Janna Remigio
Janna Remigio
5 days ago

Embla – like Embla she smiles as she taps on water spilling rhythmically from a cracked pot ––

Rumors. Water reached her the way rumors swelled in the nearby frog's bulging stomach, beamed in its distant gaze, and jutted in its puckered throat.

I, a curious being, drink from her lips – fleshy and always ready to swallow. I look around and see dark wavy pools that are her eyes.

Coffee. Like the rustic blackness of coffee. I muse how having coffee and having sex are alike –

Something has always got to gape.

Ah, she then bares herself as though to consume the night sky; she flits her blanket as a tiger stripped of its skin and somehow she has staggeringly and spontaneously stupefied the sky and robbed it of its constellations.

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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
6 days ago

Lost in the vast bog of stories,
It dies a slow unsung death,
May it meet its personality,
Only impersonality shrouds it now,
Under the flutter of wings,
Shall not get all it deserves,
It'll remain majorly ignored in the clutter of words,
Not because it's poorly projected, but,
Entirely because it's not written in my destiny.

Secondary acrostic LIMOUSINE poem.
Though my eBook novel has the best story,
It will remain unread because of my destiny.
My destiny is dictated by the planet Mars,
And it has so far marred my happiness.

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My HP Poem #1379
©Atul Kaushal

Shattered in a million pieces, broken on the floor.
                                        My heart lied.
       My heart’s lying in a million pieces.
      People say, “Hearts are broken when words are left unspoken.”
                                   My heart lied.
Broken in the million pieces laying on the cold hard floor.

everything's blacked out,
reigning over me are dark clouds,
incapacitated in awe and standing still,
nimbus clouds rain on me as I sleep sound.

lackadaisically waking up,
yawning as I walk outside, finding,
labyrinths of an ideal reality,
enamored with self-confusion and insanity.

roaming around aimlessly,
obfuscated in perpetuity,
maddened and under the weather,
adamantly rejoicing in the sorrowful rain.

Sleepy acrostic feelings of unnerving confusion amidst a rainy evening. The sky's clear as day yet it feels as if it's raining in midnight,

Meager is its demand on the blood
Only extracts the smallest ounce
Sucks only up to the satiation
Quenched soon and moves away
Unlike bloodthirsty human kinds
Instigating and injecting violence
Terrifying peace out of the land
Over and over shedding the blood of their kin.

a mosquito can drink only up to 0.01 milliliters or less.

Some poets are way better than the majority,
Yet they are down-to-earth and connected,
Less they care about others' opinions,
Kindness is replete in them,
Injuring no hearts in
Era of love.

My HP Poem #1370
©Atul Kaushal
#poet   #dedication   #acrostic   #kind   #fine   #smoothie   #sylkie   #natured  
Dec 29, 2016

Remember the day the heavens opened up
and fell on us like million dancing faeries
igniting two hearts with the first spark of love
nudging them to embrace the fearless walk
covering the dreamy stretch of unknown miles
over mountains along valleys down the seas
assured in the most adverse of downpours
to be protected by the warmest hugging fabric.

Charles Macintosh (1766-1843), a Scottish chemist and inventor of waterproof fabric; on his 250th birth anniversary.
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 28, 2016

She will be even more beautiful,
Heavier will be her eyelids,
Eager will be men for her body.

Would she even miss me,
I am not aware about it,
Longer this time spent,
Lot she will try to forget.

Ringing bells of her heart,
Every time she will bathe,
Pouring water from the shower,
Early tears will get veiled,
No memories get subsided,
Time spent she will recall.

My HP Poem #1349
©Atul Kaushal
#when   #she   #gets   #acrostic   #will   #repent   #secondary   #matured  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 24, 2016

Kindly I agree that she used to be innocent,
Rose-like her behaviour used to be scented,
In the climax, she deserted my ship,
Puncturing holes in the old floor as she left,
I was then looking in the air for a support...

I am not aware why this bitterness lingers,
Senseless memories do not fade away easy.

Hear my plea, O Isis, send your best warrior,
End this search of mine that Aphrodite couldn't,
Rise I will then like the morning bloodshot sun.

HP Poem #1340
©Atul Kaushal
#friend   #me   #on   #cheated   #my   #she   #acrostic   #from   #with   #rohtak  
Lesly Frances Finn
Lesly Frances Finn
Dec 22, 2016








All round

Every week, sometimes every day, car loads of teenagers come to grief driving too fast on our roads while tanked up with drugs or booze.
#alcohol   #drugs   #daily   #acrostic   #accident   #deaths  
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