Saint Titus
Saint Titus
6 days ago

I used to use a magic mirror to self validate
but it took me far too long
to find that the self hate
had found its orgins elsewhere
Somewhere not so skin deep
And so it makes it quite a struggle
to search out soulfull sleep

But after all the praise was gone
I finally came to admit
Perfection had long since taken me
and was walking in my skin

It was my skin that became
all the home i had to live in

To wit
I ended up on the edge of my own identity
selling my last shred of dignity for some quick fix
A few creepy half glances
I was blind to second chances

Ignorant out of will or spite
either way, i wasnt right


In the subconscious
ignorance may be bliss
but I was too ham fisted
And once I added a slice of lonliness
It cut right through the seam
To find the corpse of happiness

And i near missed it

Or at least i thought i did

Its like an old adage i heard once
You dont know what youve lost till youve had to replace it and you cant find the basics anywhere inside you,
so with nothing left to define
you just give up and go back to hide

Or something like that

Yeah, it's pretty much my thoughts about self image
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"I think Willy may be a tragic hero,"
A student said,
"Linda tells her boys he is an average man,
And it's time for average men to be attended.
That he gets up and goes to work each day
Is enough to make him a hero."

We listen in the darkened room,
Breaking to think our thoughts aloud
Before we dive back into the pool
Of Loman miseries:
The braggart wearing down,
The cringing rage against
The darning of socks,
Silken stocking memories,
Naughtiness recapitulated.

And sons spinning round
The vortex edge,
Wondering whether
To bail or pledge....

The stage is growing dark,
The audience darker,
Receding from bright memories,
Nobility's idyllic days denied,
Nothing left but the emptiness of pride.

Accepting brassiness and braggadocio,
We lean, breathless beneath skyscrapers,
Accepting commission-only pay,
The emptiness of false news,
And mediocre heroes.

"Boys! The woods are burning!
Can't you understand?
There's a big blaze going all around!"
But no one understands.

We are all dreamers,
Hoping America makes us great again,
Wishing to live the Salesman's life,
Willing to leave Plan B hidden
Behind the fusebox for now...
If only hope remains,
If only champagne wishes,
Caviar dreams besot us in our schemes.

"Nobody dast blame this man!"
Says Charlie, and he is right.
It's tough being out there
Living on a wing and a prayer,
Promising the moon,
Promised the moon,
Age coming on,
No seeds planted,
No sun to shine
On what's left
Of the garden....

A little salary,
A smile,
A shoeshine,
Cannot suffice.

Believing dreams that lie
Is no reason to live;
Seeing the blue sky alone
Is no reason,
If there's nothing to own,
And no place to call home.

Dreamers and Schemers.... Willy, Biff, and Happy. Linda Loman. Charlie and Bernard. A woman, and what passes for an empty man....

I thought by loving him,

I was loving him;

when in reality,

by loving me,

I am loving him.

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you were that one blinking star in the sky i had pondered on for hours when i was a child just to discover that all stars twinkle and you were no different from the rest


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crystalline eternal facade
clean and bright

did you not hear the silence as you approached
overcome with reverence and awed by the light?

siren’s call
drier than barren

did you not hear the silence as you approached
overcome with reverence and awed by the light?

the crust won’t hold your weight
reality breaks you will be sinking into the mire of
lies and confusion
stink of rot...decay smothering your

did you not hear the silence as you approached
overcome with reverence and awed by the light?

the mire is real
a salt pan of false purity
created at the cost of the lives
the rot below the surface
there is a reason that nature expires before the void

heed the silence
kneel not to these false gods
they will kill you.


This is a message to Scientology shills
Only you know if you fit that bill
I will NOT banter.
I won't make a fuss.
I will NOT debate
whether you're one of US
You may want me hurting
You may want me crying
If you're selling that, brother,
You WANT people in pain.
You WANT them to pine.
Those are YOUR tactics

I'm not a cruel person. I'm in a bind,
Cuz YOU think me weak
You want disputes
Between friggin FRIENDS!

