Tears, smiles, regrets.
Families going together
And some breaking apart.
The planes come
And go
       and so do the people
It's a place we all have been to
But only a few of us truly know it

Back from vacation and waiting in the terminal
#love   #loss   #break   #family   #apart   #planes   #vacation   #airport   #trips  

Fire burning in the sky,
Caught us all by surprise,
They storm in, hard boots hitting the stairs,
Foreign-language screaming with their guns,
As we hold onto those who we love,
All that was, is gone.
A new law was placed, which they won,
Take caution for a new world order,
You can't run anywhere, they closed the borders,
All will choose their two choices left,
Imprisonment or death.

This is a poem I published on July 6th of 2013. It predicts the downing of a 777 airplane, which was caused by a country invading another country. On July 17th of 2014, yhis poem became a reality. Exactly a year and 11 days after I published the poem, a 777 plane blows up over Ukraine, due to Russia invading Ukraine.
#poem   #future   #lost   #russia   #planes   #777   #nwo   #ukraine   #fema   #predicted  
Feb 16, 2016

my thoughts are paper planes
that don't seem to see the runways that i drew
on the blank sheets in front of me.

muddled thoughts
#life   #confused   #thoughts   #crazy   #paper   #blank   #say   #student   #planes   #frame  
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown
Dec 24, 2015

poem in two parts (a plane and bird)
You are a sound in still silence; a point against negative space toward which my eye is drawn. The sun set, peeking beneath a blanket of storm clouds, painting the underside, as a plane, an infinitesimal photon, a plane flew as an impossible pinprick of optimistic light, moving slowly against the immense parallax backdrop of bright and hazy pink-orange glowing thunder clouds. You are the first breath I took. You are the product of all infinities, divided by itself, the sum of all integers. When the earth falls into the sun, long after humans left, long after you left, and any recognizable trace of you is swallowed, your memory will persist. You will have still lived; You will have been the last breath I took.

A fulcrum of loss and a wedge between two equally lost people, but between them, between them still an albatross, flying farther than any eye can see, but should the lights of the lighthouses lose you against their foggy panes, or should the salty wind dash you against something equally heavy, call out, and cast your voice into the sky, upon the sea, and against the stars, and maybe its echoes will live a little longer than you.

#love   #loss   #birds   #planes   #immensity  
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