I've never been a hero before
I've never been a king
But in your sweet face I see
A new love ready to spring.
Wide eyes, dark, stare adoring
A secret smile waiting for a kiss
Raven hair in flowing tresses
I don't know if I deserve all this.

I've never been a triumph before
I've never been admired
But in your sweet voice I hear
a new tone, a love acquired.
Warm arms, steady, readily embrace
A clothed figure, urging a touch
Lithe body in flowing dresses
I don't know if I deserve so much.

© Pagan Paul (2017)


I get it.
You didn't say it.
But I get it.
I'm annoying, right?
It was too much
Having a person caring about you
A person who loved you
To the moon and back
You didn't want the attention
But why?
Why not good morning
And good night texts?
Why not a random phone call
Where I said "I love you"?
How could you say no
To having a person putting
You first of everything else?
How could you treat me that bad
When all I ever did to you
Was done with pure love?
You just lose someone
Who truly cares about you
I lost a person who doesn't
Care about me
It's your loss, darling

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There is no savior
for all;
there's even no
individual salvation

You know the cost
of a call,
but that of

You can hear,
that I know,
but can you listen?
And when you talk
is it the things
you say
or is it in the way...
What is absent,
is it missing?

The Treacherous Illusion

Progress, growth, expansion:
Cycles, only that.
They never last, just grow and die,
Their concepts unreliable,
Their goals so pliable
They ‘rat you out,’
Attack you back
Unless you are prepared,
Scared underneath it all,
Aware of what a pattern leads to.

Take heed of trends –
They end.
Did someone say once long ago
To keep your lantern lit?  It’s so.

The treacherous illusion
May say all is fine.
See each headline, every fact as sign -
Then go forth bravely.

The Treacherous Illusion 1.27.2017
Our Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin

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Feb 17, 2016

Another quiet evening spent on the couch. We lay facing opposite of each other.
Your watching one of your shows with attention. I lay here massaging your foot.
I take my time to feel out all the kinks and knots. Rolling my thumbs between joints.
Every now and then I see a wincing blink. You've never been massaged this much.

After making sure there were no more points of stress I take a moment.
I lean my head down and kiss the top of each toe; a small pucker at the end.
I remember you stubbed your pinky toe, again, that one gets two kisses.
I could feel you were looking at me as I was switching to your other foot in my lap.

Paused I look up to meet your gaze. You seem inquisitive. A brow cocked.
I return with a simple smile, and a raised brow myself waiting for you to speak.
Nothing is said. You point your chin, look down at my hands, and shake
Your foot up and down. 'Keep going.' was what you told me without telling me.

Looking back up I see a curled index finger placed between your teeth; thumb under your chin.
Could barely make out the ends of your lips picking up. I smile to myself over it.
A look back at me, this time, with something on your mind. I don't stop working.
"I think this should be a nightly ritual from now on. Just feels right." You concluded.

T      A
Jan 5

I was so obsessed,
with trying to help you

I forgot to remember,
did you even ask?

She's pretty
In that yellow dress
She wears the one
Just like mine
The flowers designed
Makes her eyes shine
So I sat behind
Because I know
And the people know
And he knows
That she wears that dress
Better than I ever did.

It's not always fair in life and I learned that the hard way
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
Dec 23, 2016

you are so enamoured
with the honey on her lips

you don’t realize that mine
taste just as sweet

I am searching for you but you are ingrained in my blood
My heartbeat tells me your presence in me as my real part
In a thundering river from bolder to bolder like violent flood
You have taken me over from me my beloved my sweetheart

At times I do realize that we are one and the same to prosper
But the my heart tells me that something is missing to snatch
You are my eyes light through which I see without all is blur
I am running like a lunatic lover after you to take you to catch

Who will say I am sensible my love in this serious state of mine
You have become my habit my ritual my custom and tradition
In the desert of life under blazon sun I am so thirsty I need wine
I am in self prison in this spring season my love I need attention

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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Dec 15, 2016

Streaming light and healing tides

Roots seeking up in search of life

Eager for thirst from all sides

Regardless of nature's rife

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