2 days ago

We all want something;
To live
To love
To have wealth
To have nice things.

We all want someone;
Someone to tell us
Everything will be alright.
Someone to tell us
You're not the monster you see in yourself.

But sometimes
We must realize that
We don't always get what we want.

Sometimes we have to see
That some of us,
Are too broken to be deserving of those things.

We have to move on. Always move on

Lack of sleep is really not helping my ability to face today
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Lola Reyes
Lola Reyes
2 days ago

To the men and woman all around the world
who have a list
a list that constantly corrupts them
i would like to say
I know..
i know how hard it is to let go
i know how scared you are
Just know you are not alone
just know that i am here
I  know that i am just a voice
a voice that is millions of miles away
Having no true identity to who i am
or what i am exactly
the only knowledge you have
is a simple "i know."
I just wanted to say that i know how hard it is to keep up
i know how hard life can be
but just know you are not alone.
my love
my heart
and my soul
are one
and having a list creates
punctures that only
a miracle can heal
but i am sure that you already knew that
but please just know that i am here
and i know the pain you feel
i know the terrors you have
but just know to only
BREATHING.. can help ease
writing  help escape  
and living can help
turn your list into just another little scar
a scar that will no longer bother you
but instead create you
it will make you a new
i believe that we can grow
i believe that we can love
and believe that
I can let go..

just breathe
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Aarushi Vijay
Aarushi Vijay
4 days ago

"What was the first thing you did for last time in your life?"

"I loved someone."

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2 days ago

You are so saddening, deafening and deadening.
Wish you didn't exist once in my life.

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You are 1 of a kind.
A beautiful one.
This is the truth.
Speak it with love.

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What saddens me horribly,
is that we spend too much time tangling ourselves up in our own insecurities.
Looping it around our throats and strangling our souls.
Maybe we need to start carrying around a mental knife...
Start cutting ourselves free before it’s too late.
The slow and painful process of watching a beautiful persons heart deflate from the negative needles that they turn on themselves, is becoming too common and too difficult to see.
Please, know that you're loved,
that you're unique,
that you're beautiful and smart.
Know that you're worthy of kindness.
Especially from yourself.

-Sincerely, A Stranger

Please, love yourself and treat people kindly. You never know if the person you're speaking to is silently breaking before you. An encouraging smile, a soft word, a gentle hand, a listening ear... We can all give something. And often, more times out of not, it's the small time that you've set aside for someone that can change a heart, even for just a moment. If you can make someone feel like they're worth something, do it. Love others, love yourself.

There you were, laughing and talking. I watched your faded gaze as you engaged. The rush had never felt so wild, you stopped for a moment and I trembled a bit as I tried to hide my smile.

There was something, something so intriguing that drew my attention, my fascination led my heart to race a bit faster... my curiosity led me places I could not have imagined.

Look at me, falling head over heals. Look at me, heading for danger with the perfect stranger . I locked eyes that I wish were lips with him.

I watched his body motioned towards me, I stumbled and gasped,  screaming for someone to save me. The universe suddenly stopped as he was about to open his mouth and speak.

My name is...
Please. I blocked out, watching his lips parted, I closed my eyes and vividly I saw him caressing me. If anyone had seen the thing I've seen.

I opened my eyes and to the sight of it all... it was all in my mind, he was gone. Everyone was there, he was so far away. Deep inside I know... he was the perfect stranger.


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Feb 1

this is what heartbreak looks like.

you looking at him

him looking at you

me, absent.

I know what love looks like.

this is what heartbreak sounds like.

your promises you would never do this to me

my heart breaking more when you did

this is what heartbreak is.

the smiles you two share when you know he is not free

still caged, still wings flapping,

and me

wings broken.

left behind

to fend for myself

weak and tattered on the floor

part two
Jan 30

There are days
inside the shelter of my core
it rained and most days are cloudy.
In my core I’ve wish the sun would shine
at day, and the star will glow at night, after
it never did
like before.

i still have lots to learn in this concrete poetry thingy, because i really wanted to formed it like an umbrella, looks like i failed, it looks like a lampshade...sigh...thanks for reading.
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A man i admire, so brave and strong,
He showed me a world of which I belong.
We laugh, we cry but I knew all along... that he was my hero
he was my guide, I am his star shooting across the skies.

A man who had left his mark, and let me know how much i am
loved. He told me... never settled for less and should always be
a priority.

I will always be daddy's girl... his light, his world. Never will
I let a man half love me and give them power to wreck me. He
is so good to me.

Daddy's girl is loved, and will always be.


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