Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
10 hours ago

Right click,
A moment of freshness
Clean up and blurr
Even, it won't heal

A wrong surgery
Vicodin prescription
To freshen up,
To forget the pain
Even, it won't fade

II - Poem Collection
#life   #pain   #people   #forget   #trouble   #problems   #faint   #freshen  
Isha Natsu
Isha Natsu
11 hours ago

my mother likes to think i can’t see
her dabbing her eyes dry,
that long, lost love is not something that is pieced
together into the equivalents of promises
and vows
yours have been broken
mine just beginning to birth
we are lying motionless
in this game
whose pieces are pawns of fate
and cruel intentions
for the strength it took to leave
is as brittle as the ground i forged for abandonment
and my poetry is as stale
as warm beer you drink just to forget

#pain   #forget   #on   #nothing   #dull   #moving  
Moon child
Moon child
1 day ago

If I could,
I would ask you
just one thing.

Would you teach me
how to forget you?


It begins with a thought a glimpse of the past slowly transcending into a ride. I begin to realize that I'm loosing ahold of reality like the ripples in water from a drop of time falling down upon its suttle nature. I'm looking up at the stars as if there's a message for me or a beautiful escape to distract myself from the coughs and the clouds burning inside of me that I create with the lungs I treat so cruely night after night. Breath after breath the clouds surrond me as if to enclose myself in a place without fear or Worry, without pain or sorrow. These grey clouds whisper in my ear explaining how things work and filling me with questions. I count down starting from three and with each blink I descend deeper and deeper to only be brought up higher. I blink hard, I'm looking down upon a  child who's seen so much, who's felt too much, who's going through so much hes tryng to cry to wash away and let go of his pain but all his tears have already been spent long ago. So he inhales the grey clouds and with each breath he takes his eyes begin to wonder, his mind is rather occupied by the memories, overflowing and drowning all at once. I blink a second time, The clock strikes midnight, time takes its toll and with each second I'm falling back to where it all began, I try to claw my way back up but the clouds have disappeared no longer there to float me back up to the gates of heaven. I feel a hole in my stomach as I lick my lips, I realize the music has ceased to move in me so I remove the technology from my ears and begin to listen to the hunger in my stomach instead, forevermore growing stronger and heavier, a hunger that strikes me like lightning whenever i get a hint of its aroma in the crisp and cold air, an aroma that reminds me of what it was like to taste heaven and forget about all the people that have died, all the beatings I've endurerd. A little boy still trapped inside of a growing mans body.  The feeling to be separated from the part of him that's still scared stirs in his heart like an ocean filled by tears and years. I blink again, time speeds back up my thoughts cease to crowd me I realize and visualize what it was like so see the stars move contemplating and waiting impatiently until the grey clouds return .

#peace   #pain   #time   #memories   #past   #drug   #forget  
Julie Grenness
4 days ago

How do you forgive and forget?
What's been done to a woman yet,
Close chapters in your book of life,
Each day, start the rest of your life,
Maybe think no hard feelings, yes,
Each day, good intentions, no less,
How do you forgive and forget?
Go on, blame the woman, that's the best!

Feedback welcome.
#forget   #and   #forgive  
Anie Rose Tiu
Anie Rose Tiu
5 days ago

I love you because you have shown yourself to me.
Would you believe me if I told you that
I love you more now that you have shown me your scars?
I love you.
I love you in a way I have never loved another person my entire life.
It’s that simple.
But you don’t love me.
You never have, and you never will.

#love   #heartbreak   #broken   #sad   #pain   #hurt   #forget   #unloved  
5 days ago

the hardest
part of waking up
in the morning
remembering everything
you were trying to forget
last night

#night   #forget  
emme m
emme m
6 days ago

cold sweat
i’ll never forget
the day we first met

as the sun set
i kinda regret
that i didn’t get
to go to lafayette

#love   #regret   #sun   #sweat   #strange   #forget   #town   #cigarettes   #cold   #lafayette  
6 days ago

Love has a due,
It fades without a clue,
Everything's new,
Everything's true.

On our way to endless love,
We stopped cause you feel numb,
You feel under and I'm Above,
I'm so insensitive I'm so dumb.

We had such a beautiful road together,
But we ended up in the last day of forever.
It's the purest pain I wonder,
To dis-remember all the things we gather.

Now I'm on the road back alone,
Thinking and seeing things that gone,
Why this things suddenly happen,
Why does it hurts again and again.

I stitched all the damage that I gained,
But the wound still get open,
Catching the rain of pain that hurts,
But still my heart is dry from thirst.

And now I'll be stopping this poem,
I should find my way back home,
I will forget all the pain on my own,
And come back here with a happy tone :D

This is a year ago (Late post)
#love   #broken   #hate   #pain   #sadness   #hurt   #forget   #remember   #moveon  

I'm willing to forget all the pain you've caused me
For one,
"I'm sorry,"
I wouldn't reminisce in the puddles of tears under my bed,
"There must be a leak,"
Is what I'd simply pretend .
Do you know what type of pain,
That thoughts of missing you bring ?
I bet I'd forget,
If only you'd say you're sorry .

#pain   #forget   #sorry   #pretend  
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