Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
2 days ago

जिउनि गासै गुमुरखौ संदान्नो
इसोरनि गोथार मुं दहाय लायो आं
उदां अखोरांआव साननि खौरांखौ लायो
नुयै मोखांनि खोमसिखौ होखारनो
इसोरनि मुं गाबज्रियै गाबज्रियै
मांखरसालिया जेब्ला फावसायलाङो गोजानाव
एसेबांदि आरो हाथासि गोसोआ
थाथिरनाय गैयै नागिरो गोसो मेगननि नोजोर
आरोबाव आं लुबैयो रोजाबनो-
इसेबां जिउनि रंगिना सानफोरजोँ गेलेनो!

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Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
3 days ago

उरायदोँ आलाइ-सिलाइ दिनैबो
दाउफ्रि जरासे
आंगोनि गंसे अख्रांनि जोमै गेजेराव
सान्दुं खामजा अखा सिजा सिजा
रुरु मेगननि मोदैजोँ दाहायाव
इनायनो नागिरदोँ सासे दावहारु

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Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
4 days ago

फरायथौनो हाया नोँनि गोरबोखौ
आंदि बेसे नाजायो मिथिनो
गोसोआ बोदोर जाफायो आंनि
उसुं सेराव मान्दार बिबारनि बिदै सोबनाय दाउसिनफोरजोँ
नोँ लाबोयो मान्दार बिबार जुलिनि सिन्दुर

Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
4 days ago

महर-मुस्रि आंदि नुयो नोँनि
इनायनो गोमोथाव जोबोद मुहिनां
थारैनो एखमबा जिउ गोनांबादि
इंनायजोँ सोबखजानाय जिउ गैयैबादि एखमबा
गासै नोँनि बिखायावनो मिथिँगा
आंनि थैनाय आरो थांनानै थानो लुबैनाय

Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
4 days ago

सिमां दं आंहा मोकथां जिउनि
इनाय-अदखारनिफ्राइ अराय बारगनो
मिथिँगाया आंनो बोलो होयो
आं बारगगोन बे फानजारिनिफ्राइ

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F or when
I n distress,
R escue comes
S aves you from
T he troubling pain

A nd as you lay
I nto the stretcher,
D eath arrives.

I do not take myself seriously
Topic: First Aid

Ankle Pull
#dark   #help   #acrostic   #rescue  
Jan 30

Dangling thoughts drip through night's air
Into the shadow's darkness.
Scenes from memories escape
On Mystic waves rolling on
Rivers of dreams trapped in mind's
Gallery of oil paintings,
Ageless portraits dripping on
Neolithic stone tablets
Inscribed with a thousand sins
Zealously committed and
Damning me to night's torments.

I tell you all 'bout yourself so deeply.

Loss of words I'll never get surely,
Over the cliff we will fall freely,
Victory will come so quickly,
Ever imagining it as purely.

Your question goes clearly,
Of course sharing openly,
Up & above all happily.

My HP Poem #1400
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #i   #you   #atul   #kaushal   #acrostic   #myself  

Embla – like Embla she smiles as she taps on water spilling rhythmically from a cracked pot ––

Rumors. Water reached her the way rumors swelled in the nearby frog's bulging stomach, beamed in its distant gaze, and jutted in its puckered throat.

I, a curious being, drink from her lips – fleshy and always ready to swallow. I look around and see dark wavy pools that are her eyes.

Coffee. Like the rustic blackness of coffee. I muse how having coffee and having sex are alike –

Something has always got to gape.

Ah, she then bares herself as though to consume the night sky; she flits her blanket as a tiger stripped of its skin and somehow she has staggeringly and spontaneously stupefied the sky and robbed it of its constellations.

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Lost in the vast bog of stories,
It dies a slow unsung death,
May it meet its personality,
Only impersonality shrouds it now,
Under the flutter of wings,
Shall not get all it deserves,
It'll remain majorly ignored in the clutter of words,
Not because it's poorly projected, but,
Entirely because it's not written in my destiny.

Secondary acrostic LIMOUSINE poem.
Though my eBook novel has the best story,
It will remain unread because of my destiny.
My destiny is dictated by the planet Mars,
And it has so far marred my happiness.

If anyone is interested in my eBook novel titled 7 Seconds, they may go to its Amazon page for purchasing it.
Find it on:
And help me bear my medical costs.
My HP Poem #1379
©Atul Kaushal
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