Debanjana Saha
Debanjana Saha
2 days ago

You never made me feel
as special as others make me feel now.
You never treated me that well
as much as others do now.
I know you told me you
never loved me truly
But my friends do..
they are more than what I ever hoped.
Its all about people, its how they are raised to be..
that's the difference between you, me and others.
The way you treated me doesn't let me
believe that I could be treated well.
But yes, they are treating me well.
How I wish I could make them feel
as special as they make me feel too.
How I wish I could forget everything
and start with a new slate!
How I wish..but wishes are not for me anymore!

How I wish I could feel more than before
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vanessa christabel
vanessa christabel
Jun 10, 2015

what a shame
that the girl who once believed
in fairytales and magic
had to be struck by reality
with demons in her mind
and the fear of never being loved

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Julia Mae
Julia Mae
5 days ago

the best part starts
when i left you that note
not trying to push on any blame
not trying to say that you never meant anything
but i began to fall apart
and looking into the mirror began to do me no good
the longer i was with you,
the more i lost myself
and it wasn't your fault
that i became too consumed with you
and again, it wasn't your fault
that i lost myself within you
if you can love someone too much
then i loved you too much
maybe there wasn't any "healthy" way to love you
so i have to love you now from afar
for my sake and yours
but mostly for mine
because i miss myself
and all of the pieces i lost trying to love you too much
i couldn't keep dying
just trying to even hold your hand

so the best part starts
when i left you that note
and i went down to the river, alone
for hours, just by myself
finding myself
burying you
and it was lonely, hell it was
but i loved too hard
now i'll do it from afar

this is when you love "too much" and begin to lose yourself in someone else.
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He holds her with his hands.
Kisses her on the cheek.
Loves her like no man ever before.

He said he wants to marry her,
take their kids to school.
He said he wants be next to her,
he’ll never lift his hand against her and will
never ever be cruel.

A blind man could see his love,
how much he loves
his woman
and how much her loves her heart.

So when they whisper their I loves you’s
and well-wishes
They do not see me watching
They do not not hear the thought,
for they are together in bed sleeping…

I wish I could be loved like that.

I wish I was loved like that :(
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I always wanted to be loved
By someone who hurt me less than I hurt myself.
But you...Oh god, you...
You gave me the poison-dipped dagger that pierced my soul.
You got me hooked on your acid blood.
I was addicted to your grip around my throat,
I was addicted to every second of the pain.
You hurt me.
And I let you.
Because you made me believe
I was hurting myself.
And your tonic of pain was the only thing that would heal me.

I’m having a hard time coping with the fact that you’re no longer in my life. Fuck you for making me feel this way when I shouldn’t feel a fucking thing! Someone said your name the other day and I pretended to be okay with that fact that the sound of it still broke my heart. Every memory that I had suppressed found its way back to the front of my brain trying to remain there in fear they’d one day be forgotten. I wouldn’t care if I forgot though, because maybe then I could move on with my life and think about things that are important now instead of back then. Because you left. No note, no text, no call, not even a sorry, goodbye. I wonder every now and then if you’re happy with your life because I question if I’m happy with mine. Things aren’t the same anymore and I guess that’s okay because if they were I might get bored of the constant but I wish you would have been a constant in my life. I think my mistake was never having the fear of losing you because when I did I wasn’t ready for the blow I took when I fell and you weren’t there at the bottom to catch me. I realize I’m not much of anything, not even worth a few words or minutes of your time. But I just don’t understand how someone can go from caring about you, really caring about you to not even recognizing you when you walk by in a matter of days. My days felt like years and every year I grow older but I haven’t seemed to die yet, at least not on the outside. It’s cold most days and that’s completely okay because the warmth reminds me of you and those nights we’d count our stars and count the hours before the sky became lighter and swallowed the moon. I rather liked the warmth then, like the time it was raining and we walked to a bench but the breeze cut through my clothing so you hugged me tight and wrapped me in a blanket I stored in my trunk. I never thought moments like that would keep me up at night, bring tears into my eyes that were already made of too much sea. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though it’s been over a year now and I’m happy with someone else, I still miss you. Because whether you were my first love, or second I still loved you. And there’s no getting over that.

I can't get you out of my head and I swear you're eating me alive.

Rain falls quietly on my windowpane
Drowsiness overtake my own sedation
Truthfully I'm lost dropping down in vain

Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime
Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime

Yet finding peace in time
Is dropping down softly
For you and me to enjoy in summer time

Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime
Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime

Whatever happens during the storm
I'll be there, and I mean no harm
Listen to Zeus's masterful charms

Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime
Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime

Oh rain falls quietly on my windowpane...
Scribing  my pains away into the night
Charmed by the God of Rain

Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime
Clouds cry sometimes
Often sublime in a lifetime

Don't worry loved one
Your not the only one
Oh, listen to the rain, its begun

Well here's a new form I rarely use. Lyrics are quite new to me.
#rain   #summer   #window   #lyrics   #one   #writing   #down   #loved   #charm   #pollution  

Try my best to please all,
Burn outs make me a fool.
No appreciation just greed,
Only call when you need.

Sunset trips,
Half moon blips.
Fairweather friends,
Your family extends.

Open one more beer,
Sunday blues kick into gear.
Delay the onset of Monday,
This will all be over one day.

Good hate to all men,
Learnt nothing about Zen.
Scribble your thoughts down in haste,
Try and let nothing go to waste.


Since 7 years old I remember having this fascination for trees. Although I'm all grown up, there's still plenty of love for climbing them. A few days ago, while walking through a valley, I noticed a tree shaped like the letter U. If you're wondering, yes I did climbed the tree, the little girl inside me couldn't resist. Shortly after the hike was finished something amazing dawned on me. I figured out the reason for my love of trees after all these years.

Our Savior was hung on a tree, and shed His blood for the world's sins willingly. The fixation for trees has a life altering meaning behind it. Realizing He was my one true love all along.
Seeing that U shaped tree is Jesus' way of saying "I love U"
U don't have to impress me, I love U as you are.

If you want to see the picture of the tree check out:
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If this is the last poem
I ever write
may I write it about you

If this is the last song
I ever sing
may I be singing to you

If this is the last dance
I ever dance
may I be dancing with you

If these are the last words
I ever speak
may I be speaking to you

If these are the last thoughts
I ever think
may I be thinking of you

If this is the last time
I ever see
may I be looking at you

If this is the last time
I am ever loved
may I be loving you

If this is the last time
my heart beats
may it be beating for you

© Michael Lechner

#poem   #words   #heart   #dance   #thoughts   #song   #loved   #loving   #looking  
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