Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
20 hours ago

You've made your suffer very clear
In anguish's cutting headlights
You are a fragile deer
Glass organs pop under foot
Your psyche crumbles into dirt
Glass murks reading worse
Than it ever has
It ever has
In this one bedroom den, I'm the wolf
Once I was a scrapyard mongrel
Once you were my wide world
Presently avatar of indifference
You've become a cyclone fence
Every dawn sweet music cedes
Every dusk, must evade sleep
Evade sleep

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Mar 20

who would have thought it ends this way?
The stars, how they had warned us.
Now I don't know how to make you stay.

I can feel your life slipping through.
My hands shake, you are cold,
and I never guessed, I never knew.
My heart breaks as I let go.

We never knew where this led,
and now your blood is on my hands.
As the lamb makes his final stand,
I wish this wasn’t how it ends.

And now the sands tell your time.
As the wolf shouts to the moon,
the stars above you, they align.

revised 3/27/17
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Mar 17



through the sirens and the light
all i saw was you
#you   #wolf   #ocean   #lamb  
Mar 17

i think i see you in my nightmares. my therapist says i am insane. i say it is the heartache.

for once i wish to forget what it feels like to be forgotten, even if it means forgetting you. i wish i hated you while you loved me, so then i will know how it feels to be forgotten by me like i have been forgotten by you.

i scatter myself into piece like broken mirrors at my feet because it is better to be broken than to let them see me bleed. i tape myself back together and hope that they will never know what i have done.

i want to rip out my fucking hair because you are the reason i can’t breathe but you are also my air.

i hope you drown, sink to the ocean floor and let the fish swim among your bones.

it doesn’t matter if you stay or go. i promise this, i will still see you in my nightmares.

about nothing in particular
#wolf   #ocean   #nightmares  
Mar 13

flip a coin
take a chance
of one in a million
to have met you

wear a mask
hide yourself
from everyone
who wants to know you

stand in rain
burn away
the monsters
that still haunt you

say goodbye
leave me to die
hate me forever
because i knew you

watch from far
never to speak
checking on me
because i scare you

guard me dear
teach me now
stay on the edges
because you can't let me go

ah. i don't know why i miss them. i need to stop reading old messages.
#rain   #mask   #wolf   #old   #dog   #acid   #guard   #territory   #coin  

Once there was a foolish girl
who started to play with fire,
soon was consumed by the flames
of infidelity, lust and desire...
Choosing a path she didn't know
would lead her straight to hell.  
But she had become too careless,
so she stumbled and then she fell....
head over heels and going fast
the foolish girl lost all control.
Blindly she followed her fool heart,
betraying a loyal boys soul.
Chasing after what wasn't hers
was a race she would never win,
but she refused to give up,
drunk on the adrenaline.
Ignoring the boy she had at home
spinning her web of lies,
blissfully ignorant of the suspicion
that lived behind his blue eyes.
Had she known, she still wouldn't care
for she found the prince of her dreams!
But, just like in all good fairytales
nothing is quite what it seems....
While her prince was charming indeed
something just didn't seem right.
His eyes were large and teeth, sharp
ready to take a big bite
of her heart, she had not a clue,
believing every poison word
dripping from his devious mouth,
which was really just quite absurd!
She was too blinded to see the truth...
her prince was a wolf in disguise!
But luckily for her, she was rescued
by her loyal boy with the blue eyes!
See, he had known all along
what the foolish girl just couldn't see.
He knew what the wolf was cooking up
and disaster was his recipe!
That foolish girl, she felt so dumb
having almost become his meal....
She kissed the boy and thanked him so
saying how bad she did feel
for lying to him, her loyal love,
and please, won't he forgive?
But the blue eyed boy just shook his head
saying, 'This is not how I'm going to live'....
See...there is no Happily Ever After
In a Fools Fairytale!!
Just a blue, blue eyed boy, a foolish girl
and a wolf left chasing his tail.

The End~

Just having some fun!
#love   #lies   #sad   #girl   #betrayal   #boy   #fool   #fairytale   #wolf  

My heart cries out to me.

I am responsible for myself.
I am to blame for my own pain.
I know that you are strong.
You are the alpha wolf, head of the pack.
But of course, I can only be the hunted.
You scratch me, bite me; tear me open.

Everything for you to see bleeds.

Even so, I admire you.
Your strength pierces my skin and shatters bone.
Your growl is deep and vicious, however confident.
Both eyes are sharpened, never distracted by my disguise.

You see deep into the sheep that is me.
And so, I admire you.

I am responsible for myself.
I am to blame for my own demise.
I know that you are strong, Alpha Wolf.
Love for you is my resolve.

#love   #relationship   #wolf   #animal  

I have seen the fear it leaves in the hearts of those who trespass.
The fear is the fuel that fires the beast.
It prowls, basking in the moonlights deep ominous glow.
Watch it hunt,
I dare you.
A toast of celebration to anyone who catches the eye of the beast,
and lives to tell the tale.
He is not fussed with man,
there is little that is amazing about a man, except his fear.
He waits for the perfect woman, for she is great at all.
Hackles high, the scent is there, the meadow grass dances with the wind.
The wolf howls in hunger, as his hunt finally begins.

#darkness   #the   #black   #wolf   #women   #calling   #hunt  

My mother: she is a storm.
Fate & Destiny chase her,
but the wolf is Defiant.
Fate & Destiny are a net,
which ensnare the wolf,
but when has a net,
ensnared the canine?.

The storm is Defiant,
Fate & Destiny are chased.
The Storm is Coming!
-Elijah Rose ©

#mother   #wolf   #storm   #fate   #chased   #desiny  
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