Pete King
Pete King
2 days ago

The greatest gift, yet biggest burden of mine
Is that I overthink; with no control nor choice.
A damaged, frantic mind over-working overtime
A creative heart trying to sing above the noise.
I hide this racket where the world can't see
And for dear life I cling on to the clouds.
Scared to lose grip, because what would I be
If let slip and dared touch the ground?
But then I met you; I felt my mind fall silent.
No noise I've come to fear inside my head
Every time I'm with you, my thoughts aren't so violent;
They’re filled with lyrics to a thousand love songs instead.
     If the words stay trapped behind my lips, there's still a chance maybe
     That you'll come across this poem and that's good enough for me.

Tonight  just for tonight

Who needs tomorow when we have
Each hour.
Alex Berthelot
Alex Berthelot
2 days ago

and however you arrived here today,
whether it was your soul raging just as much
as the storm around you and finding yourself
pounding on the door between then and now
with bloodied and bruised fists,
or whether it was feeling your heart shatter
into a million pieces and so bravely picking
each one up and trying to complete the puzzle
of your heart with no guide, once again.
you are here now
and here is becoming home
and you are piecing yourself whole again
and you are learning that no guide is ok
because now you get to decide what whole is
and how whole feels
and then one day you'll learn that the storm
wasn’t the only force raging inside of your soul,
courage was there all along raging just as strong.
courage was the pounding on the door of now, bruised fists and all.
courage was the piecing together of your heart again
and soon you’ll learn that underneath all of the rubble and pain,
you were always whole.
pieces of your heart together or not,
you are and have always been undeniably whole.

Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
4 days ago

Raindrops keep falling in my life
pitter, patter, pitter patter, trouble and strife
unfamiliar experiences and reactions rife
a body like butter with pain the knife

Life went on 'til illness pressed pause
a reticent role of rebel with a cause
each day now a battle in wellness wars
poetic metaphors dig like devil's claws

An existential journey throwing curve balls
the game of life gives iffy line calls
barriers and hurdles provide plentiful falls
bad days find you climbing the walls

Hearing Carpenters songs wearing a frown
rainy days and Mondays always got me down

#life   #illness   #rain   #wellness  

No, seriously
it's ether this or Oatmeal you guys.

These options are terrible.
I wanna re-roll my character.
#pills   #illness   #funny   #geek   #mental   #emotions   #bipolar   #pithy  
Keren Chelsea
Keren Chelsea
5 days ago

I jumped off the platform
and onto the train tracks today
simply because — well —
there was nothing else to do.
I did my laundry at two in the afternoon,
had breakfast an hour after that,
and filled in my daily quota
of wondering where my life is heading.
And I completed all those tasks
before five!

Can you believe it?

I jumped off the platform
and onto the train tracks today
simply because I felt like it.
Because death
has been knocking on my door
since 2014, and I thought
to finally give it a chance.
Because the thought of dying
is the only thing that keeps me alive.
Because at this point,
death is the only thing I haven’t tried.

So, I jumped.

I jumped — and the train crashed into me,
like death was finally
giving me the embrace I have denied for so long.
It said, “This is the end, and you
have reached it.” And I, all red and blood
on the floor, smiled because
death is exactly how I
have been imagining it.

The people around me have places to be,
lives to live, people to love, pets to care for,
and I — I am guts on the ground
they are frowning at because I
delayed their entire lives.
They would think back
thirty years from now,
and remember the girl
who spilled her guts on the train tracks.

But I will be dead, and my last memory
would always be the faces of these strangers.

Was my death an inconvenience?
Did my death ruin your life?
Your day? Your evening?
Did seeing me die
make you realize
how precious your life is?
Did seeing all the ugly parts of me
make you think of how beautiful you are?

Did my death serve as a lesson?
Did my death teach you
how to be alive?


My body was a graveyard
long before it was dead, and my mind
was even worse than that.
And you think your life is ruined?
You think your life will never be the same?

Mental illness
took that chance away from me.

At least I did the laundry,
had breakfast,
and filled in my quota
before I jumped.

there was a lady who said some things, and I was sad. also, I hope the tags are enough.
#suicide   #illness   #death   #mental   #gore   #ableism  
Mar 16

They tell me I am disordered
That the disease skews my vision
But I can't help that what I see first hand
Rings more truth that expert opinions

A battle of logic
A reassessment of my past
Solid justifications?
Or am I with in the wrath?

Mar 12

You saw my bracelet
Asked what it said
I felt a bit embarrassed
I think my face turned red.

"My story isn't over yet"
I sheepishly replied
"There's a semicolon too"
A piece inside of me died.

Mental health awareness,
I tried to explain
Yet I be you wondered
If I was truly sane

It might turn you away
I don't know what you'd say
If you knew the real me
What I struggle with each day

It will forever be a factor
When I meet someone new
I'm prepared for the worst,
Most don't know what to do.

Will he understand?
Most probably not.
He'll probably think I'm crazy
I get that a lot

I'll see where this goes
Won't let my hopes rise too high
I may have scared him off,
Always prepared for good bye

#fear   #illness   #mental   #charm   #health   #project   #semicolon  

she says I'm ill
that I have a disease
which has no cure
that this disease I have
makes me love her
and that sickness is the cause
of my extreme love
she refuses to name this "illness"

little do you know
that love is my illness
loving you is my cure
or so I thought
but medications kill you sometimes
like you killed me
last night with everything you
muttered so sharp

how sick of me to still love you
that too the way i do
I'm sick you say
you say my love is
a cause of illness
of my mind
a mental illness

asking for your attention
(or how we said "attenshun")
was my mental illness is what you say
that my love for you was nothing
but a sickness
but how is it
that 2 years back
it was you with
IBS and anxiety where
you scratched my face
when i hugged you
yet you didn't want me to
let go
you still wanted me gone

but here now
2 years later and
its me with
this sickness
or so you claim

then how is it
that you call my
love illness of my mind
when I
I gave you that same
love & more
when I didn't even know of
a mental pain

Then how could you dare
but say
that it was nothing
my sickness

was it unbelievable to you
that this love exists
in something out of fantasies too

#love   #life   #pain   #illness   #fake   #sickness  

Me dicen que no existen.
Me dicen que no están,
que solo en mi mente
los puedo encontrar.

Si quisiera,
la tortura podría acabar.
Intento escapar
de esta cárcel mental,
mas la llave no logro encontrar.

Me dicen que está ahí,
que solo lo debo pensar.
Pero son mis demonios
y son mis cadenas
y esta es mi condena.

No logro salir,
no logro volar,
solo quiero escapar.
Me dicen que no tema,
que no escape de lo que no está.

Yo soy el problema.
Soy la víctima y el criminal.
No escuchan, no esperan,
no saben, ni intentan.

Pero no soy yo,
son mis demonios
y son mis cadenas
y esta es mi simple condena.

They tell me they're not real.
They tell me they're not there,
that only in my mind
they can be found.

If I wanted,
the torture could stop.
I try to escape
from this mental jail,
but the key I can't find.

They tell me it's there,
that I just have to think it.
But these are my demons
and these are my chains
and this is my sentence.

I can't get out,
I can't fly,
I just want to escape.
They tell me not to fear,
not to escape from what isn't there.

I am the problem.
The victim and the criminal.
They don't listen, don't wait
don't know, nor try.

But it's not me,
they are my demons
and they are my chains
and this is my simple sentence.

P.S. Sound and looks better in spanish...
#depression   #life   #illness   #anxiety   #demons   #mental   #struggle   #spanish   #ocd  
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