We all have a little sadness that we have to live with
            And that's not a bad thing

Aug 17, 2016

Breath hunny, let it out
Let it float away in silence
There is no need to shout
Breath hunny, for one day
You will find a love like the one
That remorsfuly cast you away
Breath hunny, for you will learn
To love him, as you loved him
Your feedom you will earn
Breath hunny, this is just life
Not every relationship works
It's all just part of the strife

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Guy Furniture
Guy Furniture
Feb 25, 2016

Sometimes I think,
Pain is okay.
If there were no pain in my life,
I wouldn't be able to write this way.

Kaitlyn A Warnken
Kaitlyn A Warnken
Feb 17, 2016

It was hard that she had fought,
but she was stronger than she thought.

She knew her only job was to  love herself  a lot.

---- 2.17.16 ----
I do not authorize the duplication(s) of my writings, photography, or personal information.
-Kaitlyn A. Warnken
An Laige
An Laige
Feb 15, 2016

It isn't your fault.
It's his.
He was stupid to go after such young girls.
After what JR Falk told me,
you shouldn't be beating yourself up.
It was my fault too.
He was a dirty player,
a joker in the game.
Except there was a fault.
He lost control of the one he played,
and lost the whole game entirely.
It was not your fault you bigot.
Surly you see that.
Honestly, I was mad at you
because I thought it was your fault.
But recently I realized you were just a
game piece.
Just like me. Just like her.
Just like everyone else he has wrapped around his finger.
So you're wrong.
Don't think about it anymore.
He's like dog shit on the bottom of your shoe.
Wipe it off, get on with your journey.

Because this girl that sometimes is okay knows whats up
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Jan 20, 2016

I never desired death,
except for this once,
that I lay right next to the window on the floor staring blankly at
the glare of the heater
It were on my face and it hurt
but I welcomed it for it felt as though I were being scorned for being pathetic.
I waited for Satan to come and claim my soul.
I never wanted to cut myself,
except for this once,
that I took the most jagged knife in the kitchen and in the overwhelm of tears,
I rubbed furiously on my arm.
It didn't feel even close to redemption.
I never wanted to hate myself
until this once I made my mother cry.
She was so angry, frustrated, worried and sad.
Sitting ten feet away from me and weeping in the dark.
All I wanted to was to put my hand through her soul, gather all of that frenzy in a fist and then bite it,
gulp it down, wishing it'd slowly choke me.
Sorry, Maa
There were dark nights, there still are.
I don't understand nor can I ink down a timeline as to
how in all the selfloathing I came to love myself.
Somewhere down the line, I forgave.
I think that's what's happened.
perhaps at the most oddest hour or the most oddest day,
I would have sat back and
in the judiciary of my my soul, said-
It's okay.
And just like that everything must've fallen together.
Some nights are revolutionary.
But humans are the biggest miracle in that revolution.
There must be a reason why humans and hope alliterate.

Don't hurt yourself babies. This universe is so much more than what you see it to be. I've been there and never again. Say it a million times until you believe it, say it's okay.
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E Copeland
E Copeland
Sep 1, 2015

When you eat more than you said you would
Forgive yourself
When you accidentally text the boy who broke you
End the conversation
When you get too drunk and kiss someone
Don’t be ashamed
When the pain becomes too great and you slip up with the blade
clean the blood
bandage the wound
and then call your mom.

We are all human

We all mess up

And we can all be redeemed.

Jun 13, 2015

Less than three months left.
More than three months in.
To be sure of my day of getting back to reality
I just have to keep a good grasp onto
This smile Ive come fond of
I need to stick to doing it myself
And not waiting for someone
Or more likely
Some substance
Like a pill of some sort
Or the sticky stuff
Or the liquid stuff
The point is
I got this
And my job is to prove that
Stay on track
Put up with these druggies' bullshit for a bit longer

And then
I'l be home.

#love   #home   #people   #smile   #sunshine   #live   #itsokay   #almosthome  
May 24, 2015

I read the same sad love poems I have before. The same wymsical heartbreak only other poems seem to understand. The same heart clenching ones that made fat warm tears spring into my eyes before...and don't cry. At this point don't do much more than look at them with...annoyance. I still think of you...but feel this emptiness. Sure an achy heart because hey! I thought I loved you! I think I loved you.
Am I over you? Or just broken?

May 17, 2015

You're not at fault. I can blame myself and the sun and every God man created.
But I wont blame you.
Love happens and then it doesn't anymore
And I'm trying my best to be okay with that

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