Adelaide London
Adelaide London
5 days ago

Who am I?

I am love
but I am not love.
I wear love’s coat,
like a blanket
and hold its
sweet, sweet smell
a perfume too expensive to touch.
Those who dare,
always pay the price.

You see
I am not as kind as love.
I do not care.
I do not embrace with loving arms.
The heart rules the mind.
I make
your body the master of your heart.
Your soul is tossed aside.
It is no worth to me.

I am a coward.
I flee at the sight
of pain
and do not help.
It is not my job,
after all.
My job is to leave you enshrouded
intrigued torn upon captivated enthralled clouded
in the mystery that you thought
was love.

I am not love.
never will be
never have.

I am the jealous best friend.

The one always trying to steal the limelight.
Who sometimes comes before love.
Steals love.
With grimy hands,
Covered in jeweled gloves.
I do not feel with the heart,
I feel with the body.

Sensual. Aroused. Intimate. And stimulated.

Who am I?

I am lust.

Differentiating between love and lust. I believe that there should be a guidebook for that.
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The bite of your words in my ear, the touch
of your thoughts as they patter like specks of
rain on my skin, the feelings I have for
you, this undeniable and uncontrollable
attraction... they make my eyes glisten with
happiness and my stomach fill with nausea.
I cannot tell if this sickness that you
give me is just fear or if it is the
knowledge of an illusion that my heart
is presenting to everyone. Even to myself.

~~ You scare me because what if none of this is real at all? ~~
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m i a
m i a
Dec 29, 2016

why do i have to be the one suffering?

my thoughts are intereupted daily
and buffering

because i'm thinking about you,

why must i express my pride

and continue to hide

my true feelings for you,

i miss(ed) you,
come back to me,
tell me what i did wrong

give me
the key
to c l o s u r e.

i wrote this at three am elijah, because for some reason you're all i think about. I jist want it to stop. i just want closure.
#hide   #young   #suffering   #confusion   #key   #closure  
Grace Jordan
Grace Jordan
Dec 22, 2016

There it was
In my head
Screaming at me
Wishing I was dead
Between the pages
I learned to live again
Be somewhere other
Than the wasteland
In my head

I learned to be a princess
A warrior
A brilliant fool
Anything but what was actually true
Grew chameleon skin
To flicker better
Between character to character
Just like the weather
All to forget the truth of what
Lingered within my head

It was fun playing perfect
Being everyone's art
But things started to get hazy
When cracks began to part
My body became numb
I let fingers crawl all over
Payment to get anyone
To glue me back together
But I couldn't really run
Nothing could blot out its stead
Unbeknownst to me
I never had been free
From the temptation to be dead
Preying on my head

So I buried in words harder
Trusting the denial
Pretending to be anything else
Must be a new character
Couldn't really just be me
The fingers grabbed harder
And I hungrily let them still
If my flesh became shredded
What would be left to kill?
Yet determination was stronger
Than my bloodlust to murder me
It only left me screaming
Left me lonely
Left me in dread
From the death taking residence
Inside my pretty head

Our character knew
She could not live such asunder
The death would win
If she did not change her color
Through wretched teeth
And fierce blows of power
The foolish, brilliant princess warrior
Refused to lose her mental tower
Through years of war
And struggle
And pain
She won the rights to herself again
And with her mighty sword led
Away the demons
Inside her head

And now the tale halts
Where the chameleon begins to change
A lovely new form
One haphazard and so strange
Its a visage mixed of all
The characters played before
Yet now the skin's unmoving
And the parts become a whole
The fingers are only one
And soft and loving to touch
And pills and words are now used
For good instead of a crutch
The death has hissed its final roar
The reader final quits
They keep on reading stories
But they do not negatively benefit
Its more at peace
But still a clustered composure
Within the head
Of a happy dreamer much bipolar

#hide   #death   #past   #rhymes   #hiding   #skin   #bipolar   #reading   #character   #chameleon  
Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
Dec 21, 2016

Don't feel

Plaster a smile on your face
Remember your place
Dance that same old dance
Happiness at first glance

Don't feel

Happiness at first glance
Don't give them the chance
Keep them away from the fringes
Your coming off the hinges

Don't feel

Your coming off the hinges
Blinded buy the vision
Of the misty gray
Of all your yeasterdays

Don't feel

Of all your yesterdays
Only sorrow flowed your way
But remember your place
Plaster that smile on your face

#hide   #conceal   #dontfeel  
Shannon Lee Rohn
Shannon Lee Rohn
Dec 12, 2016

~ Walls of Flesh ~

Life isn't just what is seen in a pretty picture,
But the secrets buried from within the walls of our flesh, and hidden deep inside,
Intellectually we stand tall, body held strong by the back bone of our pride,
While we battle the constant thoughts of the conscious mind,
Unable to see the whole picture because we are blind.

What if we crossed the wrong bridge, or took the wrong street?
Should we prepare ourselves for lies and deceit?
Instead of what makes our heart beat?

Trying to look prettier everyday,
but still perfect in God's eyes,
Inside we still burn with secrets and lies,
Still trying to control in their heart
what lives or dies,
How do you deal with those whose mind has taken over their lives?
Behind the walls of flesh is where they hide.

