Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis
Mar 18

A stranger glances my way,
At the thought of any danger, I move away.
Frightened of commitment, scared of trust
I can't take a chance on the idea of love.

Dismissing opportunities, I ran away.
Back into the past,
when you first glanced my way.
I smile whenever I reminisce, I hold myself tight So I might feel some bliss. But I feel awfully tragic about all of this.  
I'd rather get high and pretend I don't even exist.
But when I do,  I get my fix.
It's Rather like a dream I'm only thinking about you and how you were never happy with me.

It's not every day winged Cupid comes knocking at your door.
But there's no noise, just silence from you forever more.

I feel secure in this little cocoon,
Never do I wish to metamorphosis;
I do not wish to take flight.

When I feel confident enough to take a peak,
I wish to sink back into my undamaging, innocent cocoon.
I do not like the idea of a ‘big world’.

Everything is not beautiful enough;
Its not as magnificent and imaginative like I want it to be,
Unlike this innocent and carefree cocoon I have molded my mental image into.

I am longing for some kind of change, but to afraid of the unknown to take it.

I am mentally unstable; I cannot handle the dangerous world,
I am much more safe and stable in this cocoon.
So leave me be in my little shelter,
I know it’s unhealthy you don’t need to remind me.

I’m I truly secure in this cocoon or is it all a fable?

I wish to be pure not mature,
Though sometimes I daydream of being both,
As I sleep away in the sheltered cocoon.

Everything is so frightening.
The outdoors that surround my cocoon are calling me,
But I can’t seem to shake away the worries.

“You’re so unsure of your own path, you never even take a step back,”
My thoughts sing song to me as I lull back to sleep.

I am to petrified of the outdoors of my own cocoon,
I can’t seem to win the battles of thoughts, even if it could save me,
So I stay silent and let it eat away at me never taking the chance.

Megan Kay
Megan Kay
Dec 9, 2016

My head rested against the grey plastic covering of the window beside me
As I began this adventure it had set in
The truth of my happiness

Only happy when my life was not predetermined
Only when this life is array
Chaos, unplanned, anarchy
The thought of not knowing

This realization frightened me
Everything I had been taught
Based upon the value of order

And there I was
With my head on a surface many others had been before
Realizing the key to my own happiness
Was the void

#happiness   #my   #to   #head   #key   #order   #void   #others   #frightened   #realizing  
Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
Sep 15, 2016

I will fuck you
and then
I will leave
to never return

I'm honest, yet frightened
of your prison
I'm weak and lost
buried under layers of sin

I'm unpredictable
exciting and dreadful
and I know
you will always

Ami Shae
Ami Shae
Jul 24, 2016

upon awakening
from the abyss
of my darkest dreams
I did my best
to stifle my inner screams...

Sarah Strack
Sarah Strack
Jul 7, 2016

Inside my heart there lives a snake
Maliciously it slithers around
It's poisoned fangs poised to bite
In fright I don't utter a sound

In my garden I left a rake
Lying littered on the ground
Around it the leaves dance chaos
Workers never to be found

All this destruction life likes to make
It's swirling confusion does astound
Until my heart and home it wrecks
And burns both of them to the ground

Jun 21, 2016

She is trapped
Inside the walls
Of his words
Lost and confused

Terrified tongue tied
Screaming within
Constantly running
Around him...

Set her free.
#broken   #afraid   #lost   #hurt   #screaming   #running   #tired   #prisoner   #frightened   #wayout  
Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips
Jun 17, 2016

the pain isn't hard to bare.
until you forget that it resides in the very back part of your brain,
waiting to be released at the perfect moment.

the slightest touch of a male,
a kiss on the cheek, neck, thigh.
the kiss of uncertainty and disloyalty.

the memories begin to fill you up inside.
your lover doesn't know what he's done.
you slip away from him faster than the air slipped from your lungs the first time.

pulsating through your veins,
is the feeling of deep fear.
what if he comes back?
what if he wants more of you?

oh, dear god he's thinking of all the ways to torture you.
look at his eyes. his mouth and the way it curves into a malicious smile.
the vigorous breathing, representing the oxygen he's stolen from you.

the tears are rolling now.
right down your right cheek where he caressed your beauty the first time.
right where you never wanted to be touched again.

it's only ever hard to bare,
when the perfect moment arises.

-contains themes of assault-
#love   #pain   #hurt   #the   #perfect   #moment   #sexual   #assault   #frightened  
Mar 20, 2016

The loss of my innocence happened when the darkness no longer frightened me... For it has now become my friend, solitude and my haven.

#loss   #dark   #of   #friend   #darkness   #night   #innocence   #haven   #frightened  
Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Mar 16, 2016

Hush little baby
Stop crying now
Mama’s well trained
I will show you how.
Lock your feelings up inside
Don’t let them out until you’ve died.

Stop little baby
Don’t you feel!
Keep your soul
In a heart of steel.
Promise Mama that you won’t.
Love breaks everyone’s heart if you don’t.

Sleep little baby
That does the trick
Crying all day
Can make you sick.
Nobody like a kid who cries
No one will come to sing you lullabies.

Good little baby
Never says a word.
Quietest baby
I have ever heard.
No one would ever guess
That inside you are a mental mess.

Hush little baby
Stop crying now
Mama’s well trained
I will show you how.
Lock your feelings up inside
Don’t let them out until you’ve died.

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