Always Ally
Always Ally
3 hours ago

It haunts me.
It haunts me.
The way you breathe my name.
Your touch still lingers on my, and oh my I can't believe you stayed sane.
I grow old with the cold, but at least that I know I can find you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I see you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I can win.

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Leigha Fabian
Leigha Fabian
13 hours ago

sweet gas station champagne
and rocky cocaine
melodic moans escape
as you whisper my name
our tongues dance
like children in soft summer rain
silky lips on my breasts
desire surging through my veins

now drunk on your presence
and high on romance
you softly kiss my forehead
then slip on your pants
body tingling, mind racing
while lost deep in your trance
you waltz out the door and slur
"glad i had the chance”

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Alex Negri
Alex Negri
6 days ago

Eros and Aphrodite, Is dancing
Eros and Aphrodite, Is spending time
Eros and Aphrodite, Is noble and clean
Eros and Aphrodite, Is romancing
Eros and Aphrodite, Is hearing bells chime
But Eros and Aphrodite, Are in their Dreams

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There I see stardust,
in your bright eyes,
spinning galaxies of grey,
while some might say they're blue,
though it's not for them to say,
& all I know right now,
is my sun has gone away.

As I'm your Mother Earth,
& you're my dearest Sun,
you're shining on my heart,
& my relief when days are done,
a satisfying feeling,
in the victories we've won.

I sometimes call you poppa,
as I rub your happy tummy,
guess momma done it right,
cuz I cooked you somethin' yummy,

You are the only magic,
my heart has ever known,
cuz I'm doomed without your light,
I cannot do it all alone,
I am weary,
I am tired,
I'm a quickly aging bone,

You taught me toughen up
say it ain't as if you're dying,

you seem like you don't care,
only sometimes when I'm crying,

I know that you do love me,
but I feel I love you more,
I'd walk across a fire,
& swim to distant shore
I know that it's the truest love,
in this I can't ignore,

Your heart is where my home is,
& I couldn't say it truer,
& I love you more tonight,
as my days are getting fewer,

I see you try to help,
you wouldn't just keep tryin'
it's not too much your sold on,
or them theories that you're buyin',

You helped me see the beauty
now please I ask see mine,
I'm not asking for your sympathy,
or to set up for me a shrine,

I only want your hand,
to walk with me awhile,
down the old back roads,
and then on the longest mile,
you are the ONLY one,
who can bring,
my happy smile.

Cherie Nolan © 2017

Hey....just surviving. Trying,..
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Jan 10

I hear your stories,
but did you hear mine?

#friend   #one   #sided  

I know why I kissed you
One last time
Before we parted
Because I knew I'd leave you
I was a selfish girl
In a selfish world

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Jan 6

I've got a boy in West Virginia
Who sends me all kinds of pictures
He says 'I wanna be with ya'
But I don't think he's the one.

I've got a boy just outside Paris
Seems that he's not that embarrassed
I guess that I'm the last on a long list
I don't think he's the one.

There's a boy who lives in my city
He tells me 'Girl, you're really pretty'
But I know, he'll never be with me
So I don't think he's the one.

There's a boy I loved just a while ago
He never fell in love with me though
It hurts to say, but I don't know
I still think he's the one.

This came out a little more lyrically than I was expecting...
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Jan 5

In the child of my imagination,
the trees whisper.

Beyond this, the leaves fall,
and winter forces us to shed the skins of the past,

exposing the skeletons of our present,
Lending us a chance, another hand.

But we all continue to draw from the same deck,
until we aren't offered another.

Then, on the bed of time,
the leaves whisper.

And we find ourselves,
wherever the wind decides to set us down.


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Waiting for her
My Queen of my thoughts
The lady that will sieze my hunt
The mistresses of them all
Write me a poem
And I will not turn back
Even for the fullest and brightness star

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Jan 4

I laid in your bed, touching your body with the same hands that cursed it hours before
They cursed all men, pointing at the deceit and insecurities I have about myself

They pointed at me, then back at you, then back at me.
A cycle of love and hate, processing and empathy.

The curves of your body made me numb
The vibrations of your pump every hour
The vibrations of your pumping heart every second I could feel it in my hands every time I lingered just a bit too long
My fingers whispering secrets to your skin

As you talked on the phone, worlds away, in your language, I paused
I admired you. Strong not only by the arms I was holding, but by the head I was kissing
Your love for me seemed so great in those 11 hours.

Maybe 10. I'll round up in this case.

2pm and I finally make it back
You text me,

'did you make it back ok?'

It made me smile.
I walked three flights of steps back to my home.

'No, I died'

But part of me had
Friendship had turned to love
Love had turned into resentment
Resentment turned into heartache
They leave they leave they leave. They always leave.
And I sit here, alone
Wondering what I could have done to make you stay.

Maybe I admire the way you treat me as if I'm the only girl on your mind for those 10 hours.
11, I mean.
Maybe I think that the way you soften when I'm near is because of my heart
Maybe it's because I'm young and impulsive
A constant battle between love and hate

Pointing my finger to blame someone, something
Pointing out my flaws
Pointing out the ones who left
Staring in a mirror, I point

Escape is inescapable, pointing is fun
Maybe what I'm looking for is someone to point at me and say 'you're the one'

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