We don’t have time to let anyone else in,
So our lives are basically pretend,
We hold up a shield that's made of tin.
Some people can't handle the struggle, so their thoughts drive them insane,
But still strong, holding onto the pride while showing no pain.
Then what happens to the one's who are weak and can't stand alone without pride?
Will they just disintegrate and die?
Will the secrets and pain eat them alive?
Our soul is eating it's flesh from within, trying to survive,
Wanting to escape from behind the walls of where they hide.

The pain from our past,
Has forced us to wear a mask.
Deliberating the differences of the
pro's & con's,
The scale tips, unbalanced decisions of right or wrong,
Those who are lost, searching for their place in this world and where they belong.

Life isn't just what is seen in a pretty picture,
But the secrets that burn from behind the walls of our flesh, and hidden deep inside,
Body held up by the back bone of our pride.
So why can't we break down the walls of our flesh and let everyone in?
No matter their differences, no matter their sin?
Because as humans we are afraid of possible hurt,
And that is no reason to treat them like dirt.
To be the person that you were created to be,
Take a chance to just break free,
Convince our soul that its okay to finally breathe.
Reach inside yourself and decide,...
' Inside these walls of flesh,  

#self   #life   #hide   #beautiful   #existance  

I have seem to lost connection with simple emotions
Which re-configures hardcore devotions
Feelings that are best expressed
like the prick of a rose
A small single sting
Just an "ouch" I suppose
But I know the pain is there
And it's almost unbearable
My cosmic mind begins to breakdown
It's damn near irreparable
I've lost the ability to whimper
I've gained the ability to cry
All these unblemished feelings
Make my tear ducts run dry
My sentiment has grown stronger
There's no simplicity in my heart
My emotional responses were a blank canvas
They have matured into art
When I am most unhappy
My face begins to drown
When I am at the peak of elation
My aura glows all around
I've lost the ability to become angry
I've gained vehemence in its prime
Inflammable emotions
Build in such time
When my stomach begins to rumble
I am no longer hungry yet starving
The electric vibrations you give me
Get engraved inside my soul like a tree bark carving
When I love, I love hard
Nothing in-complex about it
If you cannot take my deep emotions
You and I are not the puzzle piece I saw so fit
Although I have lost connection with simple emotions
I have gained connection with  the real ones inside
Feeling such things shouldn't be subtle
Our eccentric emotions are nothing to hide

#love   #poetry   #hide   #emotion   #feeling   #emotions   #deep   #connection   #feels   #gained  
Bethany G Blicq
Mar 6, 2016

I wanted to be free.

I wanted to be free
so I ran away from everything and everyone.

I ran from commitment,
from people,
from love,
from helping hands.

I wanted to be free
so I hid myself away from the world.

The further I ran, the less free I felt.
So I ran all the way home.

I still felt like a captive,
but I was the only one holding myself hostage.

So I unlocked the cage,
and I walked out into a new reality.

A reality that was there all along
but the cage had blocked my view. 

Fear had blocked my view.

In my new reality I began to explore the universe inside of myself
and outside of myself.

I found that I had nothing to lose by being myself. 

I found that I had nothing to fear except myself.

I found that all the changes I once wanted to make,
I thought that other people could make for me.

They were supposed to influence me, inspire me.

I found that all the changes I once wanted to make were already made,
but fear prevented them from manifesting.

I have always been free within the infinite universe.
I am no longer my own captive.

Love is my inspiration;
“love is that which enables choice.”
To love,is my only desire.
To love,for the sake of loving,
internal and external universe, alike.

By fulfilling my own and only desire,
I am free.

Written in 2015
By Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for reading!
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Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins
Nov 27, 2016

I do things that people consider wierd, but living in a comfortable life, is better than living scared.
People stare as I crouch on my feet, reminding myself I will be home soon, under my covers and sheet.
I wear baggy clothes to hide,
Buried in the warmth, with my low riding pride.
But who is to say what's accepted,
When the world is corrupt up and infected.
Yes, infected, by their image of life. Smoothed out like butter with a knife .
They learned to feel it is fine, to go abouts with materials things and fancy wine.
Rubbing their wealth in your face, scolding as if you don't try.. telling you you're a disgrace,
to the human kind.
That's what this world has come to, trampling their own for something to do.
While people like me just try to get by, without anyone noticing or batting an eye.
Curling up into my corner of the world, thanking God that i made it again. For this corrupt world might suck me in.
Fearing that society will point me out like at a zoo. Laughing and awe-ing cuz they can't tell,
if I'm wierd or cute.
This is what its come to if you're not like them you don't exist.
You're mearly something they can tell to their friends.
They don't care if you cut your wrist
or are soon to meet lifes end.
So hide beneath your blankets and sheet, and if knocked down get on your feet. Learn that the world, you have to forgive, and no one can tell you how to live.

Thinking of how we went from cavemen life being what's normal (surviving) and now how it's become material things.
#life   #hide   #end   #society   #comfort   #wierd  
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