Lady Bird
Lady Bird
1 day ago

don't get too drunk
that you lose reality
or blinded by the lies
told under your nose

don't get too drunk
breaking your own heart
digging a hole in your soul
for the promised illusion

don't get too drunk
that you change so much
you're unable to find yourself
ready to turn your life in

don't get too drunk
clinging to the addiction
of poisoned temptation
the alcohol of false love

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Jan 12

It's a shame to exist in a world
Where loyalty is currency
That friends only befriend you
For their own ends
That people don't listen
When you say the truth time and again
That they accept the lie of "I'm fine"
And it's only when you cry that they give you a piece of their mind
That they're willing to corrupt you with thoughts
And laugh as you clutch your head, screaming, drawing on the walls
And laughing all the more when they set you up to fall
And stand over you, triumphant, when your life is agonising crawl
And when success is nearby and you're happy,
Well then they make you stall
Second guess and doubt yourself
And you listen because you think that no-one else...
No-one else will

Find your true friends
And hold on to them,
Like the diamonds they are

This is free-flow slam poetry. I wrote this only just before uploading
And I apologise, it's been a while
#friends   #poetry   #lies   #truth   #false   #vyscern  
Jan 10

Carbon Monoxide

I would like to believe
I was born in the clouds
amongst the angels,
bathing in so much sunlight
that now I can't help
but despise it.

The truth is,
you denied my heart
too many beats;
my heart's a bombsite
filled with carbon monoxide
and all your lies.

My own blood curses me,
dripping with your name,
I try to tell it we're
not the same;
I can't stand you,

You heartless, cruel monster,

#poem   #pain   #father   #fake   #hurt   #thoughts   #new   #him   #false   #imposter  

As long as I can look through
Kaleidoscopes I’ll be fine
As long as the colors in front
Of me remain bright
I’ve found that I don’t mind
If I sacrifice my sight

This is not the kind of person I want to be.  Why is it that people attempt to drown out the pain, with something that blinds them to every thing, for an artificial happiness?
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
Dec 27, 2016

I've woven these bands around my heart
To keep it from exposure
Of the light of this world
And embrace the shadows that cast over

I've hidden my deviation with a smile
So it can catch your eyes
But underneath I'm hollow
And laced with pretty lies

A sickening twist would have it
At the edges of this blade
Would the reds of your essence run
And the color in your eyes will fade

I apologize insincerely
You can surely tell
I wink, I laugh, I say honestly
"I hope you've been through hell."

Because I am no innocent
I'm sinister and I'm cold
Manipulative, Heartless, Fake
Yet my false facade has sold

So again, I'll giggle
And laugh and entertain
Yet, on occasion,
one will learn I am insane

I've woven these bands around my heart
To keep it from exposure
Of the light of this world
And embrace the shadows that cast over

We're all a tad insane, some just wear it better.
#death   #people   #insanity   #crazy   #false   #murder   #insane   #deadly   #violent   #facade  
Kit John Parish
Kit John Parish
Dec 26, 2016

those that bore us with tales of drunken nights
cheap wine and what she said to him
who send you pictures of their pets
and watch TV because "everyone is watching it"

those time-wasters, those narcissistic fools
who call you 'friend'
who open their hollow heart
and what flutters out?
"my ex-boyfriend said..."
"when I was in Thailand..."
"Isn't that just like me?"

those reflections, they are not worth your time

#love   #friends   #depression   #social   #depressed   #anxiety   #time   #people   #false  
Parker A Blackwood
Parker A Blackwood
Dec 23, 2016

I have always been amazed
At the people who turn their heads away from the dead

I feel like its dishonoring
Just as the Father turned His head from His Son

And this is why so many people get broken
By not looking at their loved ones
They don't accept the truth

Holding onto an unreal version of what could've been
Which breaks the heart everytime the veil of fantasy slips away
When the memories are far more happy and true

#love   #truth   #death   #ghost   #soul   #false   #spirits  
The forgotten one
The forgotten one
Dec 23, 2016

He doesn't see
Her as an angel
The one she used to be
He see's her true colors
A false rainbow she tries to be

#ex   #sad   #life   #lost   #real   #false   #honest  
Marilyn Sistinas
Marilyn Sistinas
Dec 18, 2016

Pretend that you help me, oh yeah, you already do.
Slip on these clothes and drench yourself in your silly perfume,
cause there's nothing really left of you.
Smile towards others so it puts yourself at ease,
honestly, your only excuse is being lonely.
A pair of glasses is quite useless without both lens,
For that could be why you can't seem to see your tricks.
In your head you're always right,
that is why the sensibility has left,
which you've cramed with false sympathy.
You used to be so generous and your smile so bright,
who took it? who took your left eye?
you still seem to sleep at night after all you do,
i'm not sure what allows you to pursue.
Forget all the things you promised me before,
in fact, forget me completely, it's not like you can see me,
A memory, i'm nothing more.
I wish I could evince this behavior to you,
yet, you surely wouldn't care if it were shown through,
A sympathetic ambiance simply used for a disguise,
Who took it? Who took your left eye?

#evil   #false   #eye   #disgusting   #analogy   #fakepeople  
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