9 hours ago

The party has begun
It’s your special day
You’ll only have one of these days
Only one

Everyone is here for one thing only
All eyes are on you
All conversation is about you
It’s just you
You and only you

You look lovely, by the way
Your clothes are brand new
Made only for one occasion
This occasion
Same with the decorations
They’ll be used only once
For today
And only today

Today is special for you
It’s one of your biggest ceremonies
Your last ceremony
Your funeral

#sad   #life   #death   #one   #party   #funeral   #special   #ceremony  
Yash borana
2 days ago

I know that i love u...
No matter what happens
I will always save u...
In myself i think that
I wanna live with u....
But one day ...
We fight for a silly thing...
Which separates us for once and for all....
Which separates us for once and for all
That one day ... changes ur lives
Our lives.
So i wanna say that i have some unknown in me..
Which will hate everyone......
Which will hate everyone......
So i wanna say that

One day separates two lovers for life
#life   #two   #day   #one   #lovers   #for   #separates  
Liz Devine
Liz Devine
3 days ago

I want to be alone,
In a home all my own
a place only I can go
with a porcelain tub
and a vault of red wine
little white picket fence
enclosing my perfect sanctuary
keeping all the bad out
letting only the good in

#home   #one   #woman   #only   #house   #feminist   #mine  
4 days ago

People, most of the times ask me why I always write about the stars and moon and other related creations.  I too do not know why. Maybe because there’s something in their luminance that makes me feel nostalgic. Or simply because of the way they shine out there, giving a little light in our world and in the world beyond ours. Or maybe because it reminded me so much of something or someone. You’re the head turner kind of person, the kind who cannot go to school without his homework being done. The kind who’s great at everything. The kind who I never noticed thinking they’d stay. And then one day you stopped caring and I started noticing. I looked for you everywhere and finally found you in the pedestrian lane waiting for the red light to turn green, waiting for the things stopping you from doing everything you love to let go of you. Waiting for it to give you a go sign. There I saw at the rainy night of October how your eyes twinkle. I smiled at you and the stoplight turned green and you started walking towards my direction. You stopped right in front of me and smiled back. Then started walking again meter by meter until it became kilometer and I lost sight of you. I almost mistaken your eyes as stars. But even the stars are such an insult for those eyes. Darling, I’m sorry for not appreciating your brightness in the daylight. Now I know, you are the reason why I always write about them, the stars, the moon and the sun. They could never sum up to your brightness but they’re the least thing that could be compared to you. Teachers always tell us not to look at the sun directly because it can blind us. That was what happened I became blind to everything you do for me for you were too close, too shiny, too bright and too much so when you started drifting away that’s when I knew. Darling it’s so much more beautiful to look at you from afar even if it pains me to see you shine for someone else.


When you asked me why I never said yes here's why youre just too much, i couldnt handle
#love   #moon   #lost   #stars   #away   #the   #one   #that   #darling   #got  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
5 days ago

My Only One Love.
I never forget my true love
She means everything
To me inside my heart
Loving her is truly beautiful
She a perfect rose flower
And her beauty so powerful

When I'm with her I'm truly in love
My heart has melted for her love
A word so powerful I'm in love
Smiling from my beating heart

Her beautiful beauty
Her perfect glow
Only she I truly love
Forever I shall be deeply in
Romantic love

I've given her my heart
Only she makes me feel loved
Oh baby I'm truly in love
And all I want you to no

Is I'm truly in love
With you and forever
I shall always be in
Love with you
No other women
Could make me as happy
As you as I hold you
Against my beating heart I
Whisper into your ear
I love you forever will
You be my Valentine
My only love.

David P Carroll
My Only One Love.
#love   #one   #my   #only  
Afrodita Nestor
Afrodita Nestor
6 days ago

One plus one is never two
When we speak of me and you
When our hearts dance in step
There is only one in true romance

In time when love leaves the floor
The hate we foster shuts the door
One plus one stands alone
With a minus sign between two souls

Love equations are a simple thing
We either fly or we have no wings
One is one no matter what
There is no two, there is no none

Copyright Afrodita Nestor
#love   #poem   #one  
Vincent Jabre
Vincent Jabre
6 days ago

Today is the day of love's celebration
A day for couples to fill with elation
But what about me who's here alone
Wanting the explanation to be shown?

What about me who wants to be elated too?
Instead I'm alone again, joke's not on you
I've been craving a love that does not crave me back
I've tried all the loopholes, but there is no hack

So what do I do when time is running by
And love life's filled with lows, there is no high
Do I give up? Move on? Try something new?
Or do I cling to the hopelessness of our love being true?


Valentine's day making my heart weak
#love   #alone   #romance   #one   #unrequited   #valentines   #sided  
Jasmin A
Jasmin A
7 days ago

Sometimes there's just no one.
To hold, to love, to want.
Sometimes there's just nothing.
To feel, to have, to carry.

Sometimes there's just someone.
To fight, to hate, to forget.
Sometimes there's just something.
To throw, to punch, to discard.

That's okay, too.

#sad   #alone   #one   #no   #nothing   #idk   #someone   #something  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Feb 11

In OUR arms,
is the only place where WE exist,
in this single kiss,
we share a soul,
as we become bright for one another,
the light is our common goal,
in a flashing moment in time,
we hit there in our prime,
gas and dust,
diamonds and rust,
we collide,
feelings we can't hide,
bits form restless,
and because of your gravitational pull,

.. you become,
my entire world...
... all over again.

Ma Cherie © 2017

God I love you Steven...don't u know? Ugh..
#love   #poetry   #heart   #true   #soul   #one   #together   #hearme  

You are 1 of a kind.
A beautiful one.
This is the truth.
Speak it with love.

#beautiful   #one   #loved  
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