Poetic T
Poetic T
1 day ago

My devotion fell like cinders of empty rain,
you were my blood soaking the
desolation felt within my veins.

Now I am hollow within this beating vessel,
that ebbing into emptiness was your gift
that once opened depleted what was special.

Your enchantment was a false fairy-tale woven
in razor wired kisses. We are an ending that
left cadavers of lonely hearts behind.

#love   #razor   #false   #departed  
George Krokos
2 days ago

Something that is true can generally stand the test of time
but that which is false may amount to no less than a crime.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#time   #true   #false   #something   #crime  
Dec 23, 2013

How I love this delicious sweet!
So intoxicating is this treat,
That all who glance
Soon learn defeat.

I watch it motionless behind the glass
How I wish I could walk on past!
Alas, my tongue has stuck to the glass
Another invisible barrier

The comforting curse, the sweet sorrow.
We all long to find our tomorrow.
With it’s sugary coat and dripping enamel,
Makes me wonder how I could poison myself
With such a sorrow, as tomorrow.

#love   #hope   #false   #unrequitted  
Sophia Lynne
Sophia Lynne
4 days ago

I used to call you my sunshine.. but the sun always comes back. I always knew when it was coming back and I always knew when it was going to leave again. And now that i think about it, you were more like a shooting star. You'd show up out of no where.. so mesmerizing and unreal.. Then you'd be gone in a split second. and i never knew when i'd see you again.

I don't watch for shooting stars anymore.

#love   #freedom   #sun   #stars   #thoughts   #you   #knowledge   #free   #gone   #false  
Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
7 days ago

before i sleep swear to visit my dreams,
whisper broken promises up on my lips let me inhale the poisoned fumes,
i won't stop you,
i will love you,
i will become blind to the lies,
unfeeling to the ties that bind my soul to yours,
you stole my heart,
and refused to give me yours.

Inspired by one of the poems on the LEMONADE album. Hope you like it.
#love   #promises   #sleep   #poison   #false  

What brought an eternal night and bitter storm of emotions and fears
Rages in her heart an' across her soul, you would know
If you could see through a waterfall of unseen and silent tears
Maybe realize the things she needs just to make her feel alive is a heavy line to tow

'Tis always plain to these eyes even as the storm roars and rages
In those eyes I see rose hiding amongst the shadows
Like her emotions housed, locked away in tight little cages
Safe from the rays of day or night, it still grows

A heart that is not so barren, but in fact an enchanted garden
Not even the wild weed grows or can survive so fair
In that heart, that enchanted place, well hidden
But a rose dwells there

Watered by the tears of an angel in the dark solemn silence
Day to day, night by night they continue to fall
While she punishes her mind and heart, a state of false indifference
Wondering if love is even worth it at all

That rose that dwells in enchanted garden, in eternal night
Amid visions of dark emotions of hope and joy departed and fled
Behind the thick shade of the shielding shadows, hiding from the light
That rose has not blossomed, left alone, carved its own way not again to be led

To false hope and promise, it will not bend
Strong in will and spirit
To its own needs it does tend
Ah, a man only am but I, with words and emotions I weave and lace to reach it

Others have trampled that garden in search of their own hollow things
But not I, in time with proper healing, the garden again will prosper
If my words can reach, if to that heart they touch and in special melody sings
Soft and warm a tender embrace a bitter sweet whisper

Come now, they come, these fairy bewitched hours at fading red of sunset
Walk the pace to heartbeat quickens, to that good day's dream at the twilight hour last
Fluid that dream changing at whim, a rose in storm and emotions rage, steadfast not fled, but well met
Not yielding, in an enchanted garden, the flower's dreams are cast


Part 2
#words   #tears   #hope   #angel   #false   #wounded  

Your paper tears

dropping into open palms

fictitious weaving interconnected
as they dried and left a residue of

distortions of why they fell.
                              So I walked away and my tears were real...

#tears   #false  
Feb 7

Coughing up tales, of which hundreds exist
Regretting us and misreading my transcript
Displaying a shade of default dismissiveness
False bereavement is what you're equipped with
Your visage remains a rivulet, negating encrypted lips
As you spew nix, levels of sanity collapsed when you loosened it

#need   #gone   #false   #sanity   #tales   #display   #shade   #endure   #asunder  

Oh yeah...  She was snug, all right.  ..Tight & all;
a phantom coat leaving its wearer still-cold, not warm:
a fraud.

#fake   #false   #cold   #illusion   #mirage   #coat   #faux  
Jan 27

they do not return.

#ashes   #life   #death   #hope   #reality   #false  
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