Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
4 hours ago

impending moments
which will define our future--
we have to hope all goes well--
trying our best to believe
that our lives won't delve into hell
with all that awaits--
yes, fear of the unknown
even though we are determined
to stand and fight
we know we're not alone
in this
that which we find to be your plight--

again it's back
with a vengeance this time--
and though we have a good team
it just seems a crime--
how many times, my love,
must we endure this fight?
I suppose the answer is clear to that question--
we'll do it over and over again
with all of our might
and we'll WIN and come out of this intact
We both know our love is the
bonding fact
that holds us together
through the worst (and best) of it all--
©Pamela Rae 03.29.2017

My true love faces major surgery to remove a mass on his lung next week. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we fight our way back from yet another round with cancer. I know we will win--
our love is too strong to let the so called big C take him away from me!
Wishing you all blessings and good health always! ♥
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I say sad words
with a contented voice
Smile when i cry
Cry when i laugh
Will anybody
hear my call?
Call for help

Im in here.
#friends   #sad   #life   #lonely   #alone   #help   #family   #miss   #call   #anybody  
Shawn B
Shawn B
Mar 8

The phone rings

(My heart leaps for a second
I haven't heard this voice for at least three weeks)
How's the weather down there?
It's just snowed, my vehicle is Brocken,
A dead starter,
My starter is dead today too,
No work
No play
But a little bundle of energy in my chest
But not motivated to do anything)
Cold.. snowy, you?
(People say these conversations have little or zero value...)
Nice, thanks
How are you?
(...But it does. Cause in 1978 when it was dry
The crops didn't grow and
People went near dead)
(He's always good. It's a talent that comes naturally
To him, but the ready of us struggle to get to.
I feel like I have to work so
Hard just to break even with everyone living
With what seems like effortless ease.
But he struggles not.)
(At least he struggles not as far as I can see,
With a heart as big as that there has to be some struggle there.
With care, and affections, comes hope,
And hope hurts until it's fullfiled,
And he hopes, I know he hopes,
Or he wouldn't call,
and I can hear it in his voice,
See it his eyes.
I want to succeed, just to prove you right
For believing in me)
We talk a bit
I hang up the phone,
And get busy.


Hi Dad. Thanks for calling.
#good   #dad   #bad   #talk   #call   #phone   #that   #conversation   #busy   #chitchat  


Sitting by the phone
sipping my iced tea

waiting for your call
to reassure me

that you got home safe
and there's no worries

w/ ice cubes and a fancy straw
I'll wait all night if I have to
#love   #night   #him   #safe   #call   #phone   #wait   #walk   #good-night  
Feb 27

You were an experiment straight from the start
You told me I was beautiful and littered my days with flattering remarks
If I could look past you it wouldn't have been worth my time
Those artic blue eyes pulled me in from daytime to nighttime
Soon my head was filled with thoughts about you looking my way
But really it already was that way
I could have dismissed the call
But I was already too far in love's fall
I could have told you not to talk to me again
But my heart would never let me bargain
Bargain with losing you
The one my heart belonged to.
(c) 2017

I was reminiscing about the past 3 years of my life and can't remember what it was like without my sweet muse.

Gasping for air,
Trying to grab ahold
Of something.

Crying out in pain,
Trying to call out
To anybody.

Screaming at the world,
Trying to make them
Hear me.

Going silent once more,
No once cares enough
To listen.

February 24, 2017.
#suicide   #cutting   #depression   #trembling   #scared   #hiding   #help   #save   #call   #trauma  

"You're welcome."

Because fuck expectations.
#suicide   #poem   #poetry   #black   #me   #angst   #dumb   #call   #they   #comedy  

Those video chats
That lone meeting
I can forget you not
I can forget nothing
Though I am very forgetful
That I may forget to breathe
But I can not simply forget you

Those youthful eyes
The way you told lies
I can get over them not
I can not get over them
Though I have a great amnesia
That I suffer so much 'cause of
But I just can't get you out of my head

Those gorgeous curves
That near-perfect height
I can't just un-remember it
I can not ever forget you right
Though you did break me as often
That I fail to trust anyone else now
But I still have an immortal hope left for you

My HP Poem #1423
©Atul Kaushal
#forget   #you   #me   #for   #way   #still   #call   #mad   #loving   #kripi  

Sweep clean the system
Shards of glass and bullets bloom
Party's over, no survivors
Shredded red ties and silk pant suits
Will we cower in glass houses
Stained panes fell through these rooms
War bloomed in the fresh-flowered noon

Don't believe what you see
Truth hides in deceit
Patron saint of finest filigree
What is gold but an excuse for filling blood seas

Chop shop, our listless hearts
Power brokers in bulletproof cars
Build your walls, we'll take your streets
The first house to burn is the house of greed
Thankfully you sold your souls for gasoline

If this is the end of everything
I'll make sure it's beautiful and free
Like fire off the edge of an endless sea
And you'll be the first to confess to fake history

#of   #the   #a   #to   #system   #call   #arms   #broom  
Jan 10

You stopped making sense
Every morning, you come back to life again
Applying bobby pins and a foolish grin
Alcohol brimming from the clothes you're in
Its an effort to care, to open up to you
You're scattered across the course
You're resting on the torn roof
While two years before
I leaped and no one knew
I'm calling from the phone, only for the last time
Words fail me all the time, still you go on the line
I'd rather you not worry or compare to my strife
So I'll call from the phone for the very last time

#suicide   #abuse   #call   #inside   #torn   #asunder  
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