Liz Carlson
Liz Carlson
Nov 18, 2015

A gentle breeze on a late summer night sways the trees lightly.
Winter comes and with it, change.
Cold, strong wind, dying plants, snow.
The new wind picks up speed and makes the trees follow it's path.
A plastic bag flies up to the sky and comes down with a harsh push.
Who will it reach?
What does it carry on its journey?
Maybe it carries a letter, or maybe it is empty.
This wind that can be harsh and brutal,
but it can also be light and gentle.
It can bring new adventures and it can force change upon its grand journey.

#change   #wind  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
19 hours ago

what is sand
but the finest of glass?

and what are bones
but the finest of ash?

and you may try to crush
me down into the finest of elements,

reduce me to nothingness,
blow me to the wind.

but I have a talent
for rising again,

oh yes.
you cannot keep me down for long.

#crush   #bones   #down   #wind   #glass   #sand   #talent   #nothingness   #ash   #rising  

"No!" - He protested
Yes, he had said that she was like lightning,
but he meant that she startled him
with her randomness
and thunder,
and not that she pulsated
writing a spiderweb
into the nights sky;
it was that she filled him with a certain
and no, that nervousness was not
like an electricity.

And while the argument continued
it was brought up that he had also compared her to a storm.
It wasn't because she climbed with a certain
inexorable quality
like the tides
or that she was the perfect mix
of calm pretense
and wuthering looks.

It was more because she reminded him of the rains
lightly dancing on his bedroom window
making him dream.

#dreams   #night   #storm   #wind   #lightning   #tides  

rolling nimbus sky
heavy black rainbow clouds swell
burdening winds load

words in the wind

Rites of spring haiku: # 1
6 days ago

Like a candle in a hurricane
We flickered out in the wind
And anyone who saw us burning
Thought it must have just been
A little trick of the light.

#love   #loss   #light   #burning   #trick   #wind   #candle   #hurricane   #flicker  
Michael Lechner
Michael Lechner
7 days ago

Howling winds
(driving rain)
Winter is waning
the blooming of
Springtime is near

© Michael Lechner

You were the star she never looked
You were the path she never took
You were the wind she never touched
You were the story
she never told
But you are
to me
the page
I never tore

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #story   #path   #wind   #page  

there's something sinister
about lightning - in winter
sparks, amidst the clouds
flashes in the grey
the chill, the howl
that echos
off the walls
inside us all

#winter   #wind   #storms   #lightning  

Listen to the howling wind
Not a whisper in the voice of it
An embodiment of all the aimlessness
And the chaos which was once within
This heaving chest
And beating heart
Which is now outside
Cold and lying bitter still  
And howling like mother nature had tanned its hide
Listen to such a wind as this
And you will understand what it is
And what it means to be trapped inside such bitterness
As the howling wind does speak of it

Bitter at none... Except myself
#poem   #poetry   #bitter   #wind   #verse   #pause   #paused   #scribbles   #sean   #howling  

My thoughts come together while viewing the purple sky.
Gusts of wind rattle the cold windows I pass by.
Lights bleed through the trees from far over yonder
Cant help but explore the streets that leave me to wander.

#winter   #thoughts   #sky   #spring   #cold   #still   #march   #wind   #yonder   #evenings  
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