Vhey Casison
Vhey Casison
6 days ago

Minds of every shape and size, unknowing
Had played an impossible game—vanquished
                                                                in the end,
And burned like that playful moth, flying,
Round and round the flame. And there was of course
Winged Icarus, falling from his sun—just the same.

Because there it is whence Love’s magic arises:
In the ashes of the most insane, not the wisest.

This poem is an acrostic. Take the first letter of the first line, the second letter of the second line, and so on.
#love   #madness   #acrostic  

Salt, crusted across my cheekbones
Undulating waves, breaking against my shins
Messy hair and naked limbs
Mosquitos attacking at dusk
Endless, warm nights
Roaming in the moonlight

Hello Gorgeous Poet
A sweet mockingbird's
Invitation of love
Kissing and kissing
Under an apple tree

#love   #poet   #haiku   #romance   #acrostic  
Mar 12


On a Cloud with
U, darling you
Daydreaming with the

#love   #romance   #acrostic  

Ravishing beauties,
Silken masterpieces,
Stars of creation

#roses   #acrostic  

Dainty flowers
angel kisses
in a warm

#love   #flowers   #acrostic   #daisies  

H aven for those who’s words are never read
E ven though they pour their souls and very
L ives and spirit through their pens or
L et their fingers nurture beautiful tomorrows
O n the keyboards of their creativity.

P oetry is the blood that pumps
O ut wondrous magic from those fertile minds that
E nds up on a glowing screen or printed page, in hopes
T hat it can give birth to a long awaited
R ennaissance in the thinking of the world, and create a
Y earning for a better way to live and love.

Not real happy with this one.  May rework it.

P  erhaps it’s time to scribble down a word or two,
E  ven though I have nothing cogent to proclaim.
N  evertheless the urge is one that must be answered to.

O  nce a long, long time ago the words poured forth, but
N  ow the well has seemingly gone dark and dry.

P  ossibly the act of touching pen to empty pages-
A  s an act of penance for strangling the muse of
P  oesy in a knotted, convoluted scarf of dreariness- will
E  nable what was meaningful so long ago to finally
R  ecover and deliver something worthwhile once again.
                                                          ­  ljm

बोदोर जायो फुंबिलिनि
ओँखार बोनाय साननि सोरांजोँ
थं गसंना मुलुगखौ नायहरै नायहरै
ओंखार बोनाय हाजोनि निज्राबादि
रोमै रोमै दैसा गाथोनाव रोजाबनो
नेनानै थानांगौ जानाय जिउनि मेथाइ
इनायनो रैसुमै बोथोरनि मेथाइ
मोसाखावरि दाउसिन-दाउलाबादि
एसेबांदि बोदोर जायो आंहा बिरदावनो
थाथिरनाय गैयै गोसोआव बाज्लखांनाय
आरो बेसेबांदि लुबैनाय दं जिउआव
इनायनो गोबां गोगो आरो गोथार

#poetry   #nature   #acrostic   #song   #bodo  
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