Here's what YOU do. Here's how YOU act.
You come in like wolves and try to attack.
Pull a young animal out from the herd.
Say they aren't legit... on only YOUR WORD!
I'm new to Twitter. So I'm out there, I see.
So you want to sow discord



Catherine Jarvis
(C) 3/1/2017

It looks like I'm in a battle with some odious trolls on Twitter. They're trying to discredit me. I'm not going to try to fight them. It would only feed them. I doubt they will, but if they do succeed in separating me from my friends I will still fight. The Church of Scientology may have taken everything else from me. But it can't take away my spirit. I've gone it alone before.
I trust my friends, though. They know of my sufferings. And they know that they are not feigned. I'm going to trust God. And I'm going to trust my friends. They were put in my life for a reason. If I am going to fight effectively I will need some support. And they do give me that. I'm so glad of it!

I'm sorry I'm not here to read as much as I have been in the past. I love you folks, too. It's just so the Church of Scientology has hurt so many people. I need to be a voice on Twitter and Facebook where I can reach a lot of people at once. I hope you understand... if you only knew what that unbelievably evil organization did to me and to so many other people you would definitely agree that I'm doing the right thing. Please pray for me, or send good thoughts. I'm in the fight of my life.

♡♡♡ I LOVE YOU!!! ♡♡♡


Her feminism is more of self-discovery,
Although I am not intending to insult it,
Than it is about empowering females,
Even I am a feminist essentially...

Sometimes she fails to find sense,
Horribly so and ever non repeated,
Even she herself might laugh inside..

Maybe she is adamant right now,
Earn I will her love someday surely.

My HP Poem #1454
©Atul Kaushal
#hate   #me   #she   #false   #feminism   #euphemism   #eufeminism  

In autumn
I try to imagine
That cooling nights
Are only Spring

I imagine
Planting the garden
But old Frost
Reminds me
That second childhood
Is only the precursor
Of winter's death.

#hope   #false   #blues   #delusions  

By Arcassin Burnham

I don't really count my blessings
If I did,
I'd keep a notepad,
I haven't really learned my lessons
If I did
I'd be on the right path,
Or a bunch of outskirts pushing and landing
In my way and putting voices in my head to
Help me take away the pain of feeling the
Pressure to move forward in my life and
Better myself in this cruel and sick twisted
Planet where there are all false teaches,
No more fake speeches,
No more stars in the sky for people's reaches,
No more fun or sunshine
For the people that get stepped on and
No more keeping folks in line for all these
Stupid rules,
Things have been getting real vacant
leaving my life to struggle,
I will not die a coward.


I've been on my own since the day
has gone
all my friends are gone
I'm just still at home
of course I'm all alone
I'm just waiting on......
the right day
I've been on my own since the day has gone
the skies are red
I'm feeling dead,
but I wanna die the right way
with something lodged in my head
I've been on my own.

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Hello there! Our favorite "friend"!
How are you today?
We have a niche that's just for YOU
Won't you come and play?

We'll do our little "nectar dance"!
We'll draw you in, and then,
We'll rearrange your mindset
And spit you out again.

Welcome to The Hive, sister!
We'll tell you how to act.
We'll tempt you with our honey
It's sweet, and that's a fact.
Yes! Welcome to The Hive, brother
Come into our tree!
We'll program you to think like US
So what if you're not FREE?
Welcome to The Hive, my friend,
To your 6-sided cell
We welcome you to OUR beliefs
Welcome to the meld...

So you like your Saviour?
Fine! All well and good.
But you MUST throw out
The Word of God
Is that understood?

You want to have your reading?
By all means! A MUST!
But make sure that we see it
And it's approved by US.


We have the answers here, good folk!
We've been there! We've been bound!
But now there is a way out! YES!
Come see what we have FOUND!
Oh? You hear a WAILING?
Take no notice of the sound...
It's going to get louder cuz



We welcome you to Stepford
At the tolling of the bell
We welcome you to MIND CONTROL


Catherine Jarvis
(C) 2/27/2017

This was written of Scientology
but is applicable to any ungodly mindset.
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